Berlin Station (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

The Righteous One

1 ANNOUNCER: Previously, on "Berlin Station" April Lewis, star pupil at Langley, put what's called a roving bug in my phone.
When Katerina Gerhardt soars to victory, you shoot her out of the fucking sky.
Help me do it.
So, this scope's got the brains - of a dozen iPhones - [CAMERA CLICKS.]
Measures distance, trajectory, - compensates for wind resistance.
Hector has Lena Ganz and we can't locate him.
Where are they? I have no idea where they are.
You sure you're up to this? If you're having second thoughts, now's the time to tell me, okay? Perfect.
Why is an American woman outside the house of Katerina Gerhardt two weeks before the election? And so what's the proposition? To purge my party of its unsavory elements.
You introduced me to Katerina.
You say that you want me to bring her down, and yet you seem to worship the ground that she walks on.
What do you want? I like it when you say my name.
We have this opportunity to prove that Katerina and Otto Ganz are planning an attack.
What do you mean? To swing the election.
Make it look like terrorism.
After she's arrested, our supporters will be in disarray.
It will be up to me to reassure them.
I'm the reason this mission is going ahead.
You're not the reason for shit.
You will get all my restrictions lifted.
The travel bans, the frozen accounts, the black mark on my record.
You know what we were planning.
The minute you didn't rat us out, you endorsed it.
I'm asking if you intend to follow through with this with or without Lena Ganz.
And if I do, are you gonna be the one to stop me? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE.]
Johnny's in America, Lo Teks at the wheel Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [SPEAKING IN GERMAN.]
Come on.
- Ah, fuck.
Josef, Josef.
We have to leave.
No, no, I stay.
- It is not safe for you here.
- No.
Come on.
You have to go.
No, no, no.
Josef, Josef.
- I need to be with her.
- No, no, no, no.
They have to do their jobs.
Come on, I'll follow.
Don't even think about it.
Hey, Robert.
Stefan? No, why? What happened? You need to clean yourself up.
She's dead, isn't she? There's gonna be a swarm of policemen at the hospital.
They're gonna be asking you questions.
What you saw, who her enemies were Her enemies? She's a politician.
Many people would benefit from removing her.
Like you? - You think that I - That's not what I said.
I'm telling you what they will be asking you.
And you need to be prepared for that.
We're hearing that a single shot was fired at the stage where Katerina Gerhardt was addressing the crowd.
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Mrs.
Gerhardt is being treated at the scene.
This is fucking crazy.
You should have handed her over when you had the chance.
Christ, you think Lena Ganz did this? Doesn't she blame Gerhardt for the death of her father? - Oh, come on.
- What if this is her idea of revenge? Gerhardt has a lot of enemies.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
Which doesn't exactly make my job any easier.
If I don't find the person responsible, I'll be replaced by tomorrow morning, and God knows what happens next.
Okay, I'm going to the office right now.
If I hear anything, I will let you know.
We'll stay live on the ground in Berlin If you really wanna help, please talk to Hector.
Make him hand over Lena.
Right now, she's the only lead I've got.
Are they here? I heard you speaking very good English, Augustus.
Hector and Lena.
I know they've been staying here.
Let her in.
Breaking news story as it comes in.
Now we are just receiving confirmation that Gerhardt He did it.
Again, it seems Katerina Gerhardt was hit Hector he actually did it.
By the shooter.
I need you to come with me.
Where? You're gonna be a suspect.
It's not gonna take them long to track you back here.
We need to get you out of town tonight.
You wanna help me? We don't exactly have a choice.
I'm in pretty deep too.
Live, on the ground in Berlin, to bring you the latest updates as they come [TENSE MUSIC.]
Josef, all we can do right now is wait.
Do you wanna sit down? I think you should sit down.
No, her husband is over there.
I should talk to him.
Offer my support.
I don't understand.
I thought you were supposed to be in Washington.
Missed my flight.
How's Josef? He's shaken by everything that's happened, as I think we all are.
Is your cover still good? He trusts me, I believe he still does, yeah.
And do you trust him? I wanna him to be genuine, but nothing is for certain.
You know that as well as I do.
Tonight's events have opened up what might be an opportunity.
