Bel-Air (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

No One Wins When the Family Feuds

1 Previously on "Bel-Air" I've always been enamored with your work.
I'm not sure I'm ready just to show any of my latest pieces yet.
You made that choice to set your art aside, not me.
Part of me resents you for it.
People are even saying that you'd be an ideal candidate for the Neeman Artistic Fellowship.
What? That's quite an honor.
- "Thirsty Chef," huh? - Ugh.
People are loving "the Thirsty Chef.
" I don't know.
It just didn't seem like you.
It's not.
I don't understand why it matters if my dad's a cop.
He's the chief of police.
And if it didn't matter, why didn't you tell me? It's not like you told me what your dad did for a living.
Oh, sorry.
I can't answer that question 'cause I haven't seen the sorry-ass nigga since he walked out.
Will's been floating the idea of heading back to Philly.
Think of all the opportunities that he could have here.
Sounds like you tryna take my place.
Hey, uh, you seen Will? - No, sorry.
- LAPD! We need to speak with the owner of the house.
- You're Chief Wilkes' daughter? - Yes.
Party's over.
Whoo! Look at that baby fly.
Yeah, ol' Yamacraw still got it.
All right, come on, son.
Let's catch up with Assemblyman Hernandez.
Can we use the golf carts on the back nine? They're complimentary.
Walking's good for my spirit, and it's part of your punishment.
- All right, let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, uh, remind me again.
Why isn't Will being punished, hmm? His punishment's on hold because it's his birthday.
Look, this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion.
There was minimal damage to the house.
Plus, the cops only got us on a noise violation.
You were lucky Lisa was there and called her dad and I was able to persuade the police commissioner to keep the matter quiet.
Wait, you cut a deal with the police commissioner? I just pointed out that my opponent in the election is the police chief, and that it might appear that our family was targeted the night of your party.
Holy shit, uh thanks, Dad.
I mean it.
You're welcome.
Consider it an act of grace.
I'll do everything in my power to safeguard your future.
You understand? Look, I really appreciate you and Uncle Phil putting my punishment on layaway for a little bit.
This gonna be the best birthday gift ever.
Well, you only turn 17 once, right? Oh, and maybe we shouldn't talk about the party situation.
Trust me, I'm not tryna stress my mama out any more than I already have.
- Hey! - Oh! Look at her! Hey, Mama! - Hey, you made it.
- I love you, baby! Oh, boy, I wouldn't dare miss your birthday.
Look at you.
Ooh, I missed you.
I missed you.
I missed you so much.
Hey, sis.
Seriously, Viv, it is it's real good to see you.
And thank you and Phil for flying me out here and for putting up with this one.
We're just doing what families do: looking out for each other.
- All right, let's go.
- Okay.
Oh, boy.
Boy, I swear you done got taller.
Oh, yeah.
No, our coach be having the whole team do Pilates and stuff, you know, strengthen our cores and align our backs and all that.
It's one of the best schools in the country.
Look at that.
Fancy schmancy.
Tell me this is the follow-up video to the one that put you on the map.
No, not yet.
Gotta build up anticipation.
Otherwise, it can get played out quick.
Yeah, but the numbers on that sexy chef video, though 3 million views and counting.
And these regular old tutorials of yours get a fraction of those hits.
I don't want you to lose momentum.
I won't.
All right.
Well, what's the holdup? I told my parents it was a one-off thing, so I need to prepare them for more.
Your parents? What, you want them to sign a permission slip? Kylo, there are knives within my reach.
Do you really wanna go there? No, it's my bad.
I'm playing.
But I'd hate to see an opportunity slip through your fingers.
Don't you know you're supposed to let the highest-ranking politician win? Well, Assemblyman, I never learned to lose.
Why don't we let the caddies stretch their legs while we ride on ahead? If you say so.
We will see how we do at this hole, all right? You're feeling really good.
So, Assemblyman Hernandez, can I count on your endorsement? I like you, Phil, but you're in a tight race, and you don't appear to have your family in order.
My family isn't on the ballot.
But they are in the voters' minds.
From what I hear, your wife's vanished from the campaign trail since her outburst at a charity event.
