Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

All that Glitters

Let me in! I need to see youplease.
[ click ] [ rumble] [doors creak ] Boy: So, um, I'll meet you guys at the library after dinner.
About 7:30? You better.
If I don't get a "B" on my next -- [gasps ] Aah! Aah! Aah! [ moaning ] Max: You can't go it alone.
By now you're probably meeting some of the other Plumbers' kids, but you have to find more.
You need to put together a team.
[ beep] If you found this message, you must be in pretty deep.
There's a lot I can't reveal yet, but here's one thing I can -- you can't go it alone.
By now you're probably meeting some of the other Plumbers' kids, but you have to find more.
[slurps ] Think we should be worried about him? He's been watching that thing for hours.
[slurps ] Problem? Why haven't you asked me out? What?! You heard me.
We spend all of our time together, and you obviously like me.
[scoffs ] You do.
I see you mooning at me when you think I'm not looking.
Mooning? And I like you -- most of the time.
So I'm asking you again.
See? That's the problem -- you're asking me.
A guy does the asking.
Yeah? When? Don't push me.
[ mockingly] Don't push me.
Max: There's a lot I can't reveal yet.
You can't go it alone.
You know, my dog used to gnaw at a spot on his butt over and over.
The vet made us put a cone around his neck.
You need to put together a team.
[ beep] Easy does it.
I'm not the one you're mad at.
Cut me a break here.
You want to go fight some aliens or something? Or something.
Let me see your Plumber's badge.
[ beeping ] Each of these blips shows the location of another badge.
Ben: And where there's a Plumber's badge, we'll find a Plumber -- or, at least, a Plumber's kid.
Come on.
You're driving.
You coming? Plumber.
Plumber, Plumber, Plumber.
You ever notice that if you say a word enough times, it loses its meaning? Like a chance to ask someone out.
Every time that chance comes along, it has less and less meaning, until you don't have the chance anymore at all.
Oh, for crying out loud.
Are you guys having a fight? [ horn blares ] [gasps ] [tires screech ] [groans ] Gwen! Aaaah! [grunts ] Aaaaaaah! [ beep] Humongousaur! [grunts ] Get everyone down.
I can't hold this together much longer.
The girl! Ben! Handsfull! [gasps ] [ horn blares ] [tires screech ] [groans ] Everyone's okay.
I-I have to get out of here.
I was running, and I -- [shudders ] It's okay, Trina.
You're safe now.
These guys saved you.
Your friend's the one who saved you.
He's just being modest.
Whoever you guys are, whatever you are, thanks.
Something strange has been happening to the girls at our school lately.
Glad to help.
We made a good team out there.
You've got a Plumber's badge.
Yeah, my dad gave it to me.
You guys know about the Plumbers? At this point, we may as well be them.
I'm Ben.
This is Kevin and my cousin Gwen.
Ben as in Ben Tennyson? I am a huge fan of yours.
But I heard you disappeared.
I'm Mike Morningstar.
Oh! Wow.
That's never happened before.
Maybe it's because we both have powers? That's a theory.
Anyway, now that we all met I should make sure Trina gets home okay.
But after that, why don't we meet up at my place and talk? Sure.
Sounds good.
Can't wait.
Mom and her new husband live in the main house.
They leave me alone, let me do what I want.
Ben: Cool.
After you.
Kevin: Ugh! Nice.
What is all this stuff? Some of my dad's Plumber's gear.
I brought it over from his headquarters.
I could take you there later if you want.
We'd all like to see it.
It'd make my day.
Here -- let me show you something.
I'm patched into the central Plumbers monitoring network.
It's connected to everything -- global and interplanetary internet, Earthbound law-enforcement frequencies -- oh, and, of course, the badge communicator channel.
Communicator channel? Yeah.
Youdid know the badges are communicators, didn't you? Gwen: So, you keep an eye on things with this stuff and use your powers to help people.
You're like your neighborhood's very own superhero.
Never thought of it that way, butI guess so.
You know what I'm thinking? I know what I'm thinking.
You should join our team.
Don't you think we should -- I don't know -- get to know this guy a little more? What's to know? He's got the powers.
He's got the gear.
He's got a sparkly trail when he flies.
And it's what grandpa told us to do.
My Grandpa Max was a Plumber, and he disappeared looking into this big alien conspiracy that's going on against Earth.
We're trying to find him so we can stop it.
Want to help? I'd love to.
[electricity powers down ] [electricity surges ] Forgot to pay your electric bill? The electricity's been a little undependable lately.
No worries.
My backup generator kicked in.
This isn't a brownout.
Look at this spike in power usage at the local power substation.
The energy drain is enormous.
Really? You said something strange was happening in town.
This definitely qualifies.
If you need to check it out, we'll help.
We should.
[gasps ] [electricity humming ] Stay sharp.
We've got company.
[electricity buzzing ] Sounds like that buzzing sound you always hear in old monster movies.
Any time you hear a sound and your only reference is monster movies, it's a good idea to walk the other way.
Good rule of thumb.
[ buzzing intensifies ] [growls ] [ moaning ] [ both moaning ] The girls here -- kind of weird.
