Berlin Station (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

The Eye Fears When It Is Done to See

Previously on "Berlin Station" My source says they're making a deal for the weapon.
We can't let Adeyemi sell this tech to the Chinese.
I've been authorized to make you this proposal.
It's quite generous.
Triple it.
You new to the building? Welcome.
I'm Robert.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Nina.
That man is Sergei Basarov, and he is incontrovertible proof of Krik's move in Estonia.
Tomorrow, midnight.
Sergei for Daniel Miller.
NATO summit's in 48 hours.
We need a unanimous vote on Article 5 to get Krik to back down.
How do you plan to get the votes? We'll lean on NATO's most influential.
South of France.
My fellow 14-Eyes, they may be joining.
So, how exactly is your contact in St.
Petersburg supposed to get Torres to Krik? He's a roofer, a high-end concierge for the Russian elite.
Hector DeJean.
Krik's untouchable.
If he's got Miller, he's as good as dead.
This is Roman Platov.
Tomorrow, we go to Vassily's dacha, talk some business.
Oh, no! - I'm sorry! - I'm so sorry.
It's my fault.
Are you okay? No, I'm sorry.
I wasn't paying attention.
Here, I got it.
You got them all.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
Uh, yeah, that's, uh That's from my son, Noah.
Thought I'd, uh send a card on time for once.
As long as there is cash inside, he won't care if it's a bit late.
So you speak fluent teen.
Amongst other languages.
I have two 13-year-old nieces, so it comes in handy.
You give lessons? Um We are clearly very busy people who tend to collide in hallways and all.
Maybe we should try a deliberate meeting.
What about dinner at my place? Uh wow.
Uh, uh, okay, yeah.
Uh, absolutely.
But, um, let me bring the dinner.
How about that? I-I know a place.
Uh, best dim sum in Berlin, so Oh, uh I won't argue with that.
Nice bumping into you.
See ya.
For the man who has everything.
This is tame.
Last time someone stiffed on a Krik deal, it was shoot to kill.
This is Manuel DeSanto, the investor I told you about.
Of course.
Welcome to my dom, Mr.
Krik, a pleasure.
Not the warm welcome we expected.
You ought to be glad it wasn't warmer.
Well, asking me to meet before my morning cup of joe, this better be good news.
You are in luck.
A certain someone, uh, would prefer him out of American custody.
So the threat of a NATO session was enough to frighten the warlord of St.
Petersburg after all? Coincidence.
80,000 Russian soldiers fell in the Battle of Berlin.
Almost makes two lives seem trivial, doesn't it? Daniel Miller for your boy, Basarov.
Were you with him in Tallinn? Yeah.
Bahnbetriebswerk PankowHeinersdorf.
Just quickly remind me again what you're doing soaking up rays on the Cote d'Azur while I'm stuck here in fucking Berlin? If you'd like to come run this 14-ring circus, you're more than welcome, Robert.
No, I'm good.
How are we looking? Spain is courting opposition, but that's nothing new? April's on it, though.
Where are we with Sergei Basarov? Not a peep out of Basarov, but they're worried.
Kolya is willing to broker the trade.
- Tonight.
- On the eve of the Article 5 vote? Jesus.
Robert, Basarov is the best evidence we have of Russian actors in Estonia.
It's too risky.
You need to stall Kolya.
What, double-cross him and lose our one chance of getting Daniel back? Jesus Christ, Valerie, h-h-he's only alive because the Russians are showing highly-unusual restraint here.
And if that fuckin' vote fails It won't.
If it fucking fails, Damocles' sword comes down on Daniel and Estonia.
Even if we go blacksite on this motherfucker, he's not coughing up anything we don't already know.
And everything we do know can easily be dismissed as fake fuckin' news.
Well, if you have a better alternative, I'd really love to hear it.
Yeah, Torres is about to strike a deal with Vassily Krik.
Once we establish the Russian money trail, that's proof even the Spaniards can't poke holes in.
I'd feel a lot better if Hector wasn't involved.
Well, Torres can hold his own.
Look, just keep pressing Basarov, see if you can get anything out of him.
And then, once Torres gets us Krik's accounts, you're cleared to go in and make the deal.