What sort of opportunity? This morning the police found a stash of burner phones at an address frequented by Otto Ganz.
One recurring number received his call from Spain securing the explosives' down payment.
We tie that number to Katerina, and we finally have our link to Ganz.
Okay, but don't you think it's a little too late? PfD has ties to terror.
That news needs to be shared, and any victory, even a moral one, will help me square things back home.
Okay, so how can I help? We need that phone.
My guess is it's somewhere inside PfD headquarters, and tonight's distraction will give me enough cover, but I need an alarm key.
Josef keeps everything in his safe at his flat.
You have access? I can gain it, absolutely.
Jesus, what a fucking weekend.
Have you heard from April? We haven't been able to get ahold of her.
What are they saying back home? I'm about to jump on a call with Langley, bring them up to speed.
You know, State Department backed this horse, so whatever they say publicly, this will be bad for them.
Daniel, you have a visitor.
Says he's waiting for you across the street.
Who? Gave the name Chevalier.
- [SIGHS.]
- No, you stay.
I'll deal with this.
Ah, fuck me.
Whatever you're selling, Hector, I'm not buying.
Where's Daniel? Where do you think he is? Turned the TV on? We have a little bit of a situation going on right now.
Well, maybe that's why I'm here.
Don't want your help, Hector.
I don't need your help.
I think you do.
Why don't you go find a bar and drink yourself to death? Do us all a favor.
We're done here.
I know who shot her.
And with your resources, I can ID him.
What's in it for you? Nothing.
Just being a good American.
I'll bite.
Let's play.
Come on inside.
- What, in the embassy? - Yeah.
Fuck you.
Not a chance.
I took a big enough risk coming this close.
But isn't that why you came back to Berlin in the first place? Find a way back in? No.
No, you've got me all wrong.
Well then, you've got nothing to lose, do you? I mean, if we wanted to punish you, we could've fucking done it already.
- Oh, you think so? - I do.
I'm all for you being a good American, okay? Let's fucking get over ourselves and go inside.
All right.
You ready? Let's just get this over and done with, shall we? Let's go.
Stay here.
Wait for me.
Never thought I'd see the day.
Yeah, well, neither did I.
They, um they don't know, do they? Oh, they just think that you got tired of the job and moved on.
Where's Lena? Well, if she's got any sense, as far away from Berlin as possible.
- Hi.
- Hey.
You two, SCIF.
Right now.
Here we go.
In here, please.
So, Hector claims he saw the shooter.
You want to expand on that? I dropped an image into your work cloud before I came up.
Pull it up on the monitor, Daniel.
This guy was perched on a rooftop overlooking the stage.
My guess is he's a pro.
Or maybe just an angry German who disagrees with Gerhardt's politics.
Rifle's a G28.
German Armed Forces.
He's a very well-trained angry German.
No, no, no.
He's a gun for hire.
What were you doing there? - Does it matter? - Of course it fucking matters.
If we're gonna share intelligence, we need to validate the source.
Lena Ganz.
Lena Ganz.
She, uh she wanted payback.
So, Esther was right about that.
Thankfully, she pulled out the last minute.
What were you doing there? Did you even try to discourage her? Okay, maybe this guy did us all a favor, you know, only history will tell what matters now is who he was pulling the trigger for, right? We need to hand this over to Esther.
Oh, Esther, Esther, Esther.
Why do we need her permission? No, I don't really wanna explain how we got it.
Her job's on the line over this.
I'm gonna have to go with Hector on this, believe it or not.
State Department's been funding Gerhardt's campaign, so whether we like it or not, her enemy is our enemy.
I'm gonna talk to the NSA crew, see if they can put a name to this face.
The very least we can do is figure out who the fuck it is we're dealing with.
You just can't keep away, can you? Well, you asked me back, Daniel.
Didn't you? You really think this is the best way? If we drive, there'll be road blocks everywhere.
Hey, it'll be okay.
How do you know? I can't go back to anyone I know.
I have no home.
Well, maybe that's a good thing.
Maybe this is your chance to start fresh.
Reinvent yourself.
I like who I am.
You can keep the parts you like.
Come on, we gotta get out of here.
Anything you need, I'm at your disposal.
Thank you, I'll let you know what's going on with her.
