Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e01 Episode Script

Darkstar Rising

[ car door opens, closes ] Ben, you sure this is the place? That's what the tip said.
Yeah, that's what worries me.
You don't get tips.
I get tips.
You got no connections.
Come on, Kevin.
I got connections.
Yeah, like who? Um -- uh -- like Gwen? It's true.
He does know me.
BEN: A lot of support there, Gwen.
We could just go take a look and see.
Forever Knights.
Up to no good, as usual.
[ beep] Chromastone! All right! Nobody move! [ reverse alarm beeps ] Hey! Did you guys hear us? I don't think so.
GILHIL: Good guess.
Magister Gilhil of the Plumbers.
Magister Prior Gilhil.
I'm the commanding officer of this entire quadrant.
You're all under arrest for impersonating officers of the law.
[ beep] Under arrest for what?! Impersonating a Plumber.
We're the only law-enforcement organization recognized by all signatories of the Milky Way treaty.
That makes what you've done an interstellar class felony.
Sounds bad.
If I were you, I'd keep my big mouth in check.
If I were you, I wouldn't threaten a guy who could kick your can halfway up the street and back.
You feeling froggy, son? Then, jump.
And if you're feeling smart, don't.
Hyah! [ bones crack ] [ breathes heavily] Stay down, son.
Much as I'd enjoy going a few more rounds with you, I don't have the time.
[grunts ] [ beep] Don't.
Gooooooop! You want to talk? Let's talk.
I don't see why we got to talk to him.
Because I'm the Plumber officer in charge for this whole section of space.
Then, you know we're the good guys.
What I know is that over the last couple of months, I've gotten several reports of you kids passing yourselves off as Plumbers.
Our grandfather was a Plumber.
Max Tennyson.
He was a good man.
But that doesn't make you Plumbers.
And you.
You don't even have a claim by blood.
Yes, I do.
My father -- my real father -- was Kevin? Nothing.
Never mind.
The point is, there's a reason we shut down Plumber operations on Earth five years ago.
After Vilgax was destroyed -- You mean after I destroyed him.
Credit due.
But Earth is a backwater level-2 planet.
Without an imminent threat, I can't allow Plumbers' resources to be wasted here.
I've got over 300 inhabited planets under my watch.
Look, Magister -- can I call you "Magister"? The other Plumber we met was named Magister, too -- Magister Labrid.
"Magister" is a rank, not a name.
You pretend to be Plumbers, but you know nothing about the job.
I've never pretended to be anything! Aliens are attacking our planet.
We're just fighting to keep it safe.
I've read a number of reports on your activities.
There is no evidence of significant alien activity here.
We've seen them! I wrecked one of their ships.
I've assigned a new magister to this region.
He'll check in on Earth sometime in the next few months.
If you have proof, present it to him and let him take care of Plumber business.
A few months?! I'm inclined to give you kids a break.
Ben, you wear the Omnitrix, so you already have special dispensation.
The Galvin have requested that you not be interfered with in minor matters.
And the reports I've read indicate that, as you say, you've never impersonated a Plumber.
But you Yeah? What? you've got a record.
You've done time in the Null Void for a variety of crimes.
He's changed.
He did his time.
He's been helping us.
He's been impersonating a Plumber.
Give me the badge you stole.
Don't take my badge, man.
Now! Or you're going back to the Null Void.
Thank you.
You're free to go.
But if you ever get involved in Plumbers' business again, I don't care what Azmuth says you're all going to the Null Void.
Even you, Ben.
Is that it? Is this the end? [slurps ] [ burps ] [slurps ] Cheer up.
Smoothy makes everything better.
[slurps ] Ugh.
How does turnip-and-wheatgrass sludge make anything better? Well, I like it.
Besides, it's also got ginger in it.
Oh, ginger.
That solves all our problems.
Seriously, Ben.
Magister Gilhil pretty much just put us out of business.
What are we gonna do? We're gonna keep doing what we've been doing -- find the aliens, fight the bad guys.
He said he'd put us in the Null Void.
He also said Plumbers never come around here anymore.
We'll worry about it when -- or should I say -- if he ever shows up again.
He took my badge! Badges? We don't need no stinking badges! KEVIN: You think this is a joke?! Kevin, let him go! Dude! I want to be a Plumber, okay?! When I was little, my mom would tell me stories about my dad, how he was a Plumber and he did all this cool stuff.
I never met your dad.
Me either.
But I still want to be like him.
That's why you know so much about the Plumbers and alien technology and everything.
It's why I agreed to help you guys in the first place.
[ car door opens ] I need my badge back, Ben.
It's the only thing that matters.