Your daughter's posting thirst trap videos, and your son's throwing parties that get shut down by the police.
All that's irrelevant, okay, as I'm the one running for DA.
There's no stain on me.
These are the realities.
If you want to win get your family in line.
'Cause I tell you what, them jawns was good, but ain't got nothing on a cheesesteak from a good Papi store.
What? Oh, come on now.
I wouldn't go that far.
- Oh, wow.
- Pssh.
I know, right? Ha.
But look, I'ma take your bags upstairs.
You get comfortable.
Mom, we gonna have so much fun here.
There's Dianne.
You know, her youngest daughter just started at Howard on a tennis scholarship.
- Oh, wow.
Well, good for her.
- I haven't seen Dianne in 20 years.
How long has it been since you were last here? - 20 years? It was it was your wedding.
And you couldn't send for a private plane back then.
We were all broke.
Girl, I remember.
I mean, we ate the leftovers from that reception for two weeks.
Well, you don't have that problem anymore.
You're right.
A lot has changed.
Well, for one, our kids insist on growing up.
Will is almost a man.
And I think I might I might tell him about his father.
Tell him what? Well, everything.
The whole story.
Wait, have you thought long and hard about how this might affect Will? I realize that it it may hurt him, and he might be upset, but if we explain our reasons Reasons? He might hate us.
Are you prepared for that? - What? - As much as I want to do this, we shouldn't, 'cause my mom just got here.
I haven't seen you smile this big since the day we met.
I mean, hey, I'm a mama's boy, and I ain't afraid to admit it.
That's sweet.
I'm sure your mom is so great.
She is.
You should go see her for yourself.
She just got here.
You think she wants some random girl infringing on the time with her son? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, flag on that play.
You're not some random girl, all right? But you're right.
You're right.
Maybe, uh or maybe you can meet her tomorrow at my birthday dinner.
I can sneak past my dad, but you're gonna have to handle Carlton.
Ever since he found out about us, he's been freezing me out.
- Okay.
- I'll deal with Carlton, and you just focus on charmin' my ma, okay? - Drive safe.
- See you later, Phil.
What's wrong? Is he not going to endorse you? No.
No, he doesn't wanna choose between two Democratic candidates.
He's afraid that Wilkes and I are gonna split the party and the vote.
All right.
Is there anything we can do about that? Well, I need to get Wilkes out of the race.
See, I was running before him, and it's his late entry that's complicated things.
All right.
Is there anything I can do to help? Yeah, you can try and stay out of the kind of trouble that brings police to our door.
Wait, are you seriously gonna ride me about that? Yes, I am.
You don't throw what Will did in his face.
Will's new to our world.
You know, he's still learning about the scrutiny we live under.
This should be second nature to you.
So Will can make mistakes, but I can't.
Got it.
Aunt Vy! Come hug your most devoted follower.
No, you really don't play.
I think people literally follow me just to see your comments under literally every post.
Yo, I swear she be doing the same thing on my basketball posts.
Like, can you chill? I love to support my family.
How can you blame me? And look, on Hilary's page, you gotta let people know that most of those recipes are time-tested, going back three generations.
Grandma Smith could cook? Oh yeah.
Meemaw used to throw down.
She used to cook for us, like, every other Sunday.
Yo, I used to skip lunch just to eat her meals.
Vy, I didn't realize you follow Hilary on social media.
You don't? I got banned.
Mother was sneak-dissing in the comments, okay, and I had to set up some boundaries.
So now she's blocked with love.
Well, I love your videos, although that most recent one is Yeah, she's having the post removed as soon as she straightened things out with her boss, Kylo.
Ooh, Kylo.
He's so cute.
- Aunt Vy! - I follow him.
Yo, what did I hear.
Excuse me? I know you ain't out here sliding in DMs and all that.
Don't be messing with my phone.
- Where your phone at? - You better not fool Hey, Auntie Vy.
Oh, my goodness.
You are so handsome, Carlton.
I have always appreciated your honesty.
And congratulations on your high honors.
Will tells me that you are at the top of your class.
Actually, I'm tied for third, but yeah, I'm hoping to get valedictorian.