Be in touch.
Valerie, there you are.
I was worried you'd leave.
Of course I wouldn't do that.
Was that Nick Fischer? Oslo Chief of Station? Yes, he flew in to celebrate Katerina's win, heard the news at the airport, and came straight here to offer his help.
As if I can't see through him, what he stands to gain, by rushing to my side.
Americans take, take, take.
Well, I'll try not to take offense to that.
Oh, no, sorry, no.
You're different than the others, sorry.
Josef, you need to change your clothes.
Oh, yeah, shit.
It's gonna be a long night and I do not want people seeing you like this.
If you want, I will go to your flat, and I-I'll get you a new shirt and a new suit.
Yeah, sure.
You need to look like the party leader that you are.
I'm not the leader.
You saw the condition that she's in.
Even if she survives, it's gonna be a very long recovery.
This is your moment to show the world who you are, Josef.
You believe I can do this? Yes, of course I do.
Thank you.
I can be back in an hour.
I just need your keys.
Ah, yeah, sure.
Here they are.
See you later.
Face recognition scanned the databases, came up with this guy.
Thomas Beitel.
That's our guy.
Ten years with KSK, hasn't been active since 2009.
Hasn't even left the country in five years.
I'll go pay him a visit.
No, not without backup.
Hector? We don't have time to get official clearance on this.
I won't use it unless I have to.
Oh, just one? [TENSE MUSIC.]
You need to remain calm or you might as well walk over there and introduce yourself.
I'm trying, okay? Try harder.
Look bored.
Just walk right by.
Are you fucking crazy? [SIGHS.]
Safe's right there.
I planted a camera.
That phone you're looking for call it.
We have absolutely no proof that Gerhardt or Ganz ever even met, let alone were plotting terror.
I don't think Katerina had anything to do with this.
Josef handed her to us on a plate.
While supplying Otto Ganz with everything he needed.
He set both of them up.
Let's go in at the back.
I'm pretty sure that's not him.
Stay here, I'm gonna see if the neighbor's awake.
You don't have to go back to him, you know.
No, I know.
But I'm gonna see this out to the end.
If he framed Katerina, there's a strong chance he ordered the assassination.
I know.
Doesn't change anything.
Be careful, okay? Always.
He's coming.
There's a nanny cam in the bedroom, so he knows I'm here.
You're the surprise.
What'd you do to your hand, friend? I shut it in the car door.
My daughter, she She's safe.
But if you wanna help her, you gotta help us.
Hey, buddy.
Where are you, Dad? I told you I had to run into work for a couple of hours.
Little bit of an emergency.
Was it because that woman was shot? The politician, right? The embassy's a very busy place, and something like that has a ripple effect on all the departments.
Were you involved in it? No, of course not.
Why would you ask such a thing? Uh, forget I said anything.
Let's talk about it later, okay? Yeah, yeah.
Like always.
I know you have questions about my job, about what I do, and I wanna answer them, Noah, I do, and I will, I promise I will, but tonight is gonna be a really long night for me and I need you to do something for me.
I need you to do me a big favor, okay? I need you to go to sleep.
Get a good night's sleep, okay? 'Cause one of us has to have enough energy in the morning to make breakfast and it's not gonna be me.
Good night, Dad.
And be careful.
I always am.
Night, Noah.
- He talking? - Not at all.
You're a sick fuck.
I know.
You said she was safe.
How much were you paid? If I talk, then who's to say they won't come after me? They? Who are they? I don't know.
Well, that's bullshit.
Fuck you.
How much were you paid? All right.
Who're you calling? Well, if you're not gonna answer me, I'm not gonna answer you.
Hey, Ray.
How you doing? Nah, it's it's kinda slow, yeah.
How's she doing? Ah.
Listen, I'm gonna need you to start smacking her for me.
Nah, just go for it.
Hold on, Ray.
Stand by.
30,000 euro? Is that right? That doesn't sound like a great deal of money for a high-profile target like Katerina Gerhardt.
I know.
I didn't care who it was.
Will you let my daughter go now? When was this arranged? Friday.
Two days to prepare? Around about the time Katerina Gerhardt's polls took a massive spike.
Did they pay you up front? Who are you, huh? What, CIA? Something else? This isn't a shakedown.
