Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e08 Episode Script

If All Else Fails

[ crickets chirping ] [leaves rustle] [ rumbling ] [stone cracking ] [ cracking continues ] [sizzling ] I only had enough charge for one ray blast, but I knew I was faster than the Plutonean Having fun? Pros of camp-outs? Fresh air, barbecue burgers.
Cons of camp-outs? Your grandpa Max's old Plumber stories we've heard 10 times before.
You said you were gonna tell a story about my dad.
Ow! You know, a story's a lot like barbecue squid -- can't rush either one.
Squid? I-I thought those were hamburgers.
That would explain the tentacles.
[ rumbling ] [glass clinking ] [ clinking stops ] Whoa.
Feel that? Earthquake.
Station log -- my hibernation pod has opened.
That means the unthinkable has occurred -- the war is lost.
I must complete my final mission.
MAX: Zap! One shot took down the three of them.
Now all I had to worry about was the bomb.
But time was running out.
This is a regular burger, right? I see eyes and a beak in there.
Is that okay? [sighs ] I thought you liked weird food.
The deed is done.
Aaaaaaah! Grandpa? Grandpa! [grunts ] Are you sure you're okay? I'm fine.
Just got a little dizzy for a second.
Well, let's eat.
I can't.
You dumped my burger.
You dumped the whole grill, remember? MAX: That was the last of my ground squid, too.
I've got some hamburger meat in the freezer, though.
I guess we could eat that.
Well, you know, if you're out of the squid, what can we do? Drone seeds located and activated.
Command-and-control sequence activated.
Commencing command code self-test.
Wasn't hungry anyway.
Grandpa! W-what? It happened again.
We should get you looked at.
There's no need.
I'm fine.
Tell you what -- let's get some sleep, and if I'm still acting goofy in the morning, we'll see someone about it then.
Good night, kids.
[ crickets chirping ] [ yawns ] I'll get the chow.
Last time Max made breakfast, we had scrambled eggs and eyeballs.
Uh Hey, Tennyson, Gwen? Wakey-wakey.
Where's the Rust Bucket? Where's grandpa Max? Yeah, that's why I didn't let you sleep in.
Gwen, can you get a fix on him? Got him.
He's headed west.
Then so are we.
KEVIN: No dinner last night, no breakfast this morning.
What, are we on a diet? [engine turns over] [tires screech ] [ brakes hiss ] Seedling 3, reporting present.
Seedling 2, reporting present.
Sufficient animal biomass for fail-safe activation.
Activating final stage.
[ motors whirring ] [engine revving ] GWEN: We go off-road from here.
KEVIN: You sure? I'm sure.
[whirring ] [engine revving ] [tires screech ] What is it? I don't know, but that's grandpa Max inside.
Not for long.
[ beep] Spidermonkey! I think I can cut this thing open.
Come no closer to the seed pod, inferior filth.
A Highbreed? Lighten up, will ya? The war's over.
Perhaps, but our defeat will bring you nothing but sorrow, vermin.
I'm getting my grandpa out of there.
I'd step aside if I were you.
Aaaaaah! Ugh! You good? Nobody smacks him around but me! Aah! Ugh! Let's try hitting him all at once, not one at a time.
[ rumbling ] [ rumbling continues ] [ rumbling, roaring ] What is that thing? The end of the human infestation.
The end of our war.
KEVIN: Don't you watch the news? The war is over.
We're friends now.
Uh, could we go back to "the end of the human infestation" part? You are doomed.
Don't think so.
You're gonna tell me how to stop that thing, or I'm gonna have to hurt you! [ beeping ] Oh, figures.
Stupid Omnitrix.
I don't have time to toy with an inferior.
I go now to watch the destruction of your pitiful species.
[tires squeal ] [tires screech ] Come on.
We'll follow in my car.
BEN: Forget the car.
I've got a better idea.
[ beeping ] Way Big! Oh, man! Humungousaur.
I wonder if the Omnitrix is still under warranty.
[ roars ] [engine revving ] [tires screech ] HUMUNGOUSAUR: It barely knows I'm here.
Maybe I can get its attention! So not my day.
It just needs a good pruning.
[grunting ] Huh.
Usually, I'm murder on houseplants.
The problem is, grandpa Max is inside that thing, along with a bunch of other people, and we don't want to hurt any of them.
So far, not really a problem.
[grunting ] Good job, Ben.
Hold it still, and I'll look for weak spots.
Aaaah! Ugh! KEVIN: We've tried going easy, and we've tried going hard.
Now what? We don't know enough about that thing to stop it.
But maybe there's someone who does.
Slow it down.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Jetray! Would be nice if he'd let us in on the plan every once in a while.
