Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s01e13 Episode Script

X Equals Ben Plus 2 (X = Ben + 2)

Commander Raff.
You're on the RoyalGuard detail.
Brollok -- of Princess Attea's personal escort.
While scouting an enemy star system, we were ambushed by the bounty hunter Sevenseven.
Seriously? Where's the princess? We found this piece of her garment among the debris.
Oh, the battle was glorious! How long can we keep the emperor from finding out? MILLEOUS: Raff -- to me, my Majordomo.
Lord Emperor Milleous, light of the Incursian empire, destroyer of galaxies, keeper of the Conquest Ray.
All living creatures tremble in your -- Quickly! My daughter is missing! Yes.
Do not worry about that, though, sir.
Sevenseven probably took her alive, you know, for the ransom.
Attea would never surrender.
You're to blame for this.
Uh, Emperor Milleous, have mercy! MIILLEOUS: Mercy? For incompetence? Very well.
Your destruction shall be swift.
And you, my supposed right hand, find my daughter! Um no problem, your highness.
This Sevenseven is a tool of the empire's enemies.
But that could mean anybody, sir -- anybody you haven't enslaved or destroyed yet.
Search the closest inhabited planet.
Fix this or I will show you mercy.
BEN: Can we please make a decision? [slurps ] I'm only saying it once -- Auto Show.
Kevin, we're going to the lake.
Right, Ben? We've kind of done the lake, Gwen.
[slurps ] [electronic crackling ] I don't suppose you guys want to go to the auto show? Kevin? Incursian warriors, packing serious ordnance.
Weapons down.
Sorry, Kevin.
You know Incursians.
[laughing ] Raff.
How you been? Guys, this is Raff, the number 2 guy in, like, 40 star systems.
Raff -- Gwen Tennyson.
[ both whispering ] Tennyson? Yeah, that's him there.
I used to talk about what I'd do you.
Right, back when you were a crook.
" I kept Raff's whole empire in food and sandals.
What brings you out this way? Sevenseven snatched a little girl in this system, and I really need to find her.
You're the only Earth fellow I know.
She wore the royal color.
Seen anybody like that? BEN: Wait.
Sevenseven -- like that guy Sixsix we used to fight? He's the same race as Sixsix, but far more dangerous.
Yeah, 11 more dangerous.
We'll help you.
Why should we? He's more of a work friend.
[static] MILLEOUS: People of Earth, this is Lord Emperor Milleous.
Your errand boy Sevenseven has one deca-rotation to return Princess Attea to me before I blow your pathetic planet to dust with the unstoppable Incursian Conquest Ray.
[sighs ] Where do we start? There's gonna be a panic.
Earth doesn't get death threats every day.
It's a tachyon-burst transmission.
Earth radios don't receive faster-than-light transmissions.
But the emperor doesn't know that.
If you have a gizmo to beat Sevenseven's cloaking tech, then we could track him.
If this was hers and you can teleport, we're practically done.
Got her.
She's at Grande Madre dam.
And she's fighting back.
Unh! Glory! Hah! Hyah! Down there! [grunts ] [speaking alien language] [ rumbling ] Unh! [grunts ] Unh! Aah! BEN: Got to stop that water.
Good a time as any to give this one a try.
Alien X.
Water-stopping motion carried.
[ coughs ] Oh, yes! Wow.
No lie -- has he ever turned into that guy before? GWEN: Nope.
But with all that power, he's got to be the go-to hero from now on.
Ugh! No! Tennyson, stop him! He's getting away! GWEN: Ben? KEVIN: [snaps fingers ] Hello? Anybody home in there? Ben, come on.
Sevenseven's getting away with the princess.
Ben, are you okay? Ben? This is awesome! Quick -- how do I make something else happen? You are one of three.
Weren't you listening? Yeah, whatever.
Okay, team Alien X, let's move! We are one of the most powerful beings in the universe.
Because we are the most deliberative.
Huh? Y-you mean the Earth is safe? No.
How'd you get that? I am Serena, the voice of love and compassion.
And I'm Belicus, the voice of rage and aggression.
You're supposed to be the voice of reason! Belicus and I have been locked in eternal argument.
Yeah, that's great, but the Earth's going to be destroyed any minute.
I feel sorrow.
Billions of lives will be lost.
Ah, they probably got it coming.
Get it, genius? We deliberate.
Now you try it.
I want to know what happened to my friends.
Motion carried.
KEVIN: [grunting ] Just bend or something.
[grunting ] You can't just stuff him in the trunk.
You're right.
He doesn't fit.
I'm serious.
He hasn't moved since he fixed the dam.
Maybe he's hurt or Nah.
He's warm.
Maybe he's resting.
The royal swatch! Keep trying to wake him up.
I can still track the princess.
Raff, your career prospects are dimming! I almost drowned! I mean, Lord Emperor Milleous, light of the Incursian empire -- Get me Earth on the radio.
[ radio tuning ] People of Earth, your time is up.
Bring me the royal detonator.
Don't do it! [laughs ] No! MILLEOUS: Of course not.
My daughter's still there.
But the conquest ray did fire, now.
Put the little pretty one up on the screen now.
That is Pluto.
Pretty? Uh, it's a barren, frozen wasteland.
Was a barren, frozen wasteland.
[gasps ] He destroyed planet Pluto! Pluto wasn't a planet.
