Berlin Station (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

Right and Wrong

- Previously on "Berlin Station" - Norway, land of the midnight sun, huh? - So we're here, looking for some nefarious entity behind the PfD.
- And? - And it's got American fingerprints all over it.
- Who tapped you to be the cash conduit for the PfD? - Hanes brought me in.
- Gerhardt and Ganz are in league to swing the election by violent means.
I don't have to tell you polls open in 18 hours.
Lena is our last chance to connect Otto to Katerina.
- You want me to get Hector to give Lena up, even without the bribe.
- So, am I off the interdiction list? - There's been a problem on that front.
- So what? I'm stuck in fucking Berlin? - Where is Lena Ganz? - I can't leave this city without certain clearances in place.
You're my bargaining chip.
- She fucking betrayed him.
She should be dead, not him.
- So what would you do in Lena's shoes? - Once upon a time, I thought the truth would set us free, but in a post-truth world, maybe a bullet's a better bet.
- They want to send me back to Langley, but I'm not going, so technically, I resigned.
Guess we pulled that off.
I imagine Josef's calling the embassy as we speak.
- You and your deputy put explosives on the streets.
Say your good-byes to Berlin.
- And as soon as it's opened, it'll turn on the harmonics.
Phone's a mic.
It'll track him, too.
- So are you still planning on doing it? - Definitely.
Help me.
Help me do it.
- Someone has to.
Johnny's in America, Lo Teks at the wheel Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans - Help me.
Help me do it.
- Someone has to.
- Somebody meaning you? [ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC.]
- Cheers.
- Hey.
So, did it work? - Hector DeJean and Lena Ganz, live and in concert.
- DeJean? Is that whose phone you took you installed the malware on? Fuck, you targeted an American's phone! Do you know how many laws we violat - It won't matter how I found out once the Station figures out what Hector's been up to.
Lena Ganz wants revenge for Otto's death, and I guess Hector's gonna help her get it.
- Get who, Gerhardt? Shit.
Shit! This is - Huge.
No one has to know you helped me.
That's what you're afraid of.
- Oh, yeah, no, I'm cool with it being a notch in your hero belt.
- I don't know about that.
- What's wrong? - [SIGHS.]
How messed up is this? For the last month, we've been trying to take down Gerhardt, and now it's up to us to save her life? - Are they planning something today? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
- Center stage.
Hopefully under the portico where you won't get a shot.
- Why? I mean, if we're up over there - No, no, no, no, that's too obvious.
No, we want to we want to be over here.
Can get a side shot.
- Okay.
Send them looking in the wrong direction.
- Hopefully.
So 12 hours from now.
Are you ready? [POP ROCK MUSIC PLAYING.]
- I look like a fool.
- An algorithm picks your face out of some CCTV footage, you're finished.
Need some some highlight on on the bridge of the nose.
That's always a giveaway.
That's better.
- Okay, no, I'm sick of stalling! The longer we wait, the more votes she gets.
- Hey, hey.
- You want my fuckin' help, we take the necessary precautions.
I'm not letting you go out half-cocked, get yourself caught.
You want payback, you want revenge.
Right? I get it.
I've been there.
And you'll be doing the world a favor anyway.
Wach auf, Deutschland! Wach auf! - Today, as Germans head to the polls, many see this as a watershed moment for the country, with the far-right PfD likely to win their first-ever seat in the Bundestag.
- My whole life, I've been ashamed of being German.
Made to feel guilty for the mistakes of our grandparents.
Katerina Gerhardt is the first politician to tell us, no, we should be proud to be German.
- But not everyone sees this as a step forward, with many linking the PfD's hard-line stance on refugees to a recent spike in hate crimes across the country.
- Those are some nice-looking dogs you got there, Richard.
- Jesus.
The hell happened to you? Robert and I had a little run-in with your friend, Nick Fischer, so - Believe me when I say I had nothing to do with that.
- Such bullshit.
He works for you.
- And he went rogue, operating outside of orders.
- He went rogue? Richard, you should've just told me.
Washington's funding the PfD.
Not exactly lunchtime conversation.
- You're gonna tell me why you dragged me into all this.
Because I got enough incriminating evidence to bury you and Fischer and anybody else who's got their fingerprints on this.
Anybody else.
- Let me get the dogs, and then we'll go for a little drive.
I'll explain everything.
