Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e07 Episode Script

Single Handed

[grunts ] [ panting ] [screeches ] The Omnitrix -- where is it? Ugh! [grunts ] Green watch thingy? Hourglass symbol? Turns you into all kinds of super powered aliens? Yes.
Never heard of it.
[screeches ] Don't toy with me.
I know you have the Omnitrix.
I have traced its energy here with this.
Cool! [ chitters ] Where'd you get it? [ beeping ] I am Sunder -- finder of rare and precious objects.
[ yelps ] [groaning ] Seriously, you carry an axe and your name is Sunder? Well, I guess that's no worse than Humongousaur! [warbling ] [gasps ] Okay.
The Omnitrix will fetch me a handsome price.
Lots of luck getting it off my wrist.
I'll worry about the details later.
[ moaning ] How did I get here? Where is here, anyway? The Null Void?! Oh, man! [ roaring in distance] [growling ] Okay.
Questions later.
Right now, it's time to go hero? My hand! Where's my hand?! [ roaring ] [grunts ] I don't get it.
I can still feel my hand, but where is it? [laughs evilly] [laughing evilly] [ roars ] So, you want to fight? [ roars ] Yaah! Aah! Hey! Over here! [growling ] [grunts ] Yes! Okay, this is weird even for me.
Slippery little thing, aren't you? Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Okay, what's my hand doing?! Aah! Aah! [dog barking ] [grunting ] [dog barks ] BEN: [ panting ] [all growling ] This day just gets better and better.
[all snarling ] And why does my hand feel like dog slobber? What do you got there, boy? Man, this place stinks! It should cover my scent from those Vulpimancers.
[all growling ] [snorting ] [dog growling ] [grunting ] Give it! I said "give it!" Bad dog! Whoa! Hey! What's going on?! [all growling ] [grunting ] Hey, boy, how'd you like a nice candy bar, huh? [grunting continues ] [whimpers ] Aah! [dog panting ] Aah! Both: Ooh! What is it? [ beeping ] I don't know.
[ beep] Think we should be touching it? I don't know.
[ beep] BOTH: Cool! [ beep] BigChill! Now, that's more like it.
[all roaring ] Okay.
Ice doesn't work.
How about a little Swampfire! That oughta hold 'em.
[ beep] BOTH: Aaaaah! [all snarling ] [grunts ] Shoo! Shoo! [ roars ] Dude, I'm already short one hand.
Why can't I do that with this one?! Sorry, mutts.
Gotta fly.
[ beep] Jetray! Okay.
All I have to do is find grandpa Max's old hubble.
There's bound to be some leftover Plumber tech there that can get me back home.
That'ssort of a plan.
Aah! Getoffmerightnow! Aah! Hey! Whoa! Aah! Stop! [ beep] Oh, come on! Don't run out of power now! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Unh! At least I'm still alive.
[squawks ] Completely grossed out, but alive.
The Omnitrix? Ben? Aah! Oh.
Mm Maybe Gwen and Kevin will know what to do.
[laughing ] It's not funny, Kevin! Sorry, sorry.
[laughing ] [whirring ] It's Ben's hand, all right, but I can't trace him.
He could be anywhere.
If he's even still alive.
See that energy surge? Classic sign of dimensional displacement.
Which means? Ben's fine.
The rest of him is just somewhere else.
Had the same thing happen to me when I tried to use a refurbished personal force-field belt.
Spent three hours with my nose in another dimension.
Aren't you gonna ask me how I smelled? Terrible -- just like your joke.
I got some stuff in here I can kludge into a retrieval beacon generator.
Shouldn't take a second.
[ clatter] I don't think we have that long.
[ beeping ] Oh, great.
It's Sunder the Retriever.
You know him? Deals in one-of-a-kind artifacts.
Wonder what he wants here.
Okay, keep him busy so I can get Ben back.
[grunting ] [growling ] [grunting ] Aah! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Aah! Uhhh! [groans ] Why does everything always have to be slimy? Where is Ben? Don't know, don't care.
I just want the Omnitrix.
Aha! [gasps ] Kevin?! Can you work a little faster?! I can help buy a little time.
Hyuh! [groans ] He's down.
Not for long.
