Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e03 Episode Script


[wind whistling ] [electricity buzzing ] [ metal clanking ] [engine shuts off] [ rumbling in distance] This is Dodge at pump 32.
Nothing new as usual.
[ crashing ] What the -- [animal moaning ] [animals moaning ] [gasps ] [door closes ] [engine sputtering ] Come on! Come on! [sputtering continues ] [animals moaning, growling ] [vehicle approaching ] Are we there yet? GWEN: [snoring ] Does it look like it? I'm just saying we should hurry.
Grandpa Max wants us to check out those things.
Another half-hour -- less if I kick in the ram jets.
You have ram jets? GWEN: No ram jets.
Trying to sleep.
[ beeping ] Kevin? Speed trap coming up.
Highway patrolman with a radar gun.
We're on duty.
Can you do something? Can I do something? [ beep] [snoring ] [ radar gun beeping ] [gasps ] [tires screech ] [animals moaning ] [engine shuts off] GWEN: Cloaking field gives me a headache.
Speeding tickets give me a headache.
[animals moaning ] Well, that's unnerving.
So? What's the big deal if they eat a few rocks? Looked in a mirror lately? Pretty cool.
Mask? [thud ] Well, you look human, anyway.
Maybe now's not the time for that.
But you still want to stay away from those things.
Yeah, they'll have you for lunch.
Hero time! Humongousaur! Humongousaur! Humongousaur! Humongousaur! Humongousaur! Ugh! [grunting ] Ben, where are you?! Ben! [grunts ] [sniffing ] Ow! You got to be kidding me! With you in a minute.
Brainstorm? Bewildering.
[ cracking ] [grunts ] Can't hold it anymore! Whoa! Those cow things bit me! Precisely why I chose to surround them with the metal rails.
I observed that they only eat stone.
Lucky me.
MAX: Those are Pyroxovors.
I haven't seen one in years.
How come we never heard of them? Kid, there's lots of species here on Earth you won't find in any book.
That's where fairy tales come from.
Unicorns, trolls, pixies -- they're all real.
Even Bigfoot? [ chuckles ] Don't be ridiculous.
That's a guy in a suit.
Do you know what drove them to the surface? I don't know.
Something scared them or made it too uncomfortable to stay underground.
They're walking tanks.
What could make them uncomfortable? Let's go find out.
[vehicle approaching ] How far does this go? I don't know, but this is as far as we go.
End of the road.
Now what? [ rumbling, cracking ] You had to ask.
[all screaming ] [all screaming ] I'll turn into Jetray and slow us down! You'll dent the roof! [ beep] [all grunt ] Plan "B"? I got one.
[tires screech ] Cool! Yeah, but that can't be good for the suspension.
The car won't fit.
We'll have to go on foot.
There must be another way.
[ chuckles ] What, are you claustrophobic? I am so not claustrophobic.
I-I just can't stand being in tight, close spaces, okay? You have a problem with that?! I'll go first.
No problem.
" [ blows ] KEVIN: What did you do that for? [ blows ] - Cut it out! - You cut it out! The room's filled with dynamite! You almost blew us up! KEVIN: How was I supposed to know? BEN: I don't know.
Reading? I'll handle the lighting.
[ clattering ] Move! [grunts ] Find some cover.
I'll make some cover.
There he goes! No, he doesn't! Big Chill! Aah! [grunts ] Cool down, or I'll do it for you.
[grunts ] As soon as you let me go, I'm a-blowin' you up! Sure, you will.
It's pos-- aah! Don't be afraid.
It's still me.
Not really helpin', sonny! You're still ugly as all get-out! What's your name, old-timer? Moldywarp! That's what your friends call you? Friends?! [laughs ] I don't got no friends! You're the last of your kind.
No such luck! The Underworld is crawlin' with folks like me.
I just don't like 'em much! And they don't like me! You don't say.
What are you doing with all the explosives? Oh, I've been stealin' that stuff from the surface-dwellers for years! Some of this looks pretty old.
