Bel-Air (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Payback's a B*tch

1 Previously on "Bel-Air" I see you and Carlton are boo'd up again.
I think Carlton uses my vulnerability as a way to get closer to me.
Tiptoeing around his emotions is exhausting.
You told me that you'd stay away from her.
If you care about her, you wouldn't be mad that I'm out there supporting her while you're in here getting all fucked up.
It's gonna be all right.
So how's it going over in that big influencer house? Oh, my God.
It has been so great.
Why should women have to set our passions aside - when we start a family? - Amen.
You want to know why you lost that endorsement? Oh, I already do, 'cause a so-called friend of mine decided to enter the race against me.
- We're leaving.
- I'm staying.
Watch him, will you? While you're at it, someone else.
- Hey, babe, who's your friend? - Reid Broderick.
I'm already on that too.
Monica is the leading sex-positive advice counselor on social media.
Kylo, lead creator in the house.
Hilary, if you go a whole day without posting, you're gonna lose 3% of your followers.
Maybe it's time we turn the heat up in this kitchen.
Yo, you wanted to see me, Uncle Phil? Yeah, yeah, real quick before you head off to practice.
Have a seat.
Uh-oh, what'd I do this time? Nothing.
Nah, I just want to talk to you about Lisa.
I could've caught a ride to practice.
I know, but it's been a while since we had a good talk.
Well, what do you want to talk about? We haven't spoken much since the fundraiser, and I was wondering, how close are you and Will? Will's a good friend.
I mean, we got a little vibe going on.
Got a little vibe going on? Yeah.
Yeah, well, she's a lovely girl, and she means a lot to this family.
She know anything about Philly? You ever talk about why he came out here? Dad, I'm not gonna be your spy.
I'm not asking you to be.
You got a good heart, Will, strong conscience and moral code.
And the closer you get to Lisa, the more you may feel the pressure to open up to her, you know, be transparent.
You don't want to put yourself in a position where you have to lie to somebody you care about.
Sometimes it's better to create a little distance.
You feel me? Yeah.
What I'm asking is for you to take a step back from Will and the Banks family.
Going to their house, social activities, any interactions until the election is over.
I know it's not fair.
It's just how it has to be for now.
Practice starts soon, and I still gotta change.
I hate that we have to sneak around like this.
Me too, but what choice do we have? We both got that talk.
I thought Carlton was gonna be the one that jammed us up.
Speaking of that, we gotta tell him.
I mean, hiding it from everybody else is one thing, but he deserves better.
You're right.
I'll tell him.
Oh, shit, I gotta go.
Ooh, girl, you better get on out of here.
You better run.
- Okay, bye.
- See ya.
Don't be late.
I bet Phanta 20 bucks that you would not post that sexy chef video.
I stand corrected, and I bow down.
What? I no, I filmed it.
I'm not sure about posting it yet.
Well, 2,000 likes and counting says otherwise.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hello, everybody.
Tonight we're gonna be making my special sweet potato crème brûlée.
Wait, I didn't do this.
Well, then Kylo must've done it.
Mixed together, and it's kind of thick.
And then oops.
Well, you know what they say: if you're not doing it messy, then you're not doing it right.
He can't just take my content and re-edit it however the fuck he wants.
Oh, God.
This is the money shot.
This is some remixed porn-level THOT shit.
Okay, first, let's not shame sex workers.
I And second, Kylo doesn't need permission.
Everything recorded here is in the cloud and fair game.
Relax, showcasing your sexuality can be liberating.
Okay, maybe for you, but Black women are hyper-sexualized, and that is not my brand.
Look, I don't always agree with Kylo's methods, but when Oprah's team called me for a book deal, I learned to keep an open mind.
So we have to put more of our money into the campaign? The donations have slowed down, so we have to step it up.
Right, L.
's an expensive market, and with Fred in the race, I need stay on the offensive, which means more ads.
