Berlin Station (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Lights Don't Run on Loyalty

1 Previously on "Berlin Station" Reporter: The CIA has taken another hit.
A new leak from anonymous whistleblower Thomas Shaw has targeted the U.
Embassy in Berlin.
Woman: The Deputy Director wants you on Shaw's trail starting with the courier.
The station will think you've just arrived.
You and me joined at the hip again that's either fate or a cosmically bad idea.
With you, Hector, it's one and the same thing.
We can't do this.
By whose rules? They're not for us.
I'd advise that they keep a close eye on Aleksandre Iosava.
He's laundering money through gas stations.
Hector: Iosava, the Georgian.
Do what I can about getting into Iosava's accounts.
Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Thomas Shaw add them up, they're still a fucking zero.
Reporter: The Berliner Zeitung reported today on a new set of Thomas Shaw documents that revealed the identity of a German intelligence operative Holy shit, Gerald's fucked.
Valerie: Gerald deserved a bit more than a "fuck you.
" Whoever Thomas Shaw is he sure has it in for Berlin Station.
- We can't.
I can't.
- What are you scared of? That it'll be exposed that I'm sleeping with my secretary.
When the leak came out yesterday, for a moment, I hoped your name would be in the headline.
Losing a job that's brought you so little happiness.
Daniel: Claudia Gartner, German national.
I think she is the courier between Thomas Shaw and the reporter.
Shaw isn't just a whistleblower.
He's a murderer.
[David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" plays] Johnny's in America, low techs at the wheel I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [Ominous music plays] [Hinges creak] [Cat meows] [Clicks tongue] [Meows] [Smooches] [Purring] Come here.
[Meows] [Indistinct conversations] [Sniffles] [School bell rings] [Speaks German] - Hey.
- Hey.
Uh [Siren wails in distance] [Keyboard clacking] [Bubbling] Steven: You've seen Hector's report that the Saudi brothers are funding Aleksandre Iosava.
But that's all we've got at the moment.
Tbilisi buys it.
Their intel says Let's stop having the same conversation.
I need something tangible I can pitch to Langley.
Can I remind you that six days ago, a German intelligence officer was outed as one of our agents? We're walking on eggshells here.
What's more important safeguarding our interests or playing to Angela Merkel's feelings? Maybe it's both.
What? I like Merkel.
You know, we we understand our priorities, but the Germans are reluctant to press this Iosava issue any further.
And frankly, I'm uncomfortable pressing the Germans.
All due respect, I disagree.
What if I said that we could infiltrate Iosava's inner circle ourselves? Excuse me? One of my former agents attends the same mosque as Iosava does, as does one of Gerald's.
He's a prominent developer in the Muslim community.
Then I'd say you should be the one to take the lead, Valerie.
Steven will make sure you have everything that you need.
I'll be in touch.
Well, where'd that come from? I put those names on both your desks.
And what did I say? I asked you to wait.
Well You do not speak for this station nor me ever again.
Are we clear? Yes.
[Door opens] Robert: You're right, this is really good.
Martini, good hummus.
What's wrong with you? Eat something.
You look like a fucking junkie.
That looks like a turd dipped in jizz.
That's nice.
It's the food of my ancestors, asshole.
And your ancestors' enemies, asshole.
You know what? Can you not just for a fucking minute let me eat my lunch in peace? Fuck.
Excuse me.
Faisal missed the alternate this morning.
You worried about that? Nah.
He can take care of himself.
You're not the only case officer to ever have an agent fall for him, Hector.
You know that, right? Here.
So, uh, what did you do? I did my job.
That's what you do.
It's a fucked-up business.
It's easy to get fucked.
So to speak.
We, uh, need more on the Saudi brothers, how they connect to Iosava.
Undertow, this evening.
Did he get you something? Frost's job is on the line.
Clear the way for Valerie.
- That's not fucking funny.
- It's a little funny.
Without concrete intel, we're gonna have a fuck of a time getting the Germans to act against Iosava.
- So get me something.