It was a dwarf planet.
I think it should have been a planet.
Ben? I don't care! That guy's going to blow up the Earth! Your so-called friends can take care of Earth.
Let them pull their own weight for once.
Now you're just being contrary.
Says you.
Let's make a decision here.
We're not finished deliberating.
No, I need to help now! [ beep] [ fizzle] Come on! BELICUS: Alien X doesn't do anything until it's put to a vote.
We've already cut you slack 'cause you're new.
But that's the procedure.
I move that you let me use the Omnitrix.
Is there a second? Motion defeated.
BOTH: Good vote.
SERENA: You see, until you showed up, Alien X was always in a deadlock, but now we've finally found a tiebreaker.
How could we ever let you go? BELICUS: Got that, genius? You're never changing back.
He blew it up.
Look at the bright side -- this should smooth out Neptune's orbit.
MILLEOUS: Yes, and Earth will be in even smaller pieces if Princess Attea isn't returned to me! That makes no sense! Gwen evil dictator.
Earth can't even communicate with you.
Incoming message from Earth, your violent highness.
What do I know? [speaking alien language] Well, I'm glad the princess is all right, but whoa! That is one big ransom he's after.
Well, Attea is royalty.
Have the funds transmitted.
[speaking alien language] [laughs ] Fine.
As soon as the princess comes home, we're done.
You think so, huh? When Sevenseven delivers Attea, destroy him, destroy your prisoners, destroy their home world, and all is forgiven.
Seize the prisoners! Move! Heads up! Unh! [tires squeal ] Belicus, Ben's upset.
Let's at least go back in session.
"Ben, Ben, Ben.
" Why don't you worry about me for a change? Oh, you know I do.
I propose we come to a vote on saving the world.
That's new business, kid.
We still got old business from before you showed up.
Well, hurry! Of course.
I would like to vote on tabled motion number 80,000,003 -- to save the dinosaurs from extinction.
He's against it.
Just listen.
I'm sure I can win you over.
I say we switch to new business till the Earth isn't in crisis.
Seconded! Motion carried.
I propose we teleport the Incursians a billion light-years away.
Yes or no? BOTH: No.
Disable the conquest ray? BOTH: No.
We have to do something.
Well, we haven't heard arguments yet.
Did you ever decide anything before?! BOTH: Well Oh, man.
Check the transport dock.
[engine revs ] GWEN: Can't the emperor just take his daughter and leave Earth out of it? The Incursian code -- generally, if they don't enslave you, they wipe you out.
Look out! [tires screech ] [tires squeal ] [tires screech ] Ben! Stay back! I got it! [grunts ] Unh! Phew! Burnin' rubber.
[gun cocks ] [sniffs ] [gags ] [ coughs ] [smack ] BOTH: Unh! [ breathing heavily] I said "stay back"! GWEN: Yeah.
I heard you.
Halt! [ hurried footsteps ] [ footsteps thudding ] [guns cock ] [ handcuffs unlock ] Daughter! You're safe! [speaking alien language] Guards, seize my father! Orders are orders.
But why? Sentimental old fool.
After you paid my ransom, I offered Sevenseven twice as much to overthrow you.
Actually, I have to respect that.
GWEN: So much for the great dictator.
And since Earth isn't in harm's way anymore, we're done.
I'll get Ben.
We're not done.
[laughs evilly] It's customary for a new emperor to celebrate with a show of force.
The end of your lively planet will make beautiful fireworks for my coronation.
Nice armor.
Agh! [grunts ] Aah! This thing was formidable once.
Down in the dungeon.
As for these two, they tried to rescue me, so I spare them.
Once I destroy your home world, you'll be the rarest specimens in my zoo.
You're supposed to be love and compassion.
How can you let a whole world die? And you're supposed to be anger and aggression.
How can you let bad stuff go unpunished? How can you both be so useless?! Useless?! We're the most powerful being in the universe.
We change the very nature of space and time.
You don't do anything! Billions of lives at stake, and you're all "oh, the procedure.
" [sobbing ] BELICUS: Now look what you did! Well, all right! I move we save the Earth! Happy? No! Just let me out of here.
I got nine other guys who can do it better.
[gasps ] That's hurtful! Aim for the molten core.
I don't want any big chunks surviving.
Hail Lord Emperor Attea, light of the Incursian empire, destroyer of galaxies, keeper of the Conquest ray.
All living creatures -- Skip it.
Let's see some conquest! [ crackling ] Swampfire! Blowing up the world's for big kids only.
[gasps ] [whimpering ] [ croaks ] [ coughs ] [groans ] SWAMPFIRE: Now, that's just rude.
I don't smell that bad, do I? [aliens coughing ] [aliens groan ] [grunts ] Fine! Give it here! [ nasally] Oh, yeah? Who's gonna make me? MILLEOUS: Attea.
Fun's over.
I'm proud of you, Attea.
One day, you may very well dethrone me.
Put her in Stasis jail, with her mother.
Hail Lord Emperor Mill-- Silence, Raff! And as for you Ha! No.
We're done.
Really? As reward for your assistance in this matter, the Earth is spared.
You may go.
Ben, what happened to you back there? Well, no way am I ever becoming Alien X again.
KEVIN: Why not? When it was working, you kicked massive butt.
My most powerful transformation ever.
[engine turns over] But it isn't worth the price.