Is there a limit to how much we're gonna sink into this? Okay, now, I wouldn't think about it as sinking money.
It's more of an investment.
Oh, so, Steven, how much are you gonna invest in this? Honey, take the long view.
Me running for DA is just the beginning of my political career.
I just need some time to think about all this.
Should I transfer the money back? Back? I'm gonna go check my email.
So you're not asking me, you're telling me? Well, the money was from my account.
I just I just assumed you'd be fine with it.
So it's your account now? That's not what I mean.
So if I had said no, would it have even mattered? That's what I thought.
- Damn it.
- My account? That's the one you went with? Right here! - Help, help, help! - Ball! - John, get him, man! - Carlton! - Open! - Let's go! Toss! Take five.
Grab some water.
Hey! Hey, Carlton.
Did you forget how to pass? Look, I'm sorry, dude.
I'm off my game today.
It's not just today, man.
You've sucked all week.
Hey, if you play like that in the game, we're gonna get knocked out of the playoffs.
- Get it together, man.
- He's right, Banks.
How about you practice with the scrimmage team and figure it out? Okay, Coach.
Looks like lacrosse is still one sport they can't take away from us.
Come on.
Come on.
Here we go! Get in there! Let's see some intensity now! - Let's go! - Okay.
Eyes up.
Eyes up.
- Hey! - Go, go! - John, go.
- Come on.
Got it.
Watch the front.
Left, left.
- Cut.
Anthony, cut.
- Hug tight.
Charge left, charge left.
- Yo, ball.
- Come on, get up.
- I'm open.
- Ball, ball, ball.
Come on.
You little bitch.
- Dude, that was fucked up.
- Fuck, my wrist.
- Carlton, what the hell, man? - Shit.
Damn, Carlton.
All right, guys, let's get him up.
Get him up, help him up.
Easy, easy.
What's wrong with you? You can't be doing that shit.
Did you hear what Carlton did? Yo, C.
Hey, man, I heard what happened at practice.
You a'ight? The team thinks I broke Connor's wrist on purpose.
And I guess throwing my stuff in the shower was retaliation.
He's gonna turn the whole school against me.
Well, you can keep it a stack with me.
Did you do it on purpose? Look, he deserved that shit.
I'm proud of you, bro.
Look, I'm just tired of his bullshit, you know? Mm.
But now it's like everyone hates me.
The looks, the comments, it's like It's like me when I first got out here.
Look, man, I'm sorry for the bullshit I put you through.
Being treated like this sucks.
It's okay, man.
Don't sweat it, a'ight? But there's a way that you can get past this.
I had to come out to Bel-Air and build a whole new social kingdom from scratch.
Well, "kingdom" feels a little like an overexaggeration.
Okay, but you know what I'm saying.
You don't need Connor or any of them, a'ight? You're Carlton motherfucking Banks, baby.
A'ight? And I think I know a way for you to turn this around.
Yo, T, I swear, bro, no cap, man.
It's gonna be the party of the century, and you don't want to miss it.
All the girls, all the baddies, bro, anybody you can think of, they're gonna be here.
I'm not bro, I better see you here, a'ight? A'ight.
Okay, so I got the basketball team and the cheerleading squad.
Who you got? I have the debate team and the chess club thanks to Connor.
The virgins.
Not exactly who I expect to turn out the party, but we'll make it work.
Look, how many people are we even inviting to this thing? All right, we promised my mom that it would be an exclusive guest list.
Bro, relax.
I'm not gonna let them tear up the house.
All right, good.
'Cause I don't want to be grounded for six months, okay? Six months? Yeah, that's how much Hilary got after the party she threw the summer before her senior year.
Her and her friends almost burned down the guest house.
Oh, shit.
Sounds like Hilary knows how to throw a party.
Dude, don't fuck around.
The last thing I need is for tonight to go sideways to make the rest of my life worse than it is.
C, relax, bro.
