Berlin Station (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Station to Station

1 Johnny's in America, low techs at the wheel I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [Indistinct conversation.]
[Elevator dings.]
Clear so far.
[Ominous music plays.]
[Tires screech.]
Four coming your way.
Got it, thanks.
[Alarm ringing.]
[Woman speaking indistinctly over P.
[Excited chatter.]
[Alarm continues.]
- [Suppressed gunshot.]
- Aah! [Woman screams.]
Where is it? Where is it, Daniel? [Birds shrieking.]
[Shrieking continues.]
[Animals calling.]
[Radio static.]
[Radio chatter and static.]
Woman: another CIA breach.
Have you heard of Thomas Shaw? Well, he's the source Man: You say jihadi.
I say Maserati.
[Radio chatter continues.]
Woman: and they're not telling the truth.
Thomas Shaw is exactly what we need right now.
He needs to know.
- Is he on yet with Langley? - Almost.
- No interruptions.
- Thanks, Sheila.
I'm on with the deputy in three.
- In two.
- It's about Thomas Shaw.
You can't keep avoiding my memos on this.
Au contraire, Daniel, I can, and I will.
I tracked a pattern in the digitized sign-in logs at the Berlin newspaper that have been publishing his leaks.
Oh, Jesus.
You know, I pegged you for a loner, not a freaking stalker.
Claudia Gartner, German national.
I think she is the courier between Thomas Shaw and the reporter.
Claudia just paid another visit to the newspaper.
I am telling you Shaw is about to strike.
- Get the hell out of here.
- Fine.
Woman: Jemma Moore on the line, sir.
When the next Shaw leaks drops in two days time, you're buying.
Ma'am, I apologize.
I will leave you two be.
What's this about Thomas Shaw? Peter can explain everything.
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Mid-tempo Latin music plays.]
Un otro, por favor.
- Una margarita, por favor.
- Bueno.
You look like you could use the company.
What brings you to Panama, Matthew? I work in finance like everybody else.
Woman: We return now for breaking news coverage.
Man: The CIA has taken another hit.
A new leak from anonymous whistleblower Thomas Shaw has targeted the U.
Embassy in Berlin.
It's hometown to Shaw's mouthpiece, journalist Ingrid Hollander of the Berliner Zeitung.
The Berlin newspaper has published damning information on CIA tactics.
The details are emerging of midnight disappearances of suspected terrorists Your name's not Katherine, is it? No, it isn't, Daniel.
Woman: A hurricane upgraded The Deputy Director was impressed with your prediction.
She wants you on Shaw's trail starting with the courier.
Your mission will be solely under her purview.
Your colleagues at Berlin Station, they'll take it as a normal transfer.
You'll have one week to begin investigating, and the station will think you've just arrived.
Back to your roots.
You're on the next plane.
Thanks for the margarita.
[Siren wails in distance.]
[Crow caws.]
[Dishes clink.]
[Indistinct conversation.]
[Siren wails in distance.]
[Man speaks indistinctly over P.
[Indistinct talking.]
[Air hisses.]
[Indistinct talking.]
Riverrun, past Eve and Adams Jemma: From swerve of shore to bend of bay.
What's your status? It's only been a week.
I've seen nothing that looks like contact between the courier and Thomas Shaw.
I hope you're right about this connection.
Listen, Shaw has dropped four leaks in two months.
Warsaw, Bucharest, Sao Paulo, and Berlin.
I'm the only person who's found a connection between them.
Shaw's courier is here, operating out of Berlin.
Good luck tomorrow.
[Siren wails in distance.]
[Techno music playing.]
[Music continues.]
It looks like you could need a coffee.
Let me buy you one.
Come this way.
So, uh, what's so important we have to meet on the street? The brothers crossed into Syria yesterday meeting with Islamic State representatives.
Are you certain? I suppose they'll want to see the operations themselves before promising any funds.
