Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e04 Episode Script

Fool's Gold

[ crickets chirping ] [explosions ] [ mechanical whirring ] [air hisses ] [ rustling ] [ crowd cheering ] Party! [ cheers and laughter] You want us to go where? A little town called Walton.
Every 17 years, college students from another planet land there to blow off steam for a week.
Alien spring break.
But this time, one of the aliens has gone missing.
I need you three to go find him.
KEVIN: Podunk town in the middle of nowhere.
Why don't aliens ever go missing anyplace fun? This is farm country.
What are aliens even doing here? What's so special about this place? [tires screech ] Hooligans.
Ha, and from the looks of it, amateurs.
Ow! Stubbed my toe.
They look like, um Poop.
Shiny poop.
[sniffs ] Kevin, don't.
It's okay.
It looks like gold.
Please don't do it.
Mmm, it is gold.
And it's real.
Solid-gold poop.
Look at this place.
Sure, these farmers must be rolling in -- Kevin.
I was gonna say "dough"! [laughter] [ car creaks ] Whoa! [laughs ] Get your hands off my ride.
[laughter] You didn't see any aliens.
It was swamp gas.
[ chuckles ] Please.
Mass hysteria? Weather balloons? Save it.
We're Plumbers.
Well, why didn't you say so? Welcome to Walton.
You here for the popcorn festival? What's the deal with that, anyway? We make the best popcorn in the universe.
Aliens can't get enough of the stuff.
Every 17 years, they come back.
But where are my manners? I'm Mayor Coleman.
What can you tell us about the missing alien? Missing alien? There's no missing alien.
If there was a missing alien, he's probably just running around, eating popcorn and having fun.
Uh-huh, we're still gonna have to look around.
Be my guest, but I'm afraid you're not gonna find anything.
Ben, we're gonna have to -- Ben? [ munching ] I have had, like, so much popcorn.
[ chuckles ] Farmer Wayne just filled his swimming pool with popcorn! [ cheers and applause] The pool's got a diving board! Come on, man! Cool! [ cheers and laughter] Yeah, I'd better go keep an eye on him.
Would you? Were you Were you sent by Max Tennyson? You're the one who called for help? My name is Orb.
My mom and dad told me that if I ever got into any trouble on Earth, I should call Max Tennyson.
Good advice.
The missing alien's a friend of yours? My best friend.
His name's Decka.
One moment, we're stuffing our faces with popcorn.
The next moment, he's gone.
I'm worried sick.
Do you have anything of his that I could use to track him? A piece of clothing or something? No, nothing like that.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
We'll have to find your friend the old-fashioned way.
We're gonna have to look for him.
[ cheers and laughter] [ popcorn crunches ] I've seen a lot of strange and messed-up things.
How does this rank? It's up there.
I don't know.
It seems pretty laid-back for spring break.
[glass shatters ] Laid-back? Could be worse.
House-tipping! Everybody tip the house! [ cheering ] [ house creaking ] Okay, it's worse.
[ beeping ] [electricity crackles ] [ bones creak ] Spidermonkey! [screeches ] [screeches ] Naughty, naughty.
BOTH: Ugh! Amateurs.
Is that all of them? [all groaning ] Whoa! Ugh! Ugh! Tell me when you're gonna do stuff like that.
Aah! Busted at spring break.
Yeah, I've been there.
[whistles ] You kids have been busy.
What do you want to do with them? Well, for starters, let them go.
But -- but look what they did! Aww, popcorn festival's only once every 17 years.
No one wants to press charges.
It's just a little damage.
They destroyed the farm! [ chuckles ] Boys will be boys.
[aliens laugh ] Now don't forget to eat lots of popcorn! That's it? They level an entire building and all you can tell them is, "eat lots of popcorn"? Now, don't worry your head, son.
It's complicated.
What's so complicated? The aliens eat popcorn, then they leave behind solid gold, right? That's why this town has so much money.
Okay, you got us.
Every 17 years, we make some popcorn, then shovel up the gold.
Our entire economy's based on alien -- [ coughs ] Poop.
Wrong on so many levels.
Nobody wants to be punishing the alien kids, and the festival's almost over.
They're gonna be heading back to school in the morning anyway.
Not all of us.
I'm not leaving until we find Decka.
Decka? He probably went home already.
Looking for him is a waste of time.
All the same, we're gonna take a look around.
I'll go with Ben.
Kevin, are you avoiding me? No, I just love hanging out with your cousin.
That's the second time you've ditched her.
Are you two fighting? If we were, would I talk about it with you? Okay.
[ rustling ] [whimpers ] Your friends are causing trouble.
They keep asking about you.
Please, please let me go.
You're not going anywhere.
Not until you give me a huge pile of gold.
