Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e06 Episode Script

Don't Fear the Repo

RHOMBOID: [snoring ] [ beeping ] [alarm blaring ] Huh? Hmm? OCTAGON: Let me do all the talking here, Boid.
Delicate situations such as these require a certain procedural acumen in which I happen to be well-versed.
Uhh Just be cool, man.
Be cool.
[ blaring continues ] Evening, officeror morning.
Difficult concept to determine in space.
Is there a problem? Now, can you see how one might construe that there reaction of yours as a tad bit excessive, if not wholly unnecessary? Oh, I'm just as sorry as I can be, Octagon.
You know how much I like to blow stuff up good.
That's true.
You blow up stuff real good, Boid.
And if my keen insight is correct, where we're going, you'll have ample and copious opportunity to blow up plenty more.
[ insects chirping ] Ship.
You're a natural.
Now, think fast.
Good boy, Ship.
[shrieks ] [growls ] What do I keep telling you, Boid? If we destroy it, we won't get paid, and that would be Bad.
That is correct.
There's no reason we can't do this all nice and civilized-like.
After all, we gots the law on our side.
The law? Are you Plumbers? No, ma'am.
We're repo men -- Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle.
We're the Vreedle brothers, ma'am, providing quality service for all repossession needs throughout the galaxy.
No questions asked.
Because we're what you call "uncurious.
" We aims to be repossessing that there glob of galvanic mechamorph.
- I don't understand.
- Ship.
OCTAGON: We have here a court order authorizing us to procure said glob in question.
So hand it over.
Thank you kindly.
I can't read that.
Yeah, neither can we.
Be that as it may, we presently gots ourselves a paying job to complete here forthwith.
Step away from the glob.
Ship! No tanks or missiles.
Don't want them to know how valuable you are.
Stay away from him! He's my pet.
She said, "stay away!" And I says, "blast the freak.
" Ben, this is my mom's garden! Uh, sorry.
I'll wrap this up fast with Humongousaur.
Echo Echo.
Oh, man! BOTH: [laughing ] What you gonna do, cute-ify us to death? Grab him, Boid.
He'll look even cuter hanging from our rearview mirror.
One, two, three! And stay out! BEN: Just a bunch of alien mumbo jumbo.
No, it's legit, all right.
What? I used to do a little repo work back in the Null Void.
So the Vreedle brothers really do have the right to repossess Ship? Ship.
We're not going to let them take you.
Somebody could use him as a weapon.
GWEN: And you don't want Julie to lose her pet, either.
Right, Ben? Oh, sure.
That too.
That sounded sincere.
KEVIN: I say we go right to the source and straighten this whole thing out.
GWEN: You can't really read that.
KEVIN: The High Court's on the planet Coda Coda.
It's kind of far.
That's okay.
Ship can fly us there.
JULIE: No! You'll be taking him right to whoever's after him.
How else are we supposed to get into outer space? Chill, people.
I've got this.
This looks like that spaceship we borrowed from that guy on the moon that time.
Yeah? You told him you were going to give it back.
And I will -- eventually.
BEN: What's this button for? Did I not mention this is a rental? [ beeping ] BEN: Incoming.
Now, what you want to do is that.
Thanks for staying to guard Ship.
Ship can more than take care of himself.
I know, but I told him to hold back.
I didn't want those repo men to see what he can really do.
GWEN: Smart.
Do you think Ben really cares what happens to Ship? Of course he does.
You heard him.
Ship's a powerful weapon.
But what if he wasn't powerful? What if he was just a regular dog or something -- my dog? What is it with her and that "dog," anyway? You guys found it on your first date, right? I don't think that has anything to do with it.
Yeah? Keep thinking.
You'll get better with practice.
Kevin? Oh, please.
If it isn't about his car -- excuse me -- his "ride" -- or some alien tech, he's pretty much oblivious.
KEVIN: Nah, Gwen's cool, but, you know -- On your left! BEN: Complicated? Complicated.
BOTH: Guys.
BOTH: Girls.
We'll be taking that there galvanic mechamorph now and a couple of smoothies to go.
[grunts ] She has painfully set us on our backsides, Boid.
She most certainly needs aggressive blowing up.
Aak! GWEN: No, Ship! Don't! Ship.
Hold it right there.
Julie! Now I'm gonna ask you again nicely.
Everybody back away from the glob.
Not you! Ship.
Aah! Julie? Whoa.
This is weird.
GWEN: Julie, what is Ship doing? [ beeping ] Ship, no shooting.
Can I blow him up real good now, Octagon? No, Boid.
We needs him, or we don't get paid.
Just blow him up a little bit.
I can't even feel it.
[ chuckles ] Wait until Ben sees this.
Here's how it's gonna go down.
I've got loads of experience in a courtroom setting.
As a defendant.
So just follow my lead.
