Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Everybody Talks About the Weather

[ panting ] [grunts ] [whoosh ] [gasps ] [ flames crackle] There he goes! Suspect is heading west to the back 40 of the Douglas farm.
Copy that.
You got that truck ready? It'll be ready before he gets here, Sheriff Mason.
[engine turns over] [siren wails ] [whoosh ] [wailing continues ] [tires squeal ] Unh! Ungh! [groans ] I'm the worst flier ever.
There he is! I don't want to hurt you guys.
Lucky us.
Let 'er rip.
[squeak ] [grunts ] Cut it out! Geez.
Now, why don't you guys just leave me alone?! [siren wails ] Unh! Uhh! [grunts ] [groaning ] You're gonna talk, Alan.
The only question is how long it's gonna take.
Okay, I'll start talking.
You can join in whenever you like.
Over the past week, there's been a series of fires all over Grover's Mill.
I didn't burn anything! Ah, I knew you could talk.
Now if you could just come up with something smarter to say.
What's the point? You don't believe me anyway.
Fires all over town, weird paths burned through cornfields, Mrs.
Albright's oldest boy turns out to be some kind of fire-breathing mutant.
What's not to believe? Oh.
Back to the silent treatment, huh? Give it back! My father gave it to me! Oh, then it shouldn't be any trouble telling me what it is.
It's mine.
Unless you're an arsonist and a thief.
[ click ] Keep him in there until I can find a judge to tell us what to do with him.
[ beeping ] Can't this thing go any faster? Yes.
We're still going the same speed.
It's called the speed limit.
Fastest we're going tonight.
But you said -- I said "could," not "would.
" My mom's going to kill me if I'm late getting home again.
If she grounds you, it'll be just me and Gwen.
Tough break.
You think I'd go with you if Ben wasn't here? Yeah.
I got roguish charm.
[ beeping ] Phone call for Mr.
Roguish Charm.
I don't have a cell.
Bet it's one of your many girlfriends.
[ beeping continues ] Hey.
That's your Plumber's badge.
What's it doing? Don't know.
New to me.
It's some kind of map.
I bet it's a GPS for badges.
Kevin: So why is one of them flashing? It's got to be a message from Grandpa Max.
He's telling us where he is.
You think? Okay, that's worth breaking some traffic laws.
[engine revs ] [tires squeal ] [exhales sharply] [grunts ] [ flames crackle] Too cold.
[ clears throat ] [sizzling ] [snoring ] [exhales deeply] [grunts ] Unh! W-what? [whoosh ] I am so fired.
Grandpa Max is here? The blinking light on the map is here.
Guess we'll find out the rest soon enough.
He's inside the building.
Come on.
Let me dump the jacket first.
It must be 90 degrees.
That's what you get, trying to look cool all the time.
Gwen: Hey, guys.
What do you make of this? Big hole? Helpful.
We better check it out.
Hello? Anybody here? [ beeping ] Found what we were tracking.
You think it belongs to grandpa? If it does, he's out there somewhere, going after whatever made this hole.
[ panting ] [gasps ] The trail ends here.
He can't be far.
[ footsteps approaching ] Found him! [gasps ] Why can't you just leave me alone?! Doesn't work that way, son.
Why don't you just come along quiet-- [groans ] That's it! Take him down! Stay back! [all scream ] [all groaning ] [groans ] I didn't mean to -- Are you okay? Huh?! [whir] Guy looks like Heatblast.
I noticed.
Want me to kick his butt for you? It'll be like old times.
Thanks anyway.
[ beeping ] [thunder rumbles ] Jetray! Stay away from me! [whoosh ] Unh! Hey! Get off me! [ flames roar] [whistle] Whoa! Watch it! [sputtering ] Unh! Unh! [explosion ] [groans ] I don't feel so good.
[whoosh ] [ beep] Had enough? Uh-huh.
There's an old guy who's been chasing you, probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt.
Where is he? I don't know what you're talking about.
My grandfather -- where is he?! Sheriff: Freeze! I should have known you couldn't have set all those fires by yourself.
But now I've got you, Alan -- you and your accomplice.
Hands where I can see them.
Run! Halt! Go after them! [ panting ] Stop following me! How am I supposed to hide with you around? You glow in the dark.
But I don't know where to go.
I'll tell you where to go.
[ footsteps approaching ] Shh.
Somebody's coming.
I think I see something.
[engine revs ] Look out! [tires squeal ] [siren wailing ] [tires squeal ] [engine revs ] [tires squeal ] [wailing stops ] All right, Alan.
You and your friend get out of the car - right now! Is there a problem, officer? Why'd you help me? I don't know.
You remind me of myself.
Iguess you're a monster, too.
