Berlin Station (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

In Cold Hell

1 Previously on "Berlin Station" [MAN PRAYING IN LATIN.]
Adeyemi can focus sound waves on a problem area without destroying the surrounding tissue.
In the wrong hands, this could be a weapon.
- Run.
- What? Run! - Daniel's missing.
- What do you mean? What happened? I've already told you more than I'm allowed to.
This is Daniel.
, are you here to report on Estonia, or are you here to report on us - back to Washington? - Both.
Your opponent's name is Vassily Krik.
The weapons that he's moving into Estonia are just a drop in the bucket.
Can you confirm he has the American? Well, he's got something he's pretty excited about.
Jetting all over the world, back to Provence.
That's a lot of wasted hours flying commercial.
Lucky you.
I have a spare Gulfstream fueled and ready.
You're going to St.
Petersburg, and I want you to find Daniel, and I want you to get close enough to Krik to help us stop Estonia.
Papa! Papa! Where is Papa?! Papa! [CRYING.]
Papa told you to speak English around me.
English or Mandarin.
So I can practice.
What's the matter, Lana? The monsters.
They bare their teeth and laugh at me.
Where? Show me.
Here? Nope.
All clear.
No, no monsters here.
You're safe.
Go back to sleep.
Good night.
I'll tell Papa you didn't read me a story.
What? You'd do that to your Uncle Roman? [CHUCKLES.]
How to start? [SIGHS.]
Once there was a shy little boy who lived in a beautiful green dacha in the country.
It was a charmed life.
Down he'd go, all dressed in white, splashing in the lake, riding his bicycle and pony, hide and seek with his sisters.
Until one bright, sunny day, his papa hung himself from the crystal chandelier in their entry hall.
The boy's papa had squandered all their wealth, every ruble, and had taken on tremendous debt on top.
But now they had nothing, and winter was upon them.
The crows pecked their garden bare, so the boy's mama made stew from the rats, squirrels, and possums.
Oh, how he loved the crunch of their brittle bones as he chewed.
But after a time, even the vermin knew to stay away from the green dacha.
And then one day, the boy's mama went out with his little sister, the family's darling.
At night, Mamushka returned and made a big pot of stew.
When the boy asked after his sister, Mama said she had taken her to the orphanage because she couldn't care for her.
No more, Uncle Roman.
But when the boy tasted the stew, he knew the truth.
The tender meat in his mouth was the darling little girl whose shoes he used to tie.
But he was so hungry, and the stew it was delicious.
So he ate and ate and ate until he was hungry no more.
Monsters don't always hide under your bed, Lana.
Sometimes, they make stew.
Johnny's in America, low techs at the wheel I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans For a country on the brink of invasion, Estonia seems awfully quiet.
How do you explain their call for an Article 5 vote when there's nothing going on? It's only quiet because they declared martial law.
Everyone's inside, glued to their screens, soaking up fake news and stewing in their hatred.
It's a strategic pause.
Classic hybrid war.
Vassily Krik stirred the pot.
Now he's sitting back, waiting for us to respond.
Have you really thought about what would happen if this vote went through? War.
I don't know what the appetite in the White House is for American boots on the ground defending Estonia NATO, B.
We would be defending NATO.
KIRSCH: An attack on them is an attack on the United States and our allies.
We need a unanimous vote on Article 5 to get Krik to back down.
NATO summit's in 48 hours.
How do you plan to get the votes? We'll lean on NATO's most influential.
Their intelligence dictates every NATO vote.
And we have a ringer, that being you, the American delegate.
Leaves only 13-Eyes left to persuade.
I need to meet with Leo Morillon.
We need France on board.
It's good to see you in one piece.
Heard about Tokyo.
I spent a couple years there, so if you need anything, let me know a Jiro Sushi reservation or whatever.
I can hook you up.
It's good to see you.
It's been too long, Kolya.
I've missed you.
Although I would've rather seen your name on my call sheet than hear it in a security briefing.
When Moscow makes a play for one of our NATO allies, you have to know we'll come knocking.
Is there a treaty between our two countries that I'm unaware of? Not exactly.
But you have to admit, the current administration has done a lot to improve relations.
Using Vassily Krik is a very clever distraction.
Get everybody chasing your tails while you can deny any involvement.
But we are not involved.
Pull him back.
Otherwise, NATO will do it for you.
