Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e05 Episode Script


[ both slurping ] Ship, ship, ship Down, boy.
There you guys are.
I've been looking for you all morning.
We know.
We got the 50 messages you left.
It wasn't 50 messages.
It was 50 each.
Anyway, I need you guys for a mission.
It's off planet.
I've got tae kwon do practice tonight, Ben.
Kevin? [slurps ] Yeahno.
Seriously? We don't mind helping out, but we do have lives.
Well, maybe you can say no to me, but you can't say no to this.
[ beep] It was teleported to my room this morning.
Dear Mr.
Ben 10, my name is Probity.
My mom and dad told me all about how you saved the universe from the Highbreed.
So you get fan mail.
What's the big deal? Shh! You'll miss the important part.
I hate war.
Do you hate war, too? Because if you do, I wanted to know if you would come here and stop everybody from fighting.
Anyway, even if you can't, I think you're great.
Thank you.
[ beep] So, there you go.
"There you go" what? Don't you get it? He wants us to go to some other planet and end their war.
No, he couldn't mean -- You can't mean -- Uh-huh.
Not that I'm even considering it, but how do you plan to stop a war? Simple.
[whoosh ] KEVIN: I can't believe we're doing this.
Everybody hates war, but nobody ever does anything about it.
Maybe that's because there's never been anybody like me before.
Oh, right -- the great Ben 10's gonna solve everything in one weekend.
It's a three-day weekend.
I like that Ben cares enough to come all this way to help.
You could use a little of that yourself, Kevin.
War's like eating or sleeping, Gwen.
It's part of human nature.
That's where you're wrong.
I think I know a little more about human nature than you do.
Yeah --human nature.
But these aren't humans.
Sonyah! Really? "Nyah"? [ beeping ] We're approaching the planet.
Is that a big dotted line across that planet? Yep.
That definitely calls for a closer look.
Ship, lower.
SHIP: Ship, ship, ship.
Well, now we know where the fence came from, but -- What are they shooting at us for? [ boom ] Duh.
Translation -- the fence must be some kind of borderline, and they think we're the enemy.
SHIP: Ship! Good boy.
No shooting back.
What?! SHIP: Ship! KEVIN: Okay, I vote we turn around and head home.
Gwen can still make karate practice.
And as a bonus, I don't have to get shot at.
Except we'd be throwing away a little girl's hope for a world without war.
Life is full of disappointments.
What is she -- 5? Past time she learned.
Land the Ship.
I'll distract them.
Jetray! Hold it.
Hold it! Any of you ever heard of Ben 10? [ crowd murmuring ] Look! Look -- it's him! It's really him! I can't believe it! That's right -- Ben 10.
And I've come all this way to tell you that war just isn't cool.
What? [ crowd murmuring ] See, war never accomplishes anything.
It's pointless, and -- [ crowd groans ] Get him! Uh, guys? [guns cock ] Hey, if you want to get rough, how about a taste of Humongousaur?! [ beeping ] Lodestar! Oh, man.
This is no time to shake down a new guy.
Ow! Ow, ow! Ow, ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Cutitout! [warbling ] - Whoa! - Ugh! - Whoa! - Whoa! Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Ow! Oh.
Wait a minute.
[warbling ] As I was saying and you have got to sit down with your enemies and talk to them.
They're human, too, you know.
Orwhatever it is you guys are.
Is that a new one? Who keeps track? [ clank ] [whistles ] A regenerating power pack.
Hey! Finders keepers! Let go of my -- Kevin! Long time no see.
You look different.
Did you cut your hair? No.
I was just gonna call you.
I'll have that money I owe you real soon.
What are you up to here, Argit? Nothing.
Argit, what's the scam?! Ohokay.
I was gonna cut you in -- honest.
These guys -- they leave their weapons all over the place, so I scoop them up, paint them blue, and sell them to the other guys.
Low overhead, big profits.
What? Your overhead just went up.
Come on.
Of course I want to hear your side.
Because you've got us all wrong.
They attacked us.
We're only defending ourselves.
Really? See? [ beeping ] Spidermonkey! [ chittering ] It's one of those alien Spidermonkeys.
You know what to do.
[screeches ] Are you the guy in charge? I am.
We need to talk.
I'm a man of action, not talk.
[ chitters ] And look where it's gotten you.
[ coughs ] [gasps ] Look where it's gotten me.
[laughs evilly] KEVIN: What's taking so long, Argit? Give me a break, Kev.
I'm going as fast as I can.
[ blows ] [ knock on door] Here you are, gentlemen -- the finest blasters money can buy.
Much appreciated.
And death to the red guys.
KEVIN: Argit.
[ knock on door] Here you go, my friends.
Very nice.
Thank you.
And death to the red -- uh, blue guys.
[ knock on door] I'm not expecting anybody.
Nice little racket you've got here.
I can explain.
You're making money off other people's misery? Okay, I don't have to explain.
I thought you were here to help Ben.
Gwen, when has Ben ever been in any trouble he couldn't get himself out of? Don't you get it? I am not the enemy.
[screeches ] I believe in peace.
Let me tell you who your real enemy is.
It's war! [ muffled talking ] Ready Aim [ muffled talking ] GIRL: Wait! That's Ben 10! I'm sure of it! [ crowd gasps, murmurs ] She doesn't know what she's talking about.
