Berlin Station (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

Winners Right the History Books

1 Previously, on "Berlin Station" - [SNIPER SHOT] - [CROWD GASPING] Katerina Gerhardt has died whilst being treated for a gunshot wound.
- I know who shot her.
- Come on inside.
- What, in the embassy? - Yeah.
My guess is, he's a gun for hire.
- What were you doing there? - Lena Ganz.
She wanted payback.
Thankfully, she pulled out the last minute.
Where are you, Dad? That woman was shot? The politician, right? Were you involved in it? No, of course not.
Why would you ask such a thing? How's Josef? He trusts me.
I believe he still does, yeah.
And you trust him? Was that Nick Fischer? Oslo Chief of Station.
Yes, as if I can't see through him.
What he stands to gain.
This morning, the police found a stash of burner phones at an address frequented by Otto Ganz.
We need that phone.
Josef keeps everything in a safe in his flat.
That phone you're looking for, call it.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] I don't think Katerina had anything to do with this.
Joseph handed her to us.
And supplied Otto Ganz with everything he needed.
He sent both of them home.
[SPEAKING GERMAN] Esther, I know you want Hector to be guilty, but we've got the real shooter.
Who's hiring you? I don't know who.
We didn't meet.
- I think he switched cars.
- How do you know? - Where's Beitel? - He's dead, it was a setup.
- Why'd you let him go? - It's not that simple.
He's one of us.
German police have now named a suspect in connection with the shooting of Katerina Gerhardt.
He is Hector DeJean, an American and a former member of the CIA who remains at large.
[DAVID BOWIE'S "I'M AFRAID OF AMERICANS"] Johnny's in America, Lo Teks at the wheel Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [BIRDS CHIRPING] [TENSE MUSIC] [CROWD YELLING INDISTINCTLY] [GASPS] [CROWD CHANTING INDISTINCTLY] [SHOWER WATER RUNNING] Chaos in Germany following the assassination of PfD leader Katerina Gerhardt.
We can see behind me American Marines guarding the embassy as tensions mount and demands intensified for the turnover of prime suspect Hector DeJean to German authorities.
As rumors swirl that Mr.
DeJean sought refuge inside the U.
Embassy in Berlin.
[APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS] Meanwhile, German citizens have surrounded the embassy to protest against what they suspect might be CIA Seems like you got out just in time.
Ah, seems like it.
You say you didn't know this Hector DeJean.
But sources tell me he was part of your station only four months ago.
Well [CHUCKLES] I sort of know him.
I mean, the way you know someone who works down the hallway from you at the PfD, but you don't really know him.
Why are you looking at me like that? Today I step into Katerina's shoes.
I cannot have any liabilities.
You mean like an American lover? Only if she has conflicting loyalties.
It wasn't just a whim leaving your job to be with me? No, Josef, it wasn't just a whim.
There will be more of that, what I said last night.
I cannot back down or apologize when I come home later.
I know.
And I understand that.
It's not a good day for Americans to be on the street.
I think you should stay in.
I've seen worse than this, trust me.
Then if you insist, I'll send you a car.
See you later.
go home! ALL: U.
go home! U.
go home! The hunt for Katerina Gerhardt's assassin goes on as polizei continue to search for suspect Hector DeJean, an American former CIA officer who served a long stint in Berlin and is rumored to be hiding in the U.
Embassy there.
They have asked anyone - with any information - Hello? Hello? Hey, hey, hey, hey, where are you? I told you I have to take care of my kid.
I'll be there soon.
Well, hurry up.
Unless you want me to take over as acting chief.
God damn it, Hector, I'm on my way.
Fucking Hey, I don't want you to go either.
But you saw those images on the TV.
All those crowds gathering at the embassy.
It's not a good situation Why are people protesting at the embassy if the CIA is responsible? Because it gives them a place, you know, a place where they can focus their anger against America.
