Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e01 Episode Script

Ben 10 Returns (1)

You may speak to me, half-breed vermin.
Gratitude, Master.
For months now, someone has been leaking the details of our secret operations to the authorities.
I have new information of interest.
We have found the source of the leak.
[ beeps ] His name is Max Tennyson.
We've had trouble with him before.
Then let this be the final time he troubles us.
Destroy him.
[whistle blows ] [ crowd cheers ] Pass it to me! Pass it to me! Come on! I'm open! [ buzzer blares ] Ben: Whoa! All right, Ben! Way to go! [ birds chirping ] Ben: Oh, um, I wasn't showing off.
I mean, I am going to show it to my grandpa.
I guess that is sort of showing off.
Ben Tennyson.
I know who you are.
Great game.
I really do have to go, though.
See you tomorrow? Okay.
Bye! Grandpa Max? Open up.
It's me.
[door creaks ] Hello? Grandpa? What happened in here? [thud ] [ roars ] Ha! Oh, man.
Peekaboo! That thing was looking for something, grandpa But what? [ motor hums ] Max: Hello, Ben.
Grandpa! What's -- I left this recording where I knew only you would find it.
I'm in a bit of a situation, but it's nothing I can't handle -- certainly nothing for you to worry about.
There's renewed alien activity on Earth.
I'm investigating.
Oh, don't worry about the Omnitrix, either.
I have it, and it's completely safe.
They'll never get their hands on it.
Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me.
Love you.
Max out.
You've got the Omnitrix? Ben, don't run in the house! Ben: Sorry, mom! He says he's got the Omnitrix.
I know it's in here somewhere.
What are you trying to tell me, grandpa? Hajame! Fight! Hey-yah! Ha! Point -- victory.
[applause] So how's my favorite cousin? Ben! Still undefeated.
Compliments -- means you want something.
I got a problem.
I need advice.
Okay, soon as I change.
[snores ] Huh? Well, that's attractive.
What? I'm awake.
What? You needed help? I need advice.
[ crackling ] Oh, don't worry about the Omnitrix, either.
I have it, and it's completely safe.
They'll never get their hands on it.
Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me.
Love you.
Max out.
Grandpa doesn't have the Omnitrix.
You do.
He's sending me some kind of message.
I think he wants me to put it on again.
He always said that was your choice.
You don't have to do it if you don't want to.
I used to love the Omnitrix.
It made me feel special.
You know what? It wasn't the watch that was special.
It was you.
And you earned the chance to have a normal life.
You put that thing back on, and that's pretty much it for normal.
But if grandpa needs my help He said he didn't.
Anyway, remember how much trouble we had getting it off the last time? Magister: The Omnitrix ain't yours.
Give it up! No way! [grunting ] Magister: Give it to me -- now.
Or what? Magister: Orthis! [sarcastically] Oh, that's so creepy.
Magister: Don't make me use it on you.
Who's making? Not fish face here, that's for sure.
You're getting really good at that stuff.
I want some answers right now.
Otherwise -- Yeah? I don't know.
I'll overfeed you.
Do I look like somebody to joke with? I'm a duly deputized agent of the Plumbers, an intergalactic law-enforcement organization.
I know what they are.
My Grandpa Max used to be a Plumber.
Max Tennyson? He was helping me on a case when he went missing.
We're looking for him.
He's your grandfather? You're the legendary Ben Tennyson? Guess so.
I thought you were just some kid who snatched it from the Rust Bucket.
Guess I owe you an apology.
If you get me out of this thing, maybe we can find your granddad together.
Are you sure? I'm sure.
So, what are we doing here? Stakeout.
According to a tip from your grandfather, the Forever Knights, a group of criminals who -- Trade in alien technology.
Yeah, I know.
I've run up against them before.
Magister: They're supposed to show up here tonight to receive a shipment of illegal alien tech.
Who do they get it from? Don't know.
Max was going to tell me, but then he disappeared.
