Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e08 Episode Script


Ugh! Tell me about this message already, Gwen.
I've got homework.
Let's just wait for Kevin.
Then I don't have to tell it twice.
Was it an e-mail? Just let me read it.
A telepathic SOS sent through my energy field.
Oh, look! A dollhouse.
It's not a dollhouse! It's a Sumo Slammers' battle ring! With dolls in it.
Action figures! They're not dolls.
They're collectibles.
They look like dolls to -- aah! You okay? Something coming in.
[ beeping, whirring ] Can you hear me, Gwen? Did you find Ben? We need help! Helen? Holograms? It's never like I come over, and you're just playing video games or something.
HELEN: I can't hear you.
Helen, I'm right here! You guys, if you're getting this message, it's important.
Please help us! Hard to focus can't keep connection.
There is terrible danger.
We need help desperately.
It's a matter of life and death! Please! [groans ] - You okay? - Yeah.
Anyway, I'm doing better than those Plumber kids.
What did they expect, going into the Null Void? Not like we didn't warn them.
We have to go get them out.
You're not going in there! I've been there.
It's -- I can handle it.
BEN: No, you can't.
There's too much riding on us being here.
You heard her.
They need help.
I know.
That's why I'm going alone.
[ insects chirping ] Last time I went into the Null Void, I didn't need all this junk.
KEVIN: Last time, you had a motor home full of cool, state-of-the-art Plumber gear.
Which you sold.
The point is, it's gonna be tricky to get you out.
Even if I'm able to temporarily whip a doorway into the Null Void, this cable's the only thing connecting you to -- It's not a cable.
The Plumber snake is an unbreakable, pandimensional retrieval system worth mucho dinero, which you are very lucky I have.
Aw, you'd miss me.
I got better ways to spend my time than going to your funeral.
[whirring ] GWEN: I retraced the energy path from Helen's message.
Hopefully, it will lead you to her location, but I don't know how long I can keep this open.
Pocket dimension? That's a big pocket.
Aah! Aaahhhh! Help us! Assist me! Help us! I'm coming! [ roars ] This would be a lot easier without the leash! Let's see how smart you are.
[ roars ] [groans ] You okay? I knew it! I knew once news of my capture had spread, The Wrench would never let me fall into the hands of D'void.
We must flee.
He'll be back -- and not alone! Uh, yeah, okay.
If you know The Wrench, he must be warned.
This entire dimension is becoming destabilized.
BEN: Slow down.
Who is The Wrench, anyway? What are the helpers? You're not a helper? But even so, how could you not have heard of The Wrench, the only person who dares defy D'void and his null guardians? Back up and start again.
I don't understand anything -- Null guardians! They found us! MANNY: Yee-ha! Ha! The helpers! [all roaring ] Eat my dust, doggies! Come on.
We don't have much -- Ben? I knew you'd come.
What are you doing here? I called him.
We need him, Manny.
BEN: Don't worry.
I can get you back home.
Just take my hands, and my friends will pull us -- No, Ben.
You don't understand.
[ creatures roar] It's D'void.
The null king is upon us! All is lost! Not yet, old man.
Giddyap! Yah, yah! Ben, you need to go, too.
You're too valuable to fall into D'void's hands.
We'll act as decoys and lead him away.
What? I'm here.
I can help you beat this guy.
Nobody can beat D'void.
Find The Wrench.
Help him.
Oh, fine.
I'll just sit this one out, then.
Yeah, not too likely.
[grunts ] Who dares defy D'void? [grunts ] Dr.
Animo? [grunting ] What have we here? One of those annoying, little helpers? Manny, no! [groans ] There's no help for you, helpers and no hope at all! [grunts ] [whirring ] What happened? I don't know.
Reel him in.
Come on! Hurry! This is as fast as it goes.
Now, tell me, helper, where can I find your leader? Doesn't matter what you do to us, D'void, we'll never betray The Wrench! Perhaps you'll feel differently after watching my pets play tug-of-war with your friend.
No! MANNY: Ugh! [all screeching ] Who dares?! That isn't how to tell a joke, miscreant.
First, I say, "knock, knock.
" Then you say, "who dares?" You would mock D'void? D'void? AKA Dr.
Animo? I most certainly would mock you.
I'm doing so now, albeit subtly.
You know my name, helper? How?! Although I'm generally much too modest to boast, on rare occasions, I do come out of my shell.
[electricity crackling ] Aah! It is difficult to believe.
That electro-encephalitic mind blast should have been more than sufficient to render him insensate.
Believe it.
Now let's go! Soa helper knows my name.
But not for long! Aah! Aah! Not my son! I've given you everything you've asked for.
Don't take my son.
Please! [ crying ] Come on.
We've got to help him.
What happened to your -- D'void is too strong to fight.
What's going on here? HELEN: Thanks for hiding us.
I'm -- I'm so sorry about your son.
D'void takes everything.
Our only hope is The Wrench and you helpers.
Okay, who's The Wrench? Come to think of it, who are you? I thought the Null Void was a prison.
No, not a prison.
A penal colony.
Long ago, the Galvin created this pocket dimension so they could banish the criminals from the universe itself.
To some it was a chance to start again.
My ancestors have tilled these asteroids since the beginning.
HELEN: Over time, other worlds discovered the Null Void and started dumping their criminals here, as well.
MANNY: But the Galvin had foreseen that problem and created the Null guardians.
It wasn't an easy life, but it was bearable until he came.
D'void somehow gained control of the Null guardians.
Now he reigns supreme, conscripting anyone -- Everyone -- to dig for cormite in his accursed mines.
I've tangled with D'void before.
On my world, he calls himself "Dr.