Who's the hero here? Hello? Omnitrix bearer.
They'll listen to me before they listen to criminal mastermind Kevin Levin.
Mastermind? You should let me do all the talking.
You do not eat children.
Yes, they are delicious, but we have laws.
What's next on the docket, bailiff? A challenge to the court-ordered repossession of property belonging to a galvanic mechamorph by the name of Baz-el.
Present, your honor, if it please the court.
Hey, I know him.
He's the guy who left Ship on Earth.
Once the word spread about my property's participation in nothing short of saving the entire universe from eradication by the uncouth, foul-smelling, Highbreed -- Hey! Objection! Sustained.
Well, how could I not wish to reclaim what is rightfully mine? But you gave him away.
Ship is my legal property.
Ipso facto, e pluribus unum, he must be returned to me.
I rest my case.
And where is the property now? The Vreedle brothers are in the process of retrieving it for me, your honor.
The Vreedle brothers?! Who in their right mind would hire the Vreedle brothers to bring someone back alive?! Uh, I, um, uh, well How's about this one? You okay in there, Julie? Great.
This is fun.
Oh, this is not good.
You sure you don't want to shoot them? JULIE: Uh-huh.
Then we need a distraction.
[ plastic popping ] BOTH: Ooh! Don't I know you, son? Don't think so, sir.
You're Kevin Levin.
Didn't I tell you the next time I saw you in my courtroom I'd chuck you into the Null Void?! No.
I-I can explain.
That's what you always say.
[ popping ] [ both laughing ] Oh! Such is the fleeting nature of all things.
Back to blasting stuff.
Aah! Your honor, Baz-el basically hired a couple of dogcatchers to take away some poor kid's dog.
I mean, who does that? Let me handle this.
I'm handling it.
We agreed.
Your honor, I am Ben Tennyson -- the Ben Tennyson -- wielder of the Omnitrix, savior of the universe.
I'm sure you've heard of me.
Dude, cut it out.
You're gonna get me in trouble.
I know what I'm doing.
I need you to do me a little favor, judgey.
Oh, I am so dead.
There's been a little mix-up here.
Ship is part of my team now.
That's the famous Ben Tennyson's team.
Say, ever seen an Omnitrix up close before, judge? Humongousaur! Well Uh-oh.
It still didn't hurt.
Oh, yeah? Slap the boot on him, Boid.
Ship? Are you okay? Ship?! What's wrong? They did something to Ship.
I can't move.
[gasps ] [grunts ] Careful unless you're right sure your powered-down friend here can still take a hit.
Never in all my days.
We are so, so sorry, your honor, your Excellency, your -- quick, Tennyson, what's another big word? Judge Domstol -- Dom.
May I call you "Dom"? These things can happen when you're chosen to bear the awesome responsibility of the Omnitrix.
I am not going back to the Null Void, Tennyson.
The court rules in favor of Ben Tennyson.
What?! What?! There is no reason the wielder of the Omnitrix should have to bother himself with petty matters such as this.
I apologize for wasting your time, Mr.
It's all good.
The warrant for the return of Mr.
Baz-el's property is rescinded.
Baz-el is hereby ordered to call off his agents.
Of course, your honor.
Anything you say, your honor.
Levin Ow.
I [clears throat] I don't suppose you fellows can give me a lift to Earth? And now, if you will excuse us, we'll be moseying along, since there ain't nothing you can do to -- This is a predicament I did not anticipate.
Stand down.
Cease and desist.
You are no longer in my employ.
Huh? He's not gonna pay you.
Not gonna pay us? [sighs ] Remember when we talked about you overreacting? Well, one could consider this particular occasion also qualifying as such! I'm sorry.
"Sorry" don't get us paid.
Now we got to try and sell it on the black market.
Julie's in there? What did they do to her? They froze Ship somehow.
Repo boot.
I know how to get them off.
This does not surprise me.
I'll stall them.
[ beep] Goop.
Nah-nah! Is that all you got? Help! Strategy.
That is exceedingly nasty.
Excuse me? Well, would you look at the time? Are we running? No, sir.
What we are doing is what you call retreating.
I want to retreat with you.
They won't be back.
[ beeping ] Julie.
That was something.
You went halfway across the galaxy just to save Ship, so I know you really do care about himand me.
But I won't make a big deal about it and embarrass you in front of your friends.
Too late.
How long do you think before they're selling smoothies again? GWEN: You amaze me sometimes.
Goodness, that's stressful.
Well, you certainly didn't think I was going to regenerate with those dreadful Vreedle brothers still about, did you? I'm glad you're all right, Mr.
Baz-el, but, um -- Ship.
Oh, very well.
Keep him.
Oh, thank you.
But, you know, it kind of feels like you're putting a lot of pressure on our relationship.
It's just a dog, Ben.