Yo, every party I threw in Philly was legendary, a'ight? And I didn't have a pool and a hot tub in my backyard.
It's gonna be cool.
A'ight, shnookums? Oh, yeah.
Hello, everybody.
Tonight we're gonna be making my special sweet potato crème brûlée.
I know it's just a dessert, but I was thinking maybe it's time we turn the heat up in this kitchen.
So first you're gonna want to take your potato masher and you're just gonna want to take two I mean, you did film yourself wearing lingerie, - but this - This is a nightmare.
And so Kylo refuses to take it down even though you told him to? That's the thing.
He ghosted me.
I literally I keep texting him.
He's not responding.
- How long is Dad gonna be? - No idea.
He's in meeting after meeting these days.
Well, maybe I should knock.
You could, but I could tell you exactly what he's gonna do.
He'll drop everything.
He'll put on his armor and go to battle for his baby girl.
He'll offer to pay whatever the financial penalty necessary to get you out of that contract.
Good, the sooner, the better.
But is that the best solution? What do you mean? Your father has always been your hero, and he will always come to rescue you.
I know that is a good feeling, but rescuing yourself, that's priceless.
My call went long.
What's so urgent, honeybee? Actually, I think I'm good now.
Thanks, Daddy.
She okay? Yeah, she's just finding her own way.
- Hmm.
- Oh, by the way, the boys are gonna have some friends over tonight.
Shouldn't be too much for you to handle.
Wait, where are you gonna be? San Diego Modern Art Fair, last-minute decision.
Were you gonna tell me? Well, you've been so busy, I figured I'd just do it and get you on board after the fact.
You know, that's how we rollin' now, right? Look, if this is about the campaign money, again, I am so sorry.
This isn't about you.
This is me doing something for myself.
And it's a good chance for me to finally get some exposure.
- And I fully support that.
- Thank you.
I better get on the road.
I'll call you when I'm there.
Geoffrey, I'm gonna need you to arrange some flowers, a spa day, or dinner at Asanebo or something.
There may be a different issue.
That's from the recon you asked for on Reid Broderick.
Note his itinerary this weekend.
- San Diego Modern Art Fair.
- Mm-hmm.
Viv neglected to mention that part.
Look, I know you have full trust in her, but Mr.
Broderick has quite the reputation.
He's the one you need to worry about.
Exactly, it was one of the best moments.
Where you can, you can't make it up.
Oh, there she is.
Excuse me.
- The woman of the hour.
- Ugh.
- You made it.
- Finally, yeah.
- Your suite okay? - Perfect, thank you so much.
Good, good.
Of course.
Listen, I gotta go finish coordinating a few final details, but people here are dying to talk to you.
Vivian, Vivian.
If you're nervous, let's just have a drink first, - all right? - Mm.
Hey, hey, pop that mm Pop that hey, pop that ah Hey, y'all, welcome, welcome, welcome.
Glad y'all could make it.
What you smokin' on? What's that? Hey, y'all look good.
Hey, I'll see y'all later.
I'll see you later.
Damn, man.
See, what'd I tell you? Tonight gonna be dumb lit.
I hope so, but there's barely anyone here.
Well, it's still early.
Carlton, relax.
I got you, okay? After we throw the party of the year, you're gonna reinvent yourself and show people you don't need Connor's nut ass to be the man.
Let's go rep.
All right, yeah.
Yo, let's tear it up.
Let's tear it up.
Let's tear it up.
What's up, man.
How are you? What's up? What's up, baby? Yeah, hey, y'all.
Thank y'all for comin' out tonight.
Y'all having a good time? Yeah, there you go.
Yeah, cups to the sky, baby.
Hey, yo, this is my cousin Carlton Banks.
Some of y'all may know him, some of y'all may not, but we gonna get him lit tonight, a'ight? This energy, this vibe, I forgot how good it feels.
You have created a lot of excitement.
