Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e12 Episode Script

Plumbers' Helpers

[ panting ] [speaking native language] [shouting in native language] [speaking native language] Aah! [exhales sharply] [grunts ] [speaking native language] Aah! [screeching ] Another one bites the dust.
[ meows ] Ha! Did you see the look on that DNAlien's face when we roped him? That was one freaked-out -- What? Forget it, Manny.
Helen, come on.
Talk to me.
Quit it.
MANNY: Come on.
I said "no"! Ow! What is with you? Nothing's with me.
I just -- I wish Pierce were here.
Yeah, I know.
Me too.
Yeah, right.
What do you mean? Your brother and me -- Argued over every single mission.
"Who's in charge?" "Do it this way.
" "No, my plan's better.
" Okay, yeah, we disagreed, but now that he's Helen, I'm just trying to do what we all agreed to do -- fry every DNAlien we can find.
[ beeping ] HELEN: Three of them, and they're close.
MANNY: Where? HELEN: Back at the sewage plant.
[tires screech ] [ beeping ] Can't get a lock on 'em.
Stupid machine.
Want me to try? No.
Shh! [ beeping ] KEVIN: Are you sure you know where you're going, Sherlock? BEN: For once, can you close your mouth and open your eyes? Just follow the footprints.
[ beeping continues ] GWEN: Would you both be quiet? There could be a guard or something.
BEN: I'd swear that alien made it here.
GWEN: Well, there's no sign of him now.
KEVIN: Whoo-hoo-hoo.
Check this out.
Another toy for my collection.
What did he say? Doesn't matter.
Let's dust him.
We can't.
The eradicannon needs more time to recharge.
How about, instead, we follow 'em? Maybe they'll lead us to a whole nest of DNAliens.
Manny? Manny.
You never listen, do you? Ohh, they're getting away! No, they aren't.
[tires screech ] PIERCE: August 10th -- we zapped another DNAlien -- third one this month only something weird happened.
We had the creep cornered.
I got my energy lash wrapped around one arm, but just before Manny hooked him, he flashed a Plumber's badge.
Figured it had to be fake, but now I don't know.
What if it was real? What we if were wrong about him? Helen, what is it with you? Every night, you're up here.
Sometimes, I like to look at the stars -- you know, think about what's out there.
Out there? "Out there" is why we're all contaminated freaks.
It's why we're kicking alien butt, so nobody has to go through what happened to us.
Would you two stop it?! Every day, it's the same fight.
I can't baby-sit you forever, you know? I know.
Come here.
I want to show you something.
What is it? I fed the thermal scans from the sewage plant into one of Pierce's computers.
[ beep] Wow.
I'm impressed.
Stupid machine! [electricity crackles ] Those are aliens? They look human.
They must be wearing I.
I would have caught them if you hadn't stopped me.
They outnumbered us.
I stopped you from starting a fight we couldn't win.
Pierce would have done it.
No, he wouldn't.
And don't you dare use him as an excuse! Pierce found all this alien junk and made it work, Pierce brought us together, and when Pierce was in charge, we were careful! The one time we weren't I'm sorry, okay? Look, tomorrow, we'll track their signal.
We'll take it slow.
We'll be careful, just the way Pierce did it.
But once we find them, then we'll handle things my way.
What are they doing? I can't lock in on them, but it sounds like they'rearguing.
Think they know we're tailing them? Why don't we make sure? Manny, no! Aah! Oh! [tires screech ] [tires screech ] If that tanker goes up, we're talking about a major bonfire.
I got the driver.
And I've got the truck.
Gwen, give us cover.
I'm on it.
I can't believe you did that! So what? They're getting away! Ohh! Oh! Oh! [grunts ] Aah! [ crowd murmuring ] How come I always get the easy jobs? [glass shattering ] Your turn.
[ beep] Big Chill.
What in the [ inhales deeply] MANNY: Hey, freak catch! Not my ride! - Ugh! - Kevin! Whoa-oh-oh! [screeching ] [grunting ] Ohh! [ panting ] You see that? They saved that guy.
Who cares? One of them's hurt.
Now's your chance to take 'em.
[ beep] No, not until we talk.
Helen! W-where's K-Kevin? Gone.
[tires screech ] And what really bugs me is, one of them was an XLR8.
I mean, I used to turn into that species.
None of it makes any sense.
Gwen, jump in any time.
I'm concentrating.
On what? I'm at one with the cosmic mana, feeling the energy of the universe flowing around and through me.
And you're doing this why? So that I can locate Kevin, which I have.
Now, all we have to do is rescue him.
Oh, is that all? MANNY: What were you thinking?! We had 'em on the ropes! We could have nailed three monsters at once! KEVIN: Monsters? That's a laugh, coming from a Halloween reject like you.