Let's just get Daniel home.
We need to expedite things.
Berlin's counting on us to get access to Krik's accounts by first light.
Took me months to earn his business.
We don't have months.
These men aren't grunts.
They're captains, and they're lieutenants.
Krik's ready to make a move.
Edwards gave me orders Oh, fuck Valerie.
I'm here to find Daniel.
Your con can wait.
Krik's money's not going anywhere.
Oh, shit.
Krik's third wife, just as deadly as the husband.
I know her well.
How do you think she got the tiger? All right, you win.
The sooner we get out of this fuckin' place, the better.
Stay put.
Try and keep your fuckin' head attached.
- Hello.
- Esther.
That's adorable.
Who brought show-and-tell? I did.
Thought it might help us to see where we are.
We only have 10 hours before we meet with the rest of the 14 Eyes.
We have to do everything we can to ensure that all NATO members vote in the right way.
Triggering Article 5 requires a unanimous vote.
We'll need to prove beyond a doubt that this unrest in Estonia was orchestrated abroad.
- And do we have that proof? - We're working on it.
Well, that's reassuring.
Even with irrefutable evidence, we'd face opposition.
We already have.
In Brussels, both Norway and Italy are pushing back.
What else do we know? I'd expect the usual Russian loyalists to cause a stink.
Bulgaria and Hungary have refused to expel diplomats in the past.
So have the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia I wouldn't count on Spain or Portugal for support, either.
The Spanish PM has the Kremlin on speed dial.
And guess we have to add Denmark to that list.
Oh, no, Denmark's a firm Western ally.
Well, ally or not, I saw the Danish Defense Minister confab'ing with a CNI agent this morning, so there's always that.
That's a third of the vote.
If Russia's already exerted this much influence, Article 5 would fail.
Well, here's a surprise Russia's not pulling the strings.
I tailed Serrano back to a second meet at Hotel Banc de Roches block of suites paid for by Fenxi Systems.
The Chinese telecom company? Yeah.
I did a little digging.
Last week, Copenhagen Zoo received two pandas.
Panda diplomacy ink an important trade deal, and you get a fucking panda.
But what would the Chinese stand to gain - from war in the Baltics? - I don't know, but whatever it is, we better figure it out, and we better figure it out fast, because if NATO can't fend off a panda, they're gonna get mauled by a very, very big bear.
You are not supposed to be up here.
It's It's just It's a maze It's a maze up in here.
Does your mama know you play that game? No, but Papa does.
He won't let me hunt anyone until I get older.
A-Anyone? Um So, uh, what else does your papa teach you? The three most important lessons in life how to earn money, how to look after it, and how to spend it.
Oh, oh.
Like this, hmm? Where'd it go? I don't know.
Oh, there it is.
There it was.
Show me how you did that.
Well, only if you let me try your game.
Have it The battery's almost dead.
Um, uh, one macchiato, two shots, just a whisper of foam, please.
Yeah, yeah.
I know what he wants.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, can I also get a caramel latte? Yeah.
Terrific, thanks.
Oh, and, uh and a black coffee.
All to go, please.
Here you go.
Keep the change.
Danke schoen.
Your caramel latte.
How's he doing? Real chatter box.
Won't shut up about invading Estonia.
Blow me, Frank.
Brought you a coffee.
Go on.
It's fresh.
It's hot.
Just trying to be a good host.
My boss doesn't think that I'm nice enough.
Hey, I told her I offered you immunity, nice, cozy retirement in the U.
All you have to do is tell me who sent you to Estonia, who ordered you to assassinate Sofia Vesik.
Now this may be difficult for a Yankee to grasp but in Russia, there are no ribbons for failure.
And whether I talk or not changes nothing.
My fate is sealed.
I'm a dead man already.
And so is Daniel Miller.
Reservation takes months to get.
Do you mind if I join? Excuse me, Madame, I'm afraid you cannot No, no.
Please I'd be honored.
Please give us a moment.
- I don't believe we've had the pleasure.
- B.
Lovely to meet you, Miss Yates.
Lucy Ximen.
Number 62 on the Forbes List of female billionaires.
Educated at Cambridge, chair of Fenxi, whose transparent ties to the Chinese State routinely run it afoul with regulators.