They're wearing uniforms from my school, but I don't recognize them.
Ben: Energy bolts -- nice! Try not to hurt them! Maybe we can reverse this whatever it is.
[all growl ] Try not to hurt them? [ howls ] [ beep] Chromastone! That's not going to work.
I'm a conductor.
[gasps ] [wheezing ] Unh Are you all right? I don't know.
I-I felt weak for a second.
I feel better now.
Here -- hold my hand.
Use my energy.
[ both hiss ] Kevin: Aw, nice going.
They're getting away.
It's okay.
We all make mistakes.
The important thing is, we stopped them from doing whatever it is they were doing.
We'll get better as we work together more.
We do make a good team.
Kevin: What happened just now? You looked like you were gonna faint.
I can't thank you enough for helping me.
You could if you had dinner with me.
Right now? I'm hungry now.
How about you? I was just gonna suggest the same thing.
What is up with you? You've been ignoring me ever since we got here, you were lousy in the fight, and now you're just acting goofy.
Why are you pretending to care? Later.
You just gonna stand there? No, I was going to go sit in the car.
Kevin: I don't trust this guy, and I don't think you should have been so quick to make him one of the team.
Admit it -- you're just jealous because Gwen likes him.
You know what? It's fine.
This is why you changed your mind about Mike going off with Gwen -- so we could spy on him? Yep.
Welljust stop! He ain't right, Ben.
If you're not gonna check him out, I am.
You're doing the wrong thing, Kevin -- the old-Kevin thing.
Step away from the door.
You really want to fight me over some new guy? That's how you're gonna build a team? [door creaks ] And they said I didn't learn anything in the Null Void.
Kevin! Is Mike home? He hasn't called me back since you and that new girl showed up.
Uh, Trina, right? Yeah, Morningstar ain't here right now.
We're justpicking up some stuff for him.
Then you know where he is.
Can you take me? No! I meanhe's busy.
I need to see him.
Why won't he see me? Where did you get those marks on your arm? I saw those same marks on that zombie girl that tried to tenderize me.
I just want to see Mike.
Yeah, I'm getting that.
Call me crazy, but is it possible Morningstar's the one making these girls this way? You're crazy.
'Scuse us.
Look, it didn't really hit me till just now, but Gwen's been wearing her sleeves lower than usual.
She was hiding something.
You're saying Gwen has marks like that on her arms? I didn't see them for sure, but it makes sense.
Come to think of it, Trina was all weak and wobbly when we first saw her on the highway.
Gwen was the same way at the power plant.
Gwen might have caught whatever bug is doing this.
And the bug's name is Mike Morningstar.
Morningstar: I'm really glad we met, Gwen.
Gwen: Me too.
I knew there was something special about you the first time we met.
I felt it, too.
And nowall those other girls mean nothing.
Gwen: [gasps ] Your energy is like nothing I've ever felt before.
When it flows into me, I feel invincible.
From the moment I touched you, Gwen, I knew I'd found the only girl I'd ever need.
Ben: Fact is, you've been against Morningstar since the minute we met him.
Kevin: Yeah, but at first, it was just 'cause he's an arrogant, bragging rich kid.
Who Gwen likes more than she likes you.
Yeah, some of that, but now Gwen's in trouble, and you're too stuck on following your grandpa's instructions to see it.
If Mike's turning those girls into creatures, why isn't Trina one? I don't know! M-maybe it's like a vampire thing.
Maybe it takes a while before they go all-zombie.
Are you listening to yourself? Mike's been helping us ever since we got here.
Why did he fight them with us? Ah, but he didn't, remember? He told us not to hurt them.
Then he accidentally blasted into the pipes and let them get away.
Even if you're right, we don't know where they went for dinner.
How are we supposed to find her? Easy -- we find him.
[ beeping ] The highway we found Trina on is that way.
She didn't just wander out there by coincidence.
She was trying to get away from Morningstar.
Let's take a break from the crazy theories and just check on Gwen, okay? Gwen! Gwen: [exhales heavily] Get away from her! [ beep] Jetray! Go away! Gwen's mine now.
Kevin: Hey! Ha! [groans ] You're out of your league.
Why use your powers to help people when you can use them to get whatever you want? [girls moaning ] All I ever wanted was power.
And then you brought me Gwen.
[groans ] Guess I should thank you.
I know the perfect thing.
[grunts ] What are you doing? Coming to my senses.
Stop this! Aaaaaaaaah! Unh! Kevin! Girls Come here to me.
Give me your power.
Help me.
Feed me.
[all hissing ] What? Wait! No! Aah! Aah! Aaaaaah! [groans ] You don't deserve this.
Listen, guys.
I'm sorry I took Morningstar's side over yours and, more important, that I wasn't watching your back.
It wasn't your fault.
I guess Morningstar had some kind ofcontrol over me.
It was my fault.
I was in such a hurry to build our team, I ignored the danger.
If I'm going to be a good leader, I'm going to need to show better judgment.
If you're gonna be a good leader, you need to stop sounding like such a jerk.
Kevin! No, that's okay.
He's right -- I'm a jerk.
So, Kevin, when you gonna ask Gwen out?