- All right.
[Indistinct conversation] Danke schoen.
So, uh, Kelly she's really looking forward to tonight.
You're not? Mm.
Well, I'd be able to enjoy myself a little more if, uh, we could move forward on Aleksandre Iosava.
Jemma Moore seems to be living with a mistaken assumption that we don't care.
Europe has had its own share of terrorist attacks since 9/11.
I know.
You know the situation.
Leftist judge until we can prove Iosava is a threat, she won't authorize an audio op.
Then let me do it.
What? Half an hour.
Let my people do what you've been unable to do.
[Keyboard clicking] [Line ringing] I just sent you a photo.
[Rapid beeping] Who is this? Daniel: You tell me.
Um [Suspenseful music plays] Do you have it? Is there a change in operations? I think there is.
I'll let you know.
Hector! I said I'm sorry.
I thought she would ruin everything if Daniel got too close.
This is not how Thomas Shaw operates.
[Bell jingles] - Hello, Peter.
- [Laughs] It's been a while, Steven.
It has.
I thought you may have been taking your shoes elsewhere.
No, never, never.
Just trapped behind my desk.
How's Kelly? Uh, good.
She started talking about Provence again.
The French.
[Laughs] But you have something more pressing.
Yeah, full restoration.
How long? [Bell jingles] Uh, immediately.
[Door closes] I can certainly try.
- Oh, thank you, Peter.
- No problem.
[Bell jingles] Aalia: We were traveling to Rome.
Together: We were traveling to Rome.
You were traveling to Rome.
Together: You were traveling to Rome.
The [Chuckles lightly] Thank you.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
[Door closes] Valerie.
[Chuckles] [Sighs] You taught me well.
They think I'm a native speaker.
Ah! So, I have done something useful with my life, huh? [Both chuckle] How are you? I'm good.
But I don't think you are here to catch up.
I assume you want to talk about Aleksandre Iosava.
Am I that transparent? [Chuckles] A reformed terrorist shows up to pray.
It's only a matter of time before you or someone like you shows up, too.
How can I help? I know where he prays, Aalia.
[Man speaking Arabic] [Chanting in Arabic] As-salamu alaykum.
[All speaking Arabic] [Sighs] [All speak Arabic] [Scanner beeping] I'm tired of buying your groceries.
It was time-sensitive.
The grocery list or the meeting? Both.
Tell me about the gas station.
Owned by a bunch of lowlifes.
My father and I used to do business with them.
You seen their books? A few months ago.
Why? Let's say I wanted to move money without anyone noticing.
You mean laundering.
Is that something within the realm of their expertise? I'm not sure.
But you can find out.
I could.
But I'd rather not.
And I'd rather be at home eating chips and guac, nursing a bucket of margaritas.
Let me see what I can do.
That's all I ask.
[Sighs] These aren't ripe.
After hours hours and hours.
[Laughter] [Coughs] It's it's the Berlin excuse.
Remind me why we don't do this more often.
Because our boys spend more time together than they spend with us.
[Chuckles] How's Laura? Mm, good.
Trouble but good.
What'd she do now? Oh, well, uh, I got a drunk Skype from her last week.
Seems to be really enjoying her time at Yale.
You want children? You can have Laura.
Oh, one Frost proves to be enough of a headache.
[Laughter] Our boys seem to have a little tiff this week.
Hans was quite pissy the morning the news broke about Dieter Klaus.
Hans: I assume the same goes with Steven.
No, I hadn't noticed.
He's mastered the art of leaving his work at the office.
Well, you're lucky.
I wish Hans spared me.
[Speaks German] [Laughter] Pick up, Faisal, come on.
[Line ringing] [Faisal speaking recorded message in German] [Machine beeps] You okay? Fine.
You sure? Uh During dinner I felt stupid.
You'd had a disagreement with Hans, and Ulrich knew every detail.
But you hadn't even thought to mention it to me.
You I can't.
You know But why can Hans? [Sighs] I'm I'm not asking for the nitty-gritty, Steven.
