Berlin Station (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

The Green Dacha

Previously on "Berlin Station" April? Somebody reported us They said we were building a weapon.
You have to help us.
You think Diver killed your mother? I saw it.
The explosion, everything.
I think I know who Diver is.
Tell Esther Krug to keep her nose out of Russian business.
Who the fuck is this? We had a fucking deal.
You promised me that America would support.
What I have been given is rumors of a sanction-breaking oligarch arming rebels.
There will be no NATO resolution.
Estonia is on their own.
First squad came under fire.
There was so little cover.
Krik retreated.
So, what's the plan? I'm flying to Kabul.
And if it's what I think it is, it'll put Krik so far down he'll never get back up.
We're going to need to stitch Estonia back together.
Sofia could be an important agent of influence.
Everything's set up in the safe house for her to work.
Will you help me or not? I didn't touch her! But you were going to touch my money.
Isn't that right? You broke my trust.
All right, come on.
Come on, man.
I'm slowing you down.
You know which way is north from here? I've been chased over every fucking square inch of this place, so yeah.
All right, all right.
There's a green dacha about a mile north from here.
I'm gonna lead these assholes away.
I'll meet you there.
All right.
Good to see your face again.
Don't get shot.
Come on.
You're authorized to see the Adeyemis at the detention center.
What about deportation? Well, they're being flown back to Nigeria tomorrow afternoon.
Well, you have to stop it.
We can't deport them.
Well, it's not that simple.
The decision is up to local authorities, and Germany takes terrorist threats very seriously.
Well, they're not fucking terrorists.
They were set up.
Okay, someone wanted to steal Dr.
Adeyemi's tech.
Well, the police didn't find the prototype.
I assume that asshole, Bankole Inyang, took it.
He already beat up Dove once.
And he works for Aquinas.
Oh, really? Private military? With their own agenda.
God knows what they'll do if they have it.
April, I need to speak to you for a moment.
Excuse us for a second.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have lashed out.
Uh, to the head of the BfV? No, you bloody well shouldn't have.
Your concerns are justified.
And I agree with you.
That's why I want you to go to the Adeyemis.
Maybe there was something that they saw or they heard that they don't remember that's very important.
Just keep reassuring them.
We've got to keep them on our side.
Sorry about that.
She's a little upset.
Didn't mean anything.
I just got off the phone with Kirsch.
He said one of your officer is in the hospital.
He's in pretty bad shape, but I guess he's gonna be okay.
Say it.
You sent a German field agent into Russia to look for a CIA officer my officer without telling me? I gave you every chance to help you locate and recover Daniel.
You shut me out.
Well, Esther, I hope you understand that all your good intentions probably jeopardized his recovery.
I gave you my support, and then B.
Yates blindsides all of us.
And you didn't even see it coming, Valerie.
This is the turning point.
This is where we pivot.
From now on, good luck getting anyone in Europe to listen to a damn thing you say.
I don't know.
I'll never understand how you can drink tea in this heat.
One of life's many paradoxes.
But I don't think you're here to discuss the tea, my friend.
I need information on a Red Army soldier Vassily Krik.
He fought a battle in March '85 at the mouth of the, uh, Tangi Waghjan Gorge.
Your old stomping grounds, if I'm not mistaken.
You're not.
We fought and won many battles there.
Do you remember that one? Because Krik said that he fought the Mujahideen in a bloody battle to the very end, where only his unit made it out alive.
Huh? Did you hear how he walked unarmed across the battlefield to take an AK-47 from a slain Mujahideen? As a matter of fact, I did.
Everyone's heard that bullshit.
Do you have proof? Of course.
For a price.
What price? Time changes all.
I'm considered a moderate now.
I'm fighting a far more militant enemy.
An enemy of your making.
I need weapons to fight them.
You're connected, Steven.
You can make it happen.
And, remember, the enemy we fight is your enemy, as well.
I'll make a few calls.
We recorded our battles.
We kept the most important for training and instructions.
Few have been watched more than Krik's.
It has everything you need.
I've known you a long time.
I can't speak for your honor, Steven, but I can vouch for your courage.
This will make your stomach turn.
You never saw the need to take this public before? We sent the great Soviet army home, humiliated.
The world saw what we were capable of.
That was enough back then.
You cannot hide under God nowhere.
That AK-47 Krik says he took off one of my men he probably bought from a stall in Pul-e Khishti bazaar.
One more legend that turned out to be a lie.
