Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s02e09 Episode Script

Inside Man

[tires screech ] [engine turns over] [grunts ] [groans ] [tires screech ] [tires screech ] The name's Jeff.
[ chuckles ] You got to look it up? The aliens did something to my mind, but I still have to find a way to stop them.
[tires screech ] [ insects chirping ] [all buzzing ] [ man talking over police radio ] A nest of aliens, huh? You have to believe me! [groans ] I don't understand it all myself, but I got away.
That proves something, right? Good news -- the highway patrol has a special alien-proof room.
Officers Mullen and Liu are gonna take you there.
No! This is real! [stammering ] Relax.
It's only until the alien-proof bus can come for you.
He's here.
[ creaks ] Details -- my name is Tyler.
I'm -- I'm 26 years old, maybe a little confused, but I'm not crazy.
Somebody listen! There are aliens! I saw them! Aah! These humans are resilient.
[gasps ] I said, wake up.
Ain't nothing to be afraid of, Tyler.
We just need your statement.
Where'd you hide the key? Key? Aw, don't play stupid, Tyler.
Nowhere to run, Tyler.
Make it easy on yourself, boy.
Tell us where to find it.
[grunting ] You're one of them! We don't have to harm you, Tyler.
Not at first! [ both groaning ] [gasps ] [tires screech ] Get in! [tires screech ] Who are you? I'm Ben.
This is Gwen and Kevin.
We're here to help you.
Ow! Why'd you do that?! You'd never believe me.
Think, Tennyson.
Those DNAliens came out of the police station.
They must have had I.
You know about the aliens? Been scanning for communications that mention any kind of tech above level two.
Your name came up, Tyler.
You know who I am? Only that somebody back there made a call about you.
Said you've got an oscillator key, whatever that is.
Level-5 alien tech.
And fighting aliens is kind of our specialty.
Where did you get your hands on alien technology? II don't know.
Something messed up my memory.
What's that, more alien tech? It's a pick -- a bass pick, to be exact.
GWEN: Are you a musician? That sounds right, but, I-I don't have any clear memories.
Well, that helps.
You stole a hyperdimensional oscillator key from a Highbreed nest, and oh, you play the bass.
Lights off! Huh? Do it! [all chirping ] [tires screech ] They're out in force.
Something big is up.
A hyperdimensional oscillator key is about as big as it gets.
It's for warping space.
I had to steal it away to stop the aliens.
From doing what? It'll come to me.
You guys, we do have one advantage.
They may need it, but they don't know where it is.
I do.
[ insects chirping ] I ditched it over here.
Nice job parking, slick.
You can't see it from the road.
Driving a truck isn't easy.
Neither is keeping a piece of equipment this size from the aliens.
I'm still wondering about that.
[grunts ] [ beeps ] Chromastone! What are you people? Get used to it.
Let me speed this up a bit.
[whirring ] Now let's have a look at this oscillator key.
Oh, man! Tennyson? DNAliens! Protect the key! We are much stronger than you, human Much, much stronger.
[grunting ] Yeah? Well, body odor isn't everything.
You're coming with us.
KEVIN: [grunting ] Once the oscillator key completes the jump gate, how long will it take? Perhaps a day, master.
Perhaps longer.
These humans are resilient.
They are degenerate filth.
The Highbreed fleet will pour through and wipe this planet clean as quickly as any other.
Got it.
Chromastone: [ coughing ] Indestructible, super-dense silicon guys! [ chirping ] Nice try, though.
KEVIN: [grunting ] CHROMASTONE: You okay? [groaning ] No.
You're it, guy.
Last monster standing.
There are countless others.
[all groaning ] [all chirping ] [tires screech ] CHROMASTONE: Let them go.
It's the big key we're after.
Ben, I got it! The aliens -- not these, the other ones in charge.
Highbreed, the big ones.
Yeah! They're building a dimensional gateway in Los Soledad.
Where are they going? Not going -- coming.
The whole Highbreed fleet's gonna invade and destroy the Earth! I remember! Yeah, and I think I know why you remember.
You're a DNAlien.
[ insects chirping ] A DNAlien? Me? No way a regular guy could go through a wreck like that without being hurt.
But I'm a regular guy.
They all are at first.
The Highbreed use us lesser creatures to do their dirty work.
They are degenerate filth.
They manufacture these xenocite things.
Slap one on your face, and your humanity gets overwritten with DNAlien code.
And suddenly you're not you anymore.
They took over a whole town that way -- Los Soledad.
We lost our grandpa Max, and nearly lost my brother.
We were there a few weeks ago.
We thought we destroyed whatever they were building at least slowed them down.
Not by much.
Somehow you got the big key away.
You know your mission.
Los Soledad -- no stops.
I was supposed to take it.
I wondered how you got it away from them.
But I'm one of them.
You've been fighting the reprogramming the whole time.
Which means they're all fighting back.
Some way you managed to reverse it on your own.
That's what we have to do with those others.
But first we need to get the oscillator key out of here.
Yeah, they'll be back with reinforcements.
We could use your help.
The Highbreed fleet will pour through and wipe this planet clean as quickly as any other.
Don't worry about me.
I'm a monster.
Save the rest of them.
[grunts ] Mr.
Healthy outlook.
[grunts ] You guys?! [ beeping ] Humongousaur! [grunts ] Drive alongside.
I'll drag it.
The glow's gonna attract attention.
And a tuning fork the size of a building won't? The clock's running! [whirring ] [grunting ] Head for cover! That's not a weapon.
It's a tractor beam! Haa! Look.
I'm finished either way.
No sacrifices.
[groans ] Can't do this all night.
Keep them off, Gwen.
Jetray! [grunts ] How do I shut off the tractor beam? [growls ] We are going to overwrite you, Tyler, and you won't remember ever defying us.
No! [groans ] Aah! [grunts ] Tyler! Tennyson, shoot the mirror! There's got to be another way to win.
KEVIN: What's wrong with you? I'm really not sure about your choice, Ben.
No sacrifices.
No save the world.
We lose twice.
They're going to finish that gateway and invade, and I'm thisthing.
It's over.
See? That's what you don't get.
Aah! What are you BEN: Genetic damage repaired.
This is really me, and I-I can remember it all.
I grew up in Evanston, and I was in glee club in high school.
And you play the bass? I do! [ hisses ] [screeches ] It's never hopeless.
We know what the Highbreed are doing and where they're gonna do it.
And we know who's gonna stop them.