I just want to have a sense of what is going on in your life, especially if it affects me us.
I'm sorry.
[Sighs] Yeah.
I know.
Hello? - - - Hey.
- Hi, Patricia.
Too busy for family? We would love to see you.
No, I'm not busy.
- I'd love to.
- Great.
Can you come to Charlottenburg after work? Find something great to eat.
See you tomorrow.
[Phones ringing] [Speaks German] [Door opens, closes] Everything you asked for.
Come in.
How are you? What do you want me to say, Steven? I don't know.
This whole thing, it's been hard on me, too.
I don't Hm.
Did you even need these files? All you ever wanted was someone with the clearance to listen, huh? You don't miss our affair.
You miss the reassurance that came with the pillow talk.
The endless conversations where I get to tell you how wonderful you are and how needed.
I miss you.
And read.
Maybe you should hire your wife as your secretary.
[Door opens, closes] [Train clattering] Who are you? Where's Ingrid? She's waiting for you.
Monkey Bar, Bikini Berlin.
Is there a fucking fancy dress party? That wasn't the arrangement.
Well, it is now.
[Indistinct conversations] Happy? No.
You took a risk involving somebody else, not to mention meeting here.
There are cameras everywhere.
Safer than meeting a complete stranger at an underpass.
You have no idea what you've been meddling with.
Enlighten me.
Your friend, Claudia her death was no suicide.
Shaw killed her.
Did he? Or was it you? The second you asked Claudia to act as your courier, you put her in danger.
Fuck you, spook! Fuck you.
I'm putting my neck on the line to warn you that your life may be in jeopardy.
Bullshit, you're trying to scare me into giving you answers.
But I don't know who Thomas Shaw is.
The system was created so no one does.
The system is flawed, and it's making him desperate.
[Scoffs] You assholes are all the same.
Little boys with a hero complex but no sense of responsibility.
You know American foreign policy kills more civilians than all terrorists put together! Sorry we don't live in a perfect world, Ingrid.
But when someone finally blows the whistle, you smear their name liar, traitor, murderer.
Shaw holds you accountable to your own CIA model, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
Give me a fucking break.
Are you really that naive? We're done here.
I hope you die in a fucking drone strike.
[Sighs] [Man speaking German on radio] Where is Gerald? He's fine.
You said I'd never see you after that first time.
That was the plan.
What's important now is that you're taken care of.
So, are you my new contact? For now.
Quick question before you go.
Have you had any contact with Aleksandre Iosava? [Scoffs lightly] Iosava? What kind of friends do you think I keep? I'm told he's reformed.
Ask me in 30 years.
Until then, I'll keep him at arm's length.
Daniel: Here we go.
Ready? Ready.
One ooh.
[Straining] Two.
Oh, my God, you got heavy.
Here she is.
- We got Legos.
- I got Legos! Wow! No way! It's what he wanted.
You want ice cream? -Yeah.
-You're crazy.
Yeah, what flavor? - Chocolate.
- Chocolate? Chocolate it is, then.
Let's go.
English, Max, English.
Well, I've been a little busy.
You had a great time when you came to D.
, right? Remember? Mm-hmm.
Your mom was my Oma's sister.
She was, yeah.
She was your grandma's sister.
And that's what makes your mom and me cousins.
Is your mom dead? - Max.
- Mm-hmm.
She died a long time ago.
How? I told you already, Max.
Oh, forgot.
It's okay.
How's that ice cream taste? [Techno music playing] [Speaking German] [Music intensifies] [Ice rattling] [Woman laughs, indistinct conversation] [Door locks] Hector: What the hell, Faisal? You got two goons from the embassy outside.
Rahim and Ali.
They'll send you home and kill you.
Walking into a gay club is signing your death warrant.
- It's okay, Hector.
- It's not.
You tell them you came to see me, right? You're recruiting me.
We can make this work.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
I'm not fighting this anymore.
At that hotel room, I I felt Hard to describe it.