Animo, " and he has the power to control animals.
That's how he's controlling the Null guardians.
You tangled with D'void? How did you survive? Not just survive.
I won.
This invulnerability and the whole crazy-strong thing -- all new.
Okay, so you take us back to Earth.
We load up on equipment, find some reinforcements, and shut down D'void once and for all.
That's not an option.
I lost my tether.
There's no way to get my team here to help.
And I'm stuck here, just like you.
Some savior you brought us, Helen.
Can't even save himself.
Settle down, Manny.
He's fought D'void before.
Maybe he can help us.
Anyway, that's not for us to decide.
[growls ] This is where you live? MANNY: This is where he lives.
We livewherever.
PIERCE: Helen! What have you done?! You brought an outsider here? Nobody gets to see The Wrench.
Nobody! He's a friend, Pierce.
I told you.
He's the whole reason we came to find you here.
Or maybe this guy's just a shape shifter, showing you what you want to see.
Look, if you want to take me to see your boss, fine.
If not, I'll find him myself.
There's only one way to get to The Wrench.
Across here and through me.
Fine by me.
Some fight.
You're a walking pincushion, and I'm empty-handed.
PIERCE: Be my guest.
One spike against 300 -- you're a real sport, Pierce.
And you're dead meat, spy.
[grunts ] Great.
That was my video-game hand! Aah! There's more where that came from.
Okay, you win.
PIERCE: You didn't do too bad.
At least we know you're human.
One of D'void's spies would have mopped the floor with me in a fair fight.
But he wouldn't have lasted long after.
Come on.
I'll take you to The Wrench.
Ah, don't eat anything he offers you.
Uh, Mr.
Wrench, I don't mean to get in the middle of your war, but this whole dimension is destabilizing -- Why don't you tell me about it over a bowl of my famous centipede gumbo? [gasps ] [ both laugh ] Soyou gonna make me ask? Well, when I detonated that Null-Void grenade, it didn't blast me to kingdom come.
It blasted me here.
I meant to come back home, but once I saw how badly these folks were being oppressed -- You took it upon yourself to eighty-six Dr.
Animo's reign once and for all.
Yeah, or at least throw a monkey wrench into the machinery.
Hence, "The Wrench.
" And the helpers -- Plumber's helpers.
I just got it.
Pierce here helped me round up everyone willing to fight D'void.
But enough about me.
What are you doing here? How did you get here? And how on Earth did Pierce beat you? I kind of let him win.
You what?! I figured it was the only way you would lead me to The Wrench -- uh, Grandpa.
What I've learned is that the Null Void is actually disintegrating.
Oh, then it's happening faster than I thought.
Pierce, gather your team.
This is cormite.
MANNY: We know that.
Half the Null Voiders are slaving away in D'void's mine, digging the stuff up.
What you don't know is why.
[whirring ] D'void burns the cormite in this furnace, which feeds his dimensional bore, which is literally ripping a hole in the barrier between the two dimensions.
HELEN: D'void wants to escape and bring his army of Null guardians with him to conquer the Earth.
Guerrilla tactics are no longer an option.
We have to mount an all-out attack on his citadel.
Why fight our way in when we can hitch a ride? MAX: Now! [all screaming ] [ beeping ] Chromastone! Ben, here's a path to the bore.
Pierce, you're with me.
We're taking that thing out.
Nice work, Ben.
It's not over.
Max Tennyson.
So you're the mysterious Wrench.
And young Ben -- always a pleasure to try and end your miserable, interfering life.
Are you still a doctor, Animo? What?! 'Cause it hurts when I do this! Humongousaur! See? I told you it hurts.
Give me a moment, and I'll show you real pain.
Thanks, anyway.
I'll pass.
[ roars ] [laughs evilly] It's a shame to have to end this, but I've almost drilled through the dimensional wall, and I have a whole planet to conquer.
Brainstorm! Here's a display of electro-cranial power that I know you'll get a charge out of.
[electricity crackling ] [laughs evilly] Ben, try Swampfire's methane attack.
It's no use, grandpa.
He's getting stronger.
When I fought him outside the citadel, Brainstorm scrambled his eggs.
But here that's it! Hang tight, Grandpa.
What are you doing? D'VOID: Ben Tennyson fleeing before me The Wrench at my mercy and then a world to conquer.
BEN: Sounds like a busy day.
I hope you had a big breakfast.
What? Ben, get away from there.
This furnace -- it doesn't just power the drill.
It powers him.
That's why he's so much stronger here in his fortress.
And that's why it has to go! No!! [ beeping ] Big Chill! Let's see just how cold I can make it.
Ben! D'VOID: You'll join him soon enough.
What?! [whirring ] Impossible! No!! Noo!! Nice work.
I did have a big breakfast.
MANNY: All right! HELEN: Way to go! Pierce, take charge of D'void.
Helen, Manny, make sure everyone is out of those mines.
And keep a lookout for guardians.
We've still got a lot of work to -- [whirring ] GWEN: Ben! Is that you? Gwen! Check out what I found! Hi, pumpkin.
Grandpa! [groans ] I can barely keep this doorway open.
You've got to hurry! You heard her, grandpa.
Get the helpers.
Time to go.
I can't go, Ben.
We have to finish things here.
Get those guardians working like they're supposed to.
Make sure everyone's safe.
Then, I'll stay, too.
I can help.
The Earth needs you to protect it, Ben.
Then, help me.
I need you.
Not anymore, Ben.
You proved that today.
I can't lose you again.
Never happen.
We'll find our way back when our work is done here.
And, besides, I'm always with you.
Ben, hurry! [groans ] Time to come home, Ben.