People are even saying that you'd be a ideal candidate for the Neeman Artistic Fellowship.
What? - Yes.
- That's a huge that's quite an honor.
What? Oh, that is a huge commitment.
You'd have to go on a lecture tour, curate a traveling exhibit.
But you'd be great, Vivian.
You'd be great.
Audiences will be throwing roses at your feet.
Yeah, and her roses are long overdue.
Well Looks like I'm right on time to join the party.
Pop another bottle I ain't hearing no objections Oh, excuse me, off the furniture.
Thank you.
Uh-uh, upstairs is off-limits.
If y'all want to have sex, do it in the back of your car.
Hilary Banks.
Look at you cracking the whip.
I don't know if you missed the last Black people meeting, but that phrase is problematic.
Right, along with "master bedroom" and "plantation shutters," boss.
Yeah, I got the memo.
What are you even doing here? Oh, Will wanted me to hop on the aux for the party, but, you know, I can stick around, keep you company.
Yeah, I'd like that.
- A'ight.
- Okay.
So Thirsty Chef, huh? Ugh, don't even get me started.
Look, you looked fine as hell, but I don't know it just didn't seem like you.
It's not.
Look, I'll tell you everything.
I just need a strong drink first.
Let's get it poppin', then.
And I know that this is an important weekend for you, and I'm not gonna get in the way of that.
Not at all.
And I didn't like the way we left things.
So I thought that this might be a chance for us to squeeze in some time away.
But what about all your campaign meetings? Canceled them.
They can wait.
And the boys and their get-together? Hilary's in charge, and she's more than capable.
And Geoffrey is driving Ashley and her friends to their class trip in Big Bear.
Any more questions? Damn.
Turn around for me, please.
Look at you.
You are wearing this dress.
- Shh.
- God, wow.
What do you say maybe we could have some quality time together later? Ah, Black love.
It's a beautiful thing, isn't it? Sure is.
From what I've read, you have quite a track record.
I am a single man who enjoys the company of a beautiful woman when I find the time.
But we can't believe everything we Google, can we? That's exactly what we tell our children.
It's interesting that most of these women are up-and-coming artists.
Pamela Celestine, Deidre Douglass How are their careers doing these days? My interest in Vivian is strictly professional.
Her art moves me.
End of story.
Just let me know when you're ready.
The reporter from "ARTNews" is here.
Oh, I am definitely ready.
What's up, y'all? How are y'all? Do you really want me I'm gonna come and push up on you - There you are.
- Oh, you made it.
You think I'd miss the biggest party of the year? Funny.
Nah, but how did you get out the house? Did you pop some sleeping pills in your dad's coffee? Stop.
I told him I was hanging out with Rachel, which isn't totally a lie.
I'm glad you made it.
Well, I hope me being here doesn't, you know, cause trouble with you and your uncle.
Oh, no, they're not even here.
They're gone for the weekend.
Yeah, my uncle, your dad, they'll never know we were together.
- So we can get lit.
- Well, not quite.
Carlton still doesn't know about us.
I know, and I'ma tell him.
I promise I will.
But the day he's been having, timing's just off.
- Hmm.
- So Damn, I wish I could kiss you right now.
What if somebody sees us? - Where is Carlton anyway? - I don't know.
Somewhere probably sober on the struggle bus.
Man, I been trying to get him to have some fun all night, but every time I see him, he's alone.
Well, you know this is really not his crowd.
Yeah, I know.
But I got a little matchmaker situation going on, so we'll see.
Okay, wait, right there.
And that, that's my favorite dance move.
Yo, mine too.
Oh, you are so much cooler than your rep.
Ooh, what's my rep? Forget I said anything.
No, no, no.
Come on, I can take it.
They say you're kind of a sell-out.
The friends you hang with, the drugs you're into, I mean, you like lacrosse and yachting and race cars.
Got it, so because I like what I like, I'm disqualified from being Black? Well, it doesn't help that you don't make an effort to get down with us.