II felt I was finally myself.
Did I think we had a future? Maybe.
We're all allowed to fool ourselves sometimes.
[Knock on door] [Knocking intensifies] Man: Hello?! Just a minute.
Come on! Aw.
I found Rahim, my friend there outside, waiting.
He wanted to know where I'd been.
Abdullah was looking for me.
You were right.
Meeting at a hotel was a bad idea.
Bad idea.
Yes, but it was something I needed to do.
You see that, don't you? Look, now I'm under their eye.
They can sense something's wrong.
Just a matter of time.
And there's only one option direct them to the crime that will cause the least damage to you and to my family.
[Knocking resumes] Hello! Fuck you! [Man speaks German angrily] - Listen to me.
- Always.
I've been hiding something.
So many secrets.
All I need is an end to them.
I need to be myself.
If only for a short time.
[Door rattles] There are other ways to fight, Faisal.
You know that.
Don't do this.
Come on.
Go before they see you, too.
[Door unlocks, opens] [Indistinct conversations] Answer the fucking question.
It's very simple.
Are you compromised? That's not the point.
It's the fucking point, Hector.
Are you compromised? I'm not compromised, but if we don't do something, his people are gonna nab him! Yeah, what is that supposed to mean? What are you fucking proposing, Hector? Exfil and resettlement.
No fucking way.
No no way.
It's too risky.
Two years of Saudi secrets that's risky.
Are you seriously suggesting that I chance the exfil of a Saudi out of Germany? We owe him! Why am I surprised? If we thought he was a dangerous cleric, we'd put a fucking bag over his head in a second! Yeah, yeah.
What the fuck's that gonna get us, Hector? We need Faisal to nail Iosava, correct? We need Faisal to tell us what his government is going to do about Syria and ISIL, correct? But no, no, no, you're telling me to take him out of the one fucking place that he's useful to us and set him up in, what, a fucking two-bedroom in Jersey with a view of the fucking Freedom Tower? Listen to yourself for Chrissakes, Hector! Can we just for once just for fucking once do the right thing? You want to do the right thing? Join the fucking Peace Corps.
Fuck this.
Here's your Iosava intel.
[Door opens, closes] Is this everything? Keep going.
Holy shit.
That's Iosava with your asset, right? Thanks, Johnson.
[Bell jingles] Steven: Hello.
[Door closes] [Chuckles] Hello.
How are my shoes? Oh, they're like new.
They're all set.
Thank you, my friend.
It's on the house.
[Laughs] Loyalty does not keep the lights on.
[Indistinct conversation] [Speaks German] [Train rumbles] Hey.
Mercedes, German plates.
Bravo India Papa.
I want to know who the fuck I'm dealing with.
Steven: We have a 24-hour audio/video on Iosava's apartment, and everything comes back here directly to us.
And I'm assembling a team to parse everything.
- And that's gained us what? - Omniscience.
[Chuckles weakly] But we've only been playing God for 12 hours, with the cooperation of our German friends.
Hector met with JS-Undertow and learned that our ISIL-loving Saudi brothers have made a sizable investment into a gas station chain here in Berlin.
We believe that it's a laundering mechanism for getting money to Iosava.
We're watching the company's accounts.
Only a matter of time before we have actionable intelligence.
We no longer have the luxury of time.
Langley's fearful of another Shaw leak and the repercussions if Iosava's name makes the headlines.
Well, perhaps this might interest you.
I've learned from a former asset that Iosava is soliciting funds for a new refugee foundation right here in Berlin.
So now we're working on a plan to get one of our agents to infiltrate that foundation, which should give us the foothold that we have not had up until now.
Well done, Valerie.
That's just the kind of initiative I was asking for, Steven.
[Door closes] What are you doing? Swingset meets Iosava without your knowing, and you present it as a strategy on our part.
Would you rather I tell the truth and embarrass us all? I'd rather you not overstep your bounds twice in one week.
I didn't have time.
Time it takes five fucking seconds, Valerie.