Fucking What the fuck, man? Sorry.
It was either this or Krik putting a bullet in your head.
How'd you know I was a Hello Kitty man? Funny.
Battery's almost dead, so use it wisely.
Did you see Hector? Yeah.
I-I'm supposed to meet him at an abandoned green dacha.
Contact Berlin Station for the exfil.
A lot of people are gonna be happy to hear your voice, man.
I better get out of here.
Hey, thanks, Torres.
I mean it.
I should have believed you back in Estonia.
Wouldn't have made any difference.
They were already at our throats.
Now get the fuck out of here.
Okay, but when we do locate Daniel Miller, we'll need to get a SEAL team in there fast.
No, no.
Come on.
How can we expect even tacit permission from the Kremlin when it's one of the most powerful oligarchs in Russia who has him? No, you're not hearing me.
Can you please just promise me you'll get the wheels in motion? Stand down, and it's your goddamn head if this goes south.
Fucking JSOC bureaucracy.
Robert, they're not gonna risk lives if we don't know where he is.
If Esther's agent didn't find him in Estonia, there's a very good chance he's at Krik's dacha.
But if we can't confirm that, they're never gonna greenlight this mission, and you know that as well as I do.
All I asked is that they make ready a team.
Since B.
torpedoed the vote, there's not a goddamn reason for Krik to keep Daniel alive anymore.
What the fuck was she thinking? You heard from Torres? No.
I've heard zilch from him since he sent the photos of Krik's files.
Oh, speak of the goddamn devil.
Where the fuck are you, Torres? You talk to your mother with that mouth? Daniel? Jesus Christ.
It's good to hear your voice, Robert.
I-I can't tell you how good it is to hear your fucking voice, too.
Uh, listen.
Valerie's here.
I'm gonna put you on speaker.
Daniel? Hey, boss.
Thank God.
Where are you? I'm at I'm at Krik's dacha.
Listen, Hector and I are being hunted.
Hunted? Yeah, there's no time.
I'm meeting him at an old dacha about a mile from here, but there's not much else around.
This is Torres' phone, but it's about to die.
I got it, Daniel.
We're gonna get you out of there.
We are very close on kompromat from Krik that is gonna bring him down.
Yeah, well, it may not be that simple.
You get rid of him, you still have Platov.
From what I've seen, he's worse.
- Worse in what way? - He's smarter, he's more vicious, and he's just waiting to take the reins.
They're coming.
- Hello? - Daniel, wait.
You still there? Fuck.
Did that just happen? Okay, good.
Now we know where he is.
So let's get JSOC and that team moving now.
Yep, and I'll pull up Torres' sitrep, see if we can find out more about Platov.
Valerie, I have Steven Frost for you on the green line.
Yeah? Okay, I just sent you a file.
And if you can any Russian eyeballs on it, Vassily Krik is finished, yeah.
Steven, Steven, I'm here with Robert.
I'm putting him on.
Steven, thank you so much for that.
I appreciate it.
Listen, we just got off the phone with Daniel.
He is, indeed, alive.
That is great news.
Where is he? Krik's dacha in Komarovo.
On the run from Krik and his men.
Is exfil on the way? Uh, yeah, Robert's on it.
We just needed to know where he was before we could get JSOC moving.
That's gonna take too long.
No, there there isn't time.
Um, there isn't Uh, Valerie, look.
I'm a short flight away.
Why don't you let me go get him? No, Steven.
Absolutely not.
We We have no idea what's waiting there.
We don't know how many men Krik has.
We don't know what they're armed with.
We just lost contact with Daniel.
And you, sir, have not been in the field for a very long time.
You're not 20 anymore, Steven.
Yeah, I know, I know, I know.
Listen, um if you send a SEAL team in there, it's just gonna provoke the Kremlin, and there's no guarantee you can get them in and out before the Russian troops are scrambled.
I'm not doing it.
It's too risky.
I know the risks, Valerie.
And I'm willing to take the chance.
I-I have clients in Komarovo.
I know the area.
My being there won't set off any alarms.
So I think I'm Daniel's best chance.
Come on.
Please, let me do this for him.
He's right.
If If we wait, maybe it's too late.
Valerie, no fucking way anybody is gonna get to him in time.
Steven, Robert's gonna send you the coordinates right now.
Just get him home.
Where are you going? If I'm gonna get that kompromat out there, I'm gonna have to eat some crow.
Okay, Steven, I'm I'm sending you the info now.