Look, you've never even been to a BSU meeting.
That's not cool.
Enjoy the party, Aisha.
Hey, you got a lot of love tonight.
I'm proud of you.
You know, if you were curious about Reid, all you had to do was ask.
I have nothing to hide.
Look, I trust you completely.
I do.
I know his type.
My instinct's to protect you.
From the big, bad art gallery owner? All right, Philip, let's talk.
Radical honesty.
Yes, please.
I do enjoy spending time with Reid, but do you know why? He just makes me feel so alive.
And it's not the way he looks at me.
It's the way he looks at my art.
Likes it's some rare gift that I'm depriving the world of if I don't share it.
And I just love how that makes me feel.
That's all.
Well, for you, sure, but for him? Is it so hard to accept that someone might actually believe in my work? Of course not.
Do you know how many people over the years have asked me if I'm ever gonna return to my art? But not you.
My own husband has never asked.
Oh! Excuse me.
Y'all need to go.
Yeah, you heard her.
Y'all ain't finna make no babies up in here.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Can you believe that? - I know, right? Just making themselves at home.
The nerve.
The audacity.
I mean, this room isn't even sexy.
I know, right? Like, you know, it's cool and everything, but it's just an office, you know? I know that still rank, do what I gotta do I'ma hustle, I see you get to me And I make, I'ma hustle Don't check it, don't check it, don't check it.
It could be my parents thinking we burned down the house or something.
- Oh, yes, I got his ass.
- Who? Kylo, he's at this influencer event in Hollywood, and I'm gonna go down there and tell him he needs to take that Thirsty Chef shit down now.
- You ready? - I stay ready.
Come on.
No, no, you made that choice to set your art aside, not me.
Because I was trying to be the best mother and wife while still trying to meet all my deadlines and it was a lot.
Right, and all I ever did was try to help you out by telling you that if you don't ever want to work another day or earn another cent that I got you.
And I appreciated it at the time.
And now what? Part of me resents you for it.
And here I thought I was making life easier.
Okay, so tell me, what should I have done differently back then? Just told me, "Hold on.
I know how hard you've worked.
I know how you can't breathe without your art, and I won't let you quit, not for me, not for the kids.
So just hold on.
I got your back.
" I'm listening.
And I know you felt the need to rush down here and save me.
but, baby, the real rescue I needed was 15 years ago.
With the shades on, braids long This her favorite song, that's my type, shush No time for nonsense Hello.
I tap her on the shoulder, she turn around slowly We definitely gotta go.
Yo, be right back.
Yo, yo, where's Aisha? Don't know, don't care.
Come on.
What happened? This was all a bad idea, all right, Will? I didn't move to a new city.
I'm not going to a new school.
No one's just gonna let me be a new person.
Look yo, yo, yo, Carlton, wait.
Look, you tried, all right? And I appreciate it.
I just need to be alone.
Have fun.
This her favorite song, that's my type That's my brown-skin ATL Shawty with the shades on, braids long This her favorite song, that's my type, nigga That's my brown-skin ATL This is lit.
- Hey, can I get you a drink? - Okay.
Yeah, a vodka cran.
There he is right there.
Okay, let me do all the talking.
All right, if shit go left, you know I got your back.
Hilary Banks, what a pleasant surprise.
Don't do that, Kylo.
I've been blowing your phone up all day, and I want that post removed now.
Look, I know you're upset, but it genuinely was never my intention to be disrespectful.
I was juicing the algorithm, and honestly, people are loving the Thirsty Chef.
I don't think she need that type of love, man.
- This is my friend Jazz.
- 'Sup? Right.
Have you seen the Hootsuite analytics? Honestly, those numbers are bananas.
Okay, whatever, Kylo, but I'm not building an audience off of gimmicks and clickbait, okay? I'm here to elevate the culture, not drag it.
Okay, I hear that.
