Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e14 Episode Script


[ crowd cheering ] Vilgaxia is safe again, sire.
The people love you.
Something wrong, my liege? I find their approbationhollow.
Begging your forgiveness, master -- how so? You are the conqueror of 10 worlds.
All bow down to your might and goodness.
Almost all.
Surely you don't let the fact that Ben Tennyson has repeatedly defied you -- Speak with care, Psyphon.
Your counsel is valuable, not irreplaceable.
Of course, master.
My point was simply that if you so chose, you could defeat Tennyson and wrest the Omnitrix from him.
I know you seek to goad me into reckless action, toad.
But know this -- I am closer than ever to controlling the Omnitrix's power.
I will free you from your prison, and in return, you will tell me what I wish to know.
The knowledge to defeat Ben Tennyson, the secrets of the Omnitrix! Tell me, then I will set you free.
Master, what are you thinking about? Revenge.
KEVIN: [grunting ] Didn't we already destroy this thing before? Whoa! Not this one.
Techadons are mass-produced battle robots.
LODESTAR: Too bad, so sad.
You just can't resist my magnetic personality.
[energy humming ] Don't let the gauntlet get away! Not this time.
Any last words? [electricity crackling ] Huh? You are a piece of junk! Omnitrix must return to Primus.
Who's Primus? Thanks.
Don't just thank me.
Turn into something and fight! Ugh! [ beep] How about some Humongousaur! Humongousaur? That function is not available.
Omnitrix must return to Primus.
What's that all about, Tennyson? I don't know.
It's never happened before.
Where are all my aliens? That function is not available.
Omnitrix must return to Primus.
Somebody named Primus is jamming the Omnitrix? Never heard of him.
Ugh! [ beeping ] Guys?! He's teleporting.
[all screaming ] Ugh! Dude! Sorry.
Didn't feel like being left behind this time.
It was a clean hit.
So, what is this place? Not a clue.
[ beeping ] And the flashing? Add it to the growing list of things I don't understand.
Incoming! You know, if I built the Omnitrix, I would've added a few improvements -- like making it work! Kevin? Got your backs.
They're after the Omnitrix! Good luck getting it off.
This thing's not going anywhere without yours truly.
Huh? Ha! Who's the hero? You're in trouble now! Take that! Choo-choo-choo! Choo-choo! And some of that.
Pa-dow, pa-dow, pa-dow! It isn't destroying them.
It's scanning them.
Taking DNA samples? Well, stop taking samples, and start taking names.
You're Mr.
Big-shot wielder of the Omnitrix.
Wield something.
Omnitrix has returned to Primus.
Ben Tennyson has fulfilled purpose.
Omnitrix must find creator.
Wait, what?! GWEN: Don't let it get away! I don't believe it.
The Omnitrix isgone.
I lost the Omnitrix.
Azmuth is gonna kill me! Dude, he's already so mad at you, it couldn't get any worse.
Really? No.
Whoa! Ugh! Must be some of the ones Gwen trashed.
Not a chance.
We're over a mile from where I was blasting them.
Now that you mention it, these are scorched, like from a ray gun.
So, we're not the only ones who've got a bone to pick with these things.
There's no rust, no moss.
The jungle hasn't grown over them.
Didn't happen very long ago.
Good reason to keep on moving.
[ birds screech ] [grunting ] Spidermonkey would so come in handy right about now.
Hey! After you, hero.
[ blades hacking ] The slugs, the mud -- ugh.
The complaining like a girl.
Excuse me? Sorry.
I was trying to insult Ben, and it got away from me.
Better get used to being you.
What if you never get the Omnitrix back? It's a legitimate question.
BEN: I've got to get it back.
I will get it back.
Without it, I'm -- Just a regular guy.
I know, I know.
Quit reminding me.
It's gonna take us all day to walk around this thing.
No, it won't.
Now, this is more like it -- no mud, nothing can touch us.
Aah! Ben! Aah! Kevin: I got this.
Ben? Kevin? Ben! Kevin! Where are you?! BEN: Up here.
[ coughs ] What part of "I got this" did you not understand? Ugh! This way.
[grunting in distance] Vilgax! GWEN: And Humongousaur? I'd say somebody else beat us to the Omnitrix.
It's got to be that Primus guy.
He and Vilgax must be working together.
KEVIN: Then why are they fighting? Oh, sure, I have to figure out everything? [growls ] [ roars ] A valiant effort, but not nearly good enough! Give me a minute.
I'm a little out of practice.
It's Azmuth.
Should have known.
The Omnitrix kept saying it was looking for its creator.
Let me tell you something, Vilgax, conqueror of 10 worlds -- Azmuth will defeat you! Azmuth will hunt you down, even though you're standing right here! You are no match for the awesomeness of Azmuth! [groans ] We've got to help him.
You can't fight Vilgax like this.
Stay here! To the victor goes the spoils.
Sorry to spoil your spoils.
Aah! If you two are here, then Tennyson cannot be far behind.
At last, the Omnitrix is mine.
Behold, the power of the Omnitrix.
VILGAX: [laughs evilly] Hmm.
[ beeping ] Ugh! Tell me how to use it.
Um no.
[grunts ] Omnitrix, I am your master now.