What makes you think that I or anyone in Moscow has any control over Krik? You better hope you do.
As a former satellite, Estonia is tempting, I must admit, but not worth the bad PR.
Russia has a new reputation to live up to.
If the Kremlin is the world's new moral compass, God help us.
I wonder, what would you tell Mr.
Krik if you were sitting across from him? I would tell him Estonia is a card-carrying member of NATO, and their dues are all paid up.
When trouble befalls the least of us, you can guarantee the United States will be there.
Heed the warning.
This time, we will not hesitate.
Brains, guts, composure - [SCOFFS, CHUCKLES.]
- resolve.
There are times I think I know why God created woman.
Why he created man remains a mystery.
So, paperwork will be on the ground in St.
Torres will be going by the name Manuel DiSanto, an investor from Puerto Rico.
Background's solid.
FROST: Geez, I'd forgotten how good you are at this.
- Oh, fuck you.
- Huh.
So, how exactly is your contact in St.
Petersburg supposed to get Torres to Krik? He's a roofer.
He's basically a high-end concierge for the Russian elite.
He puts people together, makes money.
He's got heart, Torres.
But field officers normally spend months with their covers.
He's got fucking hours.
Yeah, he seems like a smart kid.
Thank you.
Um, listen.
Did you get that address that I asked you for? - Yeah.
Pyotr Mikhailov, Krik's favorite lieutenant in his unit.
You can find him in 17 Nevsky Prospekt.
Wait a minute.
Isn't that It's a sketchy suburb.
Battle-tested Army units are treated like kings, if not tsars.
It's funny you should say that.
You know, the rest of his unit other officers, enlisted men under him They can all be found in the Primorsky District.
Right, oligarch adjacent.
Krik's either taking care of his men or keeping them quiet.
Maybe they've got dirt on him.
Well, Mikhailov was right next to Krik from the time they rolled into Kabul till they slunk out with their tail between their legs.
First shot to last.
If anybody has dirt on Krik, it's Mikhailov.
So why isn't he wetting his beak like the others? Hmm? All right.
We got this, Robert.
We sink our talons into Krik.
He lets Daniel go.
We bring him home.
TORRES: Anything else you can tell me about this guy? FROST: I have no words.
He's just somebody you're gonna have to experience for yourself.
Oh, wow.
That is exquisite.
These people don't know the meaning of "priceless.
" Hmm.
Is that a Gauguin? HECTOR: Yes, it is.
And that was Henry Tudor's, so move your ass.
You ain't heir to shit.
This is, uh, Rafael Torres, uh, now going by Manuel DiSanto, um, investor by way of Puerto Rico.
And this is Christian Blake.
You may know him by the name - Hector DeJean.
- Oh.
Death suits you.
It'll suit you, too, if you fucking try me.
I'm with a client.
Busy day.
Timur's trying to decide which Matisse to sell so he can get outta Dodge before he accidentally falls out of a window.
I don't need the Ghost of Christmas Past or whoever the fuck he thinks he is fucking that up for me.
You didn't tell him? Tell me what? Daniel Miller is missing.
We think he's being kept here by Vassily Krik.
Well, I haven't heard anything.
I'll let you know if I do.
Your concern is heartwarming.
What do you want me to say? Krik's untouchable.
If he's got Miller, he's as good as dead, so you can fuck off now.
Um, uh, you've gotten pretty close to Krik.
And if they trust you to hide their billions in assets here, uh, they might trust you with an introduction.
Yeah, of course they trust me.
They trust me not to pull the kind of fucking stupid shit you're suggesting.
Oleg Kamenov tells me that Krik's number two likes to gamble with the roofers and bodyguards.
Roman Platov.
I know him.
Then you get me in, and then I'll do the rest.
Oh, is it that easy? Whatever you've done before, this ain't that.
One mistake, and they'll eat you alive.
Then they'll come for your family, and they'll fucking eat them alive, too.
Hector I'm not taking that chance.
I already fucking died once.
- Well, now he's scared.
- Get him out of here.
All right, then.
We'll get to Platov on our own.
I'll see you in the car.
Go on.
Be right out.
HECTOR: Nice guy.
Come on, Hector.
Huh? What, you you think swimming with oligarchs is easy? Between the fucking wives and the hangers-on, it's a feat akin to walking on water just keeping your head attached.
You were gallows-bound in Berlin.