Come on, girls! Come on! [NEWSCASTER CONTINUES IN GERMAN.]
- Hello.
- Hey.
- I I made more coffee, and there is eggs in the fridge if you want them.
- What? - It's strange enough, waking up in your bed, and now you're gonna make me breakfast? - Oh, please.
You must still be dreaming if you think I'm cooking for you, Daniel Miller.
It's a big day for change.
- What does tomorrow look like? - For us or for Germany? - Maybe both.
Are we really doing this again? We know how it ends.
- Is it such a bad thing to know exactly where we stand? - No.
So no more judgments, no secrets.
We just agree to be who we are.
- Yeah.
But for me and Germany, the prognosis is not as good.
- What do you mean? - Every day, the number of PfD sympathizers in my department grows, and they're looking for any opportunity to replace me and prove their worth to Katerina Gerhardt.
- So what are you gonna do? - What can I do? Clean up as many loose ends as I can before they find one to pull and everything unravels.
And Hector is one of those loose ends.
As long as he's in Berlin, he's a liability for me.
- Hector's not going anywhere until he gets what he thinks he's owed.
I am working on it, but the State Department burned us.
- Yes, but maybe I can do something to help.
I can't clear his name, but I can make sure that he gets out of Germany without interference from our side.
After that, he's on his own.
- What about Lena? - No.
I can't do this.
She's she's dangerous.
She's a terror suspect.
- I know her.
She's not her father's daughter.
Esther, she's been through enough.
- Come on.
The girl is a neo-Nazi, not a charity case.
- You want Hector gone, I can help with that.
This is what I'm asking for it.
- Okay.
The girl is free to go as long as she goes quietly.
- Thank you.
- And you contact Hector and I see what I can do.
Okay? - Mm-hmm.
- SG-751.
- Better not be one of those Chinese knock-offs that shoots an inch to the left.
- Swiss Arms precision rifle.
Rotating bolt action.
20-round magazine.
Top it all off with a ballistic computer and IR rangefinder.
This is top-of-the-line.
- Yeah.
- Built like a Swiss watch.
- Costs the same, too, right? You ever shoot anything of this caliber? - Old Mauser my dad used for hunting, then he taught me to use an M4.
- An M4 is a Humvee.
This is a Porsche.
Nail gun at a thousand yards.
Very nice.
Okay, you have a deal.
- Fischer and I were only conduits for the administration.
You of all people must have realized this goes further up the food chain.
- Does that even matter? - Come on, Steven.
Do you really think we would condone a terrorist attack against innocent civilians? - You know, honestly, I couldn't tell you anymore.
- We're not monsters.
We're only trying to protect our interests in Europe.
Katerina engineered that attack without our consent or our knowledge.
- You tipped her off.
- BB Yates didn't leave me much choice.
If she had been up-front with me from the start, maybe things would have gone differently, but I had to play the hand I was dealt.
- Okay, now what? - Huh? - You turn a blind eye while that woman carves a foothold in the Bundestag, knowing full well what she's capable of? - Turn here.
- So what is this place? - It was a German newspaper plant.
But the paper fell during the Euro crisis.
US government bought it a few years ago to give us a better foothold in Berlin.
- Foothold for what? - This is what I've been waiting to show you, Steven.
- So what the hell am I looking at? - The nation's stage of a massive cyber-surveillance network, waiting to be fully activated after the election.
- So that's what this is all about? - The PfD's pro-national, pro-security agenda is the perfect ally for the new administration's Homeland Security initiative.
And, as a nice bonus, it'll provide lucrative contracts - [KNOCKS.]
- for American companies.
- Well, I mean, I can't imagine Esther Krug allowing this.
- She'll be gone once the PfD clears 15% and forms a ruling coalition.
Then, we're going to need someone here to run things on the ground, which is where you were supposed to fit in.
- This is it? This is the parallel intelligence outfit? - I'm sorry for the subterfuge, Steven, I really am.
But once you became a civilian, we needed to know you were still loyal.
The Russians and the Chinese are dying to know what we're up to.
- Listen, if I was going to turn, I'd have done it years ago.
- No one ever wanted to see you leave, Steven.
This is your chance to be brought back into the fold.
Come on.
There's more to see.
- Splinter bread.
A girl after my own heart.
- Thought you deserved a treat before your pre-election gauntlet.
- Don't remind me.