Daniel and Hector will be in an abandoned green dacha near Krik's estate.
Last time I'm gonna say this Be very fucking careful, my friend.
Komarovo is like the fucking Bermuda Triangle.
We don't need to lose anyone else.
Stop! - You're welcome.
- Did they find Daniel? No, no.
I got to him first.
He's on his way to the dacha.
Aren't you just a regular Captain fucking America.
Again, you are fucking welcome.
I did some recon.
We don't have much time.
That way, there's no trail, and the terrain is heavy.
They'll be less likely to follow you.
One I haven't seen is Rodion, and I hope for your sake you don't run into that motherfucker.
You and me both.
You don't have to say it.
I know you love me.
Fuck you.
Are you getting us out? - We're working on it.
- Working on it? They're deporting us tomorrow.
We can't go back to Nigeria.
They'll take his tech.
They'll kill us.
You have to stop it.
Can we have a moment? You don't think much of me, do you? I don't think much of your decisions.
We need to get your device back.
No way it's the Chinese.
They're too careful for this.
He must have heard we were about to break a deal.
So it's in the hands of mercenaries.
And the CIA, what would they have done with it? Not this.
Not use it as a weapon.
Please, April.
Can you be so sure? How hard is it to operate? It's not like using a gun.
It has to be focused precisely by someone who is trained.
Can an assassin use it? If they knew the human anatomy, then maybe.
But it is most effective in the hands of a skilled doctor.
How well do you know the people that Bankole works for? No, my son knows.
He made the connection.
This is all my fault.
I knew what Bankole was.
What will happen now? I'll do all I can to make sure you don't get sent back.
But you need to tell me everything about Bankole and Aquinas.
We need to recover this thing while we still have time.
Thank you so much for meeting me.
I think we said everything we needed to say to each other earlier, didn't we? Daniel's alive.
What? H-How do you know? He called.
He's in Russia, and Frost is on the way to get him out.
Steven Frost, yeah? Uh, yeah.
It's It's It's a long story, but in short, he's close by, he's connected, and he thinks he can get him out without incident.
Okay, what can I do? Help me bring down the man who's been holding him.
Vassily Krik.
You knew? That's what our intel indicated, and that's why my operation was covert.
He is one of the Kremlin's men.
Well, not anymore.
We have a file, and it has very, very damaging kompromat on him.
What kind? Proof he's a coward.
And if it gets out, he becomes radioactive, and the Kremlin won't back his move on Estonia.
He'll be finished, and hopefully we can stop this invasion.
And you need my help for what? I want to get it on state-run Russian TV.
It It can't be social media.
It can't be a news source, because it'll just be dismissed as fake news.
But if the story is Kremlin-backed, with the power of their propaganda machine, I absolutely think the people will believe it.
So you need someone the Kremlin trusts.
Who can get it past their censors.
You know someone like that? Yeah, I do.
He's a sleazy tabloid reporter based in Berlin.
He's helped us out a time or two.
And the Kremlin trusts him? Yes, I think so.
He feeds them intel on their enemies and couldn't care less about politics.
His motivation is money, so you'll have to pay.
And he's paranoid, so we'll have to meet on his terms.
So you're in? Of course I'm in.
I'll have the same.
Thought you'd like to know that Daniel is alive.
Oh, April, that's wonderful.
Where is he? Russia.
Exfil is being lined up.
Doesn't look like that's all you have on your mind.
I did not think I was gonna make it through training.
You can't deny it wasn't an easy fit for me at the Farm.
I remember.
You were always asking a lot of questions.
Drove your instructors crazy.
But you saw something in me.
You were always a couple steps ahead.
You had the gift of an elegant mind.
Your mentorship meant a lot to me back then.
I might not have made it through without it.
Which is why I'm trying to wrap my head around why you would deliberately betray us at the summit.
The administration told me to vote no.
They said they would not go to war for NATO.
Not now and not there.
That's the truth.
Still, you doing their bidding ensures that your career stays on the fast track.
It ensures I stay in the middle of the decision-making process.
What's the good of that if we can't live up to our promises? If people can't rely on us? Estonia is one of 100 fires.
Krik is gonna make a mistake, or the Kremlin will.
We have to be patient.
I guess I don't have that kind of patience.
April, maybe it's time you learned that this job is not black and white.
I would have thought that, by now, you would realize that.
The world has changed.
Adapt or die.
We have changed.
That's reality.
You told me this job was about service.