Six months later, you outstayed your welcome in Jo-burg when I found you there.
- You owe me.
- I owe you? You're fucking right, you do.
You owe me.
Where else in this world worth living can you have a dead man's face and walk around with it? Here, Russia! When I set you up with Vlad, I gave you the opportunity to channel your talents - into something lucrative.
- Shh! And it looks like it's working out for you.
- Shut up.
- God.
Jesus Christ.
So you putting me within earshot of Russia's rich and famous was just luck of the draw? Give me a fucking break.
You put me here so you could run me like an agent.
Old habits, right? I've delivered in spades.
Who Who Who gave you Sokolov, huh? You enjoying that Gulfstream you rode in on? You're welcome.
Okay, yeah.
My days as Chief of Station are a distant memory, I know.
But you're right.
Those responsibilities do die hard, because I made a promise that I'm gonna find Daniel.
I'm gonna bring him back.
And that's what I'm gonna do.
Now, you don't you don't want to do this for me, that's fine.
I don't care.
You do it for Daniel.
Daniel can take care of himself.
Why am I not surprised to see you both? Expecting my help whipping votes on Article 5? B.
: Not expecting.
Esther, If Germany assembles the 14-Eyes, it could help the rest of Europe move, as well.
You wanna hide behind us and have Germany lead a Europe-first response? We can alleviate some pressure in your energy sector.
You'd be beholden to Russia no more if we broker a more favorable energy deal with the Saudis or Turkey.
That could give you the freedom you need to support your NATO allies.
We can't succeed without you.
Germany will continue to monitor the situation in Estonia for any adverse changes.
SOFIA: Jesus, are you all right? You saved my life.
I did.
SOFIA: Thanks for coming to get me.
APRIL: We need to find out how he found you.
I ran my livestream through a VPN cascade, which is absolutely untraceable.
What about the phone the phone you stole from the bar? Fuck.
It was hacked to sabotage the Sama Kaart system.
Of course.
Our lines have been compromised.
So is the cellphone.
Where is it now? - I stored it in a bus locker.
- Show me.
- Mademoiselle.
- Leo.
Do you still drink gin and tonic? I do.
Leo, when NATO convenes, Estonia is going to invoke Article 5.
And I need that vote to be a unanimous yes.
If the evidence is compelling, it will be so.
Oh, the evidence is compelling just open to interpretation.
We believe Vassily Krik invaded Estonia.
Crimea had little green men roaming the streets, political coups, media blackouts.
We've heard nothing.
Krik is waiting for the all-clear.
Then when he gets it, the Kremlin will come pouring in behind him.
Leo the 14-Eyes know you.
They trust you.
So if you sound the alarm they'll follow.
Given America's recent isolationist rhetoric, certain key players will need a show of faith.
And what if I can get you everything you need? I'm on holiday tomorrow, South of France.
My fellow 14-Eyes, they may or may not be joining.
Get me what I need, prove I can still trust you and I'll get you your votes.
How did it go with the French? Exactly as I expected.
- What do they want? - They want a show of faith, and assurances that we'll stand by our word.
That's fair.
Tell them we have a varsity strategic response team lined up.
We can rotate in the 75th Rangers, and we'll turn the Fifth Fleet to sail north.
You think that'll satisfy the French We can mobilize at a moment's notice? I-I think it will.
I hope so.
I'll reach out to Wolfe, and I'll get it done.
Not necessary.
I'll contact the Joint Chiefs of Staff directly.
Platov's a no-show.
Well, my contact, Vlad, said he'd be here.
- His intel's solid.
- Mm.
Much as I've enjoyed the scallops in eucalyptus snow Uh, uh Time for you to leave.
We'll settle up, and then we'll be out of here.
I was just looking for a friend, uh, Roman Platov? HECTOR: Stand down, Yuri.
He's with me.
Apologies, Mr.
Why don't you two go pitch your little investment to Mr.
Jadovsky? I'll go clear the air.
We're even.
HECTOR: These herbs are drier than Kupchino weed.
Blake, thank God.
What have you got for me? Uh, we got figs.
- We got fennel.
- Ah.
- We got curry leaves from India.
We got Spanish tomatoes.
Give it to me.
Ah, bratan, these sanctions are killing me.
Now my homemade biroldo has a chance.
New clients? Old friends with a business opportunity.
Thought I'd make some introductions, for a small percentage, of course.