Fire! GWEN: Get yourself loose! I can't hold on much longer! [ crowd gasps, murmurs ] You really are him.
Sowhat do we do now? Oh! I know! Let's eat.
[all munching loudly] Do you guys always eat like this? Mmm.
We have to keep our strength up.
For the war, you know.
I'll bet she doesn't eat like this every day.
Unfortunately, our citizens must sacrifice for the war effort.
But if there wasn't a war, she could eat better and maybe even go to school.
Ben 10, I hate war, too, but our neighbors keep attacking us.
We have to defend ourselves! But they say the same thing.
Wait a minute.
If both of you are just defending yourselves, there doesn't have to be a war.
[ munching stops ] Here you go, boys.
Use them in good health.
Wait! They declared a truce! No more fighting! [all cheer] That was the best scam I ever worked.
Don't worry.
They'll be shooting at each other again in no time.
You're just saying that to make me feel better.
RED MAN: I say he was red! BLUE MAN: He was blue! I'd say any idiot knows that, but obviously you don't! - Red! - Blue! - Red! - Blue! - Red! - Blue! What are they talking about? Zavin, of course.
Who? He was the wisest man who ever lived.
He gave us our laws and stuff like that.
There's his statue.
They made it a real long time ago, and all the paint's faded away.
So no one can remember if he was red or blue, right? You're so smart.
That's what all the fighting's about.
RED MAN: Say, did you call me an idiot?! No! You're under qualified! - Yaah! - Aah! [ both grunting ] Hey! [grunting continues ] This is harder than I thought.
But you're Ben 10.
You can do anything.
That's better.
Now, everybody shake hands.
All right.
I'll start.
Ha ha! There! That proves it! You were with them all along! What just happened? You ruined everything! You tried to shake with your right hand! We shake with the left! Everyone knows that! Come on, men! We've got a war to win! Death to the blue guys.
And have a nice day.
Got to hand it to you, Kev.
You were right about the truce not lasting.
How'd you get to be so smart? Experience.
ARGIT: Aw, come on! Cut me a little slack, will ya? Why not? We're in a growth industry, aren't we? If only they had talked to each other.
Seems like they were doing better before they started talking.
Talking's not the problem.
It's listening.
And it's you, my fellow soldiers, who are the bulwark against the heathen blue hordes, who wrongly claim our Zavin as their own and who would have our children in school with blue trash! It is you who -- [ crash ] [ feedback ] Enough! - Oh! - Ugh! Help! Don't hurt me, please! What's going on here?! Nobody's leaving this cave until you work out a peace treaty.
Impossible! That's what I told him! [ both scream ] Uh, Ben 10? That was fast.
Did you work out something? Uh, no.
We just want to know when lunch is.
There's not going to be any lunch --or dinner! Not till you two come up with a peace treaty! You can't do that! Uh, e-e-easy, Ben 10.
Violence never accomplishes anything.
Did you hear what you just said?! He means random violence.
War is orderly violence.
Orderly violence?! BLUE MAN: We need war, Ben 10.
That's right! It gives people something to blame their problems on.
If they can't afford houses or food or schools, it's the war's fault.
If there were no war, they'd blame us for all that.
BLUE MAN: Exactly.
So, can we go now? Are you kidding? This is the first time you two have ever agreed on anything.
But I -- Get back in there! [ both groan ] There's got to be another way out of here.
Where did you get that? What -- this? It's just a crystalline light.
Yes, but I've got this.
Ben 10! We've come up with something.
Yes! Ugh! Aah! [ beep] Ohh! [whirring ] I am really starting to hate those guys.
Men, this fight isn't about land or money.
It's about our honor and purity.
And above all, it's about the reputation of the great Zavin! WAY BIG: [deep voice] What a load! [ crowd gasps ] You guys are fighting so you won't have to fix your real problems.
Don't listen to him! Charge! [ indistinct shouting ] You're going to have to listen to me.
A few days ago, I got a letter from a little girl who lives here.
Doesn't matter if she's red or blue.
All she wants is for the war to stop.
My friend Kevin said I'd never be able to fix everything in one weekend, and it looks like he was right.
So I've made a decision.
I'm going to stay here as long as it takes to make you guys come to your senses.
I've got nothing but time.
Oh, man! Get him! Get him! Change into something smaller, or you'll never lose them! Got to give you props, Kev.
Painting everything white sure saves time.
And money.
We interrupt this broadcast for a special bulletin.
The red and blue armies have just issued a joint declaration of war on the alien known as Ben 10.
Hey, that's your friend, isn't it? Yeah, I suppose it is.
Well, what are you doing? What do you think? Getting out while I can.
That's gonna be too heavy.
Why don't you let me hold on to it for you? [laughs ] Funny.
It was worth a try.
Ship! [grunts ] We have to wait! Gwen, I -- KEVIN: Ben! Gwen! Grab my hand! All I wanted to do was help.
How could it have gone so wrong? At least they're united now.
Yeah -- against me.
Well, there is that.
I guess Mr.
Cynical isn't surprised by any of this.
[sobs ] Kevin? Are youcrying? Ohhh.
You do have a heart.
[sobs ] Yeah.
That's what poor people have instead of money.
Dear Mr.
Ben 10, I don't have a home now.
I have to work double time at the factory.
And it's all your fault.
I finally found something I hate more than war.
You! Hey, what's this? [gasps ] [giggles ]