But where's the CIA based? Okay, let's not dawdle anymore, okay? We're gonna miss your flight, and by the way, Uncle Steven's gonna take you to the airport 'cause I got to go straight into the office and deal So the Office of Regional Affairs is going to save the day now? Okay.
You sit.
I don't work for the Office of Regional Affairs.
You work for the CIA.
Yes, I do.
You're a spy? Yes, I am.
But the definition of that is probably not quite the same as the one you have in mind.
- Does Mom know? - Yes, she does.
There are reasons that I have never told you the truth about what it is that I do.
They have nothing to do with you.
They have nothing to do with me.
What are you feeling? A little pride? Maybe your dad isn't quite so uncool as you thought he was? - Kind of.
- Kind of? Well, pride is good.
You can be proud of the fact that I serve our country.
The rest is just hype.
- Fear? You a little scared? - Yes.
Okay, nothing wrong with that.
Fear keeps us on our toes.
It keeps us careful.
It keeps you grateful.
I love you.
You can ask me anything.
Anytime you want.
I just can't tell you everything.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Uncle Steven, too? Uncle Steven, too, what? Noah, you talk about that with me and me alone.
No one else.
Okay, listen to me.
You call me when you take off.
You call me when you land, okay? I love you.
You did the right thing by telling him.
He knew.
He already knew.
[ENGINE TURNS OVER] I'm terrible at good-byes myself.
What are you doing here? I thought you were back at Langley getting raked over the coals.
And not help finish what I started? I wanted to let you know what Valerie and I found last night.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Pull back.
I thought your last act here was strong-arming her resignation.
All a ruse to cement her access to Josef.
I'm so glad that I was apprised of that ruse as Acting Chief.
This is me apprising you.
And my hunch paid off.
We have proof of connection between Josef and Otto Ganz.
It seems Josef was behind the whole Otto Ganz plot.
Set Katerina up for the fall.
Which begs the question if he went full Brutus and had her killed then - What? - That's crazy.
Even crazier, crumb trail points to Nick Fischer on that count.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Well, that doesn't make any sense at all.
No, no, it doesn't.
You doing okay? It just seems like every assumption we've made along the way is the wrong one.
Things get upended all the time.
Turn out to be the opposite of what you thought.
- You get used to it? - No.
But you give yourself a break.
Your next score could be just around the corner.
Or walking through a door in a nice suit with a big ol' cigar.
Same guy who funnels money under the table to Gerhardt has her killed moments after she wins, and then is out for a stroll - the next day? - [CELL PHONE BUZZING] I mean, what gives? Something fucked-up when we find out, no doubt.
- Robert? - Yeah.
Hector! God damn it.
You're on speaker.
Fischer's on the move.
- You want April solo? - Yeah, yeah.
I need you back at base camp to help me with Hector.
I can't do my job and babysit him at the same time.
I'll get you back out as soon as I can.
And give April your firearm.
Fischer carries.
I don't need to give you the standard lecture, - do I, April? - No, sir.
There's not enough people to go around today.
We'll get it done.
go home! ALL: U.
go home! - U.
go home! ALL: U.
go home! [CHANTING CONTINUES OUTSIDE] [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [CONVERSING IN GERMAN] What? Keep that mouth of yours in check.
Provoke the Foreign Minister and [KNOCKING] - Hello, Georg.
- Welcome.
Richard Hanes.
We haven't had the pleasure yet.
Esther Krug.
It won't last for long at this rate.
Please, we are short on time today.
He doesn't fancy deputies.
Don't take it personally.
You first.
The situation outside speaks for itself, and it will only get worse.
I have been ordered by the Chancellor to break liaison with your station.
This will be the last communication between BfV and CIA until further notice.
Berlin Station is declared persona non grata.
Great, we're all just going to lose our fucking heads along with the protestors outside? You're speaking to the Foreign Minister here.
Thanks, Stefan.
I'm pretty much boned up on everyone in the Bundestag.
Watch it, Kirsch, or I'll kick you out of this office before they do.
You will be the first to go, Richard.