Someone's coming.
That's Kevin! You know him? Kevin Levin -- he's got superpowers.
I fought him all the time when we were kids.
He ended up trapped in the Null Void, kind of an extra-dimensional jail.
Money's here.
Well, he's brokering the deal.
Why not? You said it was illegal.
As promised, four dozen factory-new laser lances.
Ether-point energy module, antenna-focus emitter it's good for 35 minutes of continuous fire at.
06 terrawatts.
Is that good? You tell me.
Those lances are level-5 technology! Planet Earth has only level 2! Hey, what happened to the whisper? Hands above your heads, air breathers.
By authority of the Plumbers, you're all busted.
[all whirring ] [all growling ] [sarcastically] Oh, that's so creepy.
Isn't it? Back off! [all screeching ] What now? Standoff.
Um, I don't think so.
The other guys are behind us.
We are toast.
No, we're not.
It's hero time! [ beeping ] Ben! Watch! [all screeching ] [ beeping ] Ben, seriously.
This is a really bad time for a reboot.
[ beeping rapidly] I got nothing.
Maybe I do.
Come on! Come on! [ beeping ] [grunting ] [ beeping rapidly] [gasps ] It never did that before.
I don't recognize any of these guys, although under the circumstances, this one looks pretty good.
Swampfire! Ew, what's that smell? [sniffs ] Is that me? [grunting ] Get away from my friends! I forgot how much fun this is.
[laughs ] Cut it out.
That tickles.
Hey! [ both gasp] You guys are in so much trouble.
Hey, Tennyson.
What do you want? Let's see.
You trap me in the null void for all those years.
You did that to yourself.
And you've ruined my deal today.
I'm thinking I want revenge.
The good news is, since I can absorb anything, I've got more than enough power to take it.
That's new.
[grunting ] And that's what happens when you mess with me.
Hey! What? Peekaboo! [groans ] Energy cuffs -- you can't escape.
Ain't nothing there to absorb.
You still got some of that stuff in your hair.
Other side.
Ew! Time we had a talk, tough guy.
These weapons run on ether-point energy cells, a dangerous technology way too advanced for humans.
They shouldn't even be on this planet.
So? How's that my problem? While we were fighting, the Forever Knights got away with a crate full of them.
You set up the deal.
You're going to tell me where they are.
Kevin, people could be hurt.
Magister: You're in a lot of trouble, son.
I'm giving you a chance to help yourself here.
You don't have to convince me.
Those guys ran off before I got paid.
I'm happy to help find those deadbeats.
Magister: I still think I should drive.
Nobody drives the car but me.
You were telling us about the aliens.
I don't know anything about the ones we fought today.
Never met that kind before.
I don't see them in here -- not that I know how to work this thing anymore.
Maybe after you get your license, pee-wee.
Who won our fight again? Oh, I remember -- me! There's been a lot of alien activity on Earth lately.
Don't know why.
Your grandfather thought maybe the weapons deal would lead us to whatever's causing all the interest.
Now he's missing.
Knowing Grandpa Max, he's probably at a restaurant enjoying a roasted cockroach salad.
It's a wonder that all that weird food didn't kill him.
He's not dead! Stop making jokes about him! [tires screech ] Don't talk to her like that.
I'll talk to her any way I -- You're right.
I'm sorry, Gwen.
I know you're worried about grandpa.
I just wish he were here.
He would know what to do.
He always knows what to do.
Well, he ain't.
You're the one with the Omnitrix.
You're going to have to figure out how to get things done on your own.
[tires screech ] Kevin: This is it.
Subtle -- nobody would think to look for Knights in here.
You didn't.
How do we get in? Gwen? [groans ] There's no one here.
You sure this is the right place? There's a hidden door.
Keep looking.
Maybe you should have brought a shopping cart.
I don't like the looks of this.
[gasps ] Aah! Come on, man! What are you doing? Sorry.
Guess I'm just a little paranoid! [growls ]