And you choose to introduce them to Timur Jadovsky.
Must not be very good friends.
Timur's reputation might be shit, but his money's still good for now.
So, where were we? Uh, well, we were just giving Mr.
Jadovsky a snapshot of the economics.
We took him through the success we had in, uh, Port-au-Prince.
Peanuts compared to what you'll make in Puerto Rico.
Oh, Manuel DiSanto, Steven Frost, this is, uh, Roman Platov.
- You the chef? - No.
Just always hungry.
- Oh.
- Hi.
My pleasure.
Go on, please.
Like I'm not even here.
The hurricane It was devastating for Puerto Rico, no? For a lot of people, yes.
But not for everyone.
For some, it created certain kind of opportunities.
Disaster capitalism, plain and simple.
The storm wiped out everything homes, hospitals, infrastructure.
- But - For the right kind of investor, the weather is just fine.
You will not find a more lucrative way to move your money overseas.
And with our guidance, uh, you can really take advantage of the low tax rate and the lax regulations.
What, uh, kind of return are we talking? Oh, my.
We're talking Within two months, 45% on a $50 million outlay.
FROST: Yeah.
It's real.
And you didn't think our deep-pocketed mutual friend might be interested? Well, I-I didn't wanna presume.
What the fuck is this, Blake? A bidding war? Depends who's doing the bidding, all right? I'm not competing against Vassily's lapdog.
Come on, Timur.
That's That's unnecessary.
That's not nice.
- Please, Jesus.
- No, no.
He's right.
There is no competition.
Krik would much prefer to be the sole investor.
Fuck off, Timur.
Your money is as rotten as your breath.
- Go to hell.
- Oh, all right.
I'll see you there.
So, you will be my guests tonight.
We'll discuss an investor who can actually make your trip worthwhile.
Tonight, I'll do the talking.
Whoa, what he fuck are you doing, man? Insurance scammer.
Welcome to Russia.
Oligarch's privilege.
JAN: Sofia Vesik's office.
- Clear.
Turn him over.
Hey, hey! Say cheese.
We got him.
- You're amazing.
- Oh.
- You've been busy.
I hope you don't mind, because I'm going to need more memory a lot more.
I found an old back-up beta for Sama Kaart.
It was at Tervik's digital vault in Zurich.
Will it work? There's a lot to fill in and re-code, but yeah, it should work.
If we can re-launch Sama Kaart and help end the fighting You sound a lot like Henrik.
My work is about evolution.
And yes, I want to bring peace, but it's up to a real leader to preserve it.
Your livestream was inspirational, okay? Your simple truths, hard work, your vision You could be that leader.
I still have so much work at Tervik.
The people deserve better than Savisaar or whoever else tries to fill that vacuum.
April, it's not so simple.
But it can be.
So you're saying the CIA can make it simple? Countering fascism and maintaining stability in the Baltics is in everybody's best interest.
I'm flattered.
In Estonia, we have a saying that the morning is wiser than the evening.
Then you'll sleep on it.
And we'll talk about it in the morning.
You know I trust you, April.
That's why I'm still here.
I can't promise you more than that.
Boy, that is a handsome picture.
- You mind? Mm.
- Mm.
Um, you know, I did my time there.
I was a stringer for the wire service that covered your war and then ours.
The earth itself just sticks to you, doesn't it? Gets in your pores.
You can't ever get clean.
It's for the book.
Okay? I mean, my editor She's gonna eat it up.
Thank you.
You know, your, um, commanding officer sure went on to make a name for himself.
What can you tell me about Vassily Krik? You've heard the stories.
Yeah, but you were there.
Where are your medals? Your unit was highly decorated.
My medals and ribbons I buried with my brothers.
What happened that day? Now, I've known a lot of soldiers in my time.
But the other men in your unit, they sure didn't sell their, uh, honor cheaply.
They've lived well.
So they should.
They've paid in other ways privately, paid dearly.
And you? All of Vassily's billions, there is no pot of gold big enough.
You don't wanna remember it.
Okay, I understand.
That's You just wanna push it so far down in your mind, you just it's like it never even happened.
But it did.
You know, they say confession's good for the soul.
Why don't you wash off some of that Kabul clay? You're gonna have to talk about it sometime when you meet your maker.
He tells a story.
He tells it nearly every day.
He tells it to new associates and to old friends, to his wives, to his daughter, to himself how he took a Kalashnikov off a dead enemy fighter.