And how long would it have taken for you to save Gerald's career? Ugh.
You didn't have to tell him.
You didn't even visit him for Christ's sake.
All right, look.
All right, okay.
[Clears throat] We need to be on the same page on this.
Even if we're not, we need to appear to be.
Yeah, understood.
Thank you.
[Door closes] Hey.
I just got word that Faisal's on a plane to Riyadh.
I'm sorry.
Get the fuck out of my face.
[Clears throat] Um There's this woman at work.
And, uh, let's just call her Beth, all right? And Beth is just driving me fucking crazy.
What's she doing? [Sighs] She's constantly undermining me again and again and again.
She has no respect for hierarchy.
She's gunning for me.
She wants my fucking job.
[Sighs] Is this Beth one of the only women in the office? Yeah, in her position.
Well, it's hard to be a woman in a boys club.
I've done it.
You have to work that much harder just to prove you deserve to be there.
Acknowledge her worth.
And, uh, maybe she won't feel she has so much to prove.
[Sighs] That's good advice.
That'll be 100 Euro.
I accept payment in cash or sexual favors.
[Chuckles] [Water running] Hey.
[Water stops] Benjamin: I, um tried calling.
I know.
Thank you.
I just, uh I couldn't get away.
I need to talk about this.
About what? I read the papers.
That German that went down.
[Sighs] Uh [sighs] What do what What do you want me to say? That I was responsible for the German? Because I was.
I'm not trying to fight with you.
I just don't want to learn any of your secrets from the papers.
You know I tell you everything.
Everything? Because if there is something, now's the time.
I promise.
Now, would you please shut up? [Chuckles] [Chuckles] [Mid-tempo music playing] [Chuckles] Gin and tonic.
Bourbon on ice.
Why did you speak to Ingrid Hollander? Why don't we start with introductions? Daniel Miller.
God, I love that German warmth.
You work for Hans Richter.
And you run errands for Steven Frost.
Why'd you follow me? I like to know who I'm up against.
Someone smart enough to track a car registered to the Bundesvermogensamt.
Why did you speak with Ingrid Hollander? A mutual friend died.
Tragic accident.
I was paying my condolences.
I don't believe in accidents.
Neither do I.
Are you trying to tell me something? I'm just starting a conversation.
Lovely to meet you, Ester Krug.
[Phone beeps] Hey.
What are you doing right now? I need to break some shit.
[Chuckling] Oh, my God.
[Grunts] Shit.
Come on, old man.
[Chuckles] [Chuckling] Oh, my God.
I used to come up here all the time when I was a kid.
And right there Carrie Rush's bedroom.
She never lowered her blinds.
Was she hot? She was 13.
You know, the last time that I said goodbye to my mom was down there.
I remember her blue coat fur collar and all the gold buttons.
I looked out of my window, and I watched her walking towards the gates.
Red BMW waiting for her.
How'd she die? She was having an affair with a West German intelligence officer.
He was targeted by a Red Army faction splinter group.
They put a charge on the engine of his BMW.
Oh, man.
You know the last thing she said to me before she left? She asked me if I wanted her to stay.
She wouldn't have stayed.
She might have.
I should have spoken up.
'Cause on some level, I knew that something was wrong.
Sounds like the perfect making for a spook.
Save mom, save the world.
You see, that's the thing about secrets.
Your mom, she didn't need to die like that.
All that sneaking around got you nowhere.
My agent's on a plane right now flying to his death.
Built his whole life on secrets.
They ate him up.
They chew you up, and they spit you out.
Only one way to stop them.
Drag them into the sunlight like vampires! [Glass shatters] [Chuckles] Watch them wither and die until there's nothing left but ash.
Sounds violent.
The truth always is.
You see, the truth won't set you free.
Beneath one secret, there's another and another and another.
One big fucking mess of our own creation.
You need to be careful, Daniel.
- Of what? - Nothing.
You know, with this fucking Thomas Shaw shit going down.
I'm just looking out for an old friend.
[Gasps] I got ya.