Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e05 Episode Script


GWEN: This is a very bad idea.
I mean, we don't even know how to work a teleporter pad.
Got to start somewhere.
Ben, tell Kevin this seems like a very bad idea.
Ben? Are you hiding? No.
It's just if a fly lands on that banana when it teleports and it rematerializes as a deadly banana fly monster, I don't want to be standing right next to it, is all.
Don't see the big deal, Tennyson.
Didn't you used to turn into an insect all the time? That was different.
KEVIN: Here we go.
[whirring ] That's not good.
BEN: Turn it off before it blows! It's too hot! I know who can take the heat.
Open the door.
[grunting ] Everybody down! Everyone all right? Forget that! What about the teleporter pad? Deep down, he's really glad we're okay.
It's totally trashed.
At least we don't have to worry about any banana fly monsters.
I'm just saying.
I know a kid might be able to fix it.
Fix alien tech? He's a total super genius with any kind of machinery.
Doesn't matter if it's human or alien.
I'll bring Cooper over from his lab.
Cooper? Pasty kid? Blond? Bad haircut? Had a big crush on Gwen? Ow! Sounds like the same guy.
But, uh, who wouldn't have a crush on you? He helped us out once back when we were kids.
You should have told us you knew him.
Didn't exactly come up.
BEN: You didn't think a kid with the ability to manipulate alien tech would have been helpful against the DNAliens? It's possible I know two or three people I haven't told you about, Ben.
Anyway, if you're so smart, why didn't you think of him before? Okay, that's a fair point.
Let's go.
[engine shuts off] I thought you said we were going to Cooper's lab.
We are.
So, Gwen, excited to see your ex? Zip it.
You had to mention the crush? Probably not.
[door creaks ] Why break in? Couldn't we have just left a message with Cooper's folks? Because Coop never leaves his lab -- never.
Something's seriously wrong.
He probably just went out for a smoothy.
He really never leaves the lab.
Look for signs of a struggle.
This whole place looks like a struggle.
[squish ] [whirs ] Aah! If anyone finds this recording [screeching] [ crash] No! No! [static] There you go -- signs of a struggle.
Smart kid.
Left behind a message in a bottle so someone would see what happened to him.
Gwen, can you track Cooper, figure out where they took him? Probably.
His energy resonance is really strong here.
Got him.
I can take us right to Cooper.
In other words, you're attracted to him.
Can we just go? BEN: Los Soledad? Cooper's trail led us here? KEVIN: Deserted.
At least last time we were here there was a monster to fight.
I don't get it.
I did everything right.
KEVIN: Well, love is blind.
And apparently, it screws up your powers, too.
My powers are not screwed up.
My instincts are telling me Cooper's definitely nearby.
Sorry, Gwen, but there's nothing here except Ben! Tennyson, where -- You have got to see this.
It's DNAlien day camp.
Three of those weather-control towers -- this cannot be good.
And whatever it is, Cooper's right in the middle of it.
KEVIN: The cloaking field is hiding the whole city.
Where did they get a rig powerful enough to do that? Right.
Cooper built it for them.
Everybody down! With that shield up, these guys don't have to worry about anyone seeing them building Whatever that thing is.
You still have a fix on Cooper? He's not far.
Got any spells that will give us cover so we can get to him? They're not spells.
That's a no, then.
Come on.
[grunting ] [speaking alien language] Why don't we just yell out, "hey Cooper"? And have 4,000 DNAliens crawling up our butts? Good plan.
In here.
KEVIN: And if there's 4,000 DNAliens behind that door? Good plan.
[ beeping ] Goop! Cool, but gross.
Careful with those Varsidium pieces, human.
They're priceless.
[ high-pitched squeal ] [ both screaming ] It was an accident.
Clumsy child! You'll pay for that! No hitting.
Intruder! Cavalry's here.
Not that you, uh, need it or anything.
Gwen! You totally came to my rescue.
Yeah, excellent work there, Gwen.
She's wonderful.
KEVIN: Let's go, lover boy.
[ panting ] Igot torest.
Ever think about getting a treadmill? We can't stay long.
We've got to get outside the shield before they realize Cooper's missing.
The way you came storming in there -- like how princess Elena rescued me last week from the caverns of unforgiving dismay.
Gwen: Excuse me? In Nations of Conquest -- the M.