It must be a big coincidence, the change to your itinerary on the eve of a NATO summit, and taking over three hotel suites.
You sure don't travel light.
You've done your homework, Miss Yates.
No wonder you've gotten the ear of the Oval Office so quickly.
Now, shouldn't you be in Brussels? Chamber meetings are for decorum.
Like any important deal, the real business gets done behind the scenes.
Many prefer the golf course, but I like this venue.
Why didn't you just announce your arrival with a bullhorn? You wanted to be found, and you want us to know that China holds the short leash on the opposition bloc.
My presence was never intended to be subtle.
So we can drop the subterfuge and talk about why China is interfering in European affairs.
Let's call this what it is, shall we? Two world powers vying for dominance.
The only difference one is waning, the other waxing.
We've produced more self-made billionaires than any other country in the world.
And those billions helped finance Estonia's tech sector.
This isn't about spite.
No, it's not.
It's pragmatism.
Russia's no ally, but bribery and corruption, they're a common language one that's reliable.
What if we could learn to speak the same language? I believe China would be all ears.
I have a client upstairs getting restless.
Your poker face is usually better than this.
What's really going on? German BND are sniffing around St.
Petersburg, looking for a missing American officer.
I don't want the scent leading the CIA to my door.
Friends from another life, huh? You've got just as much to lose in that freeport as I have.
I need to know if Krik's involved.
Tell you one thing about Vassily Krik he likes his games.
But he only hunts when the prey is weaker than him, only takes chances when he knows he'll win.
That doesn't exactly answer my question.
As I expected, the Chinese have a giant request.
Did Lucy guarantee to back off in exchange for Adeyemi's technology? Not in so many words, but I don't think any of this is a coincidence.
The Chinese investors we burned are a subsidiary of Fenxi.
What were we supposed to do? That tech is safer in American hands.
I know, but surrendering this patent is exactly the kind of goodwill gesture we need.
This isn't a billion-dollar IP.
His device is a weapon.
Why do you think Langley wants it so bad? So what? We give it to the Chinese, cross our fingers, and hope that they scratch our backs? April's right.
It's a huge risk.
Sergei Basarov isn't talking.
Rafa's gone dark somewhere in Russia.
The clock is ticking, and we've got to bring the opposition on side.
I'm gonna take a run at the Dane, see if I can get him to break ranks.
Maybe the others will follow.
It's worth a shot.
With the IFE tax loophole you won't find a better investment.
Platov told me about that, showed me the numbers.
45% is very impressive.
All you need is an office with four employees, which I will oversee as I want.
Blake will be our middle man.
Not sure about that.
You don't like Blake.
I like Blake fine.
Trust him, that's another story.
Blake's loyalty carries a steep price tag.
He's done his part.
So if it makes you feel more comfortable we can deal directly from now on.
Only in Russia for a few days and already catching on.
You know, there's a saying "Corruption is everywhere, but in Russia, it prospers.
" Well, cheers to that.
I knew I liked you.
We share the same philosophy.
Just because I've done well doesn't mean that I don't feel sorry everyone in Russia is not as rich as I am.
Let's do this.
Yes, Mr.
Secretary, I understand.
It's the only course of action.
Yes, sir.
I'll get it done.
Something wrong? No, nothing.
Any sign of Valerie? No, nothing yet.
Can't wait any longer.
We got to go.
Thank you.
Allons-y, monsieur.
Where's the meeting? A decommissioned power station, somewhere we won't be disturbed.
Za nashu druzhbu.
To our friendship.
Ahh! Listen I don't want to be a stickler, but we got to transfer some funds soon Tomorrow, tomorrow.
Why rush? My vstretimsya pod stolom.
We meet again, under the table.
Whoa! Too much heat.
- Sorry, man.
- Don't worry about it.
- No, no! I got it.
- Someone take care of it.
Go clean yourself up.
- Uh - Oh.
I hope you're hungry.
I brought a lot.
No, I mean a lot.
Oh, my gosh.
Yeah, it's the best xiao long bao this side of Shanghai.
And pair it with a nice Sauvignon Blanc, crisp.
This is my friend's vineyard.
- Oh, nice.