So the brothers are gonna enjoy some ISIL hospitality, write a few fat checks, then home to Uncle Crown Prince.
Thank you.
Next time, we meet at the safe house, okay? Okay, what's wrong? After two years, you ask that.
Don't make me say the words, Hector.
- This way, sir.
- Morning.
Thank you.
[Detector beeps.]
Here you go.
Daniel Miller, Office of Regional Affairs.
[Elevator dings.]
- Daniel.
- Hi.
Valerie Edwards.
Welcome to Berlin.
How was your flight? Oh, redeyes and I don't really get along.
Well, you'd never know it.
Let's get you a cup of government coffee.
So, what's the fallout since the Shaw leak? Well, we're on thin ice with the Germans.
So until everything settles, everybody has to be at their most charming.
Do my best.
Thomas Shaw be damned.
This station still runs like a Swiss watch.
It can also be an insane asylum.
You didn't hear that from me.
Case in point, your esteemed predecessor, Gerald Ellman.
Don't let the stiff look fool you.
Put a couple of rounds in him, and he softens like wax.
- Agota, give me a moment.
- Hey.
- Give me five.
We'll talk transition.
- You got it.
It's more than a few, as you know.
Are you kidding me? God damn it.
Who do I have to fuck around here to get a network connection for Chrissakes? - Valerie.
- And this is Robert Kirsch.
- Daniel Miller.
- Hi there.
Your reputation precedes you.
What's my reputation? Deputy Chief, sir.
- Welcome to Berlin.
- Thank you.
Johnson! So Moscow, Panama.
Slum it up in the field for a tour, then S.
? Then the White House.
Well, a decade as an analyst certainly doesn't hurt.
You might understand better than some of these hotshots what we're supposed to be doing.
If you say so.
Apparently, you learned German the right way.
You grew up here? Yeah, my father was stationed at Andrews Barracks until '84.
Military intelligence.
That gives a boy something [chuckling.]
to live up to, no? So they say.
Good memories? Frankfurter Wurstchen.
Mom taking me to the park to play soccer.
How old were you when she died? Well, headquarters must have a rather cruel sense of irony sending you back here just for a promotion.
I don't think headquarters knows what irony is.
Well, you are very lucky to be inheriting Gerald's agents.
He spent a long time recruiting them.
[Telephone beeps.]
Valerie Edwards.
- Hang on.
- Just When he's done shaking hands with the Germans, I will introduce you to Steven Frost.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me.
Danke schoen.
It would still be warm if you were on time.
If you're not used to me by now, Hans, you're never going to be.
How's Ulrich? Irritable, irritating.
Now he wants a child.
Well, you wouldn't be the worst father.
So, let's cut to the chase.
Have you seen today's Berliner Zeitung? "Thomas Shaw and the end of state secrets.
" I mean, come on, just kick me.
The last leak cost you the good will of the Chancellor.
CIA moles in refugee centers.
Steven, what were you people thinking? Aren't you glad we stopped tapping your cellphone? [Chuckles.]
Well, well, well.
Look at you.
I thought you'd arrive pale and meek, a body sculpted by La-Z-Boy.
You don't look a day over 60.
You and me joined at the hip again that's either fate or a cosmically bad idea.
With you, Hector, it's one and the same thing.
Robert: Hector! You and me, drinks.
His feelings? This isn't about me.
He wants to know how much he's worth.
He wants me to show him how important he is.
An officer in the Saudi General Intelligence Directorate? Fuck right, he's important.
Faisal's giving me an ultimatum.
He's giving us an ultimatum.
Okay, so, obviously that's not an option, so buy him a boyfriend.
This is fucking Berlin.
He's not out cruising, Robert.
He's in love with me.
He's in love with you? And this might be a condition of him staying.
- - [Beeping.]
So, why the move to Budapest? My wife's Hungarian.
She's traveled enough for me.
It's time to return the favor.
Besides, I don't I want my sons hitting puberty in anything-goes Berlin.
