Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e07 Episode Script


He's such a good boy.
Ben Tennyson is not a good boy.
He's a great boy! I don't know if it's bad karma to pat ourselves on the back, Sandra, but we've done a pretty good job as parents.
Well, we haven't stifled him.
Allowing a child to explore the wholeness of his entire being -- [explosion ] [tires screech ] [ footsteps thudding ] Hey, kid! You're going the wrong Ben? Ben! Stop! Wait! [ beep] Swampfire! Ben? I grow weary of your pathetic human interference.
[ pole sizzles ] [grunts ] You guys okay? That's Ben? Nice to see you.
You working flex hours now? [ footsteps thudding ] Ben, look out! [grunts ] Ben! [groans ] No final words, Tennyson? Still reeling from the augmented power of my new form, no doubt.
If you're saying you're uglier, you get no argument here.
I defeated Tennyson.
What chance has the likes of you? Me? Not much.
But her [ rumbles ] You've already wasted far too much of my valuable time.
I'll do with you at my leisure.
Kevin! Ben's still down! [ beep] [laughs ] Oh, man! What? [laughs ] That Highbreed gave you a black eye.
I like him better already.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
I just want to know where the Highbreed went and what he's up to.
That way.
The waterfront.
And he looked like a man on a mission.
We'll meet at the wharf after dinner and homework.
Should I floss, too? Your parents are gonna freak out when they see that eye.
How are you gonna explain it? Not to worry.
My folks believe anything I tell them.
I got this covered.
I'm home! What's for dinner? Sup? Where have you been, young man? I was at the movies with Julie.
I know I should have told you.
Sorry, I -- [gasps ] Carl, look at his eye! That's quite a shiner.
If that was another three inches higher, you could have put your eye out! Fine! I admit it.
I got in a I-little fight.
It's no big deal.
There was this jerk at school, and Ben, are you sure it was a kid at school and not a giant alien creature? I can't believe it.
You look us straight in the eye and lie to us over and over again.
We saw you, Ben! We saw you turn into that thing! No.
You just think you saw.
I can explain.
Really? N-not so much, no.
Which allows me to access the genetic code of various extraterrestrial forms in order to battle the DNAliens, who will stop at nothing in their quest to take over the Earth! And this became your job when, exactly? Five years ago.
Grandpa Max said we each have a responsibility to -- Oh, of course! Dad.
I should have known.
That's so typical! He was more than just a Plumber.
He -- lied to us! Your uncle Frank and I knew he had some other life -- we knew -- and that he lied to us about it all the time! I won't have you lying, too! It's our own fault.
We were too permissive.
And what did we get? A 15-year-old son needlessly risking his life! Not needlessly, mom.
It has to be me.
The Omnitrix is attached to me.
It doesn't come off.
Oh, it's coming off, all right.
[sawing ] [scrape] [whoosh ] [ click ] [ creaking ] [ clang ] Okay, it's not coming off.
I tried to tell you.
Not a scratch! Sorry about your saw blades.
In any case, you're forbidden from using the Omnitrix.
Understand? But, dad, all humanity is counting -- Understand? [ cellphone vibrating ] [door slams ] [ cellphone beeps ] This is not a good time, okay? [ computer beeping ] Uh, he said he'd call back.
Look at this.
The logbooks show all these freighters as frequent visitors bringing in goods and shipping out local products.
So? So, this ship, the Eustacia Vye, is an unregistered tanker from the tiny island of Castoon.
Where they used to DO nuclear testing.
It was on the historical channel.
What would Bellwood be importing from Castoon? And if it is connected to the Highbreed, what would the aliens want with it? Ask them.
[ DNAliens snarling ] [grunts ] [ cellphone ringing ] [ cellphone beeps ] Yeah? Uh, hate to bother you, but we got a problem! You've got problems? My parents found out about the Omnitrix.
I'm not allowed to use it.
Folks mad at you, huh? Sounds rough.
By the way, we're getting it handed to us by the DNAliens! Okay.
I'm coming.
I've got to go help Gwen with an after-school project.
