Ben 10: Alien Force (2008) s03e16 Episode Script

The Secret of Chromastone

[engine revving ] [tires screech ] Come on, come on! Move it! [ horn honking ] Oh, that's how it's gonna be? - Kevin! - What? Anger management! Appropriate response? KEVIN: Yeah, okay.
No missiles.
We're going off-road! [engine revs, tires squeal ] [tires squeal ] [ horn honks ] BEN: [ coughs weakly] I don't think I'm gonna make it.
Hang in there, hero.
We're almost there.
[engine revs ] [tires squeal ] Look! There it is! [tires screech ] May I take your order? One mango-blueberry with extra Echinacea, stat! [sniffles ] Ah-choo! [sniffles ] [ nasally] Better make it a double.
Okay, Ben, it's just a common cold.
There's nothing common about this cold, Gwen.
It's epic! [ blows nose] You are completely disgusting.
Use a tissue.
I was gonna wipe my hands on my pants.
I swear, Ben, you're gonna get us all sick.
Here you go, Tennyson.
An old Levin family cure.
Really? Smoothies? KEVIN: Nah.
The smoothy is so you'll be able to choke down the real cure.
It's bitterroot.
They call it that because Ugh! KEVIN: Anyway, it's good for a cold.
Also, it's supposed to ward off bear attacks.
Drink up.
[ muffled speaking ] What? He says he can't.
His lips are puckered shut.
You can understand that? You should be a dentist.
[engine roaring ] We got company.
Tetrax! Good to see -- ah-- ah-choo! [splat ] Sorry.
Come on, man! I apologized for sneezing on you! Ben Tennyson give me Chromastone! Unh! What do you want with Chromastone?! Use the Omnitrix now! Give him to me! Hey, wait! Don't! Diamondhead! You're not Chromastone! Yeah, I tried to warn you.
But you -- you -- you -- ah-choo! [sniffles ] [tire pops ] Didn't you hear Gwen? Use a tissue.
I sense Chromastone within you.
Where is he?! If you'd lighten up for a second, I'd explain.
Let me explain it to him.
[grunting ] [grunting ] [ click, whooshing ] DIAMONDHEAD: What are you doing?! TETRAX: What must be done! [vibrating ] DIAMONDHEAD: Idon't feelso I'mcomingapart! Stop! You're hurting him! For that, I am truly sorry.
Ben? Are you okay? Not Ben.
He's right.
He's Chromastone.
I'm Ben.
How [sighs ] Like I ever understood how this works.
Is it time? Very nearly.
[ high-pitched tone] It is done.
I go now to fulfill my destiny.
I didn't know Chromastone could fly.
He can do far more than that.
Why don't you tell us all about it? After we put me back together? [ clinking ] Okay, that's pretty much all of you.
"Pretty much"? It's all we could find.
GWEN: Wait! What are you gonna do with that? Change him back.
We don't know what'll happen if I transform when I'm in pieces like this.
Doesn't matter.
Eventually, it's gonna time out anyway.
Everything where it's supposed to be? Ah-choo! Just like before.
How does a silicon-based life-form get a cold, anyway? I've never had one.
From touching doorknobs.
Doorknobs and keyboards are covered with germs.
That wasn't what I -- never mind.
What do we do with Tetrax? Let him go.
He's about to start explaining himself, right? I'm sorry I upset you, Ben.
This was the only way I could redeem myself.
For helping Vilgax? For betraying my people.
For it was I, and I alone, who sold Vilgax a sacred crystal with unlimited power.
A power he used to destroy my home planet, Petropia.
Because of my own selfishness, I was cursed to wander the universe alone -- the last of my kind.
But recently, I discovered a chance for redemption.
You see, neither Vilgax nor I understood the true nature of the crystal.
Since the beginning of time, our people's memories and DNA have been encoded into the crystal's molecular lattice.
GWEN: So it's a backup drive for the whole planet? TETRAX: And everyone who lived there.
Once I understood the truth, I stole it from Vilgax and brought it here to Chromastone, who was created to be the guardian of the sacred crystal.
He will carry it back home.
And when our solar system's three stars are in a rare alignment, he will channel the crystal's limitless power to regenerate Petropia and its people.
You could have just told us.
There wasn't time.
The stars are coming into alignment even as we speak.