The Embassy has 12 hours to turn over Hector DeJean, or you all will be on the first flight home tomorrow.
Pending investigations and questions of complicity, criminal charges are a possibility.
Georg, this is crazy.
We don't have DeJean.
We weren't involved.
Hector DeJean stands accused of a crime he did not commit.
Says who? Hector DeJean? We have testimony from the Ganz daughter that they were planning it together, and eyewitness accounts that place him at the Messe right before the shooting.
Planning, planning, Esther.
Do you have any idea how many people probably wanted Katerina Gerhardt dead? We have proof who did the deed.
Who? To share the details of that with you now would be premature.
Suit yourself.
Your resources are limited along with your time.
The people want blood, Richard.
I suggest you give them DeJean before they get it.
[CROWD CHANTING OUTSIDE] I can't give 'em what we don't have.
Yeah, he's here.
In the Station.
Got trapped last night when the news broke.
Are you fucking kidding me? DeJean is under my roof? And that's the good news.
The bad news is, your buddy, Nick Fischer, he put the hit out on Gerhardt.
Fischer? Get out of here.
He'd have given his lunch money to the PfD if he had to.
If he had to reinforce his front.
This is crazy.
Nick Fischer? Welcome to intelligence, ambassador.
The thing we have to do now is find out who Fischer's in league with.
My money is on Josef Emmerich.
What if Fischer is doubling for the Moscow? Russian interference over here, too? Well, I vote for World War III.
- [CELL PHONE BUZZING] - [CAR ALARM CHIRPS] - Hello? - Where are you? Uh, I'm on my way to the office.
Would you mind swinging by your old office? I need a favor.
What are you doing here? What do you think? Is Hector upstairs? [SIGHS] Fortunately, I know you better than I know Robert.
- Esther - What? You have proof? It's complicated.
It's actually very simple.
We need Hector by nightfall, - or I can't - Or what? This is good-bye? Please, don't do this.
It's not my choice.
We just need a little more time.
Look outside.
You don't have time.
Esther, please.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] [TENSE MUSIC] So we all go on trial for this? If they decided to press collective charges, and hold the Station accountable.
Right, so sounding more and more hopeful every second.
I need some real food, man.
I can't eat this vending machine shit.
You need to shut the fuck up and listen, is what you need to do.
All right.
Hanes and I just met with the Germans.
[SIGHS] And? They want us to hand you over by tonight or this Station gets the boot.
Great, so so Esther Krug finally gets her chance to bury me alive.
Hector, there's a crowd outside that wants your head on a pike.
And the BfV apparently has more than Lena Ganz's testimony.
[CHUCKLES] Of course they fucking do.
They can easily tamper with any evidence they want to.
Right? - What do you have on Fischer? - Working on it.
Well, work on it faster, Robert.
What are you doing here wasting your fucking time? What about the tunnels? We could get him out that way.
- Say he escaped.
- Oh, so what what so I run around like a fucking fugitive for something I did not do? But you were about to do it, Hector.
You wanted to do it.
You're what's landed us in this shit in the first place.
We all have you to thank for that.
Oh, you're welcome.
What for for closing the deal with Otto Ganz, for bringing in the shooter? You're not my fucking boss anymore! Fuck you! Somebody just let me sail off into the sunset.
Let you all get on with your lives.
[KNOCKING] He's starting to calm down a little bit.
April has eyes on Fischer at the Gerhardt memorial.
Valerie has ears on Josef, who's headed there now so You want me to get back out there? Please.
- [LOUDER THUDDING] - I don't even work here anymore.
[CROWD SHOUTING] Look, I've pitching you on the cyber-surveillance stuff for weeks, but you're a people guy, Steven, I know that.
More dialogue than data.
You want me to convince Hector to hand himself over to the Germans? And save Berlin Station in the process.
[SIGHS] Sounds like the redemption of Steven Frost to me.
Oh, really? I would think that Richard Hanes could use a little redemption right about now, no? I never should have trusted Nick Fischer.