I'm sure you will.
- Vy.
- Philip.
- So great to see you.
- Glad you made it safe.
Oh, I am so happy to be here and to be with my son.
I'm happy we're all here, matter of fact.
All right? One big ol' happy family.
I think the last time we did this was the reunion at Grandma's Molly's back in Philly, right? Yeah! Oh, I used to love those.
And her mac and cheese used to slap.
Why did we stop doing them? Well, Mom Grandma she got sick, just really sick.
And I had to take care of her.
I tried to help out as much as I could, but our lives were out here.
We sent money.
Yeah, well, checks pay bills, but they don't change bedpans.
I had to do that on my own.
You could have hired a caregiver, as I suggested.
We would have covered that too.
Hire a stranger to look after our mother? You know, I thought we owed her more than that.
A'ight, chill.
A'ight? I remember y'all doing this when when Grandma Molly was dying.
It didn't change anything then.
It's not gonna change anything now.
Black and brown women we are degraded if we're even a little bit sexual.
We show some skin, and automatically we're THOTs.
Meanwhile, white girls? They're brave whenever they bare it all.
Okay, Hilary, we don't need a lecture on how racism shapes gender politics.
Now, you told us you were going to take down this "Thirsty Chef" video.
Now it sounds like you're not.
No, I want to re-examine what it could mean for me.
Well, have you considered what it might mean for the rest of us? For my campaign? I gotta answer questions about you being naked all over social media.
I'm not even naked, Dad.
And your campaign, they should be unashamed of my body-positive post.
And if anyone doesn't get it, they can go to hell.
So the bottom line is, you're keeping up your posts, and I imagine making more of them.
Well, I guess it's settled.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I got a narrative to spin.
Daddy, I know it's hard to understand, but I'm making good business decisions.
Mom, don't you get what I'm trying to do? I don't.
But I love you, and I've learned with you that it's better to argue less and listen more.
Here's my question.
Does this really reflect who you are? Your aunt Viv and I have a lot of history to work through.
And as much as we love each other, we've always clashed.
We're very different.
Not really.
You both always got all the answers, and you always gotta have the last word.
You're actually like too much alike.
All right, well, you might be onto something.
Listen, I came to celebrate your birthday, okay? The focus is you.
I don't want you worrying about me and Viv.
I mean, as long as everyone gets along.
I'll do my best.
Oh, boy.
I am fading, baby.
Jet lag.
So good night.
Good night.
You know, Will, I cannot get over you remembering me and Viv arguing.
I mean, you were maybe six or seven.
How far back do you remember? Uh I think I remember Jasmine kissing me on the playground when I was, like, four.
Yeah, that was cool.
Do you remember your father? Um little bits and pieces.
But hey, is he even worth remembering? I love you, Mom.
I love you too.
Don't know when you caught my eyes It's quite late.
Are you coming to bed tonight, or are you making a habit of sleeping in here? I'm under the gun, Phil.
Painting for Reid.
I'm painting to apply for the Neeman Fellowship.
Art deadlines.
I recall how this goes.
I could've used your help with Hilary.
You said almost nothing.
There's no use arguing in circles with her.
It's the last thing that either one of us needs right now, but we potentially have a much big issue.
Vy is considering telling Will about Lou.
- You're fucking kidding me.
- No.
I advised her against it.
Good, 'cause it's a horrible idea.
Well, yeah, it's horrible for us, but I mean, Will deserves to know the truth about his dad.
Yeah, someday.
But on his 17th birthday, no.
Listen, Viv, we gotta stand together on this one.
Phil, he's gonna find out about it one day.
And the longer we keep him in the dark, the worse it'll be for all of us.
Ooh, do I smell ooh, the grilled ham steak with the the smothered potatoes and the biscuits and gravy? Okay.
Going crazy in here.
All your favorites on your special day.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Oh, I know it's only been a few months since you've been gone, baby, but, gosh, I just feel like so much has changed.
Look at your face.
Gosh, baby, you're starting to look a lot like Like who? Like a man.
Like a man and not my baby boy.
I ain't been a baby in a minute, Ma.
