Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e06 Episode Script

Pet Project

My fellow knights, we have lately endured a grave defeat.
Our prisoner, the villainous dragon, escaped from our grasp.
But does this mean we have lost? Do we now abandon our sacred duty? ALL: No! No! Instead, we must pursue the beast across the Void.
We must destroy it and its vile species once and for all! [all shouting ] And so, to that end, I have built a starship combining dozens of alien technologies we have acquired.
And though its controls are too complex for human operation, I believe I have found a solution.
These recent phenomena are the work of a Galvin shape-shifter -- equal parts machine and beast, which can assimilate and duplicate any device it encounters.
With it, we will create an armada of spacecraft which we can use to obliterate the dragon home world.
I'll catch your little blob for you.
Beware, Sir Morton, it will not be easy to capture.
That's what makes my job all the more interesting, don't it? [ footsteps, rustling ] [ knock on door] [ honks ] Where have you been? [ chatters ] Yes, hello.
I'm glad to see you, too.
Okay, Ship, show me a new trick.
[ chuckles ] That's great.
[ buzzes ] Good boy.
Good ship.
Anything else? [ crash ] [alarm wails ] Okay, um, change back.
Good Ship.
How am I supposed to explain that? [ horn honking ] Oh, got to go.
See you later, okay? [ chattering ] Are you ready to shop? Gift cards from grandma.
I am totally ready.
[ both shriek and giggle] Okay, no shrieking in the car.
No promises.
Sometimes we're gonna shriek.
Yeah, like you and Ben do.
When you're watching football.
We do not shriek! Uh, shriek.
Anyway, I'll drive you to the mall as promised, but I'm not hanging around and watching you shop.
That's okay.
You're not invited.
And then Ben sent me an I.
And said he kind of missed me, too.
That is so sweet.
Don't you think that's sweet? Took the words right out of my mouth.
Where is Ben, anyway? Well, I asked him to come along, but he said he had homework to do.
Ha, on a Saturday? [eerie music plays ] Brad, no, not you, too! Destroy the earthling female.
[ monotone] Yes, master.
No, Brad.
Don't listen to him.
You -- you love me.
No! "Brain Stealers From Outer Space" will be back after this.
More popcorn.
And McDuffy's is having a going-out-of-business sale.
[tires squeal ] [tires screech ] Why is he shooting at us? I don't know.
Everybody always shoots at us.
Watch the paint.
That's four coats.
Ugh! [ ringing ] [ beep] Hello? [grunts ] Ben, Elsworth avenue, South of the mall.
Now! [glass breaks ] Jetray! Need help? No, I'm good.
[grunts ] Ugh! Nice kinetic face shield.
What model is that, the plester 3? Well, ain't you the observant one? Kevin! No, stay put.
I'll handle this.
Back away from him! Relax, girl.
It's not your boyfriend I'm after.
Again with the car? [ crackling ] [groaning ] Ship? Ship? In you go.
Hey! Someone needs a flying lesson, and I'm just the guy to give it to -- What happened? That flying jerk in a can fried my car.
And then he took my pet.
Pet? You know, Ship.
Ship?! [ horn honks ] That guy is so paying for a new paint job.
Is that all you can think about -- your car? No! Sometimes I think about food.
So, how long has Ship been dropping by? Every once in a while.
He comes, he goes, he shows me a new trick.
What kind of trick? You know, turning into things.
Why didn't you tell me? You said you didn't want anything to do with Ship.
I never said that.
Yes, you did.
Okay, whatever.
But why would the Forever Knights want to steal Ship? Please.
It can turn into anything it touches.
It's like a cup of instant weapon.
How fast can you get us home? Hey, can you hurry it up? Sure, if you know how to fly.
[whirring ] Okay, new paint job and new tires.
I'm searching for his mana.
And? And nothing.
Ship is technology, and I have trouble tracing stuff that isn't alive.
There's got to be some way to find him.
Didn't you say these knights are, like, major English-history geeks? It's a new housing development.
"Lancelot Lake Estates.
" "If a man's home is his castle, isn't it time you owned one?" Possible.
Kind of a long shot.
I think we should check it out.
We will check it out.
You will stay here.
Ship's my pet.
I want to help, and you can't stop me.
Great, guys.
Way to support.
[engine turns over] [ clinking ] Scrappy little bloke, isn't he? Yes, but not so terribly bright.
[squealing ] Now, you will do as I command.
[ crackling ] And we're not talking because? Because I am upset with you for being upset with me about Ship.
Julie, we aren't talking about a poodle from the local pound.
You don't know what you're dealing with.
Yes, I do.
I'm dealing with a person who is incredibly mean to poor little Ship and who obviously does not trust me.
This isn't about trust.
It's -- You mind if we discuss this later? [ clanking ] Looks like a giant miniature golf course.
Is it time to bust the door down yet? How about we try a more subtle approach for a change? [ creaking ] [ click ] [gulping ] What? I was thirsty.
Do these drapes really go with chain mail? Well, it works for us.
[ crackling ] Ugh! Are you okay? Better than them.
Huh! Look out! I meant duck, not -- You're good at this.
It's a lot like tennis, actually.
Come on, all ready! Gwen, you want to wrap this up? [all groaning ] [groans ] You know, most accidents do happen in the home.
Oh, you young people are so amusing.
And you would be? Dr.
Joseph Chadwick, director of technology for the Forever Knights.
And you are the meddler who freed our ancient enemy, the dragon! I wouldn't say "meddler.
" Where's Ship? Ship? Oh, is this what you mean? [ roars ] Looks like an Antarion obliterator.
Nasty piece of work.
How nasty? Fire! Stay-out-of-the-way nasty.
Galvin destructor pods, Octurium plasers, Cassiopeia mass drivers -- that thing's a flying arsenal.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Get behind me! Gwen! Okay, now I'm angry.
Swampfire! Shoot it! Shoot it! Shoot it! No, Ben! No! Now, Ben, now! What was that?! Swampfire: A compromise.
Well, what are you waiting for? Go! You're toast.
Indeed, you are.
I have complete control over the creature.
My wish is its command.
Swampfire: This is like that movie I was watching -- "Brain Stealers From" -- I thought you were doing homework! Can we discuss this later? Ship, stop! It's me, Julie.
Julie! [ roars ] Ship, please.
Remember what you were -- are.
Not a monster.
Not a killer.
You're a good boy, Ship, and you don't have to do what he says.
I command you to fire all weapons at the intruders now! How did you know that would work? You're not the only one who's seen "Brain Stealers From Outer Space.
" [ chattering ] Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it? It was a suggestion.
A suggestion we'll be happy to take.
Sir Morton, would you kindly ask your men to lower their weapons? Please? Sorry, doc.
It's time we got rid of this bunch, even if we all got to go in the bargain.
Not liking where this is going.
Swampfire: [groans ] Run away! Run away! [ crashing ] Good Ship.
Down, boy.
[ chuckles ] Cool.
We have our own spaceship.
I have my own spaceship.
But we can borrow it sometimes, right? Why do we even need a spaceship? Well, you know, for space stuff.
You can borrow him if you help me take care of him.
Walking him, playing with him.
[ chuckles ] Okay, Ship, find me a ball and we can play catch.