I know that now.
I fucked up and I need your help.
This is as close as I come to groveling.
I don't have clearance to enter the Station.
That's a mere phone call away.
What you do have is the respect of your former subordinates.
In theory.
Look, Richard the last time Hector and I saw each other at least let me say, it didn't go well.
And more to the point I'm not gonna step on Robert's toes with this.
He's Acting Chief.
For another ten hours if something doesn't give.
[SIGHS] I think Kirsch would let you dance all over him if it meant saving his job.
Hector's not going to listen to me.
He's just not.
And why would I want to convince him in the first place? Because the future of American intelligence in Europe might depend on it? This is not the time to lose our foothold here, Steven.
Germany cuts us off, others will follow.
Let DeJean have his day in court if he's so innocent.
What do you got? Looks like a dead drop.
Message card from flowers next to his.
How does he know which card to pull? You know, if I was a betting man I'd say it's the same florist.
Let's circle back to the shop after Emmerich shows his face.
If we get lucky, it leads us to Fischer's contact.
I'll get the car.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Fischer's approaching Emmerich.
I was hoping we could meet before I fly out tonight.
It's a busy day, as you can imagine.
He's nervous.
Daniel, what's the body language? Emmerich looks uneasy.
I don't think this is a meeting you'll want to miss.
What time? 4:00.
I'll send a car.
They're both leaving.
We think Fischer may have picked up a message at the memorial.
Dead drop in an adjacent bouquet.
Our guess is, whoever left it for him is using the same florist so Fischer would recognize the card.
I'm gonna follow it up.
Who do you think the tail was? I don't know.
He looked German.
Josef's contact in the BfV? Maybe.
[SNIFFLES] Do you think he's on to you? I don't know.
It's hard to tell.
Robert wants to be patched into the SCIF.
Need a moment? [CHUCKLES] No, I do not.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] I need a secure line.
Get out.
So what do you make of Fischer's gambling jaunts to Macao while he was stationed in Cambodia? A man with a gambling habit.
Get out.
So the Chinese mafia served his head on a platter to Beijing, this could just be him doubling to cut off the American hand in Gerhardt's victory.
I'll put that in the same hopper as the Ambassador's Russian theory.
Okay, so do you have a theory? - Or are you still working on - You know what? Hector.
I put my kid on an airplane this morning.
If I need a fucking surrogate 13-year-old, I'll let you know.
You're such a dick, Robert, which makes my continued affection for you a mystery and a conundrum.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] Fischer obviously wants to control the meeting if he's sending a car for Emmerich.
Which means we'll have to piggyback and take control of it.
Valerie? I started this.
I intend to finish it, Robert.
Where are you with Fischer, by the way? Deep inside a mind-fuck.
Daniel and April may have a lead.
We'll see.
Keep me posted.
I have a hunch I know how you're feeling, and it's not good.
[SCOFFS] Josef played me.
So, let's make him pay.
- Hey, Robert.
What are you doing here? I want him to DeJean.
We're pulling out all the stops.
I already told you Hector won't listen, and we're pulling all the stops out as we speak.
Good, in the meantime, maybe he'll listen more to his former boss than his current one.
And maybe you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Jesus, all right, come on, come on.
- Can we please - Come on No, let's stay on the same page, today of all days.
- It's your call.
- It's my call.
No, Richard, it's not your fucking call, stop.
Stop pulling rank like you got some God damn twitch, and put some faith in those under you who've dedicated their lives to public service and not been handed an ambassadorship because they wrote a big fucking check to the president.
[SIGHS] Robert, this is your turf, not mine.
But I think it's worth a shot to let Steven talk with DeJean.
What do you say? Yeah.
Thank you.
[CLEARS THROAT] Are you sure you want to step back inside this place? Uh, yes and no.
- Take this.
- Thanks.
Last night it was Hector.
Now you.
You ready? [TELEPHONES RINGING] Home sweet home.
Let's go.
Welcome back, Chief.