But, uh I been thinking about this for a long time, but I've been meaning to ask you, and I feel like maybe you were about to bring it up, but Do I kind of look like my pops? Like my eyes and my ears, something? I'm not sure how to answer that, being that all your good looks come from me.
- Ah.
- I mean, come on.
- It's like looking in a mirror.
- Right.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
What's all this? Well, this is all just a slice of heaven on Earth.
Try one of these.
- Oh, my God.
- Mm-hmm.
This is the best biscuit I've ever eaten.
Just you wait.
She gonna put the gravy on it.
It's gonna change your life.
Okay, wait.
Mom doesn't cook like this.
Well, that's because while I was perfecting my skills in the kitchen, your mother was too busy running out in them streets.
All right, I need details.
Did she ever tell you about the time that she climbed up on stage at a D'Angelo concert? Okay, excuse me.
I did not climb up.
He invited me on stage.
No, I don't recall him asking you anything.
He invited me up with his eyes.
So, Auntie, you have any more secrets about my mother that you care to divulge? - Okay.
- Oh.
Ooh, did she tell you, ooh, about the time that I bought her her first canvas and paint set? Okay, to distract me so you could go talk on the phone when you were supposed to be babysitting me.
That's a lie.
I did it because I saw you had talent.
You never give me credit for that.
What you can take credit for is taking me to the beach on my birthday.
It'd be dope.
It'd be cool.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I can meet you both for lunch, if that's okay with you.
Yeah, of course, it is.
It'll give us all time to catch up.
And let's get into this food.
Let's do it.
Let's eat.
Look, I grated some cheese.
Oh, you grated the cheese this time.
- Yes, you know - Wow! She got to Bel-Air, she started to use the grater.
- I'm trying to step it up.
- By the way, - happy birthday, Will.
- Hey, thanks, man.
So? Did he agree to meet? Yeah.
It's all arranged.
No press.
Just you and Wilkes.
Thank you, Geoffrey.
You look knackered, man.
What else is going on? Well Vy might tell Will about his dad.
And you don't want that.
For good reason? Well, it might derail all the progress he's made, you know? Yeah.
I suppose it could.
Which is why I need your help.
I need you to see to it that Lou doesn't come near Will.
I mean, the last thing he needs in his life is more hurt and disappointment.
Ooh! See, Ma? A piece of home is always near, no matter how far I go.
A little bit of Philly definitely goes a long way.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mmm.
Shh, this is crazy.
It is beautiful.
Sky and mountains and ocean.
- Mm-hmm.
- Really is like a dream.
Definitely took a minute, but I think I'm starting to like Cali now.
I'm proud of you, son.
Despite how much I miss my baby, I am happy to see you thriving out here.
Yeah, I mean, if it wasn't for Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv, if they hadn't stuck by me, I don't know where I would be.
Wait, hold up.
You just gonna give all the props to your aunt and uncle for the past few months when I'm the one who raised you on my own? Yo, no way.
I see you, Ma.
I mean, if it wasn't for you sending me out here, I probably would've never made it to this birthday.
So thank you.
No, thank you, baby.
Thank you for being the man that I always knew you were meant to be.
I just don't want you to ever forget the whole story of where you come from, okay? I hear you.
Come here.
I love you, baby.
I love you too.
Wanna go ride that first one? - I do.
- All right, let's go.
Does this really reflect who you are? - You're late.
- Police business.
See, I'm already a public servant.
You can quit preening.
There's no cameras around.
Well, unlike you, I take the law seriously.
I don't bend it or buy my way out of following it like you did at Carlton's party.
Your daughter was a guest, yet no one checked her alcohol intake.
So you can quit the saint routine.
We both know why it doesn't suit you.
Assemblyman Hernandez said you had a proposal.
I do.
This special election has gotten complicated since you jumped in.
Now you and I could split the Democratic vote, pushing Crawford to the win.
Here's how we avoid that.
Our debate should decide which one of us continues to stand in the election.
Whoever's leading afterwards becomes the sole Democratic candidate.
Loser bows out, throwing his full support behind the winner.
The debate decides it all.
Do we have a deal? - Hey, Kylo.
- Yo.
So I came up with four other video ideas outside of "Thirsty Chef," and they're all fire.