Well, I guess I got out before the fun started.
Isn't that just too cute? "I brake the law for Thomas Shaw.
" Here's my bumper sticker "I stop terrorist attacks for ungrateful assholes.
" Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Thomas Shaw add them up, they're still a fucking zero.
- [Car alarm chirps.]
- Zero? Yeah, end of the day, we're still open for business.
We always have, always will.
Case officers get blown.
Foreign agents rot in jail.
Years of intelligence gets flushed down the toilet all because of Shaw? That's not zero.
No, he's a piece of shit, I'll give him that.
He'll go away soon enough.
And then it's carry on, cowboy.
Gerald: Kevin will be taking over my casework.
Same arrangements as always available whenever you need him.
When Dieter calls, it's priority number one.
Daniel: Okay.
Hans Richter is more worried than he lets on about the Thomas Shaw Leaks.
We're all worried.
Will Hans give us access, finally? We've been monitoring the newspaper's electronic traffic e-mails, search results, everything that moves outside their internal servers.
We began to see they were fact-checking the leaks before publishing the story.
Is there any traffic right now? I won't know until Friday's meeting.
Why wasn't this shared with us? [Chuckles.]
He hasn't met Hans.
[Siren wails in distance.]
The country that catches Shaw first, Kevin, or whatever your name is, gets all your files.
Not just CIA intelligence, but files shared by all client countries.
Hans didn't so much as say it, but I know he wants us to drop the ax on someone.
It's like a-a token accountability gesture to make amends.
We were helping out at a fucking refugee center.
Does that not count for anything? So what you're saying is, is you want to fire somebody at the bottom who bore absolutely no responsibility whatsoever? That's the answer? Well, what do you suggest? Steven resigns? You want me to quit? Oh, no, not you, Robert.
What would we ever do without you? I know what you'd do.
Enough, you two.
No one's going anywhere.
Who are you? Daniel Miller.
I'm the new Deputy Liaison.
Here's my report on Colander.
Gerald took me to meet with him today.
Day 1 and off to the races, huh? Keeper.
As in keep it up.
Don't let it go to your head.
Thank you, Daniel.
Thank you Daniel.
[Bell tolling.]
[Children speaking indistinctly.]
[Crow caws.]
[Tolling continues.]
[Tolling stops.]
[Speaks indistinctly.]
She's meeting with Hollander, the journalist.
Looks like a hand-off for the next Shaw leak.
You should brace headquarters.
[Laughter, techno music playing.]
Not the Berlin you remember, right? I was 12 when I left, so not quite.
Give us a second.
Want to meet Shirley? Who? Shirley Pimple, the Queen of Berlin.
- You rang, darling? - Hi, honey.
Shirley, this is Daniel.
Daniel, this is Shirley.
All Hector's friends, undsoweiter.
I was hoping somebody had been keeping him out of trouble.
I'm guessing that's not you.
Depends on your definition of trouble.
Whoa, not the one with the strawberry.
What? I'm fucking with you.
Welcome home, Daniel.
[Train tracks rattle in distance.]
Woman: Good afternoon.
Another Thomas Shaw leak, another day of damage control for the Central Intelligence Agency.
The Berliner Zeitung reported today on a new set of Thomas Shaw documents that revealed the identity of a German intelligence operative who's been on the CIA payroll since 2012.
Just minutes ago, we witnessed the arrest of Dieter Klaus, ranking member of the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz, Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution.
Man: The second leak in as many weeks to expose CIA operations in Berlin.
Holy shit, Gerald's fucked.
Let's get Gerald to a safe house.
So what happens now? We wait.
Man: Yeah.
Just just put it on the chair there, will you? Man #2: What's going on here? [Phone ringing.]
Shred these, please.
Yeah, I understand completely.
[Replaces receiver.]
We need to talk about Gerald's transfer to Budapest.