We don't give a fuck about you, your life, your money.
If you stick it all in a little hole in the ground, we don't give a shit.
We just wanna know who's hiring you.
And I'm telling you, I don't know who.
- We didn't meet.
- Okay.
Then how were you paid? It was arranged.
15,000 in a security box 15? So, half up front, then half when the job's done, is that right? Half when she's dead.
- Mailbox Josef Emmerich.
Josef, where are you? I'm at the hospital, I need you to get back here right away.
And is sure to rock the world.
In the past few minutes, we've learned that the Perspective for Germany leader, Katerina Gerhardt, has died whilst being treated for a gunshot wound.
Where've you been all night? - Car troubles.
- Mm-hmm.
Whatever you're mixed up in, is it going to make my life more complicated? - No, Robert.
- Good.
Let's keep it that way.
BB's office for an update.
Be there in a minute.
Guys? They got Lena.
Ah, shit.
I tried to get her out of the city, but there were roadblocks, polizei searching the trains.
Don't blame yourself.
You tried.
Do I need to know if you did it? You've been beating yourself up about this all night, haven't you? If I had anything to do with this There was another shooter.
Hey, we fucked up.
We weren't thinking straight, but we got away with it.
This time.
We have an opportunity.
The question is, do we run with it? What are you talking about? We have the shooter in a safe house across town.
So, what are you waiting for? Turn him in.
No, if we do that, we potentially miss out on the bigger fish, the one who hired him.
We got a message on the shooter's phone.
They're arranging a meet to make the final payment.
Nothing in the metadata suggests these two guys have met before.
Why don't I go in the shooter's place? No, too risky.
We have live bait.
Let's use him.
Thank you.
I had them put a rush on this.
There you go.
That's what you came back to Berlin for, isn't it? Hector DeJean lives again.
We good? We are.
Well, off you fuck, then.
Unless, of course, you wanna help us see this through.
Thank you.
But I will use a free desk to book my travel.
You're up to bat.
I do this for you, I get to go home.
You give me the man who hired you, your daughter gets her daddy back.
You can't hide him forever.
Hector didn't do this.
Why, because he's your friend? Turn him over to the police.
He's no longer your problem.
We've got the real shooter.
And in a couple of minutes, we're gonna have the person who hired him.
Hello? Yeah, I'm here.
CIA will take the blame if Hector faces the music.
You're just protecting yourself.
I know you want Hector to be guilty, and you're doing everything you can to make it fit, but come on.
Lena Ganz named him.
He bought the gun.
And when she pulled out, he took over.
I-I gotta go.
Daniel, you seeing this? Do we intercept? No, I don't want a shootout on the streets.
We're in deep enough shit as it is.
Let's go.
We're on the move.
Stay close.
April, get in front.
Daniel, stay close behind.
We'll box him in good.
I'm still with him.
He's entering a parking lot across Hermannplatz.
Come on.
Robert? Can you hear me? Okay, we're parked up at the - [BREAKING UP.]
- ex on him Dan [CUTTING OUT.]
Robert, you're breaking I'm losing Daniel? Do you need me to go in? No, they can't go anywhere.
Robert? Can you hear me? I see him.
I think he switched cars.
Black sedan.
How do you know? Where's Beitel? He's dead.
It was a setup.
Did you see him? Did you see his face? No, but but I think this is our best bet.
He's parked over there.
Pull in, pull in.
I got it.
Hey, I'm sorry, whose car is this? - A guest's.
- Can you show me the key? Show me the fucking key.
Thank you very much.
Have a good night.
Go in there.
Open it.
It's clear.
Where have you been? Sorry, I had to meet with party officials.
Ah, the blue one.
Good taste, Valerie.
- Josef, Katerina - I heard.
There's no time to mourn.
Katerina took us to victory.
It is now up to me to continue what she started.
Why'd you let him go? It's complicated.
If we turn him in, then Hector's off the hook.
It's not that simple.
He's one of us.
German police have now named a suspect in connection with the shooting of Katerina Gerhardt, the German PfD leader.
He is Hector DeJean, reported to be an American and a former member of the CIA who remains at large.
Police are warning that the suspect is armed and should not [CAMERAS CLICKING.]