Is that shooting star part of it? TETRAX: Shooting star? That's no shooting star! That's Vilgax! Where is my crystal? Maybe I should have stayed in bed after all.
You stole from me, Tetrax.
Give me what is mine, and your death will be quick.
Get behind me! Fool! I'll handle him! Way Big! Aw, man! Stupid Omnitrix! [grunts ] Get ready to rumble, Vilgax, 'cause Humongousaur's gonna -- gonna -- [sniffles ] gonna -- KEVIN: He's gonna blow! Ahhhhh-choo! [splat ] GWEN: Ugh! Gesundheit.
You are so washing that.
[growls ] Aah! Unh! We can't beat him like this! Fall back and regroup! Jetray! Cowards! There's nowhere you can hide from me! It's almost time.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a -- Huh? Unh! I'll squash you like the insignificant insect you are! Unh! Flying's no fun if everybody can do it.
Aw, man! Ben! Aah! Unh! Unh! I've got an idea.
Keep him busy.
[engine sputters ] [splat ] [engine turns over] [tires squeal ] [engine revs ] The crystal, Tetrax! There is no escape for you! [engine revs ] [engine revs ] [tires squealing ] Fools! You're just prolonging the inevitable! [grunts ] [ roars ] See? Told you I had a plan.
I've got another one, too.
Do you ever have a plan that doesn't involve crawling around in the sewers? You're welcome.
And stop whispering.
We're half a mile away from where Vilgax is looking.
Good point.
Even with his superhearing, he can't pick us out over all the people talking in the desert.
Ah-ah-choo! [sneeze echoing ] Come on.
What are the odds that he -- Give me the crystal! Will this do? [grunts ] Unh! I can't hold him back! Bet I can! Echo echo! Ahhhhh-choo! Aah! Unh! You did it! Was there ever any doubt? Plenty of doubt over here.
[ roars ] [Gwen and Ben scream ] [gasps ] I'll only ask once more.
Where is my crystal?! You'll never find it! Yeah, 'cause that Chromastone dude took it halfway across the galaxy.
Really? Ow! Too much information? Unh! [ crack ] Nice going, motormouth.
Oh, come on.
How's he gonna find him in the whole universe? I have to stop him.
We're going with you.
I wouldn't argue with her.
There's really no point.
I wonder if I should really be flying with this cold.
What if my head explodes? Don't worry.
In space, no one can hear you sneeze.
CHROMASTONE: It is done.
Petropia lives again.
And soon, her people will live again, as well.
Unh! Unh! Chromastone.
I believe you have something that belongs to me.
I beg of you -- do not do this! Why not? The crystal is mine! I paid for it! You're nothing but a common thief! Billions of lives are at stake! You should be concerned with preserving your own life.
BEN: There it is! Petropia.
I never thought I'd see it again.
But where's Chromastone? Look -- down there! He's in trouble! Hurry! [groans ] Any last words? I mustsave my people.
Have mercy! Mercy? Never heard of it.
Aah! [groans ] [whooshing ] No! Give it back! You bore me, Tetrax.
That fool! Using all of the crystal's power just to reassemble a dead world.
All this for nothing! I'll show you "nothing"! Come back and fight! The crystal? It's dead.
And Chromastone? Then all is lost.
[ moans ] No.
The stars are still aligned.
There is still time.
[ high-pitched tone] ButI'm too weak to continue.
What are you supposed to do? I don't know.
But Diamondhead does.
He's done it! That was incredible! Everyone on the planet is alive again! Not everyone.
CHROMASTONE: Yes, Ben -- everyone.
Chromastone you're alive! Not Chromastone.
He is still in your Omnitrix.
I am Sugilite, guardian of Petropia.
I think this belongs to you.
I am in your debt, as are all crystal sapiens.
[ crowd cheering ] We're never gonna hear the end of this, are we? Not ever.
BEN: Thanks for the ride home, Tetrax.
It's the least I can do, Ben.
We don't want to hold you up.
You must be anxious to get back to your friends.
I am.
But first, I have a score to settle with Vilgax.
Are you sure that's such a great idea? I mean, he's pretty much invulnerable.
Maybe not.
VILGAX: Ah-choo! Ah-choo! I don't believe this! Ah-choo! Ah-choo!