Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e15 Episode Script

Time Heals

[sighs ] [ keyboard clacking ] Helen, anything? Nothing.
[ beeping ] [sighs ] I'm sick and tired of waiting around.
Let's go out and find some action.
No way, Manny.
The wrench told us to wait here.
So what? So, when he's not here, I'm in charge.
You want to go on a field trip? First you have to get by me.
Sounds like almost 10 seconds of pure entertainment.
[ knuckles crack ] [whoosh! ] Stop it, both of you! Yeah, what if Max sees us fighting like this? Oh, grow a spine, Alan.
Hey, leave him alone! [alarm beeping ] [whoosh ] It's an encrypted incoming message.
[ beeping continues ] I'm at Plumber research satellite delta.
Something's happening up here.
It's Ben.
He's -- [ thudding ] No time to explain.
We need your help.
Get here as soon as you -- [ crash ] Ohh! I've lost the signal! Well, find the signal! What do you think I'm trying -- wait! Something's coming through.
Ben? HUMONGOUSAUR: Are the little Plumber's helpers spying on me? Stay out of this! If you get involved, I promise, grandpa Max isn't the only one who's gonna get hurt! [grunts ] ALAN: I know it's kind of late, and you can totally ignore me, but I still think we should've waited for help.
Gwen and Kevin are on a mission halfway across the galaxy.
By the time they got back, it might be too late.
We'll handle this ourselves.
Who needs help? It's four against one.
It's four against Ben.
He taught us practically everything we know.
We did pretty well before we met him.
Anyway, Max has been training us, too.
And now he's in trouble, so we help.
Case closed.
Ben would never really hurt Max.
He sure sounded like he would.
For all we know, he's been brainwashed.
[ chuckles ] Or maybe he's got to lay eggs again.
We find Max.
He'll know what to do.
Until then [alarm beeping ] Proximity alarm.
We're here.
PIERCE: Plumber research satellite delta.
What's it for? To store technology too dangerous to keep on Earth.
[door slams ] We shouldn't be touching stuff! It's a remote access terminal.
I think I can use it to tap into the satellite systems.
MAX: If you're seeing this message, then you've made it to the satellite.
Good work.
I'm okay, but I'm hiding out in the cargo hold at the far end of the satellite.
Come and get me, but stick together.
The four of you need to work as a team.
[ pinging ] I'm on it! Wait! Magister Tennyson said [ pinging continues ] Max! It's Helen! We got your message! [whoosh ] [light fixture creaking ] Max? You can come out.
I'm here.
It's safe.
[thudding ] [zapping ] BEN: Oh, it's not safe.
Not for grandpa Max.
Not for you.
Oh! Ben, it's me, Helen! What's wrong with you? [grunting ] Echo chamber! [ pulsating ] Oh! [sighs ] [laughing ] Tell grandpa Max that I'm looking for him.
Helen! Are you okay? It was Ben.
Something's wrong with him.
- He's -- - He's toast! Which way did he go? I owe him a beatin'.
I didn't see, but he couldn't have gotten far.
Wait! Max said stick together! Manny and I work better as a team.
We'll find Ben.
You find Max.
Helen! That leaves you and me.
If Magister Tennyson isn't here, where would he go? Well, what if no, no, never mind.
Forget it.
It's stupid.
Go ahead, Alan.
The first time I met Ben, he tracked me through my Plumber's badge.
I thought maybe You thought right.
Good call.
[ pinging ] Come on, this way! There's some weird interference, but we're getting close.
[whoosh ] What was that? I said we're getting close.
Pierce? Did you just ditch me? [grunting ] Great.
Alan, it's Pierce.
Pick up! [ buzzing softly] He's jamming the communications channel.
But he can't jam the locator.
[electricity crackling ] Looking for this? [laughing ] Ben! Whatever's controlling you, you have to fight it! Help me, Pierce.
I can'tstop myself.
You're my only hope! Pierce: What can I do to help -- ohh! [laughs ] "What can I do to help?" You're pathetic! Timber! You can run but you can't hide! [ pounding ] Oh! This is dumb! I've looked everywhere, and I haven't found squat! [whoosh ] I found a command terminal.
MANNY: Our badges don't even work right in here.
What makes you think we can track him on a terminal? Whoever's jamming the badges needs the terminals.
They should still be -- got it! It's detected a life-form -- homo sapiens -- on the opposite side of the satellite.
You know why I like you? 'Cause you're not totally useless.
You're gonna spoil me with all the sweet talk.
[whoosh ] Hurry up, slowpoke! MANNY: Wait for me! [door slams ] [thud ] I know you're in here.
Come out and show yourself! The others might be afraid, but I'm not scared of you.
BEN: That's because the others are smarter than you.
[groans ] Aah, my blaster! You don't need it to take on little old me.
You got that right.
Too bad you're not fighting just little old me.
[snarls ] Rath! I always wanted a piece of you, anyway.