The second that Gerald's agent was outed, the Budapest post was off the table.
I'm not asking for his PCS assignment.
I am asking that he stay with his wife and children in Budapest.
Budapest? With all that intel in his head? You think Langley would allow that? No.
Gerald's going stateside to be processed.
Three years minimum, end of story.
Gerald has worked six stations on three continents.
I think he's deserved a bit more than a "fuck you.
" Ooh.
You're lucky you're not on a plane.
I'll let him know.
So What? Are we next? Not the time, Robert.
Really? Feels like the fucking time to me, Steven.
Steven? [Indistinct conversations, phones ringing.]
Everyone, a moment, please.
Um, whoever Thomas Shaw is he sure has it in for Berlin Station.
We're the first to be hit twice, and today we lost an agent.
But please, let's not react from the gut.
First order of business is to comb our assets.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
I know we're all worried about ourselves.
I understand human nature, self-preservation.
We want to see if our dirty laundry's gonna be hung out.
I get it.
I have one request.
If you're holding on to something that could damage you and by extension, this station, come to me with it first, so we can get ahead of this thing together.
I can't pretend that I can save your job, but I can promise you that I will stand with you because your honesty now could save the rest of us.
Back to it then.
Woman: We here at the Berliner Zeitung applaud Thomas Shaw for his bravery.
- It takes great courage - [Door opens.]
to go up against the might of the Central Intelligence Agency - and criticize its methods.
- [Door closes.]
But enough is enough.
We are proud to stand with Shaw as he crusades for truth.
Oh, could you please turn that fucking thing off? Look, I'm not gonna insult you by sugarcoating this.
With Colander blown, it's just a matter of time before he gives your name to the Germans if he hasn't already.
I'm aware, Valerie.
Tell me about Budapest.
It's no longer an option.
Agota's waited years.
Her whole family's there.
This was our deal.
I know.
But if you go to Budapest, Agota and the boys, not just you, will be living under a cloud for the rest of your lives.
You could get plucked off the streets, and you know that better than anyone.
[Inhales sharply.]
I have a secure transport waiting for you downstairs to take you home.
And tomorrow, I will drive you and Agota and the boys to the airport.
Valerie: Then D.
- [Sighs.]
- Oh.
I hate it when you're late.
I was tied up.
Valerie was like Shh, shh, shh.
That's the rule.
We can't.
I can't.
I can't.
- What? What? - Not in this climate.
Can't what? - [Sighs.]
- Can't even look at me? I'm trying not to be a hypocrite.
Since when does a CIA employee worry about hypocrisy? Well, ever since Thomas Shaw bopped into town.
I mean, come on.
How would you like it if your name was dragged through the press? Hm? Beside yours? What are you scared of? Oh, gee, I don't know.
That it'll be exposed that I'm sleeping with my secretary.
You know what I mean.
Just go.
- Sandra.
- Go.
[Cash register beeping.]
- - [Indistinct conversation.]
[Lock clicks.]
Where have you been? You know how long I've been here? We should be at the safe house.
[Chuckles lightly.]
You're not looking at me, Hector.
How much time do you think I have left? Take a breath, Faisal.
That's not what I want.
We we can't do this.
By whose rules? People make them up in air-conditioned offices.
They're not for us.
Not here.
I have to go.
I can't take this anymore.
We're done.
It's over, Hector.
Don't say that, please.
It's over.
No, no, don't say that.
Come on.
[Siren wails.]
[Bell jingles.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
Oh, yeah.
[Coin clicks, machine whirs.]
[Ominous music plays.]
"Stop all deliveries.
" [Mid-tempo music plays.]
Friederike? Oh, no.
Damn! I was hoping it was you.
Blind date.
I hope it's not her.
Are you kidding me? I just got stood up.
I'm sorry.
Can I buy you a drink? I'm fine.
Have a good night.
Excuse me? [Speaks German haltingly.]
It is not my night.
Stefan? Stefan! [Speaks German.]