Unh! Aaaaaah! [thump] Ugh! [grunting ] I was trying something.
[tires screech ] Weapons ready! GWEN: Don't! There are people inside that thing! I'm sorry about that, but that's Twin Mesa nuclear plant.
You understand what happens if we don't stop it? But Fire! Full power! Bring that bogey down! [guns cock ] Idiotic cattle.
You cannot hope to succeed.
Suppose we make you tell us how to stop it.
Unhand me, vermin! A lower life-form cannot force me to do anything.
But I can.
Who are you? He's Reinrassic III, seventh son of the noble Highbreed house of Di Rassa, direct descendant of the pure-blooded high order of Rasecht And personal friend of mine.
I am the Highbreed supreme.
Impossible! You are impure.
Look at your hand.
REINRASSIC: Yes, look at it.
You wear the imperial seal! My apologies, Highbreed supreme.
Then our people have not been exterminated.
But But I was only to be awakened if we lost the war.
The war has ended.
And it was settled peacefully, thanks to Ben Ben Tennyson.
Peacewith the humans.
Then what awakened me from hibernation? It must have been some sort of accident.
The earthquake.
Don't you see? Whatever the cause, your orders are clear -- Shut down that weapon.
Supreme one, I would deactivate it if I could, but once a fail-safe sprouts, nothing can stop it.
You mean that thing's got an "on" switch but no "off"? What good is a fail-safe if you can turn it off? We implanted post-hypnotic seeds in several dozen humans who had been our prisoners.
Those seeds were to be activated and the fail-safe process started only upon our demise.
So, what's it gonna do -- stomp us all to death? HIGHBREED: No.
The fail-safe needs a large power source to prime its destructive energies.
GWEN: And when it's primed? It will explode, and the resulting fallout will destroy your planet within minutes.
We're not gonna just stand here and let the brussels sprout that walks like a man nuke us, are we? No, but fighting it head-on hasn't worked.
So, who said "head-on"? All plants release gases in some way, right? So this one must have some kind of exhaust port.
And if we can find it, we can get inside and try to stop it from there.
Really? We're gonna climb up its exhaust port? You're going to climb.
[ beep] I'm going to fly.
Jetray! If you ever tell anybody about this [ nasally] Trust me --it'll be our secret.
What do you think would happen if I lit a match? Don't.
These are like veins.
And we're in its circulatory systemor something.
The little ones carry fluids.
The big ones exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen.
Then let's try and get to the center -- the heart or brain of this thing -- and shut it down.
I don't think they'll let us.
BEN: They're like germs.
So, it sent antibodies to stop us.
[ beep] Diamondhead! [gasps ] [groans ] What did you do? They're all attached to the walls by vines, like umbilical cords.
Or power cords.
[all groan ] No sign of grandpa Max.
So we keep looking.
GWEN: Are you sure this is the right way? Pretty sure.
GWEN: Grandpa! The fail-safe's using him as its brain.
Grandpa! [alarm blaring ] You're the only one who can stop it, grandpa.
Focus on my voice! The power of love isn't cutting it.
So let's do some cutting ourselves.
[grunts ] Any house I ever have is gonna have desert landscaping -- no plants! DIAMONDHEAD: Why didn't I think of it before? [ beep] Think of what? We're fighting a giant plant, and I've got an alien that can control plants.
[ beep] Swampfire! Can you control all this? Probably not.
But I should be able to cut the connection to grandpa Max.
[sighs ] So, Devlin Levin laid down cover fire while I defused the bomb.
[sighs ] Have I told this story before? All right, grandpa! That's what's up.
[soldiers cheering ] [ rumbling ] There's no brain making this thing stand anymore! If we're still inside when it falls over HIGHBREED: You have a bigger problem.
Here to finish the job, huh? As a matter of fact, insect, that is precisely why I'm here.
We'll fight you! You understand nothing.
My orders were to destroy you, so I unleashed this weapon.
Now my orders are to stop it, and so I shall.
This place is coming apart! If you stay here -- All the more reason for you to gather the other humans and leave this place.
Go! Ben Ben Tennyson! Is just fine, and so are we.
Thanks for asking.
You okay, grandpa? I am.
Good work, kids.
Yes, Ben Ben Tennyson.
You have once again done well.
Not that well.
The other Highbreed was in there.
He's the one who saved the power plant.
He was a soldier doing his duty.
There is no higher honor for a Highbreed.
GWEN: Just tell us -- are there any more Highbreed doomsday plans left on Earth we should know about? Absolutely not.
UmI will check the records.
Come on, Reiney.
I'll have Ship give you a ride home.
Grandpa, are you really okay? Yep.
I really am.
Except for one thing.
This little adventure has definitely put me off my vegetables.
[all groan ]