And it's homework? Yeah.
I promised.
Since you promised.
But back by 10:00.
[ beep] Echo Echo! [switch clicks ] Oh, man! Do you really think we're that gullible? We were teenagers once, too, you know.
I really don't know what to say.
Well, I do.
Benjamin Tennyson, you are grounded! What? You can't ground me! I'm a superpowered alien! You're a superpowered alien who's about five minutes from forcing me to reconsider a lifelong disbelief in corporal punishment.
Up the stairs, young man! [ mumbling ] Do we even have a paddle of some sort? I have my hemp belt.
[switch clicks ] [ cellphone rings ] [ cellphone beeps ] Hello? Where are you?! We have a little situation here! And a lot of DNAliens.
Aim the phone at them.
[shrieks ] Who is this? [ cellphone beeps ] Lately, it seems like Ben's just phoning it in.
That's my phone! A cellphone is a privilege, not a right.
You'll get it back when you've proven we can trust you.
Ben, are you hanging out with a bad crowd? What?! No! Are they telling you it's "cool" to sneak out, turn into aliens, lie to your parents? I want to know who this bad influence is.
Their parents need to know what's going on.
Who? It's a sacred trust.
I cannot divulge that information.
Never, never, never! [telephone rings ] [telephone beeps ] Hello? You ratted me out?! I can explain! What's to explain? My parents read me the riot act when I got home last night.
"How dare you help Ben deceive your aunt and uncle, young lady?" Why did you tell them? You've gone nose to nose with Vilgax without blinking! Vilgax never gave me the mom look.
You're sorry, and I'm grounded -- stuck here in the house instead of finding out what the Highbreed wants with that freighter.
Don't worry.
Kevin's on it.
He's going to check it out tonight.
Wha-- you sent Kevin? Okay.
I've got to go.
[telephone beeps ] [ clang ] [sniffs ] Ugh, what stinks in here? I guess that's for Gwen to find out.
[grunts ] [gasps ] [groans ] It smells even worse up close.
[grunts ] [telephone ringing ] Hello? Tennyson residence.
This isn't a good time, Kevin.
You're telling me.
I'm up to my nose in smelly goo, trapped in a vat, and DNAliens are coming! I'm conferencing Gwen in.
[telephone beeps ] [telephone rings ] Hello? I can't get a grip on the wall.
Kevin? Is that you? [grunts ] Absorb something and bust out of the tank.
Absorb what? Stink? What's your phone made of? Titanium.
Why? Oh.
Ben, you're on punishment! Get off the phone! One minute, dad.
Guys, I think I know what Kevin's swimming in.
According to wifipedia, Castoon has only one export -- bat guano.
[ boom! ] What is guano? Evidently, the berries on the island are radioactive from the nuke testing years ago.
When they're eaten by the bats, the resulting waste is the rarest isotope in the world.
Ugh! Ben? One minute.
The radiation is so mild, however, it would take a lot of it to constitute a threat.
Gwen, how much can that freighter carry? Guys, I could use a little help.
[dial tone] "No phone" means "no phone"! Go to your room! I can't believe this is happening! [ computer beeping ] Oh, hey.
You found a wireless network.
That is the good news.
The bad news [ DNAliens snarling ] They're not happy about it.
Ladder ahead on your right.
Climb it.
Okay, the hatch on your left -- go through it and hug the wall.
Now just hang there for a second till they pass.
[ DNAliens snarling ] Back through and shut the hatch.
[ clang ] I get it.
I get it.
You got a real future as a personal-navigation device, Tennyson.
Why don't -- Whoops.
Here come some more.
[ DNAliens snarling ] There's a crane hook right there.
What about it? Grab it, then kick the green button! [ chain jingles, whirring ] Whoa! [ chain jingles ] Okay.
That was pretty cool.
I should roll solo more often.
Just get out of there, and we'll -- What's wrong? Kevin, don't panic.
Everything will be okay.
Just -- [grunts ] Nice to see you again, Vermin.
Ben, a little help here.