- So where are you off to first? - First, I go vote.
Then, our last campaign event at the PFD.
How do I look? - Thrilled.
- Mute this, will you? It's like I'm trapped in a loveless marriage and forced to maintain the spectacle for the sake of a reality TV show.
- Well, if the polls are correct, you'll be playing that role for quite some time.
- You have any idea what she would do if she found out? - Josef, if you win this election, you'll have done it without any innocent lives being lost.
And I'd say that's a successful strategy.
- Apart from Katerina being rewarded for enabling a psychopath extremist.
- That's not your fault.
- I do hope you come tonight.
The words in her speech are the one thing I still have a say in, and the only thing I can be proud of.
- I'll be there, cheering you on.
- Thank you.
- But for you, not for your politics.
- Gonna be late.
Going to be late.
Go, go, go.
- Okay.
See you.
- Go, go, go.
- Bye.
Good luck.
- Give us a minute.
Think of it this way: unfettered access to any data collected in Europe.
We can monitor the flow of refugees, weed out potential terrorists.
With a keystroke, we have access to their social media impressions, search history.
We see it all.
Not only can we watch for radicalization, we can pinpoint anyone's political beliefs.
- So you didn't just give money to Katerina, now did you, Richard? - Analytics are the future.
- Yeah.
- We used big data to tailor her campaign and target supporters.
Same technology used in the 2016 presidential campaign and the Brexit referendum.
- I know.
I read the articles.
Oh, you know, why why bother to poll people? You just, uh, build an algorithm.
It's invasive and manipulative and - And pretty damn effective, wouldn't you say? - Yeah None of that changes the fact that this this This is a total minefield.
Just ripe to be exploited.
- All the more reason to have someone like you as the arbiter of how we manage this treasure trove.
- Okay.
Your turn.
So this scope's got the brains of a dozen iPhones.
Measures distance, trajectory, compensates for wind resistance.
So Crosshairs on the target.
Steady your breath Mash the trigger.
Good shot.
- Good.
- It's too easy.
- Yeah, well, that's kinda the idea.
You want sport, go hunting.
Okay, again.
We're not leaving till you can shoot like Annie Oakley.
You're gonna get one shot at this.
It's gotta be perfect.
Crosshairs - We need to talk.
- Um Robert Kirsch just put in a ticket for our team to analyze traffic cams, CCTV footage, looking for any sign of DeJean and Ganz.
Only, uh it didn't have the sort of urgency that, say, averting an assassination might.
- I haven't told them yet.
- Are you serious? - What if stopping them isn't the right thing to do? - I don't agree with PfD politics any more than you do, but we're talking about a woman's life.
- If you could go back, kill baby Hitler, you wouldn't do it? - Katerina Gerhardt is not Hitler.
- Neither was Hitler in '33, but we see where that led.
I I can't believe we're having this conversation.
- Go read the transcripts to one of Katerina Gerhardt's speeches.
The pro-German rhetoric, the thinly-veiled demonizing of the Other, tell me if I'm wrong.
You've seen what this kind of talk has done back home.
The country is tearing itself apart.
Look, I'm not saying I'm going to let them get away with it.
I'm just saying I need more time.
- Time for what? - To explore all the options.
- April, you're You're playing with fire.
- I need you to trust me.
- Okay You want me to keep my mouth shut, I will.
But after this, that's it.
This blows up in your face - Tim - You're not taking me down with you.
- Where are we on Hector's papers? - He kidnapped Lena Ganz.
It's not fucking happening, Daniel.
What's up, April? - Where's BB? - She's in a plane, back to Langley.
As of 0900, I am the acting chief of Berlin Station.
- I have a distinct sense of d��j�� vu.
- Yes, and I have fucking whiplash.
- What she didn't even say good-bye? - No, April, she didn't.
- What happened in Norway? - My fishing expedition with Steven Frost uh, wasn't a complete bust.
We were able to ID the source of the PfD's mysterious cash flow.
- And? - Don't get your hopes up.
The money originated back home.
State Department.
- What? You fucking kidding me? Money that Otto Ganz used to purchase an entire truckload of Semtex which almost blew up the Messe? - Correct.
- What about Katerina Gerhardt? - What about her? Huh? Hanes is the middleman.
He's acting on orders.
So, we got to Langley, we're shitcanned before the polls close.
If we play our cards right, at least we live to fight another day.
