Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e02 Episode Script

Alone Together

[grunts ] It's trying to run! Cut it off! [grunting ] I got it covered! [ beep] Echo! Echo! Going somewhere? Nice going, Mr.
"I've got it covered.
" Hey, I'm all over it.
Don't touch me, creature! KEVIN: Don't let him get in that thing.
It's a teleporter pod.
You damaged the transmission field! Ben! Ow! Ohh! Ow! Microcephalic vermin-ridden carcass! That's an insult, right? Your friend interfered with the teleporter settings.
Well, to be fair, we were a little distracted.
What, with you trying to kill us and all.
HIGHBREED: That's right.
I was.
In fact, I still am.
[ high-pitched warbling ] Aah! Umwas that an earthquake? Whoa! Gonna need some backup.
Now, let's try this again.
[ high-pitched warbling ] Not good, not good, not good.
Aah! [ roaring ] Highbreed, look out! What was that thing? [ panting ] A Dravek.
Its kind is numerous on this planet In this planet.
Then we'd better get off this planet before any more of them show up.
"We"? Yes, "we.
" You couldn't defeat it alone, and I couldn't.
If more of them come, our only hope of survival is to fight together.
You know I'm right.
I know no such thing.
I don't like this any better than you do.
Umhow do we get off this -- this um, planet -- whatever it's called? We are on Turrawuste -- a desert world useful only as a teleporter relay station.
So how come we didn't beam into the teleporter? The damage to the pod must have temporarily shifted the focusing axis.
Can you fix it? If we find the teleporter pod station on this planet, we won't need to fix it.
Simply avoid hitting it with a rock while it's activated.
Okay, smart guy.
Where is it? Impossible to tell.
Impossible for you,maybe.
[ high-pitched warbling ] That way.
It'll take a day or more to reach on foot.
Let's go.
Come on! The sooner we get moving, the sooner we get home.
Your kind disgusts me.
Huh? What did you say? I will not allow such a filthy creature to spend a single moment longer in my presence.
Creeps you out? I can take care of that.
[ beep] See? I'm really just a plain old human.
That is even worse! Be gone, foul thing.
I shall traverse to the teleporter alone.
[ roaring ] We'll have to watch each other's backs.
We don't want any more Draveks to get the drop on us or under us -- you know what I mean.
Now what? If I am forced to travel with you, then you must keep But I'm the one who knows the way.
Just get moving.
Phew! Hot enough for you? [ chuckles ] Yes.
No, see, I wasn't really asking.
It's just an expression.
It means it is hot out.
It is obviously hot.
I do not see the point of reiterating what we both already know.
BEN: Makes me glad I didn't say, "it's not the heat -- it's the humidity.
" HIGHBREED? There is no humidity.
It is in fact the heat.
I know! I'm just trying to make conversation.
[groans ] Do not lay your hands on me, vile thing! Here.
You can use it to keep the sun off your head.
I do not take charity from vermin.
[ panting ] I merelyrequire a moment's rest.
Rest won't cut it.
You're dehydrated already.
The one true species thrives in a much cooler climate.
Humans like it cooler than this, too, but you're actually wasting away here.
I've got something that can help us both beat the heat.
Hang on.
[ beep] Big chill.
Stop that this instant.
Why? I did notrequest your assistance.
I know.
Chill, dude.
[ chuckles ] See what I did there? I do not.
I made a little pun.
See? Hey.
What's that? Water.
Your powers of deduction are truly staggering.
[sighs ] Whatever.
I'm getting a drink.
I'll bring some back for you.
It was a trap.
Gullible prey can often be lured by the right bait.
Many creatures use this to their advantage.
That thing's getting loose.
Let's move.
You cannot issue commands to me, mongrel.
Lesser beings do my bidding.
And I bid you to fight! Oh, all right, then.
If you say so.
We can't keep this up much longer.
Follow my lead.
And do what? Freeze him! Already tried that.
From inside.
Stay inside.
Keep him frozen until I say otherwise.
Now! [groaning ] Don'tyou dare.
Leave me be.
Now that the danger has passed, I can locate water myself.
Gross! There is water below the sand if one looks deeply enough.
I didn't know you Highbreeds were some kind of plants.
We are not "some kind" of anything! The Highbreed is the only kind.
[slurps ] Ahh.
[ rustling ] Did you hear something? I heard nothing except you, human, which is the same as nothing.
Ben: Ha ha.
I believe I'm beginning to grasp your concept of humor.
More Draveks underground? Worse.
Come on, worse? Dasypodidae! They're little.