Uh Sure you don't want another one? [Speaks German.]
[Speaks German.]
You, uh, new to Berlin? Not exactly.
Danke schoen.
To being stood up.
- It's not your night.
- That was very exciting.
[Both laugh.]
[Engine shuts off.]
Where's Agota and the boys? [Engine starts.]
Will you, please? [Sighs.]
All set.
God, you look beautiful.
Thank you.
Shall we? You look like you've had the kind of day a charity gala won't fix.
[Woman speaking German .]
[TV mutes.]
When the leak came out yesterday, for a moment, I hoped your name would be in the headline.
I mean, seriously, Steven.
Losing a job that's brought you so little happiness.
Maybe Herr Shaw is doing us both a favor.
Would retirement be so terrible? I do look good in tennis whites.
Provence that stale old dream.
So, I get that you really like Berlin.
- What's not to like? - [Laughs.]
It's incredible art, great night life, beautiful Oh.
You're quite the charmer, Kevin.
Dutch courage.
This helps.
Where are you from? I'm from here.
Army brat.
My parents demonstrated against your parents.
Did they get what they wanted? Do any of us get what we want? I hope I'm pretty close.
Listen, can I can I confess something to you? Friederike doesn't exist.
I just I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.
I would invite you up, but I have to be at work early.
Of course.
It was really nice to meet you.
Can I can I take you out on a proper date? Maybe dinner? [Both laugh.]
Tomorrow? Tomorrow sounds good.
Good night.
[Footsteps recede.]
Listen, Hector.
The brothers you worry so much about, once they get back to Riyadh, I'd advise that they keep a close eye on Aleksandre Iosava's bank accounts.
He's laundering money through gas stations.
Iosava, the Georgian.
Thank you.
Next week? Has to be the safe house.
[Door opens.]
Robert: Aleksandre Iosava? Headquarters has been pushing this fucking name for weeks.
Look, we can't go opening the accounts of every Islamic radical in Europe.
If a pair of ISIL-loving Saudi brothers are contributing to Iosava You believe it? Faisal's never steered us wrong.
Okay, fine.
Do what I can about getting into Iosava's accounts.
But but you know what pisses me off about guys like Iosava? That they don't even make good bad guys.
In the Cold War, we had the Russians amazing.
Before that, the Nazis with their with their pressed uniforms and jackboots.
They fucking owned it, you know what I mean? This this jackass Iosava, he can't even admit he's a terrorist.
That's bullshit.
It burns me up.
Okay, we done here? Why? You got something better to do than absorb a little truth and wisdom? Hey.
What happened with with Faisal? Did you deal with that? I'm still working on it.
[Door closes.]
[Horn blares.]
Jemma, this is Daniel Miller, our new Deputy Liaison.
Daniel, Jemma Moore.
Happy to be here, Deputy Director.
Glad to hear it.
Don't worry.
Not here to get in the way, just making nice with the Germans.
[Phone ringing.]
[Beep, buzzer, door opens.]
[Door closes.]
[Lock clicks.]
[Door opens, closes.]
[Car horns honking.]
Give us a moment? Did you get in contact with the courier? We have a date.
And that will tell you what, exactly? I'll find out tonight.
Time isn't on our side.
You find Shaw, you come home in garlands.
And if I don't? [Train rumbling.]
[Cellphone rings.]
- Ja? - Kevin? Hi, it's Claudia.
Oh, hey, I'm on my way.
Yeah, good.
Yeah, uh, yeah.
I just went to the store, and I am running a little late.
I need like 15 minutes.
Well, that's not very German of you.
I'll give you 16.
Okay, see you soon.
[Glass shatters.]
[Indistinct talking.]
[Woman and man speaking excitedly in German.]
[Excited speaking continues.]
[Woman screams.]
[Excited speaking continues.]
[Line ringing.]
Shaw isn't just a whistleblower.
He's a murderer.