- Yeah.
Uh, please, come in.
Oh, it's almost ready.
Is this rude? I'm I'm just I'm starving.
No, dig in.
It's what it's there for.
Oh, my God.
Yeah, it's good.
So, how long you been in Berlin? Mm! Long story.
I actually did my residency in Berlin, ages ago.
Back to Warsaw, and then I did my fellowship at Georgetown.
You've been around.
It's not the years, it's the mileage.
Uh That's when you're supposed to say how great I look.
Oh, you do.
I'm sorry.
I'm, uh I'm just, um I'm expecting this stupid earnings report from work, so I'm If you have somewhere better to be, it's No, I don't.
I'm I'm good.
And, by the way, you look great.
My brain's just fried.
I have a little bit of a headache.
You wouldn't have any aspirin, would you? Let me check.
I swear I just bought some.
Where could it be.
Um Sorry! I might be out.
Uh, I-I-I think I'll live.
I couldn't find any, but maybe this can help.
There you go.
I'm feeling better already.
Give me that.
Old family remedy.
Let's get this party started.
Vassily should never have talked you into retiring.
It was an order.
Not a discussion.
No one gives you orders.
What do you want from me, Irina? - Gerald.
- Miss Yates.
Wasn't expecting to see you again so soon.
Sign of the times, I'm afraid.
Shall we begin? How's the headache? Oh, uh, it's it's much much, much better.
So much better.
Shit, I'm sorry.
I hate to do this.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
I have a work emergency.
Can we please take a rain check? I'm sorry.
I'll make it up to you.
I promise.
Get out.
Leave the dumplings.
Well Okay.
Rain check.
Rain check.
Yeah, I'm I'm looking at it now.
Call Valerie, tell her Torres fucking did it.
We got what we need to bring Daniel home.
Dance with me.
I don't shit where I eat.
Professional policy, nothing personal.
That's not what you said when we were in Sochi.
Moment of weakness.
And it could have got me killed.
I know what you're after, but I can't help you, not anymore.
Part of that money belongs to me.
It's too dangerous for both of us.
You helped Sasha to get rid of her husband.
I did.
But Ilya Antonovich is not Vassily Krik.
And Vassily is not who people think he is.
Then who is he? Who is he? You know what he's planning? He doesn't think I listen, but I know all the secrets.
So what other secrets do you know? Hmm? The CIA officer they're holding know anything about him? Big, strong American man, like you? I'm serious.
Yes, I know of him.
Where is he? Nyet.
No more answers.
Irina Will you help me or not? I can sell off some of the artwork.
All right? Skim a little off the top.
It's not a lot, but it's a start.
One I'm sure the Major would like to hear about.
One last chance.
You cough up something up I can use or it's back to the gulag.
Okay, please.
I'll talk.
People imagine life in rural Russia is hard.
Try Moscow during Perestroika.
At least if you had a dacha, you could grow food.
In the cities we starved.
Those who didn't, they killed each other.
My neighbor, after he lost his job, he strangled his children, and then hung himself.
My uncle murdered by 13-year-olds because he wouldn't pay them to wash his car windows.
No hot water, no heat in winter, wearing every stitch we owned just to stay warm.
Everywhere I looked helpless people.
You think I joined the army to earn a hundred rubles a month? I served because I refused to be like them.
I endured dedovshchina, beatings from my commanders, until I became the better soldier, the steadiest shot, the one who gave the beatings.
No more helplessness now.
Now I chose who lived and who died.
I see you through a scope, and in that moment, your life belongs to me.
Absolute control.
It's how God must feel.
The thing you lack.
Tell me, Robert Kirsch does it bother you to be a pawn in our game? Well that sob story almost got me.
You should take that back home, tell me who's in control there.
I'm not going back.
My time is up.
What the Fuck! Fuck.
No, no, no.
No! Frank! Frank, get in here! Un-fucking-cuff him! Uncuff him! No, no! No! No, you're not going out like this! Not like that, motherfucker! No! No! Aah! No, motherfucker! No! No! No! Do you regret leaving him behind, huh? Yebat' tebya v rot mudak.
Let's put it to a vote.
Whether or not we will advocate for invoking Article 5.
France is in favor.