Let me tell you something, Manny Armstrong! You want a piece of Rath, you got a piece! But you just bit off an eye that's bigger than your stomach can chew! That made no sense.
[growls ] I know! Is that all you got? 'Cause that was weak.
[grunts ] You're not so tough.
I don't know why everybody's so scared of you.
Then let me show you, pip-squeak! [grunting ] Polaris pile-driver! Antarian arm bar! Ophiuchus face plant! Sirius butt kicking! [ panting ] So, was that "Sirius" like the star, or "serious" like important? Like the star! Justwondering.
[ moans ] Soare you scared yet?! Danger.
Gravity scope shutdown.
Central core damage.
Initiate emergency procedure.
Ohh! Ugh.
What's happening? Huh? Oh.
Hey, Helen.
Ben did this to you? Lucky punch.
Followed by a lucky hammerlock, a lucky kick, another lucky punch I see.
Then it all starts to get a little fuzzy.
But there were several more pieces of luck involved! Shh! I hear something.
He's coming back.
I'll hold him off.
Run! I'm not leaving you.
Whatever happens, we'll do this together.
I heard the commotion.
You two okay? Great.
Never better.
PIERCE: Have you seen Alan? Not since we left you guys.
We'll fan out and find him.
[sarcastically] Yeah, great plan.
We'll split up so Ben can pick us off one at a time.
You got a better idea? Yeah, we stick together until we find them! But I can cover more ground by -- We stick together! Hello? Anybody in here? [gasps ] Ben! Where are the others, Alan? Uh, I'm not sure.
That's too bad.
You should've stayed with them.
Big Chill! You're out of your league, Alan.
You're the weakest one, and you know it! Your teammates know it, too.
HELEN: Don't listen to him, Alan! He's just trying to get in your head.
Can't phase through this! You had your chance, Ben.
You don't get another one.
[laughs ] No! I had him! I had him, and he got away! PIERCE: No.
We had him.
Don't you see? Separately, we're no match for him.
But together? Together, we sent him running.
Hey, he's right.
Ben ran away -- from us! Okay.
Let's say I buy what you're selling.
Now what? I still think I can tap into one of these terminals and use it to find Max.
All we need to do is -- ALL: [grunting ] [ rumbling ] W-why does that keep happening? Maybe it has something to do with Ben 's plan.
You think he's controlling the satellite? There's only one way to find out.
Let's get to the bridge.
Helen can check things from there, right? Sure.
Plus, I could access the main computer and find Max.
BEN: Took you long enough to get here.
I was starting to feel a little neglected.
We already beat you once, Ben.
Maybe you should start running.
Maybe you should wake up, Pierce.
I've been three steps ahead of you all day.
I've outflanked you.
I've outpowered you.
And I haven't even been trying.
This satellite is a dangerous place.
I told you kids not to come here.
HUMONGOUSAUR: [growls ] Humongousaur! Helen, I need a decoy! On it! Alan! Cover me! [growls ] Keep discipline, and follow my lead! We're running away? No! We're fighting as a team! Attack together and keep him off balance! Nah! Aaaaaah! [ roars ] Helen! [alarm beeping ] I can't believe we won.
I can't believe we just blew Ben Tennyson into outer space! You don't think he's Humongousaur's strong enough to survive out there for a few minutes.
How are we supposed to get him? Our ship is gone.
I'll find Max.
He'll know what to do.
This can't be right.
Bad news? Really bad news.
When Manny and Rath trashed the command hub, the control systems took a hit.
The satellite's losing orbit.
If that projection is right, it's going to crash into the city of London.
Millions of people.
Can the computer do something? Can we change the flight path? Flight path? There's no flying involved.
The satellite's gonna crash, and there's no way to stop it.
I can think of one way.
We blow up the satellite before it can crash.
Any three Plumber's badges give us the authority to set the auto-destruct.
Leave them with me.
I'll set it to blow up and meet you guys on our ship in a couple of minutes.
Our ship that we blew out the air lock.
I don't like where this is going.
But there's no other way.
Sacrifice ourselves and save millions of lives? It's worth it.
We wanted to be Plumbers.
This is what Plumbers do.
Thanks, guys.
We made a great team.
Self-destruct in 5 4 3 2 1 I uh, notice we're still here.
All the damage to the computer systems.
Maybe I can jury-rig it.
MAX: I think I've seen enough.
Max? I can't believe you guys ejected me into space! That's -- that's just wrong! What's going on here? Let me use the emergency thrusters to put us back into a safe orbit, and then I'll explain.
This satellite isn't a storage facility.
It's a training station.
This was all just a test? The "Ben being out of control and attacking me" scenario was a test.
But not the "satellite about to crash into London" part.
We really knocked this thing out of orbit.
Cool! What?! You put the safety of others ahead of your own lives.
Next stop, Plumbers' academy.
Did he just say "Plumbers' academy"? We're gonna be real Plumbers.
Make me proud.