[DOOR OPENS] Oh, Jesus Christ.
[SIGHS] He's next.
I'm just the warm-up act.
[DOOR CLOSES] - So, this was his idea, right? - Rob? No.
[CHUCKLES] God, no.
He's got about as much hope in this as I do.
Oh, so what's the hope? You talk some sense into me, I turn myself in, and this shit goes away, right? Um yeah, something like that.
Esther Krug has wanted me out of this equation the moment I stepped foot back in Berlin.
Once she gets her hands on me, it's over.
She will control the investigation, she will tamper with evidence, and she will lock me up and make me swallow the fucking key.
Okay, here's what you do.
You wait a day.
- And then you shit it out.
- [LAUGHS] It's a prison trick.
So, how have you been? [CHUCKLES] Me? Well, you know ah, second lease on life, second career, second beard, second home in Provence, it's Where you will pull a Van Gogh in a field of sunflowers? Oh, God, don't give me ideas.
Heard you had your own little role in the sidelines recently, too.
You know, Hector, a few weeks ago, I thought that I missed this game so bad I'd do anything to get back in.
Now, I'm not so sure.
Yeah, I didn't think I'd miss it at all until I got roped back in.
Once a spy, always a spy, huh? You didn't come here to feed me clich��s.
So, come on.
Give me the hard sell.
Martyrdom or bust, right? "Saint Hector" doesn't really have a ring to it you know.
No, it doesn't.
Not after the shit I've done.
What if this is one of those times in life where the only way around something is to go right through it.
Are you advising me to through in the towel? In every way.
But one.
It's tiny.
Just one employee.
And not much room for distraction.
Transactions on a hard drive? Yeah, looks like it.
Well, I'll I'll run interference, make a big thing about the arrangements, didn't trust you to make the right choice.
I'll make her show me everything.
You'll have plenty of time to copy the hard drive.
Why do I get the feeling this is how you always buy flowers? [SIGHS] [KEYS JINGLE] Something's wrong with the keys.
They're not working.
No, I had the lock changed.
Come in.
[DARK MUSIC] I'd like my cuff links back.
These are CIA property.
Not mine.
And who told you that? The man you had tailing me this morning? I told you I couldn't have any liabilities.
Was he a friend, sympathizer from the BfV, I'm guessing? What a fool I was to take you for a sympathizer last night.
No, I genuinely felt for you, Josef.
Until I found your phone in the safe that you used to contact Otto Ganz.
You lied to me.
The past few days, all a sham.
That makes two of us.
So, I guess we're even.
That terror plot, it wasn't Katerina.
It was you.
- Says who? - Katerina? She's dead.
No, says the phone call that you made to Ganz while he was in Spain cutting a deal with two of my fucking officers.
What? Killing Katerina wasn't enough? Might be my turn now? What are you talking about? We know Nick Fischer pulled off that hit.
- Under your orders.
- My orders? Nick Fischer? You fucking Americans.
Still running around the city like you own it.
70 years after the war! [SCOFFS] Get out of my house! Get out of my country! You and your fucking weapons.
It was a false terror plot.
Nothing was ever meant to happen beyond their arrest after the weapons exchange.
Well, good luck with that story holding up in court.
Ridding your party of extremists like Otto Ganz, I get.
Framing an innocent women for a terror attack just because she was in bed with American donors, I do not get.
Germany has been taking handouts from America ever since the end of the war.
It was time for sacrifice.
Yeah, well this isn't a handout.
This is a fucking chokehold.
We need to find out why Fischer did this.
- Go and ask him.
- He met with you at the memorial, and he approached you about a meeting, did he not? I won't be going to that.
Oh, yes, you will.
Because if you don't cooperate, I'll make fucking sure that your career is finished.
I promise you.
So, this is where we conduct business now? It's not as secure as I'd like, but the view is better.
I'll never get used to no windows.
I think maybe you just like the image of the precipice we're perched on at the moment.
We haven't fallen yet.