Technically I'm a whole bunch of monsters, but that's the cool part.
Nothing cool about this.
[sizzle] No? The superstrength, the flying? I hate flying.
[ chuckles ] You do kind of stink at it.
Yeah, my powers just showed up a couple of weeks ago.
So you're an alien? Part alien.
My mom is human.
And I thought I was, too, until I woke up one morning and my bed was on fire.
My dad put it out.
Then they explained it to me.
He's a Plumber.
They're Intergalactic police.
Did your dad give you his badge? Yeah, when he explained to me what it was.
But Sheriff Mason took it from me.
Yeah, wellI kind of took it back.
[tires squeal ] That didn't go too bad.
We led them away from Ben, and all we got was this.
Kevin! That's a $400 speeding ticket.
I know.
I think it's a personal record.
[engine turns over] [engine revs ] Grandpa Max doesn't have anything to do with this, does he? Nope.
So that badge belongs to the "Heatblast" guy.
Where do you think he got it? He doesn't act like a Plumber.
He's probably just a Plumber's kid.
Why would a policeman give his son a badge? To keep real Plumbers from arresting them for interplanetary trespass.
A badge is better than a passport.
I'm not following.
Heatblast Jr.
is probably part human.
Humans with alien ancestors are actually pretty common.
Most of them have superpowers.
Common? Well, yeah.
That's what you are.
You get your powers through your grandpa.
I thought you knew.
[scoffs ] I get my powers from magic talismans and books.
[laughs ] Yeah, right.
But the sheriff thinks I set all the fires.
I don't.
For one thing, no fire could have cut this building in half.
[engine revs ] [engine shuts off] Who's the squirt? Ohhh.
Ow! That didn't hurt.
I want to show you guys what I saw when I was flying over the cornfield.
It's not exact, but it looks like this.
Those aren't roads burned through the cornfields.
Those are crop circles.
Like those things aliens leave to find their way around? More like those things farmers leave to fool city folk.
It's not like we don't know a bunch of aliens.
Also moot.
I don't think these are crop circles.
I think they're circuit boards.
How are we doing this, again? Magic.
It ain't magic.
Kevin says I've got superpowers because of my alien bloodline.
Huh? Could you guys concentrate on what's important? You don't think what we're standing on is important? Stop teasing him, Kevin.
We're high enough to see.
Like I said, these aren't crop circles.
They're circuit boards.
I think this whole valley is some kind of giant machine.
Hey, check it out.
See? I told you I didn't do it.
Let's go down and take a closer look.
Down is good.
[whirring ] What do you think they're doing? Shh.
[whirring stops ] [ click ] [ machine turns on, whirs ] [electricity crackles ] [thunder crashes ] [electricity crackles ] [thunder crashes ] Cut it out.
Sorry, man.
It's cold out here.
The tower is some kind of weather machine.
[sirens wailing ] [wailing stops ] All right, freeze! Already working on it.
I took it easy on you, Alan, out of respect for your folks, but you built this machine.
You're stealing all the heat to feed your powers.
It's not like that.
Stay away from him.
Kevin: Take your own advice.
Hey! He's one of them.
They're all freaks! Slow down.
What did you do to my men?! [grunts ] [ rapid beeping ] [grunts ] Can't take too many of these.
You don't have to.
[ beeping ] [whirring ] Swampfire! [grunting ] Aah! [electricity crackles ] [speaking alien language] Oh, man.
These guys are like the aliens we fought.
We are the DNAliens, and we will destroy you all.
[groans ] Hey.
Remember how cold it was on their ship? I think they need cold weather, so they're making some.
Kind of makes sense.
Of course.
That means the big alien plot is they're installing an air conditioner.
Aah! Ben! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! No! [whirring ] Guess I'm too hot to handle.
Wait a minute, guys.
[sizzling ] Thatwas weird.
Need some help? Yes.
[gas hissing ] [all grunting ] [whip] [all scream ] You beat them! Plenty more where those came from.
We need to take down that weather tower.
Take care of the guys at the top so I can get close.
I don't know if I can do it.
I'm really bad at flying.
[laughs ] Yeah.
I had trouble at first, too.
Let me show you a trick I learned.
[whoosh ] [all groaning ] Aah! Aah! [grunting ] Gonna need some leverage for this stunt.
Here goes.
[grunting ] [whoosh ] [ ice cracking ] What happened? Alan defeated the aliens, destroyed their weather machine, then used his heat powers to free everyone from suspended animation.
We helped.
But not much.
We were wondering if you would join our team.
We could use a powerhouse like you.
Lot of aliens to fight out there.
He can't.
He's gonna be too busy helping me round up any other aliens who might still be hiding in town.
Even so, any time you need me, just call.