Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e02 Episode Script

Ben 10 Returns (2)

Ben: Previously on "Ben 10: Alien Force" Someone has been leaking the details to the authorities.
You're the legendary Ben Tennyson? I got a problem.
Magister: Those lances are level-5 technology.
Planet Earth has only level 2! The Forever Knights got away with a crate full of them.
Magister: You're going to tell me where they are.
[growls ] [gasps ] Nobody move! Hands on your head! Make me! [grunts ] Whoops.
[ roars ] Echo! Echo! Echo! Got him! Oh, you're not gonna -- Yeah, I am.
[gun cocks ] Magister: Kevin! [electricity crackling ] Don't do it! It's busted! Aah! Magister: Hit the deck! That's why level-5 technology is illegal on Earth.
Humans aren't ready for it.
I owe you one.
Yeah, you do.
Echo Echo: Got him! Got him! Don't got him! [ reverberating ] [electricity crackling ] Kevin: You could warn somebody when you're gonna do that.
Gwen: Seriously.
I've got earplugs in my purse.
That's all of them.
If you wouldn't mind [ inhales ] [ reverberating ] Hey, are you okay? There's water leaking out of your suit.
Magister: That's not water.
[groans ] You all right, man? Ben, listen to me.
I got a tire-patch kit in the car.
Maybe we could -- No time for that.
There's nothing anyone can do.
Let us help you.
If you want to help me, finish the job.
You have to find out where the level-5 tech is coming from.
I will.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, kid.
Your grandpa was on the trail of something big -- an alien conspiracy with Earth in the middle.
[groans ] He was working undercover.
If you crack this case, maybe you can find Max and save your planet.
I can't do it without grandpa.
I don't know how.
Youyou are Ben Tennyson.
You can do anything.
Oh! I'm gonna need help.
You know I'm here for you.
Kevin, there's no money in this, but I'm in.
Are you sure this is going to work? No, I've never done this before.
But in theory I should be able to trace the vibrations from this laser lance back to the people who used to own it.
I thought I destroyed all those things.
I kept one as a souvenir.
Lucky, huh? Hey, it's working.
Follow me! I'll follow you anywhere.
Except there! Come on, Gwen! Paint job! This is it -- down that mine shaft.
We'll have to get past the -- [groans ] You hit him too hard! Not him it! It's like the mask the aliens at the train station were wearing.
We're getting warmer.
Not much to see down here.
[gasps ] Don't think so? Big! It's the mother ship.
Don't you get it? Grandpa Max has to be in there.
So how do we get in? How's this work again? Photonic displacement.
You can set it to make you look like whatever you want.
How do I look? About the same taller.
Get in.
Why? Hey, how's it going? What's up? I owe you a call.
End of the line.
Aah It's freezing in here.
"I owe you a call"? Don't be such a baby.
What's next? See if you can find out where grandpa is.
It is cold, though.
Okay, let me try something.
I'm sorry, Ben.
Grandpa was here, maybe a couple of weeks ago, but he's not here now.
Kevin: So, now what? We just get out of here, right? Wrong.
When I was little, Grandpa Max taught me to ride my bike.
He ran alongside me, holding me up while I pedaled.
By the time I realized he had let go, I'd already been riding by myself for a long time.
Training wheels off, guys.
We're gonna finish the mission.
[grunts ] Weapons room.
A little louder, why don't you? No big deal.
We'll be out of here before they even -- [alien speaking gibberish ] You were saying? How about we fight them instead of each other? Humongousaur! Yes! Guess what time it is? It's hero time! [ roars ] Kevin: Save some for me.
Those creeps cost me a major payday.
Also because they're evil, and we're against that.
I can't believe you just did that.
[ roars ] We kicked butt! So far, but there could be hundreds of these guys in here.
We destroyed the weapons.
Why not just leave? Good call.
Let's -- oh, man.
What are you creatures doing on my ship? I do not repeat myself to lower life-forms.
What are you doing on my ship? Did you just call me a lower life-form? I'm pretty sure he did.
And while he may have a point, it's rude to say so.
You vermin would dare mock a highbreed commander?! I'd mock anybody who uses the word "mock.
" [ roars ] Kevin! Aah! Did he hurt you? No.
Well, I'm gonna hurt him.
He's too strong.
I'll hold him off.
You guys get outside.
I'm not leaving you to fight that thing by yourself.
No time to argue.
Kevin, get her out of here! You heard the man.
Let me go! As soon as we're off the ship.
Maggot! You would face me alone? Uh-huh! Vermin! Whoa! Filthy creature! Hold still! Why would I do that? You've ruined everything by discovering this location.
You've set our plans back months! [electricity crackling ] Inferior scum, I have to move my ship, find a new hiding place, and have to sterilize the area.
Sterilize? Destroy all life within five miles of here.
No witnesses will live to tell the tale.
You can't! I can, and I will.
Let me go! Aah! Filth! You've infected me! Get off my ship! [groans ] Guess you showed him.
He's going to destroy the town.
How? I don't know, but he's going to do it now unless I stop him.
You've got yourself a big problem! [electricity crackling ] [ beeping ] [ reverberating ] No! Oh! Come on! Come on! Come on!! Not fun.
How'd you find me? Looked for the front end of the big trench you dug with your face.
You okay? Humongousaur skinned his knee, and it was still skinned when I turned back.
So what happens now? We keep looking for Grandpa Max.
Guess the best way to do that is to solve the case he was working on.
Easy as pie.
Anybody know how to make a pie? Listen.
We've had a lot of problems in the past, but I wanted to say thanks.
We wouldn't have made it without you.
You still won't make it without me.
Are you saying you want to help us? I'm saying I made somebody a promise.
I'm seeing this through to the end.
Then you can shake hands, right? It's hero time! You may speak to me, half-breed vermin.
The news isn't good.
Max Tennyson continues to evade us.
This is unacceptable, insect! If I may, master, the bad news doesn't stop there.
A supply ship was destroyed in an altercation with Ben Tennyson.
Master, witnesses say he has the Omnitrix.
Ben Ten is back.
[groans ] But he has no idea what he's up against this time.
No idea at all!