How could these guys possibly be worse than Draveks? [grunting ] [ beep] Swampfire! This will only take a second.
Did I say "a second"? 'Cause I think maybe more like an hour.
Highbreed, this way! You're welcome? How dare -- you filthy -- unhand me! What is with you? Yeah.
You don't like the creatures I turn into -- I get it.
But come on! I was saving you! Cut an alien-monster guy some slack once in a while.
[ muttering ] The second we're off this planet, I'll show him10 paces behind.
This is as good a place as any to set up camp for the night.
We shall walk through the night.
We shall camp here for the night.
I would not use such an insolent tone with me, lesser creature.
Oh, really? You have not yet dealt with me at my full strength.
See how the cool night air has begun to restore me? Yeah.
I've noticed.
I shall carry on from here on my own.
All right.
Go, then! You have outstayed your usefulness to me.
So have you.
[ roaring ] We shall camp here for the night.
[ beep] Pull up a boulder.
Sit down.
So your infernal pit can deplete me of my strength? I think not.
It's a campfire.
It's a tradition.
You sit around it and, you know, talk.
To you? For what conceivable purpose? My name is Ben -- Ben Tennyson.
What's yours? I am called Reinrassig III, seventh son of the noble Highbreed House of Di Ralla, direct descendent of the Pure-blooded high order of Rasecht, heir to the -- I'm gonna call you "Reiny.
" That is disrespectful, Ben Ben Tennyson.
It's weird.
Despite the fact that I don't trust you any farther than Humongousaur could throw you, it's still pretty cool how we've managed to work together to survive.
I mean, we may not be friends exactly, but we're not full-on mortal enemies anymore either.
You and I are enemies.
But we've been able to see past our differences.
Probably because I know what it's like to be -- well, not a Highbreed, exactly -- but a whole bunch of other kinds of alien creatures kind of like you.
Thanks to this, I get to walk a mile in other life-forms' shoes.
So I can totally understand what it's like to be them since I have been them.
Such presumption! But what else is to be expected from a genetically inferior creature? I-I don't -- what?! Why would I, a Highbreed, be the slightest bit interested in befriending the revolting likes of you? I'm just trying to be nice here, find some common ground or something.
You and I are more than mere enemies.
Highbreeds were the very first race in the universe.
All species hence other than pure-blooded Highbreeds are nothing but mongrels, hideous abominations of nature -- especially humans.
As soon as I no longer require your aid for my own protection, Ben Ben Tennyson, I shall eradicate you and there will be one less vermin infesting a grateful universe.
You can't really believe all that.
Not after everything we've been through.
Not after the way I've been helping you.
When you weren't trying to kill me.
You are tired, human.
I shall take the first watch.
Oh, no.
I'm wide-awake.
You get some sleep.
I'll take the first watch.
[gasps ] Aah! [screeches ] Aah! Can you regenerate it? I am not a lowly homo palustris! But it can be healed.
Not from such an injury as this.
Not in these conditions.
[ beep] [ beep] Better? Why would you help me? Why would you help me? It was in my own interest to stop that creature from harming you.
Yeah? Well, it's in my interest to help anybody who needs it.
Aah! Aah! Ben Ben Tennyson! [grunts ] Maybe you were right.
Maybe we should walk at night.
Thanks for saving me back there.
This a huge thing.
A sign of personal growth.
Proof that underneath it all, Highbreeds aren't really so bad.
That despite those terrible things you may have said before, you really do want to try to be friends with a human.
There it is! Come on! Not the "10 paces behind" thing again.
Go home, Ben Ben Tennyson.
I shall remain here.
Did you hit your head or something? There's the teleporter! We can finally get off of this sand trap of doom and get back to our lives.
I have spent too long with you, Ben Ben Tennyson, and have therefore myself become contaminated -- Contaminated? as clearly evidenced by my uncharacteristic behavior -- risking my own life to save you, a lowly human.
Reiny, what you did was a good thing.
I have obviously become infected by your mongrel influence and am now myself unclean.
But even if I believed that was true, why stay here? HIGHBREED: In self-imposed exile, as it should be.
For I can never return home -- or anywhere.
I could infect the rest of my kind.
The only honorable choice is to remain here.
Because all lesser beings other than pure, unadulterated Highbreeds must be expunged from the universe! Including myself.
I thought I had gotten through to you.
I thought you had changed.
This much is true.
I have changed.
And now I must pay the price.
Everything looks fine, but I can't make it work.
We've got to fix it, Kevin.
We have to go find -- Ben! You gave us a big scare.
Where's the Highbreed? Did he get away? I doubt it.
[ roaring ]