I was worried you were gonna be like this.
What is that supposed to mean? It means I did some research on you, Hilary.
You dropped out of college.
You left two or three jobs, internships.
You even quit those online personas you used to try on just for fun.
Yeah, so what? I I've been finding myself.
Well, you have a pattern.
As soon as something doesn't go your way, you're pretty quick to take off on another venture.
It's an easy habit to form when you never have to pay a bill.
You know what? Fuck you, Kylo.
Don't try to psychoanalyze me just because I don't do what you want.
Don't spin this on me.
You hated that video till I posted it and it skyrocketed and earned you all your sponsors.
And I will keep all my sponsors, okay? I can do it my way without you.
Yeah, except if you leave, all the content you've created in this house belongs to me, and you owe me a kill fee.
Pretty big one.
You didn't read your contract, did you? Hello, Mrs.
So good to see you again.
Oh, thank you so much, Chef Armstrong.
I'm so looking forward to another great meal today.
You know I won't let you down.
Sorry, guys.
Sorry for being late.
No biggie, Aunt Viv.
It gave us enough time to spot Christina Aguilera walk into this fancy jawn.
Yo, we saw Riri last time we were here, - right, Aunt Viv? - Oh.
- She was dope.
- Oh, she sure was.
And she made sure she got her money's worth.
Oh, so you you come here often, baby? Yeah, yeah.
We try to bring the kids out somewhere nice for dinner at least once a week, you know, to broaden their palate.
The seafood here is bussin'.
So, Viv, tell me what's got you so busy these days.
Well, there's a gallerist who's nominated me for a Nieman Fellowship.
It's basically like a genius grant to visual artists.
So you're painting again? Yeah.
Aunt Viv's art is crazy.
She be having people paying like 20 Gs for her stuff.
- Shh.
- Really? - Yeah.
- Well, that's great to hear.
I I was kind of disappointed when you stopped painting, you know, especially after all the sacrifices that me and Mama made so you could become an artist.
Oh, forgive me for letting you down.
Not like you knew what I was going through.
After all, though, you were so busy running after Lou.
- Let's let's not go there.
- Go where? Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman.
May I take your order? Yes.
Yes, you may.
And we will enjoy this lunch on my birthday.
No side orders of extra energy necessary.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
I've been thinking, Phil.
Maybe you should try a different tack with Will's dad, huh? If you knew Lou, you wouldn't say that.
He's not someone Will needs in his life right now.
Why should you get to decide that? Why not Will? Why not his father? I think about my son.
You take a minute and think about Carlton and then tell me what you would do if you were in Lou's position, huh? Just do what I asked.
I'm not that kind of brother.
Doesn't sit right with me.
Too bad.
You work for me.
Ma, can we talk, like, straight up? No holding back? About what, baby? About my dad.
You and Aunt Viv got me thinking about him and what I remember.
She shouldn't have drudged him up.
Honestly, I've been thinking about it for years, but I just feel like you never talk about him, and every time I try to bring him up, you just constantly put me off.
I mean, it's because I didn't wanna I didn't wanna bad-mouth him in front of you, especially when you were younger.
Well, I'm older.
All right? And I wanna know everything.
What was he like? Good and bad.
What qualities do I get from him? I mean, there's gotta be a few, right? Your daddy, Lou he was complicated, baby, and you don't need his failures and his shortcomings in your head.
You know, you're gonna be a better man - than he could ever be.
- Mom, Mom, Mom, stop.
Stop, all right? I see what you're doing.
It's not okay.
I'm tired of stonewalling, all right? I'm 17 now.
I'm not 7.
I wanna know the full story, a'ight? The real one.
Um Tss.
Your father was a half-ass dreamer jumping from one get-rich-quick scheme to another.
And I believed his promises and his lies.
He owed a lot of money all over town, and I paid his debts.
He created mess, and I cleaned it up.
- Why? - Because I was young.
I just can't imagine you putting up with no man's bullshit.
That's because I changed.
I changed once I had you.
I mean, it was like Lou's spell had been broken, and You became my world.
And that's why he ran off, baby, because he couldn't use me anymore.