Look, I'm a disrupter.
That's how I'm always gonna think.
But if that's not what you wanted, then I really am sorry.
Hey, I see you, Thirsty Chef.
Love to see a Black woman being unapologetic about her sexuality.
- We need more of that, sis.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Don't look at me.
I swear to God, I didn't tell them to say that.
I really didn't.
Come on, people love you here.
I can't help it.
I was talking to some bigwigs earlier from Victoria's Secret, and they were asking if I could make an introduction.
I could do that now, but it's no pressure.
Man, would you just take the damn video down? All right.
Actually, it wouldn't hurt to hear what they have to say, but just make it quick, Kylo.
- Okay? - Yes, ma'am.
And, Jazz, you could still get us those drinks.
I'll be right back.
Let's go.
I'll just have whatever she's having.
- Come on.
- Okay, coming.
I'm gonna introduce you as the woman who set the internet on fire.
We're just trying to survive-vive-vive Keeping the dream alive It was sweet of you to throw this party to build Carlton up.
Except now he feels more hopeless than he did before.
I just didn't think it'd be this hard.
He's had a hard time finding his people.
That feeling of being the only Black kid is already tough, and not having a Black friend group to escape to makes it even harder.
That just was not my experience in Philly.
Black school, Black neighborhood, Black church, Black everything.
That's not Bel-Air.
Battling every racist comment and microaggression gets exhausting.
After a while, you just start letting it go and pushing it down.
Yup, taking anxiety pills and snorting Xanax.
We all deal with it different.
Carlton's not gonna change overnight, so be patient with him.
I will.
- Keeping the dream alive - Keeping the dream Keeping the dream alive We're just trying to survive-vive-vive Trying to survive Keeping the dream alive Fate is on our side Fate is on our side, side, side So we're keeping the dream - Keeping the dream alive - Alive Keeping the dream alive We're just trying to survive So did you actually come up here to charge your phone, or you came up here to be all in my business? Yes and yes.
I've never been up here.
It's nice seeing this different side of you.
The highest mathematic achievement award.
Oh, yeah, yeah, big brain, big brain.
Malcolm Gladwell, Colson Whitehead, and Audre Lorde.
Now, this is a nice collection.
Yeah, Uncle Phil got these for me.
I'm still trying to make it through them.
And that's my mom.
I've been telling her all about you.
- She's beautiful.
- Thanks.
And you wear that a lot.
Did she get that for you? Yeah, yeah, she says, "Your crown is waiting for you as soon as you find the courage to wear it.
" - That's very poetic.
- Yeah.
You know, she just wants what's best for me.
And she was right, you know? The world is much bigger than Philly.
Is that why she sent you to Bel-Air? Come on, I want to know all your secrets.
You first.
Okay, I'm an open book.
Radical honesty? I can handle it.
When it came to your art, no one was a bigger fan than me.
I was by your side at every show Proud.
I never seen anything more beautiful than watching you in your element.
But you were struggling, Viv.
You complained about having to prove yourself to a system that wasn't designed to accommodate you or your art.
You woke up tired before you even started.
I mean, I was getting burnt out.
You were constantly questioning your work, comparing yourself to Mickalene and Amy.
"Am I a fraud? Am I as good as them?" I'm an artist.
That's what we do.
Except you let your insecurities cripple you.
Sure, I opened the escape hatch, but you jumped right through.
No matter how hard I tried to convince you, you could never convince yourself that you were good enough to keep going.
Big Bad Wolf, go and blow that shit If you got it, then you got it Gotta show that shit Temper tantrum with the money Yo.
What's going on, bro? Hey, Carlton.
There you are.
Kick-ass party, dude.
I'm surprised you guys showed.
Like, I thought I was public enemy number one or something.
Guess my invitation got lost in the mail? Yo, Connor, what the fuck are you doing here? Shouldn't you be, like, at home getting high on Vicodin? Thank you for your concern.