- There's gotta be something we can do.
- Like what? Go public with it? Leak this shit? Huh? Expose the United States government for meddling in a foreign election? - And look as bad as the Russians.
- Even if we are, I I don't think we want that to be the lead headline in tomorrow's news.
- So we do nothing? We just roll over and let Katerina Gerhardt win? - Robert's right.
If we If we gamble this and it backfires, then we lose any chance of taking Gerhardt down in the future.
- This is bullshit.
- Yes, it is.
- Katerina Gerhardt was willing to kill innocent people to win an election.
- April - A terrorist will be the first right-wing member of German Parliament since the '40s.
And we might as well have helped her do it.
- And I'm not ready to jump ship.
Don't worry.
However, it is time to face facts.
Today is election day.
Nothing is gonna stop Katerina Gerhardt from winning, short of - What? Someone taking her out? Wouldn't be the first time the CIA got their hands dirty.
- No, exploding cigars went out of vogue before you were born, April.
So That's all I got.
Unless you have some other bright idea.
- Quiet.
- It's too far.
- No, it's not.
It's the same distance you practiced with.
You sure you're up for this? - Of course.
- If you're having second thoughts, now's the time to tell me.
- I'm fine.
- I need you and Lena out of Berlin, tonight.
- Not until I get what I'm owed, Daniel.
- I may have found a temporary solution.
- What could you do that Robert couldn't? - Very little, but Esther Krug has a plan.
- What? Trusting the Germans, come on.
- Okay, I'm not asking you to trust Esther.
I'm asking you to trust me.
She doesn't want you in Berlin any more than you wanna be here.
So she's willing to play ball.
Safe passage for you and Lena Ganz out of Germany.
I suggest you take it.
- Just bring me what I'm owed, okay? - Hauptbahnhof, 30 minutes.
I'll even pay for the ticket.
- What was that about? - Our exit strategy.
I'll be back.
You sit tight.
- This is Valerie Edwards.
I am not available.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.
- Hey.
I know the last thing you want to talk about right now is work, but I need some advice.
Please call me back.
- You have reached Robert Kirsch.
Please leave a message.
- Robert, we need to talk.
- Here we go.
- Didn't know we needed a chaperone.
Fake German passports? A teenager with Photoshop and a holographic stamper could've done this.
I want my fucking name cleared, Daniel.
- It takes time.
- I gave Robert plenty.
- This is the best I can do.
The rest is up to your Homeland Security.
- What about my bank accounts? - A correction will be filed with the Treasury.
Robert will try to expedite.
- Where's Lena Ganz? - Oh, so that's it.
- Wait.
- Is that what this is about? - What are you doing? - Fuckin' Germans.
- Come on, where's the girl? - She's fucking safe, far away from you.
- Esther.
We had a deal.
- Well now you don't, so fuck off.
What the fuck are you doing here? [BEEPING.]
- Shit.
- Hector.
Two by the north entrance.
Third by the timetable.
- Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- You said that Lena could go free.
Just when I started to trust you again - [CLANKS.]
- Wrong way.
- Who the hell are you? - Hector sent me.
- You know the worst part? I felt bad for you.
- Please.
I mean We both agreed to be true to ourselves, and this is who we are.
Tell me if you were in my shoes, you wouldn't have done the same.
Huh? - Who the fuck are you? - We need to keep moving, unless you want the BfV to catch you this time.
- BfV? They used Hector to get to me? - Something like that.
- Why the fuck should I trust you? - How about this: I risked my career so you could have another shot at Katerina Gerhardt.
- Okay, you want her dead, too? Why? She doesn't like your kind? I don't like your kind either.
- The feeling's mutual.
Let's go.
- Eggs? For dinner? - Yeah.
Eggs for dinner.
Didn't have time to go shopping, did I? - Well, if we're gonna have breakfast, I'll just have cereal.
- No.
You'll have eggs.
That's what I'm making.
That's what you're having.
- [SIGHS.]
- Sit.
- See your cooking skills have improved.
- What's supposed to mean? You used to love it when I made you eggs for dinner.
- What? It's Europe.
- No.
In this house, it's America.
- Technically, it's not a house.
It's a flat.
- Yeah.
Technically, you're being a little smart-ass.
- Why are you such a stress case? - [SIGHS.]