[ computer beeps ] Dad, no! Oh, don't you "no" me, Ben Tennyson! You have defied us for the last time.
You've got to listen! My friend is in trouble! I've got to go help him! I don't want to hear another word.
You are not leaving this room.
You are not calling anyone, you are not I.
'ing anyone, you are not texting anyone, you are not myfacing anyone.
Myfacing? You will sit here alone until we tell you otherwise! Understood? You don't understand.
This is a matter of life and death! They only life we're concerned about is yours.
You're staying right here.
Don't look out there.
Look at us.
I'm sorry.
I love you guys.
You're awesome parents.
You raised me by example.
And time after time, I've seen you put other people's needs first.
I can't obey you now without disobeying everything you've ever taught me about life, the world, and responsibility.
Ben, we forbid you to -- So, when I get back, punish me however you want.
But right now, I have a friend who's in trouble.
[ beep] Humongousaur! [grunts ] Sorry! I'll fix that later! He just walked out on us.
What are we gonna do? We're going to listen to our son.
You guys picked the wrong Humongousaur to gang up on.
I'm having a bad night.
This stinks.
You are not the first to taste defeat at our hands, nor will you be the last.
I mean the bat poop.
I can't believe you eat that stuff.
We do not eat it, human.
Sure you do.
What else would you do with it? Tennyson has trained you well, but your pathetic attempt to learn our plans succeeded only in reminding me of the need to dispose of you.
[grunts ] HUMONGOUSAUR: Oh, that one was a little high and inside.
I thought you got sent to your room without supper.
Enjoy me while you can.
I'm gonna be grounded for the rest of high school.
[grunts ] I was just getting him to spill his guts about his plans for the bat poop.
HUMONGOUSAUR: The DNAliens down there are rendering it, removing the impurities until they're left with a highly volatile isotope, suitable for use as a power source.
You figured all that out by yourself? Gwen.
Question is -- power source for what? It's a surprise.
The final surprise for the human race! Destroy them! Hold on.
Try the cable.
[grunting ] [grunting ] Handle the rest.
Do your thing.
Might want to put a little size on.
Noroom in here.
You look fatigued, vermin.
Let me help put you to rest, permanently.
[grunts ] Ben! Congratulations.
That was almost exercise.
Goodbye, Ben Tennyson.
[alarm beeping ] Good shot, honey.
Like my dad always said -- the right tool for the right job.
Ben, are you okay? Mom, dad -- am I glad to see you.
I mean, I'm always glad to see you, but Uh, excuse me.
You're his ruffian friend, right? I've got it covered, dear.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! [ DNAliens snarling ] Thanks.
Uh, nice piece, by the way.
Yeah, dad.
Where did you get that? What? This old thing? It's been sitting in the attic ever since Frank and I were kids.
Always hated it.
Are you okay, Ben? Fine, mom.
I'm sorry I just blew you off like that.
I'm not.
I mean, it's actually kind of cool that you showed up when you did.
It was very cool.
We're proud of you.
Your friend was in danger.
You had to help him.
His friend? You heard that monster, honey.
The whole world was in danger! Ben saved it.
I helped.
The point is, son, we've seen you in action.
We know what you're capable of.
Clearly, you know what you're doing.
You would have found a way to win even if your father hadn't shot the giant alien with the space bazooka.
[ click ] [laughs evilly] [grunts ] One sec.
I sunk it.
Hey, what about the Highbreed? You were supposed to drag him off the ship before you scuttled it.
Was I? Must have slipped my mind.
Kidding! He was gone before I got back.
You're right, mom -- he's a ruffian.
I thought you hated that thing.
I used to hate all of that Plumber stuff.
It reminded me of the secret life your grandpa Max hid from us.
But now I understand, he was only protecting us.
[ cellphone ringing ] It's your cousin.
[ cellphone beeps ] What's up? Okay.
Have to call you back.
[ cellphone beeps ] So, there's been an alien sighting in the desert that -- Then what are you waiting for? [door opens ] It's cold in the desert at night! Bring a jacket!