'Sup? So I'm very sorry that I went off on you.
That wasn't cool.
I apologize.
Well, I appreciate that, but I would much rather hear, like, "Jazz, you were right.
" What about, "Jazz, you're a pain in the ass"? - But no, you were right.
- Okay.
I haven't told my parents yet, but I told Kylo to fuck off, and I quit the house.
Mmm! I bet it felt good to stand up to Fuckboi 5000.
It really did.
It really did.
But now I'm in a situation where I'm staying at a hotel until I find my new place, and I owe Kylo $50,000 for breaking the contract.
50 Gs? You got that type of bread? I'm gonna figure something out.
I know you will.
You always do.
And you fine like Chloe Bailey.
Have mercy.
- Hey, girl.
- Hey, Vy.
How you doing? Carlton, so what'd you get him? Um - Ankle weights.
- Mm.
It's for his vertical.
He's been saying that he wants to get his bunnies up so he can catch more bodies on fast breaks.
I I don't know what it means, but It's very thoughtful.
I don't know if Will told you this, but when he was about five or six, he used to beg me to give him a brother.
That's funny.
I remember, after Ashley was born, I used to beg my parents for a brother too.
And now you both have gotten what you wanted, and the universe is doing its thing.
I guess so.
Yo, Ma, I want you to meet someone.
This is Lisa.
- Hi.
- Lisa.
Come on in here.
Give me a hug.
It's such a pleasure to meet you, Mrs.
And I've heard such great things from Will.
So tell me this.
Is my boy treating you like a gentleman should? Mm-hmm.
Well, you know I wouldn't be with him if he didn't.
Okay, see? I like her.
She's not afraid to speak her mind, and that is exactly what you need in a young woman.
'Cause, see, he gets wild ideas.
Every now and then, you know, you just gotta tell him to go and sit down somewhere.
What you doin'? Unfortunately, dinner's gonna be delayed.
Phil is caught up in the 101 traffic.
Wait, where's the food coming from? - Roscoe's.
- Damn! It's my favorite.
It's really good.
In that case, we might as well get it cracking with the gift opening, huh? Let's crack open these gifts.
But maybe we should wait until after dinner.
Of course you can open your gifts, baby.
Start with mine.
Yup, yup.
Your mama.
What you say? What you write? "My baby boy, my son," 'cause you - Shine like one.
- Yeah.
Yo, this is beautiful.
I've never seen this one before.
This is great.
Thanks, Ma.
- You're welcome.
- It's great.
Hey, yo, Aunt Viv, you you took this picture? Oh, no, that was taken before I came.
Oh, okay.
So so, Ma, who too who took this picture? You know, you wanna open up mine next? Yeah.
Yeah, I'll open it up.
Where do I start? All right.
Ha ha.
Oh, see? I think I know what this is.
Let's see.
Whoo! Ooh.
Yo, these are the the limited-limited editions.
Whoo! Whoo! Thank you.
Oh, my God.
- What? - Oh, of course.
Where'd y'all get these from? Thank you.
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up.
I gotta I gotta test these.
I gotta test these.
"For a brother," signed by Jordan.
Yo, the GOAT blessed these, bro.
- Is that what that is? - Oh my God.
That is wild.
How much do signed Jordans cost these days? Vy, I swear I didn't know the shoes Phil bought were so expensive.
Just couldn't let me have this moment, could you? For once, please do not make this about our issues.
Will is happy with his gift.
That's all that matters.
Let's drop it.
Not when you throw your money around to disrespect me in front of my child.
I just don't understand you, how you got like this.
Like what? Being successful? 'Cause that's what you're mad about.
Because more of my dreams came true, so now you gotta cut me down whenever you get a chance? Girl, your dreams came true because Mama supported you, Because I supported you, and then Phil supported you.
You didn't climb no mountain.
You were carried.
And what I gave to you and now to Will it ain't flashy or dramatic enough to be remembered or even given credit for.
I am not trying to outshine you or deny credit.
God, I am not your enemy! But you just got it fixed in your mind that that's what I am.
You know what's clear? What's clear is that before before this fancy house, I was the one who helped you find your voice as an artist.