Because I had a really tough day at work, all right? - Is that where you actually gashed your face? LET ME GUESS: can't talk about it.
- Why are you talking to me like this, all right? What's wrong with you? Huh? Where is all this mouth coming from? - Gee, I don't know.
- Whatever.
Tell me another lie.
- Hey.
Hey! Come back here! God damn it.
Noah, you come back here and clean this mess up! - Didn't I tell you to stay put? I'm trying to help you not spend the rest of your life behind fucking bars.
- Help me? Is that why you were meeting with the BfV behind my back? - They weren't supposed to be there.
- Why did you tell her? - I didn't tell her.
Did I? - How did she find out? - She put what's called a "roving bug" in my phone.
- A new Israeli technology, since you've been out of the game.
- Aren't we impressive? - No.
Just a quick learner.
- That's right.
April Lewis.
Star pupil at Langley, hmm? Top of the class.
You know what we were planning.
The minute you didn't run into the station and rat us out, you endorsed it.
- The State Department is the one who's been funding Gerhardt, and it was Hanes who warned her and botched the whole op.
- Ah, Jesus Christ.
You're fucking joking me.
- 'Fraid not.
- Wait a minute.
You So you didn't catch Gerhardt and now you want me to do the dirty work? - You asked me to help you.
You wanted revenge, remember? - No.
You don't care what I want.
- This is bigger than Otto.
You have to see that.
- No, not for me.
I'm doing this my way.
Not yours.
- Lena! Lena.
- What now? - What exactly are you asking me? - I'm asking if you intend to follow through with this, with or without Lena Ganz.
- And if I do, are you gonna be the one to stop me? [FOOTSTEPS.]
- Hello.
Twice in 24 hours.
Shall I be flattered, or are you just here to chide me for my bad behavior? - I don't want to fight.
I opened a bottle of Riesling.
- I think you shouldn't drink.
May have impaired your judgment last night.
- [SIGHS.]
I should go.
I don't even know why I came back here.
- Please, stay.
- You know, I was thinking about what you said earlier.
Maybe it's true.
I might have done the same thing.
- Does it help if I say I'm sorry? - Not if you're right.
The thing is, you and I we're very alike.
- Yes.
I think it's a good thing.
- I think it's a problem.
- I think it's the only chance we have.
Neither of us are perfect, but I wouldn't want us to be.
So, can we start again? [SOFT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC.]
- Un-fucking-believable.
You were saying? [NEWSCASTER CONTINUES.]
- As far as Hanes' motives go, we got those wrong.
- What the fuck is that supposed to mean? - Well, he showed me a surveillance network all set up.
I mean, it's all set up.
With Gerhardt's blessing.
It's unbelievable.
Got contracts to the US and all the intelligence you ever dreamed of.
It's just right there at your fingertips.
- Really? And? - I think I'm gonna take that job offer.
And I'm gonna run the place.
- You fucking kidding me? - No, come on, Robert, listen - That guy has lied to you from the get-go, Steven.
- No Jesus.
- He fucking sent BB packing.
- Listen - I get it.
Large-scale project puts you back in good graces at the NSC.
- No, no, that's not it.
If I don't work with Hanes, somebody else is going to.
God knows who.
How friendly do you think he's gonna be to Berlin Station? Hmm? - Yeah? And big data is going to be an essential part of intelligence.
- Already is.
We gotta get on the inside of this.
- Here we go.
- Hey.
So what's going on? - I could ask you the same thing.
Was it because of Josef? Or an operation failed? - Since when does preventing a terror attack count as failure? - When the terrorist wins the election two days later.
- Well, I believe it was you who was lauding Ms.
Gerhardt as some self-made woman, some weird "icon" of feminism.
- I can admire her work ethic.
Doesn't mean the same determination isn't what scares the shit out of me.
- I know everything seems like the end of the world right now, but you have a very long career ahead of you.
And you will have worse nights.
I can guarantee it.
- So we just sit back and do nothing? - Our job is to gather intelligence.
We are not the arbiters of right and wrong.
You need to get the shit that they filled your head with at the Farm you need to get it out.
The world is not that binary.
It is not pass or fail.
It is not black and white.
It is it is fucking gray.
You never know if you're headed in the right direction.
You just have to trust your gut, trust your instinct.
And then you just hope that the path you're on is one that you can live with.
- Hector.
Where are you? We can't do this.
We have to find another way.