Daniel and April have gotten into the database at the florist shop.
They are looking for any contacts that might connect to Nick Fischer.
Valerie has Josef dead to rights, but she doesn't believe it's him.
No, that's because there's a whole other party involved, whoever Fischer is in league with.
NSA on it? No, they're in total shut down mode.
It, um It looks like I'm gonna have to eat shit and go to Hanes.
See if his cyber-surveillance leviathan is everything he's cracked it up to be.
[SIGHS] - Want some good news? - Yes, please.
Valerie turned Josef.
He's agreed to wire up for a meet with Fischer.
Well done, Valerie.
And you? I never should have doubted her playing ball with him.
Oh, I'm not one to say I told you so.
[CHUCKLES] Rule number one let Fischer do most of the talking.
Don't ask any leading questions.
It's up to us to follow up, find the truth, not yours in the moment.
You make it sound like I want to do this.
Do you want this guy to go down or not? Rule number two, absolutely no show of emotion.
No anger, no disdain, no blood thirst.
Absolutely nothing.
What about you? No show either? I thought we had something.
You thought you could use me to bring Katerina down, that's what you thought.
At first, yes.
But then no.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] To what do I owe the honor of being invited into your lair? A few weeks ago you said you wanted in on things.
Well, I'm bringing you in.
If this is in the spirit of "better late than never," I think you're cutting it close.
The NSA can't help, so So you come to my side? Actually, I was thinking that you and I could meet somewhere more in the middle.
What do you say? Only way to get anything done these days.
We should have taken that position a few weeks ago.
Where's DeJean? I have him on a leash.
[TENSE MUSIC] Josef just left.
He's getting into a black SUV.
Bravo Hotel Kilo 7916.
We're on him.
Meet point is the Arminiusmarkthalle in Moabit.
Almost there.
One day soon you won't be able to stand alone like this in public without your supporters mobbing you.
Chancellor Emmerich? Come on, let's take a walk.
What, is he taking him on a damn tour? He's being cautious.
No, he's being paranoid.
We're headed around back.
You almost sound happy about the turn of events.
You could say we have a vested interest in your success.
Who's "we"? Same group of Americans that wined and dined Katerina? All in due time.
I don't like Josef's tone.
Fischer's gonna spook.
Let me guess, you want to offer me the same deal Katerina took.
Help fund the PfD if I help turn Uncle Sam into Big Brother.
Germany is worth more to me than a blank check.
I couldn't agree more, Josef.
I assure you I am not here on behalf of Uncle Sam or Big Brother.
It is proper allegiance to Fatherland that we care about, whatever the country.
"Vaterland" no? What the hell is he talking about? Is this guy the Naziest of them all? Starting to sound that way.
We knew of Katerina's other priorities.
Her own career.
Her popularity.
Then why support her? Because she was our best chance of helping the PfD gain a foothold in Parliament.
But at the end of the day, she was too soft.
- Jacob.
We have an account I need you to run down.
Sure thing.
Give me a second.
Are you going to tell me what this account is? Belongs to a regular customer at a florist.
Activity coincides with your boy Fischer's trips to Berlin.
Meaning what? Meaning whoever owns the account is likely involved in the hit on Katerina Gerhardt.
Okay, I'm ready.
Give me the digits.
Stop bullshitting me.
Tell me who or we are done.
- What is he doing? - God damn it.
Do you want me to enunciate it for them, too? Who's listening, Josef? You toothless piece of shit.
I told my people you couldn't be trusted.
You call yourself a nationalist, but you won't go the distance for the cause.
Unlike you? Murderer.
He's exiting the side entrance.
Getting on a motorbike.
Can't see the number plate.
[HORN BEEPING] Coming your way, coming your way, copy.
We're on it.
Let's go, let's go.
[TIRES SCREECHING] [HORNS HONKING] Where the fuck is he? [TIRES SCREECHING] Shit, he 180'ed.
Hold on.
[CAR HORNS BLARING] Hey, stay down! Fuck.