John invited me.
Yo, is that what this is about? I just wanted you guys to squash this shit.
That's it.
- All right, fine.
- Cool.
But after you apologize for all the racist and offensive shit you've been saying.
And I don't mean just me, all right? Like, the Asian jokes, the Mexican jokes, the homophobic shit, like, cut it out.
An apology? You're so fucking sensitive.
- That's not cool.
- Watch.
You know what? You're wack.
And this is a weak-ass party.
Let's take it back to my crib.
No, we're good.
Fine, fuck you too.
Who's winning? I got next.
Come on.
That ain't no secret.
Oh, a'ight, then.
Well, tell me something else.
Well, my real name is not Lisa.
It's Beulah.
I was named after my grandmother, and my middle name is Lisa.
- Beulah? - Yeah.
- Beulah's your real name? - Yes, it's my real name.
I didn't mean it like that.
I didn't mean it like that.
But Beulah? Wow.
- Damn.
- Okay.
My bad.
No, it's disrespectful.
But no disrespect to your grandma.
- Apologize.
- I'm sure she's lovely.
Sorry, Grandma Beulah.
My fault.
It's a lovely name.
Okay, now you.
Why did you really come here from Philly? Well, first, my name is Will.
And I came here from Philly for a better education, you know? Just like I said, it's simple.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Because my aunt and uncle, they presented an opportunity, and I was just like, "Just gonna take the chance.
" Leaving home, moving across the country, starting over, that takes a lot of courage, Will.
It's not that hard.
And you changed both of our lives when you got on the plane, so I'm really glad you took that chance.
Damn, those chargers do work fast.
You want to go back down to the party? Or we could stay here.
Yeah, okay.
This you okay with this? 'Cause if this is moving too fast I'm good.
I trust you, Will.
What do you say I take you for a late-night drive down the coast? Clear our heads? I think you should go home.
I'm gonna rescue myself this time.
Somewhere Between you and problems Hey.
I'm sorry that took so long.
Your ice melted.
Look, they offered me 15K a post.
Can't put a price on dignity.
Okay, Father.
Jazz, it's just business, okay? I can't pass up this opportunity.
I mean, my engagement is off the chain.
And then once I bank all these followers, I can reach out to them with my content the way I want to.
No, I get all that.
I just didn't think that you would sell your soul.
Okay, I wouldn't expect you to get it.
I mean, you've had Instagram for, like, two minutes.
I understood it enough for you to drag my ass down here for me to get your back.
I'm sorry.
I mean, I can give you gas money.
Yeah, okay.
Check, please.
Yeah, no problem.
Basil Hayden, neat.
I thought you were in for the night.
So did I.
Listen, I don't want to be the source of anyone's strife.
If you need to take a step back, I get it.
Let's talk about the Neeman Artistic Fellowship.
I wish I could stay here forever.
Look, I don't care about my uncle or your pops or politics.
You're my girl.
That's just the way it is.
That's just the way it is.
Fuck attention, I'ma give you something You can't pay me for Giving you my heart - Hey, have you seen Will? - No, sorry.
No, you're good.
Yo, what's up? Have you seen Will? - No, mm-mm.
- All right, cool.
- Oh, shit.
We need to speak with the owner of the house.
Look, yo, everyone calm down.
It's okay, all right? All right, hey, hi.
Sorry, yeah.
I live here.
All right, it's my house.
Look, I'm sorry.
The guy who called you is just upset with me because Don't take another step.
Oh, shit.
Cops are here.
I gotta get down there.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, if you go down there, your dad will definitely know you lied.
But I can help.
Whose residence is this? - I told you, mine.
- He's telling the truth.
- Who are you? - I'm Lisa Wilkes.
Fred Wilkes is my father.
You're Chief Wilkes' daughter? Yes, and he wants to speak with you.
Yes, sir.
All right, party's over.
Everyone get out of here.
Go straight home.

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