I should keep my eye on the higher purpose, or I'd get lost.
Might be time for you to take your own advice.
It might be time for you to give me the benefit of the doubt.
Consider that maybe there are pieces to the puzzle you don't have.
Aah! Don't look at me.
Do you have the money? Yes.
It feels light.
Throw in a doener, and we're good.
Extra lamb fat.
Make it two.
So, what do you have for me? Oh, for fuck's sake.
This is ridiculous.
Were you followed? Not my first rodeo.
So spill.
We have kompromat on a very influential Russian oligarch.
Who gives a fuck? Russia's got 96 billionaires.
One of them takes a header - It's Vassily Krik.
- Are you mad? Do I look like I want to take a mystery fall from a rooftop? We have a file that will ruin him.
Once the people see it, the Kremlin will be finished with him.
You won't be in any danger at all.
If anything, you'll be seen as a hero for outing a coward.
May I see the thing? It's a burner phone.
No chip.
Just hit "play.
" Holy shit.
This this is good.
So, can you get this on state-run TV? Don't be daft.
Of course I can.
Then, will you? I'll do it.
We need it yesterday.
I'm going to enjoy seeing that big tree fall.
Ladies, you are delightful company.
It has been my pleasure.
He's a charmer.
I wasn't sure he'd go for it.
To think that the fate of Estonia and maybe the free world is resting in that guy's hands.
For fuck's sakes.
That doesn't look good.
No shit.
What's the game, man? I happen to like you, Blake.
You fucking like me? You're the only roofer I know who can track down blood oranges in September.
If you live, you'll continue to be useful to me.
But I'd take the gun now.
They're not far behind.
Why shouldn't I just shoot you? Go ahead.
Reveal your position to Krik.
Or you could do the smart thing and go.
Fuck you.
And you think you can trust that guy? I think Rivkin's ego is bigger than his fear.
And Esther's right.
Krik's a whale.
Rivkin brings him down, and all of Krik's enemies line up to thank him.
Hello? I thought you'd still be at the office, given how busy you and Esther Krug have been.
I have Ilya Rivkin, and I have the phone you gave him.
I cannot allow you to do it.
Yeah, well, quite frankly, Kolya, I've had enough of what Russia will and will not allow.
Valerie, you have to trust me.
It is in everybody's best interest that Krik remains where he is.
You're gonna need to give me a bit more than that.
I can't.
Well, then you are shit out of luck.
They got Rivkin.
We have the kompromat.
I just have to find another way to get it out there.
Let's fucking beat them at their own game.
We need you to hack a high-security system.
Are you joking? Is this some kind of twisted loyalty test? Okay, after accusing me of working for the Russians in Estonia, you now want me to hack for the CIA? Look, Sofia, I know how it sounds, but hear us out.
There's a good reason.
I'm listening.
We need you to hack the Russians.
Fuck you.
"Russkiy Voskhod," the morning show.
You know it, right? Yes.
Anyone who lives close enough to Russia knows about it.
It's a shitty show.
Lifestyle porn mixed with Kremlin propaganda.
Why would I hack that? Because it's the most-watched show in Russia, and it's state-run, so the people have no choice but to trust it.
We need you to get this on the air.
Why? Because we need your help in bringing down the man who took Daniel and is attacking Estonia.
That's why.
So now you need me.
Now we need you.
CIA needs you.
I'll do it.
For Estonia and for Daniel.
- I'm shot.
- Oh, fuck.
Come on.
Let's get inside.
Let's get inside.
Who are these girls? - Instagram stars? - Are you kidding me? This is Kremlin-sponsored.
They're probably all Spetsnaz.
It's done.
He just left them there to die.
Allahu akbar! Daniel.
Oh, man! You're a sight for sore eyes.
Ah, you gave us a so Are you okay? What are you doing here? W-What do you mean? Who sent you? Berlin Station sent me.
They sent you? Yeah.
I've come to take you back.
Are you okay? Why did they send you? Uh, because I was close and I volunteered.
You volunteered? Yeah.
There wasn't time to get a team in to get you.
Daniel, I moved mountains to get to you.
Now come on.
Let's go.
I know who you are.
I know you know who I am.
Look, we got to get you Oh, geez.
Come on, man.
What is this? What is this? Daniel.
I saw you.
Look, I-I can't imagine what you've been through.
You're wounded, and you've lost a lot of blood.
But, come on, put the gun down and just tell me what this is all about.
This is about you.
Who you were.
An assassin.