It is! TNT, blastin' caps, nitroglycerine! Primitive, but they sure get the job done! [laughs ] What job is that? Protectin' my herd! Your herd? Yeah! The Pyroxovors! Real beauties, ain't they? They tried to eat my hand.
You shouldn't let 'em do that.
He doesn't know anything.
We should ditch.
I heard you! Why were you throwing rocks at us, Moldywarp? I couldn't get to my explosives.
That's what I mostly use on the other fella! What other fella? The claim jumper! Don't you know nothin'?! No, not so far.
No wonder the Pyroxovors came to the surface.
It's like a furnace down here.
Is it always this hot? No! That's what I've been tryin' to fix.
It's only been hot since all that magma started seepin' up.
Magma? Whoa.
[guards chattering ] Who dares intrude on the lair of the -- oh, not you again! Ah! So you do know him! Volcanus? Yeah, we know him.
We don't like him, though.
The feeling is mutual.
Destroy them! [guards chattering ] Come on.
We hammered these losers last time.
Is that all you got?! [ metal clanking ] You had to ask.
[ metal clanking ] Wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We didn't even know you were here, okay? And, by the way, why are you here? Remember all that Taedenite that I took off of you? Yeah.
I remember.
VOLCANUS: Well, it was worth a fortune.
And you'll be glad to know I spent it wisely.
See, this is my planet now.
I filed a claim, paid the fees, the whole bit.
Completely legal.
What does that mean -- "Planetary renovation permit"? Exactly what it says! I get to change the atmosphere, the terrain, the oceans any way I want.
That's what the bomb's for! VOLCANUS: Yep! I drop it down the shaft, it explodes in the magma at the center of the Earth, and before you know it, I have all the comforts of home.
Home? Where you come from, on a cool day, it's 850 degrees.
[ chuckles ] You thought I was crazy! You can't do that! Of course I can! Watch.
[ beeping ] [alarm blaring ] You handle the runts and the robots.
I'll stop Volcanus.
Yee-haw! I was hopin' we'd get to some fightin'! Somebody do something about her! [laughs ] Harsh.
I blows 'em up all the time.
I think they likes it.
[grunting ] It's hero time, tin man! Maybe my watch is fast.
[ cracking ] [grunting ] Ben, what are you waiting for?! Maybe it's the heat! Whoa! Maybe you're doing it wrong! Aah! [grunting ] Now get that varmint! Spidermonkey! [ chattering ] Huh?! [grunts ] Stop the countdown.
Make me! Stay put, will you?! [grunts ] [growls ] [electricity crackling ] [ roars ] [ chattering ] Ugh! [grunting ] I'm stuck! I know.
I stuck you.
Nowstop the countdown.
I said stop it, not speed it up! My mistake.
[shrieks ] When that bomb goes off, the magma will come right up into this chamber.
It'll kill you, too! Are you crazy?! That would be crazy.
[alarm beeping ] [alarm blaring ] That doesn't look good.
Ben, what are you doing?! I can grab the bomb when it drops.
Spidermonkey isn't strong enough to catch something that heavy! No, but I know someone who is.
Humongousaur! Ugh! I really have to get that fixed.
KEVIN: Ben, if that bomb reaches the Earth's core We're toast.
I'm on it! [ both grunt ] Well? We're still here, aren't we? So, then everything's okay? Abso-- wait.
Where's Moldywarp? [timers clicking ] Um, what's with the timers? I figure what's to keep Volcanus from comin' back and droppin' another bomb down the shaft, huh? After all, he did fill out the paperwork.
[tires screech ] [laughs ] [timers clicking ] [ bell dings ] [ Pyroxovors groaning ] I love it.
Volcanus spent a fortune on filing fees and got nothing in return.
And we saved Earth from being turned into a giant hot plate.
Now all we have to do is get the Pyroxovors back underground.
MOLDYWARP: I'll handle that! First, what say we celebrate with a nice supper? Supper? Yes, sirree, bob! This looks like a plump one! [ Pyroxovor moans ] You eat them? [laughs ] 'Course I eats 'em! They're my herd! Now, who wants barbecue?! BOTH: Ew! Now that you mention it, I haven't had anything all day.
Ow! What? BEN: [laughs ]