And I can't build this thing and protect you ladies at the same time.
This lady can protect herself, thank you very much.
But she needs a weapon.
I already have one.
So you're saying you want to hold Ben's hand? That's not funny.
It could come in "handy.
" [sighs ] Done? Yeah.
I'm out.
But he's not.
Quick! Turn into Humongousaur! Are you crazy? Swampfire.
What does he look like? [grunts ] Humongousaur! Swampfire! Humongousaur! Swampfire! Diamondhead's good.
[grunting ] [grunting ] Goop! Ewww! [grunts ] Aah! [whirring ] [ panting ] [ panting ] [ beep] [ beeping ] The Omnitrix -- at last! [grunts ] Keep away from the big ugly guy! She meant the other one.
[grunts ] [grunts ] [whirring ] Kevin, how much longer on that doohickey? Soon.
Good thing.
We're running out of garage.
[grunting ] Almost there.
If I can just stop jerking around for a minute or two, I'll be fine.
Come on, grandpa.
You must have left something behind I can -- [ crash ] [all snarling ] use.
SUNDER: [grunting ] Enough of this.
[gasps ] Now, hand over the Omnitrix, or I slice the girl in two.
Wait -- me?! All right.
You win.
You can have the Omnitrix.
Just let her go.
The Omnitrix first.
KEVIN: How 'bout the Omnitrix never? Aah! Unh! Ugh! Oomph! Oh.
How did I -- KEVIN: Told ya.
Ben! You're all right! SUNDER: The Omnitrix -- now! [grunts ] Oh, I'll give you the Omnitrix, all right.
[grunts loudly] Oh, not again! [grunts ] [grunts loudly] [grunting ] What is it with everybody wrecking my car?! Mind telling me what's going on here? Short answer -- energy axe plus Omnitrix equals dimensional displacement.
Which means your hand is probably wherever you just were.
My hand is in the Null Void?! How do we get it back? Simple.
All we have to do is reverse the polarity of the thing that displaced it in the first place.
The axe?! I said it was simple, not easy.
I won't ask again.
The Omnitrix! Is history -- gone, finito.
We don't have it.
You don't have it.
You can lie to me, but you can't lie to my scanner.
[ beeping ] Hey! What's the deal? I don't think it's gone.
I mean, I can still feel my hand.
[ roars ] Just shut it and follow my lead.
Forget the Omnitrix.
What if I told you I could get my hands on a praxian antimatter cannon for you? I'm listening.
I got another buyer coming later, but I'd much rather do business with someone trustworthy, like you.
Skip the sales pitch.
Just show me the antimatter cannon.
[ beeping ] [ beep] Brainstorm? [ beeping ] Gone, history, finito, eh? BRAINSTORM: Sunder! I implore you -- do not exact vengeance upon my veracity-impaired colleague.
I hereby definitively -- albeit reluctantly -- relinquish all claims on said Omnitrix and render it into your possession forthwith.
Hah! I believe the vernacular is "psych"! You will pay for your insults.
I sincerely doubt you would display such bravado were you cognizant of your imminent encounter with Humongousaur! Nyuh! Bring it on, tiny.
I can beat you with one hand tied behind another dimension.
[grunting ] Then again, maybe I could use a hand.
Maybe there is strength in numbers.
Lots of numbers.
Echo Echo! Aaaaaaaah! [warbling ] [warbling stops ] I don't need an axe to finish you off.
Neither do we.
Hyuh! Unh! Ohh! [growling ] [ beep] That's it.
I need a recharge.
Then we better get your hand back before he wakes up.
Keep the beam fixed on Ben's arm.
What are you doing?! This shot has to be just right.
And if it's not? Then bits of you get scattered across multiple dimensions.
Don't worry.
I'm pretty sure I can do this.
Pretty sure?! Will you just do it already?! Oops! Sorry.
My bad.
[ chuckles ] I meant to do that.
This time for real.
I'm really gonna do it.
Oh, for the love of -- [growls ] [whirring ] Aaaaaaaah! [warbling ] I'm back in one piece! Told you I could do it! I did it.
I'm the one who beat the bad guy single-handed.
Speaking of Sunder where'd he go? [snarls ] Give it back! I demand you give it back!