But I've been doing it! I've been doing it all week! That little tiny bit of gold ain't gonna be enough to pay off my debts! I've been waiting 17 years for your kind to come back, and now, I'm cashing in.
Eat! I -- I can't eat any more! Then maybe I'll just keep you in that there cage forever! [whimpers ] Maybe a change of diet will help your appetite.
Y'all come back, now! What's happening? The festival is over.
It's time to go back to school.
[engines ignite] This has been the worst popcorn festival ever.
Maybe the Mayor was right.
Maybe your friend went home.
Without telling anybody? That's not like Decka.
Two spaceships left.
One is yours.
The other one must be Decka's.
He's still here! And we have something to track him with.
Which ship is yours? [energy hums ] Got him.
What do you suppose used to be in there? It's the Mayor's barn.
Let's find him and ask him.
Won't be a problem finding him.
I see you hiding back there.
Come on out before I have to hurt -- [energy blasts ] [ ricochet ] See? This is why everybody hates politicians.
[ beep] [energy humming ] Goop! [energy blasts continue] [gasps ] Bad idea.
[energy crackles ] [growls ] Where is Decka? What did you do to him? Don't know how long I can keep him off you.
Better start talking.
Okay, I snatched him! Got greedy, huh? Decided to have your own personal gold maker.
[laughs ] Make! I'm funny.
I don't get it.
Like, make a number two? Really? That was the whole joke? ORB: We've got a problem.
Did you feed him meat? Tell me you didn't feed him meat! Why? What's wrong with meat? For our species, eating meat is bad! How bad we talking here? [snarls ] [growls ] [ roars ] [ roars ] Decka, no! [ roaring ] [wood crunches ] [ beeping ] Big Chill! Don't hurt him! He's still my best friend! We'll try.
She'll try.
I'm not promising anything.
[ roaring continues ] [ ice crackles ] [ ice cracks ] [ roars ] [energy hums ] [ roars ] [ roars ] Ben! I've got to remember to go intangible.
This is all because your friend ate one bad piece of meat? My people can't eat meat or we revert into our primal form - a mindless monster.
Gwen: Can we change him back? Don't have to.
He'll only stay in that form as long as he keeps eating.
So, good news.
Give us the rest of it.
The thing is, this form is only the beginning.
He's going to consume all the meat he can find.
Then, when he's enriched enough fissionable material, he's going to reproduce.
Meaning? He's going to split into 100 identical copies.
Then they'll go off and eat everything they can find! How many times can he do that? Ever wonder what happened to Mars? It used to be called the Popcorn planet.
[air wooshes ] Careful! One wrong step, and it could be your last! What? Don't step on the gold? Gold is what happens when we eat popcorn.
In that form, his waste is uranium 1412.
Unstable radioactive poop? Yes, so whatever you do, don't step in the uranium! [energy hums ] [explosion ] Who-a-a-a! [groaning ] [energy hums ] [groans ] Are you hurt? No.
I like being blown up.
Whoa! Ugh! [ roars ] I thought he was going to look for meat.
He's at the power plant.
Ooh, bad.
[electricity crackles ] He's absorbing the power! Once he's got enough energy, he's going to divide! Got an idea.
[ roaring ] [air hisses ] [ ice creaking ] [ crackling stops ] [ roars ] We cut off the power, but it's still hungry! Now what? Get me close enough to talk to him! Maybe I can reason with him! [energy hums ] Decka, it's me, Orb! I know you're in there.
This isn't you! The meat has poisoned your mind.
I know my best friend is inside fighting to take control.
Please fight it.
Fight it, and we can go home! Hey! [ roars ] [energy hums ] Do you have any other ideas? Yes -- evacuate the planet.
Your species isn't supposed to eat meat.
What else can't you eat? Uh, some heavy metals, Lanthanides, fluorine, silicon, chicken nuggets -- Back up.
What about silicon? Silicon? It's poisonous.
Whatever happens, stay back.
[energy crackles ] Echo Echo! [energy hums ] [ mechanical whirring ] [ roaring ] Come on! Bite me! Oh, no! Bite me! Bite me! Bite me! The Echo Echoes are made of silicon.
[ rumbling ] [ belches ] Almost, there! [gags ] [vomits ] [screaming ] [energy hums ] That was different.
TOGETHER: Ew! [ belches ] You're going to be fine.
Sorry that this happened.
We'll make sure the mayor is punished.
Your whole worthless planet should be punished! Come on, Orb.
I am telling everyone.
We are never coming back to this dump again! [ mechanical whirring ] [engines ignite] Are you okay? Do we have to talk about it? Not if you don't want to.
This is from GWEN: That day at the pier.
Wanted you to have something to remember me the way I used to be.
Kevin, you know I don't care what you look like.
Maybe not, but I do.
[ horn honks ] Come on, Mr.