You promised me that America would support.
I said I knew where the White House stood on the matter.
I didn't say what that opinion was.
You already met behind our backs? If this is about spending two fucking-percent, I It is not.
The United States is committed to our collective defense when that defense is justified.
The White House has been working overtime to thaw relations with Russia, and accusing the Kremlin now of authorizing the invasion of a NATO state is counterproductive.
Accusation? The proof is right there.
Yes, we've all seen the intelligence.
Internal skirmishes, intensified by the presence of the Estonian Defense League bringing the hammer down on the ethnic Russian population.
I said I needed proof.
What I have been given is rumors of a sanction-breaking oligarch arming rebels.
This does not satisfy the criteria of Article 5.
And it is my official recommendation to the President.
The U.
cannot shoulder the responsibility of military engagement without the U.
Neither will France.
Germany is energy-dependent on Russia.
We won't be able to do this alone.
Well, this is it, then.
There will be no NATO resolution.
Estonia is on their own.
Oh, fuck.
Nina I never fucking touched her.
I didn't touch her! Maybe.
But you were going to touch my money.
Isn't that right? You broke my trust.
- Now I break y - Bullshit! You fucking need me! Half your fuckin' fortune is tied up in my freeport! Moscow turns their back on you, you're fucked! You are fucked! I'm your only fuckin' lifeline, Vassily! That's a good point.
And why I appreciate you introducing me to DeSanto.
- All right.
- Do not need a roofer - All right, all right.
- once you've built the house.
Blake, he's my partner, whatever he did.
You and I made a deal.
A deal you were just about to cut him out of.
You fuckin' what? He knows too much to walk away.
- That's a problem.
- No, no, no, no, no problem.
Only, I thought, he deserves a sporting chance, okay? Rodion, the rifles.
And fetch the blyat.
To celebrate our good news by putting it out of its misery.
If you want to call me a name, go ahead.
I've been called every one in the book.
Yeah, so have I.
We had all the evidence, and you know it.
We had what they wanted us to have just enough to be certain but never enough to prove it.
If the same vote had failed at NATO, then the Alliance is nothing more than a paper tiger.
Without the threat of Article 5, it's open season.
If Estonia's just the finger in the dam and the levee breaks, then what? The Balkans, the Baltics, Ukraine? A new Iron Curtain drops within months.
Russia's back on Germany's doorstep.
I mean, w-w-what is your alternative? You just let them march into Estonia? Is that it? If Krik wants to show the Kremlin what a big man he is, let him.
Tapa will be overrun in hours.
I hope you understand that.
Jason Wolfe sent me to this quagmire because no one else would touch it.
He expected me to drown, and I do not intend to.
Oh, I'm sure you don't.
Very self-serving.
April? Oh, thank God.
They wouldn't let me use the phone until now.
- Who wouldn't? - German immigration.
We're in a detention center near Schonefeld, I think.
Somebody reported us They said we were building a weapon.
You have to help us.
Slow down.
Tell me what happened.
The police kicked down the door, held guns to my father's head, accused us of plotting a terror attack.
- You know that's bullshit.
- Did they say who reported you? They won't tell us shit.
They're protecting some skinhead's anonymity.
Or Aquinas or whoever else you promised the prototype to.
Who else has access to the lab? What lab? They took everything our equipment, our research Okay, I'll be there in a few hours.
We'll get this sorted.
Please hurry.
They're putting us on a flight to Lagos tomorrow.
You're not going anywhere.
I promise.
You first.
You look surprised.
Thought slipping him a razor was a pretty clear indicator of what you wanted.
Wasn't me.
Another friend perhaps, offering him mercy.
Nina She's not one of yours? Who's Nina? Tell Esther Krug to keep her nose out of Russian business.
Who the fuck is this? We had a fucking deal.
We did.
Looks like we both have to be disappointed.
Where's Daniel? I don't know.
Circumstances changed.
Jesus Christ.
Krik's making a play? What about NATO? - Check your cables.
- No.
NATO called off the emergency session.
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not possible.
These are volatile times, Robert.
Only one assurance in this unpredictable world.
What the fuck are you doing, man? Giving you a head start.
Get to the green dacha.
Now check this out.