Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

Max Out

[thunder rumbles ] [door opens, bells jingle] Like to hear about the special? Just coffee.
Don't get too many strangers here.
What brings you to Santa Mira? Great fishing, great weather.
Our fish are all farm-raised.
And this is the rainy season.
I was misinformed.
Here's your special.
I didn't order that.
It's on the house.
[ hisses ] You are one strong lady.
Or are you? [ hisses ] [grunts ] [groans ] [smack ] [squeals ] I said, "just coffee.
" KEVIN: Uhno.
Or let me put it another way -- no.
Come on, Kevin, he's my cousin.
He was supposed to be home from college two days ago.
And you want me to waste my time, driving my car, looking for your cousin? I know how it sounds.
The police said to wait.
I'm sure he's fine.
We just don't know where he is.
Daytona Beach or Fort Lauderdale.
He's a college student.
He called from the road and said his car broke down in some town called Santa Mira.
We haven't heard anything since.
His folks are worried.
And I'm supposed to care why? GWEN: Because he's my brother.
Get in.
You're really sweet to do this, Kevin.
Ken is -- [laughing ] What? "Ken"? Your brother's name is "Ken"? Gwen and Ken Tennyson? What's your folks' names -- Sven and Jen? I'm talking to you, Ben.
Yes, our names rhyme, and you noticed.
Good for you.
Just having some fun, man.
I don't see what the big deal is.
Ken took Ben to his first soccer game.
When his band played, he snuck me and my friends backstage.
Ken's the coolest guy in the world.
BEN: Welcome to Santa Mira.
KEVIN: For a guy who's so cool, he sure picked a lame spot for spring break.
GWEN: Ken is totally cool.
And he didn't pick where the Awesome-mobile broke down.
The "Awesome-mobile"? [scoffs ] His car.
I told you -- he's cool.
Oh, yeah -- who could doubt it? I say we hit the garages in town -- find Ken's car, find Ken.
Good idea.
I mean, how many garages can this hole support? Five -- five garages.
One-horse town -- five garages? BEN: Five garages so far.
And if the Awesome-mobile isn't in this one, we'll have to keep -- bingo.
You found a bingo game? BEN: I found his car.
KEVIN: That's the Awesome-mobile? That thing makes the Rust Bucket look like a Ferrari.
They've already locked up for the night.
Kevin? Don't worry -- Ken is so cool, he'll be happy to pay for that.
Ah, dirty laundry for mom to wash.
This guy really is a class act.
There must be a clue in here to help us find Ken.
What, like maybe he left a note? Well.
What do we have here? What is it? The only thing in here not covered in rust.
It's alien tech -- projects a field that dampens internal combustion.
His car was sabotaged.
Why? Ken's Too cool? Too normal.
He doesn't know anything about the aliens.
Why would they go after him? Wonder when they did this.
It's wired directly into the -- GWEN: Gross! What is this? [ beeping ] I don't know, but the Omnitrix doesn't like it.
What's going on here? [ beeping quickens ] MAN: Wouldn't mind knowin' that myself.
What are you doin' in my garage? You want I should call the sheriff? Yeah, you do that Shem.
I bet he'd be real interested to find out what happened to the kid who owns this car.
What do ya mean? How should we know? He dropped off the car, we fixed it -- he didn't come back.
[engine sputters ] You fixed it, huh? We -- we was aimin' to fix it, but things got busy here.
BEN: Yeah, workload looks brutal.
More slime.
Okay, that's it.
What is that stuff, anyway? What was in here? [thunder crashes ] Check it out -- it's the DNA hillbillies.
Unh! Unh! [ coughs ] Yah! [groans ] [ beeping ] [ rumbling ] Humongousaur! [groaning ] Hunh! [growls ] [ clang ] That's a work-related accident.
You can sue.
We got 'em.
Now what? GWEN: I thought if we retraced Ken's steps, we'd find a clue, but there's nothing here.
[ creaking ] BEN: I wouldn't say "nothing.
" Okay -- start talking.
[ beeping ] What is up with you? OMNITRIX: Unknown DNA sample acquired.
That's new.
GWEN: Ben, you want to look at this.
Ben: [gasps ] This is from his favorite shirt.
Whose favorite shirt? Grandpa Max.
[shrieks ] Tell us who tied you up -- now! [grunts ] Max Tennyson.
He wanted to find some kid.
GWEN: Where is he?! I don't know.
He cuffed me and left me here.
Not him -- he can take care of himself.
The kid -- where is my brother? [grunts ] H-hatchery.
KEN: Look, I told you, I told you -- I have no idea where my grandfather is.
I-I don't know anything! I believe you.
Who -- who are you? I'm glad you asked, Ken.
I think the best way to really get to know someone is to walk a mile in their shoes.
Whatis that? My shoes! [ hisses ] Aaaaaaaaah! [engine turns off] [wind whistles ] I'm cold and wet.
No duh.
Weather machine.
The aliens are making it cold and rainy for whatever it is they're doing.
How do we get in without being spotted? You got to be kidding me.
Who'd be crazy enough to swim in that? [exhales deeply] [grunts ] [smack ] [ beeping ] [whistles ] [smack, smack ] [ beep] [groaning ] Grandpa Max Helpme.