Do you know how ridiculous that Come on.
It's me, for Christ's sake.
We've served together.
We're friends.
Whoever you think I am, you're wrong.
Your name was Diver.
And you killed my mother.
Oh, come on.
You've got to think now.
Think about what you're saying.
Think about it.
Come on.
Put the gun down.
Let me take you home.
You're Diver.
I'm sure of it.
Okay, talk to me, then.
Talk to me.
Tell me who this Diver is.
You know exactly what I'm talking about.
And you know exactly what you did.
He's fucked.
Join me in a toast.
"To regret the past, to hope in the future" "and never to be satisfied with the present.
" To Estonia.
Even if the streets run red with her blood we will have her back.
Do you want to tell me what this is all about? I know you broke into Vassily's safe, Mr.
What I want to know is why.
And, please, exercise caution in answering.
Your life depends on it.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to do this, Daniel, and I don't think you do either.
So, come on, why don't we both just take a step back? No.
We can't go back.
Why are you so certain that I'm Diver? I talked to Henrik Viiding before he died about Diver.
Henrik Henrik Viiding, h-he was a sick man.
- He was old.
- Oh, he seemed pretty sharp to me.
And my instinct tells me that he was telling the truth.
Oh, so you're basing this on instinct? No, no, not instinct.
I've been reliving the death of my mother since I was 8 years old.
And the one thing that I am sure about is that you are Diver.
Are you sure it's memory? Are you? Are you su Or Or maybe it's just a wish for clarity.
Like, "I-I-I found the truth now, even if it's a fucking lie.
" Come on, Daniel.
Ma Maybe this is the only answer your mind can construct to a question that's been haunting you your whole life.
- Let me help you find the truth.
- No, I know the truth.
You killed my mother, and you killed Lukas Beker.
- But what I don't know is why.
- I don't know who that is, and I don't know what the fuck you're talking Answer me! I will put a fucking round between your eyes if you don't start talking.
Daniel I saw the photo, Steven.
Taken the night that you saved Henrik's life.
I saw the photo.
I recognized your silhouette.
- It was you.
- Daniel, you got to stop.
- You got to stop.
- No, no, no.
I'm not gonna stop until you start telling me the truth.
I was following orders.
The CIA gave me a target.
And I eliminated the target.
I did what you or any other good officer would have done.
Not like me.
Nothing like me.
I hated to do it.
But I think I hated to keep it from you even more.
Why her? She was a civilian.
She was innocent.
Oh, it was just fucking collateral damage.
Sometimes it's unavoidable.
You, of all people, should know that.
If I could have done it any differently, I would have.
Did you know that I was her son when I first got to Berlin Station? I did, I did.
And I prayed you'd never have to find out what really happened.
If Lukas Beker was the target, you could have killed him right away, but you didn't.
You You waited until she got in the car.
I was instructed to eliminate all witnesses.
Oh, God, I hate saying this, Daniel, but your mother was not who you thought she was.
She had engaged in many risky relationships, which put a target on her back.
You're fucking lying.
Listen, I You stay where you are.
I looked into Lukas Beker.
He was a low-level agent.
I could never understand why the CIA put a target on him.
They didn't, did they? Oh, God, it wasn't him.
She was the target.
But why would the CIA order the assassination of a U.
citizen, unless they were a an enemy combatant or a Or Or a traitor.
I tried to hide it from you.
And I would've taken it to my grave.
Your mother was a Russian spy.
I don't believe you.
This is This is what you do.
You fucking bend the truth.
I knew there was something off about you when we first met and you were grilling me about Thomas Shaw.
There was something you were hiding.
Something you that you were scared would come out.
Well, I knew you didn't come to Berlin just to find Shaw.
I knew you wanted to find out about your mother.
You wanted an answer.
No, the circles that they moved in, they knew officers.
They would have known Diver.
My mother was a smart woman.
She must have uncovered the truth.
You know what that truth is.
Diver was active when operatives were being exposed and executed both sides of the wall.
He was a double agent.
And a kind, respectful, unassuming guy like you Must have been pretty easy to fool everybody, right? But not her.
If you believe that, why don't you just fucking kill me? No.
No, that would be too easy.
I want you exposed.
I want you to pay for what you did.
You'll never be able to prove it.
Well, I can spend the rest of my life trying.
Because if there's anything that I've learned after all these years, it's that the past never stays dead.
Oh, you're right about that.
I'm so sorry.
I am.
'Cause I I didn't want this.