[GUNSHOT] I owe you one.
You okay? What the fuck? Isn't that Esther Krug's deputy? I've got something.
It's not good.
Stefan Heidrich of the BfV.
Fuck me.
That asshole who sat in my office? He's in league with Fischer? And that may only be the tip of the iceberg.
[APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS] - Anything? - Not yet.
But I believe this rogue network goes beyond Nick Fischer and Stefan Heidrich.
[PANTING] Is the part where I'm suppose to give myself a break? No, it's the part where you're supposed to pat yourself on the back.
I just killed a BfV Officer.
Who would have killed me if you hadn't done your job, so thank you.
It was self-defense, April.
And great instincts.
I break contact with your Station, - and you kill my deputy? - There's a bunch of stuff you don't know.
We need to talk.
- What are you talking about? - Not here, come on, let's go.
Okay, what I'm about to tell you is the truth, and I need you to trust me on this.
Just say it.
Last night we learned that one of our officers stationed out in Norway was behind the assassination of Katerina Gerhardt.
What does this have to do with Stefan? We chased our officer into that tunnel, but he got away thanks to a decoy.
Stefan was the decoy.
- Is this your strategy? - No.
- Share the blame? - No.
It's not a strategy, Esther.
Stefan was in on this.
One of your officers was behind the assassination plot.
That's what doesn't make any sense.
I know, it's the same for us.
Nick Fischer, one of ours, pumping illegal funds into the PfD coffers.
Who else was involved? We don't know if it stops at these two or whether there are more involved, but we do know that it was not Hector.
So is this where you burn me to save yourselves.
That's not what I'm saying, but swapping one rogue CIA officer for another does not spell salvation.
- Then what are you saying? - I'm asking you if you still want to scapegoat Hector on this knowing what you know? What do you suggest? We go public with this, it could ruin all of our careers, not just mine.
Oh, fuck our careers.
What about the truth? We let some white supremacy jihadists run riot just so that we could save our jobs? There is no time.
The deadline for Hector is almost up.
Join us in the SCIF.
[TENSE MUSIC] As if I can ever be Hector DeJean again.
You've been playing a shell game.
Hector, Thomas Shaw, Andrew Chevalier.
It was just a matter of time before it caught up with you.
It's the right move, Hector.
You're done chiming in? It's a crazy form of justice, but, hey.
[DOOR OPENS] Esther Krug is on the line.
Time's up.
All right.
Give them what they want.
Katerina Gerhardt had nothing to do with any of it.
The planned attack.
Father's death.
None of it.
- What do you mean? - She was set up.
We've both been had to some extent.
So, this is where we meet from now on? Oh, you'll get used to a variety of locations.
All as pleasant as this one? Perfect.
No power.
Karma's a bitch.
Not the only one in the room.
No, maybe not.
But I am the one in charge.
Your cooperation moving forward is essential.
Now you resort to blackmail.
I really wish you'd left me with another choice.
Word is, there's an entire underground network of their kind.
Rogue intelligence agents looking to push the far right agenda.
We got a hit on a figure fitting Fischer's profile in Cape Town.
- That's their base? - Or his hideout.
We don't know.
But the brass wants us to find out.
- Us? - Come on, Steven.
You don't really mean to tell me you shaved your beard on a whim.
Or was it a desire to return to the Steven Frost of yesteryear? Give it some time.
We'll be back on our feet.
Time? Seems like an eternity since you told us we needed a win.
At a bigger price than I anticipated.
We got a win, though.
Even though it was ugly.
I'd say we did.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was it? Oh, you know.
He's in a better place.
As they say.
And what place is that? God only knows.
Did anyone give a eulogy? Why, you miss your chance to say something nice? Let's not push our luck.
I did something nice.
You did.
He's out of your life now.
And what about you? You seem to be heading in the same direction.
Do I? I don't know.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] You want to go for a walk? You know we're not supposed to be seen in public.
Well, there is a lot of things we're not supposed to be.