[tires screeching ] BOTH: [speaking alien language] [ footsteps ] [speaks alien language] [ roars ] [all groaning ] [speaking alien language] [speaks alien language] Who are you?! What insignificant alien speck dares to enter the command center of a Highbreed lord?! It doesn't matter.
Dead men don't need names.
Nice shot.
You're just as strong as I'd heard.
[ roars ] That's it.
Show me all of your power.
Give me your strength.
[groaning ] Whatdo you want from me? I want to make a deal.
[wrench turning ] KEVIN: Who's out there? Me.
I brought you something to drink.
Thanks, anyway.
I -- It's not a smoothy.
[ ice rattles ] [slurps ] See? Regular soda.
I just wanted to see how you were doing.
Fine, you know.
Listen -- I don't want to talk about my dad.
Never crossed my mind.
I brought you a present.
What's this? A wooden ball.
Absorb it.
How about this one? It's a ball bearing made out of I don't know, ball-bearing stuff.
Stainless steel.
I brought you a whole bag of them, all made of different materials.
That way when we're in a fight, you can change to whatever you want.
Thanks, but it doesn't really work that way.
I need a lot of whatever I'm copying.
And what makes you think I'm still helping you guys, anyway? Because you've changed.
Maybe, but I'm still on parole.
That magister can put me back in that Null Void any time he wants.
[explosion ] Human scum! I will cleanse the world of your filth! Looks like I picked the wrong day to give up fighting monsters.
It's a Highbreed.
Ben says they're too strong for us to fight.
Well, Ben ain't here.
[gasps ] That won't save you, human! [glass shatters ] [ rumbling ] [sighs ] [groans ] Hey, ugly! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? [groans ] HUMONGOUSAUR: I wouldn't if I were you.
[ roars ] Didn't take you kids long to get yourselves into trouble again, did it? Us?! We were just Attacking me for no reason.
He's one of the aliens we told you about.
He's attacking the Earth! Sure, kid.
How about some proof? They attacked me for no reason.
They said they were Plumbers.
I've heard enough.
You three are under arrest.
And you.
I don't know what's going on here, but I'm going to find out.
You're coming with me for questioning.
DARKSTAR: I beg to differ.
Nobody's going anywhere.
Not until I make your powers my own.
Why me? You promised that if I helped you I can't be trusted.
I'd almost forgotten how strong you are Ben.
Who are you? How did you Gwen, run! What?! You've got to get away! You're our only hope! Run! You can't run forever, lovely Gwen.
I'll have my revenge on you, too.
But first things first.
I don't understand what's going on.
That's the guy who tipped me off that you were impersonating Plumbers.
And he scammed big ugly, too.
[snarls ] Well, he did.
Don't snarl at me.
I know who he is.
DARKSTAR: Do you really? You had to be somebody who knows all about the Plumbers and the Highbreed.
But most importantly, you have to be someone with a grudge against us.
Why don't you take off the dopey mask, Michael? Wait.
That's Michael Morningstar? The creep who tried to steal Gwen fro-- Who -- who stole all his powers from those girls at his prep school? When you ruined my plan, you nearly destroyed me.
But over the weeks, my powers returned stronger than ever.
And so did my hunger.
My old method of feeding is no longer sufficient.
High-school girls too tough for you, huh? To the contrary.
I need more power than they can supply.
Michael Morningstar no longer exists.
Now I am Darkstar.
BOTH: Ugh! You did this to me, and you will feed my hunger! I will take your strength and make it my own until you have no more to give.
If you could reach your Omnitrix -- maybe Alien X.
If he absorbed all of that power, nothing could stop him! Eventually, I'll have it all, anyway.
GWEN: Michael! Ew.
I swear you were better-looking when we used to go out.
Laugh while you can.
I've got all the power of your teammates, plus the Highbreed and the Plumber.
How can you possibly hope to defeat me alone? Who said anything about "alone"? They're pretty mad about you kidnapping their boss.
[all speaking alien language] Thanks, kid.
What about me? Hang in there.
Too manyto absorb! GWEN: And the bad news keeps on coming.
[ beep] HUMONGOUSAUR: Nighty night! The Highbreed is gone.
The DNAliens must have sprung him while we were fighting.
[groans ] [ beep] You okay, man? Tired.
Sit down and catch your breath.
Is he okay? Everythingspinning going dim need smoothy.
He's fine.
You sure that rig will hold him? It's level-6 technology, son.
He isn't going anywhere but The Null Void.
What about us? I've been giving that some thought.
You guys made a difference today.
And? Maybe I don't need to reassign good men to this quadrant.
Maybe they're already here.
What's that mean? You've been drafted.
Here's your badge back.
And here's one for you.
Don't push it, kid.
You've already got the Omnitrix.
As of now, you're the only law in the quadrant.
Do a good job.
Hey, where are you going? I got to tell my mom.