It's okay, boy.
I'm here.
Aaaaah! [gasps weakly] KEVIN: Next time you ask me for a favor, remind me to say no.
GWEN: Don't be a baby.
My brother is in there, captured by DNAliens.
[all three exhale deeply] At least he's dry.
And this stuff smells like -- What was that? [gasps ] Aaaaah! Max Tennyson.
You have been active in your retirement.
Oh, this is really just a hobby now.
A man my age has to stay active.
You have been a great irritation to us, vermin.
You have delayed our plans.
It's obvious you're producing these parasites here.
Xenocites -- yes.
And that they somehow transform humans into these ugly freaks.
It can't be helped.
Their human half makes them repulsive.
All I want to know is why? You will soon see for yourself, insect.
We are only hours away from completing the most crucial stage of our plan.
But why my grandson? Why change Ken? He was brought here as bait.
With you out of the way, there is no one who can stop us.
[ both exhale deeply] Where is she?! I can't see a thing down there! [ both inhale deeply] [exhales deeply] [exhales deeply] Keep trying! [all shriek ] Disgusting.
It's about to get worse.
I only see one way in from here.
[sighs ] You're not saying Proving my point about this being the worst road trip ever.
[ muffled shriek ] [all exhale deeply] [ hisses ] Ah! [ hisses ] [all hiss ] We are not stealthy.
But we kick much butt.
[ beep] Big Chill.
Thought you guys liked it cold.
[all hiss ] GWEN: Wait! What's wrong with you?! I was just following your lead! GWEN: Get back! Get away from him! It's Ken! It's my brother! I can't believe it.
You're right -- it is Ken.
That's Ken? He's actually less cool than his car.
We've got to help him.
He was fighting us.
Whatever they did to him affected his mind.
What this did to me is set me free! [ both grunt ] Let's get him! No! Don't hurt him! He's just sick.
[grunting ] It's that thing on him.
It's making him do this.
Then let's get it off him.
Kevin, wait! You're hurting him! [ beeping ] OMNITRIX: Severe genetic damage detected.
Hello? Uh, Omnitrix, is that you? OMNITRIX: Genetic-code-splicing error.
Should we attempt to repair? Try to fix Ken? Yeah.
Let's do it.
GWEN: What are you doing? I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.
Aah! Whoa.
I'm inside the Omnitrix.
And so is the creepy-crawly.
[ hisses ] Whoa! Aaaaaaaaah! [sighs ] I'm going to have to get a manual for this thing.
[groans ] It's okay, Ken.
Everything's going to be just fine.
Nothing's fine.
I captured grandpa -- handed him over to them.
I-I-I couldn't stop.
It was -- it was like I was watching someone else.
They have grandpa Max? That's why they took me.
They knew he'd come for me.
They needed him out of the way.
Their plan -- it'sterrible.
BEN: Let's go get him.
I'm coming with you.
KEVIN: You want to help? Cool.
MAX: Ben? Grandpa Max! You're a sight for sore eyes.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Me too, honey.
Grandpa, I didn't know what I was doing.
I It's okay.
I always knew you could do it, Ben.
I'm so proud of you -- all of you.
You too, Kevin.
I've been watching.
You've come a long way.
Might even earn that Plumber's badge you swiped.
XENOCITE: Attention, all personnel -- initiate project DNA now.
What are they doing, anyway? They're shipping those things somewhere, putting together a DNAlien army.
Stop them, Ben.
These Xenocites must be destroyed.
What are you gonna do? What I have to.
Nice one.
[all hiss ] [ beeping ] Jetray! [aliens shrieking ] [grunts ] [grunting ] GWEN: You kidnapped my brother, turned him into a monster, captured my grandfather! I have had it! Wow.
Up there! [energy crackling ] Gramps has been busy.
This way.
So, was I right? Yeah.
Worst road trip ever.
Grandpa Max! [grunting ] Oof! Let him go! Stay back.
Or this one breathes no more.
Give it up.
We've beaten you.
Your factory's toast, your trucks are smashed.
It's over! Fools.
More trucks can be here in a matter of hours, and my DNAlien hordes Are already here.
It ends now, Plumber.
Nowhere left to run.
I wasn't running, chief.
I was looking for the egg machine.
A Null-Void warp projector.
You think you can imprison us all?! No.
But without the focusing lens, this thing will do a pretty good imitation of a hand grenade.
I figure it'll take out half a mile.
You wouldn't dare.
You'd be destroyed.
And your offspring.
Gwen, throw up an energy field around you and the boys and hold on tight.
Andbe a good girl.
Grandpa Maxno.
Please! Sorry, Ben.
It's the only way to make sure they can't do to the rest of the world what they did to Ken.
You'll have to take it from here.
I know you can do it.
I believe in you -- in all of you.
Grandpa! Nooooooo!! That was pretty hard-core.
GWEN: He -- he saved the whole world.
He did.
For now.
But I don't think those things are giving up anytime soon.
What are you saying? I'm saying that it's up to someone to protect this planet, and like it or not I think it's up to us.
[ creak ] [all hissing ] [thunder rumbling ] [thunder crashes ]