Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

Kevin's Big Score

[sniffs ] Ha! [ crunch ] [slurps ] Mmm.
[slurps ] [ belches ] [engine revs ] [engine shuts off] Kevin, buddy.
I've been waiting like an hour.
I said I'd be here, and I'm here, Argit.
What's your proposition? Aww, why you gotta be such a downer? After all we've been through.
Ain't ya glad to see your old runnin' buddy? [engine turns over] No, wait.
I got that tech you're looking for.
What makes you think I'm looking for anything? Oh, come on, Kev.
Octagon Friedle says you've been vid-messaging all the underground swappers.
You're in the market for a specific primo machino.
And I got it.
For real? Oh, now you're listening -- now that I can do something for you.
You are so off my contact list, man.
[engine revs ] Come on, Argit.
You've burned me on so many deals so many times, it makes me forget how tight we really are.
Kev, buddy.
I can't stay mad at you.
[ chuckles ] Not when there's money involved.
Solet's see it.
Uh I don't actually got it got it.
Aw, come on! But I can make the connection with the guy who does.
I have to warn you, though -- it's gonna cost ya.
[laughs ] Hey, Ben.
It's us in front of the old Rust Bucket.
[laughs ] That's so like Grandpa Max to lose one dumper, then run out and find another.
That whole summer was incredible.
Remember, Gwen? Hero time, all the time.
Kevin was still a bad guy.
Kevin: Let it go, Tennyson.
I know you're here to keep an eye on me.
It's sweet that you wanted to fix up Rust Bucket 2.
Not yet.
Ben: Still not buying the "nice guy" act, Kevin.
Ben [ beeps twice] Okay, I'm gonna try the engine.
[engine turns over] Go, Kevin! [tires screech ] Ugh! Come back, Kevin! Ben! [ beep] Big Chill! [engine revs, tires screech ] [ beeping ] [ beeping quickens ] [exhales deeply] [tires screeching ] Aaah! Ugh! [ beep] [exhales deeply] Aaaaaaah! [ beep] [trees crunching ] [tires screech ] Nice try, but tonight, you're minding your own business.
[ beeping ] [tires screech ] [electricity crackling ] Ugh! He got away.
I meanoh, no! How could I have let my guard down? He's a liar and a thief! That was the old Kevin.
He's different now.
And we're different, too.
I can track him from this.
You kept his sweaty handkerchief? Got him.
All right.
It's a bucket of bolts, man.
[ beep] [ beep] Like I said -- a bucket of bolts.
But the aftermarket extras are worth a fortune.
Think your guy will take it? Oh, yeah.
If he ever got the chance.
[ rapid whooshing ] Aah! Ugh! [grunting ] I can't move.
Oh, sorry, Kev.
See, this haul's worth enough cashola to pay off everybody I owe and finally live a little.
Ugh! The Rust Bucket's all I have to bargain with.
You should have held out on me, buddy.
[door slams ] When you can walk again, you go see him -- a tech dealer named Volcanus.
He says he knows you.
[engine turns over] Says he wants you dead.
[tires squeal ] Aah! [grunts ] [grunts ] [grunts ] [tires screech ] Now, I know this looks bad.
Bad? Bad?! If you don't get the Rust Bucket back, I'll show you bad! Doubt it.
What happens when this is all over and grandpa comes home? Where's he gonna live then? Do I have to separate you two? He stole grandpa's home.
What kind of jerk steals an old man's home? One with a very good reason.
Right? Yeah, this is important.
Important to you.
One second.
[ beeping ] You hid a tracking device in the undercarriage.
Like I'd let anybody swipe a fortune in Plumber tech from me.
[engine shuts off] [ beeping ] Stripped! Great.
So where's your fortune, Kevin? What's this worth -- Ugh! We are supposed to be keeping the planet safe from an alien invasion, and we can't keep a motor home from being stolen? Drop it.
Don't walk away from me! [scoffs ] Is this where you turn into an alien and try to kick my butt? I'm considering it.