I command you Brainstorm! Big Chill! Ben Tennyson? Azmuth.
Everything's going to be okay.
Did you just "there, there" me? The Omnitrix teleported me and my friends to this planet.
Now you must gather them and leave this place while you still can.
But the Omnitrix -- Is no longer yours, Ben Tennyson.
Vilgax has it.
We can't let Vilgax -- I concur.
But its operation is beyond his abilities.
And I would die before revealing its secrets to him.
Now go, before -- VILGAX: Ben Tennyson! I know you are here somewhere.
If you ever wish to see your friends alive again, step forward.
KEVIN: [groans ] [groans ] AZMUTH: They're already lost.
There's nothing you can do.
I'll think of something.
Hero, remember? Vilgax! I'm here! Let them go! Ooh, good plan, Ben.
What? You wanted me to let Vilgax finish you off right then? I'll remember that next time.
Let's worry about this time first, huh? Ugh! I can't use my powers.
The headbands -- neural inhibitors.
Tell me, Tennyson, is there a key? A magic word? You'd have to ask Azmuth, not that he'd ever tell.
For your sake, pray that you are wrong.
For if he does not, the great Ben 10 and his friends shall be fed to the Codon stream.
Codon stream? That's bad, right? You amuse to the very end, Ben Tennyson.
[door opens ] What's a Codon stream? I thought that stuff was green lava.
Seriously? We're about to be boiled alive, and you want to learn a new vocabulary word? The Codon stream is the key to everything.
Azmuth! Quick, chew through our chains.
I am not a rodent.
Could have fooled me.
I just wished to thank you, all of you, for your service to the universe.
What?! We've had our differences, but I know your hearts are in the right place.
Although, if it were my design, I'd move your hearts a bit more to the center.
You're not gonna leave us here? What choice do I have? The power of the Omnitrix must be kept from Vilgax at all costs.
Why, you little -- How about that Primus the Omnitrix kept talking about? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? Can he help us? Primus isn't a man.
Primus is this whole planet -- an organic machine of my creation, a verdant world where the Codon stream contains the DNA of every sentient species in the universe.
Haven't you ever wondered how I was able to collect a sample of DNA from so many life forms? BEN: Those flying creatures that attacked me and took the Omnitrix.
AZMUTH: Volaticus biopsis.
I created those, too.
They wander the universe, seeking the DNA of sentient life.
In any event, when Vilgax arrived here, Primus felt threatened, so it summoned the Omnitrix home.
"Omnitrix must return to Primus.
" Exactly.
And you were attached to it, so you came, too.
Primus had previously alerted me to its distress, and I came here.
I knew the Omnitrix would not be far behind.
BEN: "Omnitrix must find creator.
" The Volaticus Biopsis brought it right to me.
Not the way I would have chosen to find out if the fail safe works.
It's always better to test these things in the lab than out in the field.
If all the DNA is here on Primus, what's inside the Omnitrix? [ chuckles ] Bright girl.
The Omnitrix is like a wireless device, communicating across the universe with the server that contains its database of DNA.
Without Primus, the Omnitrix is useless.
VILGAX: This world is important to you, eh, Azmuth? More important than your own life or those of these insipid children? That leaves me an intriguing option.
Tell me how to activate the Omnitrix, or I'll destroy the whole planet.
No! Ben! Azmuth can't help you.
He's just trying to protect me.
I'm the only one who knows how to work the watch.
That's not -- Button it, genius.
You'll make the Omnitrix work for me? If you let my friends go.
We have an agreement.
Teach me to operate the Omnitrix, and I'll free your friends.
But you, Ben Tennyson, will die.
All right.
I guess I have no choice.
Ben, no-o-o! I know what I'm doing, Gwen.
Since when? Ugh! Aah! Ugh! Show mehuman.
See, when you turn the dial, you have to be pushing in at the same time.
[ beep] Ben, no! The power is unbelievable.
I can do anything! Almost anything.
What did you do? I can't move.
I know.
I turned off Goop's artificial gravity.
[groans ] Who's the hero? BOTH: You are.
Everybody? You are.
All I ask for is a little credit.
Cannonbolt! Yeah, buddy.
Feels good to be back.
If I go, you go.
I've got a better idea.
Aah! Ugh! GWEN: You didn't do it on purpose, Ben.
The guy totally had it coming.
It is not over.
The bioenergy in the Codon stream, combined with -- VILGAX: Ben Tennyson! Prepare to meet your doom.
I don't think so.
Way Big! I will destroy you! Stop hitting yourself.
Stop hitting yourself.
Stop hitting yourself.
[laughs ] Classic.
AZMUTH: I suppose I'll have to move the planet and hide it again.
You're welcome.
KEVIN: Could you have acted more over-the-top when Ben gave in to Vilgax? [as Gwen ] "Ben, n-o-o-o!" I was just trying to help Ben trick Vilgax.
[ normal voice] Sure.
Keep telling yourself that.
But now we've got a giant Vilgax out there somewhere to worry about.
The effects of the Codon stream will wear off shortly.
Meaning we've just got a regular-size Vilgax to worry about.
So, uh, are we okay again? I mean, does this make up for -- Damaging my Omnitrix? No.
I shouldn't even allow you to leave with it.
But will you? You are welcome, Ben Tennyson.