When you needed materials, I bought them for you.
I helped you move to L.
, and I paid your bills.
And the second you didn't need me, you just you erased me.
You erased me from your life.
And you want my son to do the same thing.
Sorry, dawg.
It's always been this way with her.
The more I get, the happier I am, the more resentful she becomes.
Mom, take a deep breath.
I'm just so sorry you even had to witness that.
Auntie Vy said a lot of hurtful things.
Awful things.
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Maybe, underneath all of that anger, - she's just hurt.
- What? Vy is made of steel.
Vy put herself through college.
Vy raised Will on her own.
Vy took care of Mom on her own.
She's just been doing everything.
And that's just a heavy expectation to put on someone, don't you think? And I've been doing this to her her whole life.
Mom, I think that, uh, you and your sister need to have a talk, you know, without all the insults, of course.
So when did you get so wise? Uh, I think it was the hundredth time you told me to make it work with Will because we're family.
I didn't mean to ruin your party like that, son.
I really didn't.
Ma, you do know that there's no way in hell anyone could ever erase you from my life, ever.
Thank you, baby.
In my mind, I had planned this wonderful trip to celebrate your birthday, and your Aunt Viv just got under my skin.
Look, I love you, Ma, but you can't put that all on Aunt Viv, 'cause you was throwing some low blows in there too.
Only when I was trying to defend myself.
You know, she crossed the line first.
So what? You out here waiting for an apology? I guess this is the part where you tell me I should be the bigger person.
I mean, it's good advice.
Will, do you mind if I speak to my sister alone for a moment? Make me proud.
- I - You were right.
I haven't always acknowledged how much I received and relied upon you and Mama.
I've been unfair to both of you.
I mean you were always the strong one looking out for me, and I'm so sorry for seeing past that.
Can you ever forgive me? Yes, of course.
You're my sister.
Besides, I can't pin all my disappointments on you.
I made my choices, and one of them was Lou.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
I'm sorry that I held it against you all these years.
You were right about him.
- Believe me, I wish I wasn't.
- Me too.
But he did give me a gift that I will always be thankful for.
- Will.
- He is something special.
He's a fine young man.
And that is why I've decided not to do anything to tamper with that.
So we're gonna wait to tell him about Lou Yeah.
Maybe down the road.
I love you, Viv.
I know.
Girl, I love you too.
Come on.
Look, after seeing our moms today, I can honestly say I have no intention of having a decades-long grudge with you, Will.
Me either.
But I don't know how we can move forward if you can't accept the fact that I'm with Lisa now.
All right.
This isn't just about Lisa, all right? You coming here sent me into a spiral.
I was already having a rough time at school getting good grades and leading my lacrosse team to state championships.
And my parents need me to be basically fucking perfect, all right? It's exhausting.
And you just show up and hook up with my ex.
So me being with Lisa is the straw that broke the camel's back? Exactly.
You just strolled up in here, and my parents loved you.
The girls at school pretty much couldn't get enough of you.
And it's like, everything that I had to work really hard for, you just had without even trying.
I hear you.
So basically, what you're saying is, you're a hater? Yo, yo, I'm playing.
I am joking.
And I feel you.
I get you, sort of.
But I guess, I mean, my only question is, moving forward, do you still have a problem with me being with Lisa? 'Cause I can't be looking over my shoulder every five seconds, bro.
I mean, look, um honestly, it hurts, but me and Lisa are over.
We have been for a while, and and who she dates next is none of my business.
Just promise me you won't hurt her, okay? She got enough of that from me.
You have my word.
For real.
Yo, G.
I need you to do me a favor.
A huge one.
Them ones, yeah? All right.
How huge? You think you could look into my pops? Huh.
You're right.
That is a huge ask.
I know.
I know.
But I'm just trying to figure out where he went after he left me.
You know why, where he's at.
I don't know.
Something, man.
Look, I'm not sure there are satisfactory answers to the questions concerning why, you know? People's motives are difficult to pin down.
But as to where your father is now I'll do what I can to find out for you.
Hey, man.
Thank you, G.
Don't thank me yet.
Wait to see if I deliver first.
Yeah, man.
I know you will.

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