[doorknob rattles ] Shh! [whistles ] Score! I knew I missed something.
[gasps ] Uh-oh.
[ beep] Echo Echo.
Don't let him get away.
No equals.
[ high-pitched whining ] Ugh! Hi.
[ high-pitched whining ] Oof! [ rapid whooshing ] No! No! Watch out! Don't warn him! [ rapid whooshing ] Ugh! No -- you watch out.
[groans ] [groans ] Wall of sound! [ rapid whooshing ] [groans ] [groaning ] What? [grunting ] [quills creaking ] Echo Echo: I superglued them to your head.
Everybody awake? [snoring ] Hmm.
Close enough.
[ yawning ] So, let's get this straight.
I'll give it to you straight.
You cannot trust that man.
Me? Argit: Do you know what he was gonna do? Steal your motor home and sell it to another criminal.
Thank goodness I stopped him.
By stealing it yourself.
Yeah, I may be a crook, but this guy's no good.
You can't trust him.
He'll stab you in the back just for laughs.
Thanks, buddy.
This creep's got a point.
You're always up to something.
Self-serving, shifty, always working some kind of angle.
Always a thief.
Well? What do you have to say for yourself? You know what, Tennyson -- I don't have to explain myself to you.
Or you either.
I'm done with both of you! Ugh! [aliens chattering ] [ chattering continues ] Take me to the boss.
I hear you're looking for me, Volcanus.
Well, here I am.
Volcanus: Kevin Levin.
I can't decide whether to trade with you or tear you to pieces.
Remember that counterfeit-isotope scam a few years back? Yyyyyeah.
Sorry about that.
You left me holding the bag and at the mercy of the Plumbers.
I escaped, but now I'm stuck on Earth, swapping level 3 tech to get by -- thanks to you.
Ancient history.
I'm here to make a deal.
I have the Plumber gadget you want.
What'll you give me for it? Look, completely straight -- I had this stash of Plumber's technology, but I lost it.
You want to owe me? Tell me what I have to do to get it.
Huh? Kneel.
Ugh! [grunting ] First, you're going to pay me back for the double-cross.
Kevin: Ican'tstop absorbing.
Because I don't want you to.
You're recursively absorbing a piece of taedenite, the rarest, most precious living gem in the galaxy.
[scraping ] [grunting ] This is the only piece of taedenite in this spiral of the milky way.
Or it was until you came along.
You're garbage! Aaah! [aliens chattering ] Volcanus: You owe me.
I'm gonna take it out of your hide, then sell you off, piece by piece.
And I'm gonna do it forever.
Do what you want to me But Ben Tennyson gets that Holoviewer.
[laughs ] You're in a bad position to make demands.
Big Chill: He would be, if he were alone.
But he's with us.
You followed me? That whole "get mad and storm off" act? Please.
You have friends?! Had friends.
Ugh! [aliens chattering ] Ugh! Good way to break your hand.
Told you so.
You wouldn't even be fighting if you knew what he did to me.
He stole.
He ran.
That's Kevin.
Argh! Ugh! [aliens chattering ] [aliens whimpering ] [growls ] I'm the injured party here.
When the Plumbers came after me, they blew up my ship! [exhales deeply] Ugh! W-w-what are you doing? Gwen: Kevin! You all right? [groans ] Easy.
Hey, what about him? Volcanus: [laughing ] What about him? We're even.
That's what you were after? Another Holoviewer? I hear this one's special.
Why didn't you tell me? Think about it -- I'm an ex-con.
I've done a lot of stuff I'm not proud of -- stuff that if you knew, you'd probably never trust me again.
So, next time I say "drop it," drop it.
That's not how it works, Kevin.
It's not what you did that matters but what you're going to do.
You gonna look at that? [ beep] Ben, if you found this message, you must be in pretty deep.
There's a lot I can't reveal yet, but here's one thing I can -- you can't go it alone.
By now, you're probably meeting some of the other Plumbers' kids.
But you have to find more.
You need to put together a team.