I've heard that story.
It's a lie.
It's a lie.
I was the one who killed that Mujahideen.
And I only kept this rifle so I'd never forget our dishonor and disgrace.
The pass was narrow a strategic nightmare.
First squad came under fire.
There was so little cover, they were packed together so tight, they didn't even fall when they died.
Krik was the one who sent them ahead, and when the order came to reinforce and rescue them You retreated.
Krik retreated.
I was ready to die for my brothers.
I had my honor, and that coward stole it away.
KIRSCH: His name is Sergei Basarov.
He's ex-Spetsnaz.
Not fucking talking, but, uh, I haven't turned on the charm yet, so Oh, gee.
I wish I was there for that.
April made it all happen.
She She actually risked her life, first protecting the asset and then getting this.
Yeah, she's a meat eater, that's for sure.
Basarov was on the ground in Estonia.
He knows Krik's operation.
We're really hoping he can help lead us to Daniel.
Spetsnaz? He won't talk no matter how many drinks you buy him.
Then we'll fucking trade him.
Well, let's hope he's worth something to them.
Send up a flare when you have an answer, because I'm on my way to Afghanistan for, uh, kompromat little dirt on Krik we can use to get Daniel back.
Hey, Steven.
Whatever it is you find, it has to fucking stick.
Oh, it will, if I can get it.
What's the one true hanging offense for the Kremlin? Disloyalty.
We can't let Adeyemi sell this tech to the Chinese.
I think we have a bigger problem.
Bankole, the Nigerian contact, who beat up Dove? I dug a little deeper.
He's a friend from Dove's hometown and works for Aquinas.
Shady guys, deep pockets.
They keep the local guys off of the payroll to keep them hidden from the state government, but we traced back consistent deposits in Bankole's accounts to Malta, Aquinas's home base.
My source says they're making a deal for the weapon.
Dove implied it's true.
So we might be too late.
Adeyemi sells to a private contractor, we lose all control, especially Aquinas, and they are not the good guys.
That's why we should've naturalized Adeyemi in the first place.
None of this would be happening.
Not our call.
That decision was made elsewhere.
But, April, I need you to close this deal now, whatever it takes.
We need it.
And Aquinas should absolutely not have it.
I wasn't expecting you.
- Can I have a moment? - Of course.
Uh, you haven't been completely honest with me, about your invention.
It seems the truth is a rare commodity these days.
All right.
It wasn't an accident, the day you met me at the park, Dove.
I was assigned to make contact, to get to know you and you, and see who you were talking to.
CIA? How long have you suspected? Not long.
I knew you were too smart for me, out of my league.
Let's stay clear on what we're talking about here your invention.
No one is fighting this hard for a healing technology.
What a world it would be if we were.
Your device can kill people silently, make it look like a heart attack or a stroke, with no detection.
And you're selling it to the highest bidder.
April" What was that Oppenheimer said? "I have become" No, don't quote that Oppenheimer shit to me.
Okay? I didn't start out to make a weapon.
But, yes, after a certain point, I knew what was happening, and I knew what I was doing.
And so did Oppenheimer.
It wasn't what I wanted for my legacy.
I wanted it to heal.
But if my legacy is a safe and healthy family with money in the bank, then yes, I can live with that.
You have a deal with Aquinas, don't you? We can cancel it.
The Chinese money is quite strong.
I've been authorized to make you this proposal.
It's quite generous.
R&D funds, stock options, patent royalties You'll be set for life.
Triple it.
I know how these things work.
Tell your people to bring their best numbers, or we won't be listening.
If we come to terms, I can get your visas approved by the State Department and make sure that you're safe from Aquinas, the Chinese, and whoever else you've led on.
The world turns you upside-down, shakes you.
It is a storm that never ends.
I'm ready for shelter.
How you doing? [DANCE MUSIC PLAYING.]
You ever party with a dead guy? Last time I was here, this guy, Federman, friend of Platov's, life and soul of the party, he goes shot for shot Let me in goes shot for shot, line for line, with Platov.
Halfway through the night, he goes quiet.
It was only when the lights come on, I realized he's dead.
That's a rough night, man.
Not for Platov.
He owed the guy a shit ton of money.
- Comprende? - Good copy.
Watch my back.
I'll watch yours.
Girls, hey.
Come on.
How are you? How you doing? How are ya? - Nice to see you, man.