[growls ] Sounds like the alien dirtbag is asking for another whupping.
Let me out of this bubble -- then we'll see what you got! Quiet! You sound like a couple of fighting on the playground.
I'm not anything like him! [growls ] [grunting ] Manny, stop! It's not a mask! Aah! That's my face, you jerk! It doesn't matter.
He's an alien, and I say we feed him to the eradicannon.
The eradi-- what? A disintegrator beam -- it turns scum like you into dust.
That's not a disintegrator, you doofus.
It's a Null Void projector.
A Null Void what who? Probably a Mark I.
It's a museum piece.
And you are a pinhead.
Aah! Ugh! Why did you do that? [ blows ] He was getting on my nerves.
What if you're wrong, Manny? What if he's not an alien? You saw his powers.
He's got to be an alien.
I'll prove it to you.
Careful with that! Relax.
[ beep] I'm still working on that list of aliens we fried.
It's not complete, but Ectonurite.
Piscciss Volanns.
Got to be one like him in here.
Manny, listen to me.
That guy, whatever he is, has a Plumber's badge.
So? There was something in Pierce's diary -- one of the aliens we nailed last summer -- he had one, too.
Big deal.
If he has a badge, it's a fake.
Him and his pals -- they're all dirty alien freaks.
Then why would they save that driver? Why did they stop the truck from exploding? I don't know, and I don't care.
They're all aliens, and you know what we do with aliens.
What kind of heroes take the bus? Neither one of us can drive.
What do you want me to do? "Hi, mom.
We have to go fight some aliens.
Can you give us a ride?" Okay, whatever.
I'm just worried -- that's all.
About Kevin? Well, yeah, what else? We need to find him before, you know, before something bad happens -- not that I care or anything.
I mean, come on.
How could anyone care about a person who is that rude and undependable and -- and annoying? It's ridiculous.
How could you even say something like that? [ clears throat ] Actually, I didn't say anything.
[ beeping ] Aliens headed this way.
Okay, move out.
How close are they? BEN: Very.
Now, give us back our friend.
"Friend"? Teammate, co-worker -- whatever.
Could we talk about this later? Hey, I'm not the one who -- ohh! Aah! Ugh! Ben! Aah! Ugh! [weapons firing ] Oh, sounds like my rescuers need rescuing.
Guess it'll have to do.
[groaning ] Ha, four-armed freak's not the only tough guy around.
[grunts ] Come on, Ben! I need a little help here! Nothing like a little iron in your diet to perk you right up.
Manny, wait! [grunting ] Stand still, will ya?! Ohh.
I've got to start wearing a helmet.
[grunting ] Okay, which one? [ beeping ] Eeny, meeny.
Ben! Get out of the way! [ beep] [tires screech ] Gwen! Now let's finish 'em! Aah! Aah! [grunting ] Hey, whoa! [groaning ] Whoa! GWEN: Ben! He's gone, trapped in the Null Void.
MANNY: Well, it may be a museum piece, but it did the job on your friend, and you two are next.
[grunts ] I taught him that.
No, you didn't.
It's not a disintegrator.
Lousy, stinking Aah! [grunting ] Now put down your weapons and just listen for five minutes, okay? I'm all ears.
So, we're all aliens? Kind of.
One of your parents must have been human -- the other, not so much.
Yeah? Then how come you can switch back, but we can't? Luck of the draw.
But look at it this way -- your human version is probably even uglier.
You want to go another round?! Anytime, pal! Tell your boyfriend to back off.
No, you tell yours to -- [ chuckles ] He is not my boyfriend.
Well, you sure act like it.
Don't tell me who my boyfriend isn't -- is! Think you're funny? Hey, you're the comedian.
At least you got the face for it.
Boy, are you asking for it! I'm begging for it! Who's gonna give it to me?! Me, with three hands tied behind my back! Hey, stop it, all of you! What am I -- your babysitter? You sound just like my brother.
Really? Pierce was the one who always kept us grounded The one who This is what he was talking about.
Only something weird happened flashed a Plumber's badge.
What if it was real? What if we were wrong about Don't you see, Manny? We've been catching all those other aliens.
What other aliens? [ beeping ] Uh, some of these might be other Plumber's kids, like us Like you.
In that case, we have to go into that uh, what did you call it? Null Void.
Null Void, round up everybody we captured, and free all the ones who shouldn't be there.
Not a chance.
Well, Manny, I'm doing it, whether you come with me or not.
What? Why? Because it's what Pierce would do.
All right.
For Pierce.
Thanks, and, uh, sorry about, you know.
Apology accepted.
Be careful.
And good luck.
That is so not gonna go well.
I don't know.
On paper, we don't look like such a great team, either.
There is that.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go swipe some of their equipment.
So not cool, man.