I play.
Excuse me? Massive multiplayer online role-playing game.
Yeah, Gwen, and your power is being plus-3 nerd bait.
Guys, this is serious.
It's the biggest DNAlien plan we've ever seen, and as long as their cloaking shield's up, they can work 24/7.
I'm the one they forced to build the cloak projector.
Shutting it down shouldn't be too hard.
Then that's what we're going to do.
We've been lucky so far.
Sooner or later, they're bound to spot us.
That's not a problem either.
Because? Well, before I built the big cloaking projector, I built a smaller one first -- a prototype.
The field it generates is enough to cover all of us if we squeeze together real tight.
Oh, for the love of Let me help you out there, Gwen.
Here we go.
I don't feel invisible.
Follow me.
Oh, no.
Score! Nice work, Cooper.
Now let's get to the big cloak.
Kevin: Hey, Coop, think about it -- the damsel rescued you.
Now you get to be the knight that saves the day.
GWEN: Jealous much, Kevin? KEVIN: I'm not -- BEN: Shh! The cloak keeps us from being seen, not heard.
So -- uh-oh.
There's always a few bugs in the prototype.
[ boom! ] Who are they? What are they doing here? Get them! There's nothing around here for me to touch.
[grunts ] Don't worry.
I'll just -- ah! No! [all screeching ] There's too many of them! BEN: Keep firing, Gwen.
You're our only chance.
Ah! - Gwen! - No, don't hurt her.
I'm okay.
HIGHBREED: Only because you're worth slightly more to me alive than if I had allowed them to tear you limb from limb.
Now then, you're going back to work for us.
I won't do anything for you.
You'll do just what I say, or your friends will pay the price.
Actually, we're not all that close.
Is that what you want, human? For your friends to pay? COOPER: Get your hands off her.
I'll do it.
I'll do anything.
Then get back to work! So, now you can go all Humongousaur and get us out of here.
Even Humongousaur wouldn't last against all those DNAliens.
GWEN: Plus they'd just use Cooper against us like they used us against him.
KEVIN: That is a lot of guards.
Kevin, touch this piece of -- what do they call it? Varsidium.
Why? I'll show you.
Echo Echo.
Excuse us.
There's no bathroom in here, and I really have to go.
Echo Echo: Now! Aah! [ high-pitched squeal ] [all screaming ] Did you have to hit me so hard? I did.
I really did.
[all screeching ] [ high-pitched squeal ] [all screaming ] Come on! Cooper's this way.
ALIEN: Faster! You have to make up for the time you lost trying to escape.
[ high-pitched squeal ] Aah! Ready to go? Please say yes.
Stay behind me, Cooper.
[sighs ] Just like princess Elena rescuing me from the Caverns of Unforgiving Dismay.
Stay behind me and don't talk.
How close are we to the big cloaking thing? Just keep heading for where they're building that arch.
Echo Echo: What is that arch for anyway? They wouldn't tell me, and -- Everybody stay where you are.
[screeches ] One more blast, Gwen.
Big, big one.
[ high-pitched squeal ] [all screaming ] This is it.
Then do your thing.
[gasps ] What is it? What's the matter? I -- I saw equations, machines, another planet.
Figure it out later.
Crash the cloak! Huh? What the--? Good.
Gwen? On it.
[grunts ] Cool.
Now all that's left is to -- Run very fast.
Should have parked closer to town.
[engine turns over] [tires screech ] Should we organize transport for pursuit? No.
We don't want to arouse suspicion from the local authorities.
The project at hand is too important.
They're not chasing us.
They don't need to.
Who'd believe us if we told what was really going on there? Anyone who checked it out would just find what looks like normal humans anyway.
We don't even know what's really going on in Los Soledad, which means someday soon, we're going to have to go back.
Can we count on you to help? Anything you need.
Don't even.
Yeah, deed to the land, construction permits.
Everything looks shipshape.
I swear, one second it looked like there was nothing, and then the next -- it must be the heat playing tricks on you.
We've been out here for months.
Still don't know who'd want to build a mall all the way out here.
Oh, our company's very forward thinking, sheriff.
Trust me, some day very soon, this will be where everything's happening.
All right, then.
Sorry to bother you.
[engine turns over] [engine turns over] Continue to work.
The time of cleansing is nearly at hand.