- Good to see you.
- Welcome.
- Ladies? Christian.
- This is Anna.
- Anna.
- There he is.
- Sit down.
Sit down.
- Welcome.
- Hey, man.
- Good to see you.
Come, welcome.
- You, too, man.
You, too.
Boli, vodka.
- 'Course you do.
Come on.
- No, please! Be my guest.
- Don't be shy.
- Waiting for it.
- Huh? You good? - I'm great, man.
Hey, be with the times.
- Please.
- Don't be shy.
- All right, all right.
- For you.
- Thank you.
One for me.
You're a long way from Puerto Rico, my friend.
- Mm.
- How'd you meet Christian? Uh What was it? Uh, um, early - early '09? - '09.
Miami, blood in the water, mortgage crisis.
The getting was so good.
I was buying up whole neighborhoods, just kingdoms of half-built homes everywhere.
- And And you - Yeah, well, I - [LAUGHTER.]
- I was fucking Wait a minute.
I was holed up in this fucking McMansion, ripping out high-end fixtures you know, gold taps, copper wiring.
I hear the key in the front door going.
Oh! There There's fucking Blake covered in dust, just, like, waving a crescent wrench, like, trying to convince me that he lived in the fucking place and that he owned it.
And I was talking about, "Yeah, I'm just doing some weekend renovating.
" - Fuck you! - Fuck you, man! I don't know if, like, just shoot the guy or just, like, work with him.
Should've shot him.
- He's a killer.
- Look at that.
He's a fucking killer.
- Fuck.
- Yo.
Don't be shy.
- Get down.
Get down! - Knock it the fuck off, man! Get down, man! You're gonna get us both killed.
- Come here.
Two vodkas.
- He's here.
He's here.
- Two bottles! - Sergei Basarov, man.
Fucking drink this.
You need to come down fast.
- Right.
You good? You good? You want Krik, you gotta go deeper.
Deeper, you hear me? Pull it together! You good? Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey! Look who I found.
Hello, stranger.
Hey! Come on! [GASPING.]
You like our home away from home? Honestly? [CHUCKLES.]
Man, I-I think these guys are trying too hard, man, j-just paying 30,000 Euros on table service, you know, to to rent friends they're not gonna remember the next morning.
"These guys"? Yeah.
I am one of these guys.
Who are you to judge, sitting at my table, with all the bounty laid out before you? Hey! I asked you a question.
You didn't tell me this was a deal good enough to kill for.
Tomorrow, we go to Vassily's dacha, talk some business.
To my new friend.
May we have long lives and many beautiful women.
- What's this? - It's a fucking lost dog.
- You want him back? - He's not one of mine.
Oh, fuck you.
Come on.
That man is Sergei Basarov, part of Krik's private army.
We have footage of him in Tallinn and can link him to the massacre at the monument.
He is incontrovertible proof of Krik's move in Estonia.
Tell me you're not wasting my time with this Article 5 nonsense.
Really, Kolya? You want to back down with the whole world watching when NATO comes calling? You think a photo-shopped pic and some piecemeal conjecture are gonna start a war? I don't want to start a war.
I want to stop one.
Why bring me this? What is it you really want, huh, Robert? I want Daniel Miller.
Fair trade.
Now who's looking for a lost dog? You'd really give up your precious proof for Miller? That's the fuckin' deal on the table, Kolya.
You've been busy with 14-Eyes, but that won't bring you far without the U.
and Germany blazing your trail for you.
You may not have the support you think.
We'll just have to take our chances, won't we? Tomorrow, midnight.
Sergei for Daniel Miller.
Daniel Miller You're just like your daddy.
Little night owl, huh? But to stay all night with Papa, you can't.
Go to bed.
Hmm? - Good night.
- Good night.
Daniel Miller HECTOR: We're in.
Car's coming in an hour to take us to Krik's.
That's fast work.
So, what's the plan? I'm flying to Kabul.
And if it's what I think it is, it'll put Krik so far down he'll never get back up again.
You're not leaving me with Torres.
Oh, how's that going? He's a pistol.
He's a fuckin' pain in the ass, and he's gonna get me killed if Krik doesn't beat him to it.
Now you know what it was like to be your CO all those years.
We're gonna find Daniel.
You let me know the minute you do.
You can't stay away from this place, can you, Steven? [CHUCKLES.]
I know the drill, Farid.