Berlin Station (2016) s03e09 Episode Script

End of War

1 Previously on "Berlin Station" [BEEPING] Nina.
You know that guy? No.
Maybe he knows my dad.
- How hard is it to operate? - It's not like using a gun.
It has to be focused precisely by someone who is trained.
Let's put it to a vote.
Whether or not we will advocate for invoking Article 5.
I gave you my support, and then B.
Yates blindsides all of us.
And you didn't even see it coming, Valerie.
ROMAN: I know you broke into Vassily's safe, Mr.
What I want to know is why.
Hector and I are being hunted.
VALERIE: We're gonna get you out of there.
We are very close on kompromat from Krik that is gonna bring him down.
You get rid of him, you still have Platov.
From what I've seen, he's worse.
Put the gun down.
Let me take you home.
You're Diver.
I'm sure of it.
[SHOUTING IN DISTANCE] - [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - SOFIA: Jan? Jan! Jan! Jan, mis on? Jan! [DAVID BOWIE'S "I'M AFRAID OF AMERICANS" PLAYS] Johnny's in America, low techs at the wheel I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans I'm afraid of the world I'm afraid I can't help it I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid of Americans [SIGHS] [CELLPHONE CHIMES] Frau Krug.
Petersburg's Dominos are falling.
Krik is done.
We still haven't heard anything yet? No.
Getting more information from the ANN than we are from our own fucking operatives.
No, no, listen, if Steven's gone radio silent, we just have to trust that he's getting it done.
It's been a day and a half.
Don't second-guess your decision sending him in.
He was in the right place at the right time.
He knows Komarovo.
He's in the private sector.
He's gone soft.
But he gets shit done.
And with Hector helping him [SCOFFS] Yeah, exactly.
We still haven't heard anything from Daniel or Torres.
Krik's arrest means nothing if Daniel's right and Platov has taken the reins.
Of course he's taking over.
He's kicking it into high gear with this blackout in Estonia.
Are you sure? Danke schoen.
What? - [HANGS UP RECEIVER] - Who was that? It was the German police.
They found a body in an alleyway.
It's a positive ID it's Daniel.
[POLICE RADIO CHATTER] What do you know for sure? An anonymous caller reported a shooting earlier today, but that's bullshit.
Yes, he's been shot, but also beaten, burned.
Body temperature indicates he's been dead longer than this.
18 to 20 hours.
When I spoke to him night before last, he was, um he was on the run.
He was wounded, but he was fighting.
Hector and Torres were in Komarovo.
Were there any other bodies? Not that we're aware of, no.
I-I should call his father, shouldn't I? I mean, it's not how I was hoping to meet him.
Esther, it's actually CIA protocol that I contact the next of kin.
Yeah, yeah.
But I think you should call him.
Thank you.
Then I'll contact him when we've made arrangements.
This isn't right.
[CLEARS THROAT] He was on his way to the fucking exfil.
I was the one who sent him in.
But I left him there.
He was doing his job.
We all were.
Tell me everything he said to you when you last spoke to him.
We're gonna make someone very sorry.
[KNIFE CLICKS OPEN] Hmm? You can't duck me forever, Dove.
Promises were made.
I'm done waiting.
Time's up.
I did 18 months hard time in Kirikiri so you and your father could fly the coop.
Karma is on my side, you fucker.
[WHIRRING] [GRUNTS] [PANTING] You hungry? Starving.
You came here to steal from Vassily Krik.
Saw an easy mark.
A pompous man with rubles spilling from his pockets.
Pretty much.
I'm not a fan of the easy kill.
I see a man, and I think "Someone worked hard to grow this plant.
You know, somebody took baby photos, gave him lessons to do something.
Play violin, beat the other kids with a cricket bat.
" [LAUGHS] So you and Blake, disaster capitalism, 45% return on a $50 million outlay.
That was all lies to get Krik's passwords? Oh, no, no, no.
It was all real, but those deals will take weeks.
You need the money for Estonia now, right? Blake talks too much.
Krik had plenty of time and money to plan.
Why is this all falling on you now? Like most men who've always been rich, Krik just kept postponing paying the bills until later.
So you inherit the fucking debt? Yes.
I need $400 million by midnight tomorrow.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Blake kept going on and on about Krik's art at the freeport.
Said it was worth at least half a billion.
I got a buddy of mine at the center of the Berlin art world.
He's got all the big collectors on speed dial.
Helmut could liquidate it fast.
And these big collectors aren't going to have questions about sanctions and legitimacy and so on? Are you fucking kidding me, man? These guys, they love shady deals.
That's the only way that they can get their hands on a masterpiece.
But you gotta move now.
The Kremlin's probably gonna seize all of Krik's assets within the next 48 hours.
- What's his cut? - Standard 10%.
I can be in Berlin within the next two hours.
And why do you need to be there in person? Come on, man.
When it's half a billion dollars, this man needs a handshake and a face.
I'll go with you.
He doesn't like new people.
He'll like me.
[SIGHS] Let's jet.
Estonia is dark.
Comms, power, Wi-Fi everything is down.
Flights into Tallinn had to be diverted to Helsinki.
According to CNN, the grid overloaded.
That's pretty common with these old Soviet Bloc countries.
No, General Lancer says the satellite imagery is static.
That indicates deliberate jamming.
Why were you talking to General Lancer? That's NSC business, Jason.
Vassily Krik is in custody.
Estonia is settling.
NATO's reputation is preserved.
Everyone here is very pleased with your work.
Well, that's always nice to hear.
Thank you.
In fact, they'd be comfortable nominating you for CIA directorship.
So next time I'll be the one sending you around the world.
I told you I sent you there to notch up a win, and that's exactly what you did, boss.
Stop worrying so much.
Take care.
Goodbye, Jason.
[DOOR OPENS] Bankole Inyang is dead.
According to the coroner, a healthy 28-year-old man had a sudden, catastrophic aortic rupture.
Somebody used Adeyemi's weapon on him.
There were specs of the technology stuffed into his jacket pocket, but no sign of the weapon itself.
I think Bankole was a test subject and the fall guy, which confirms our biggest fear.
With the right medical training, an assassin can use this to kill someone on a crowded street and just walk away.
Makes you want to rethink public transportation.
What's wrong? Daniel is dead.
His body was found here in Berlin this morning.
Makes no sense.
Makes no sense at all.
He was with Hector night before last.
I guess they never made it to the exfil point.
I thought Steven Frost was going to get him.
He must not have reached him in time.
And what about Torres? No word from anyone.
We think Platov killed him and dumped his body here in Berlin so there'd be no association with Russia.
But forensics has to find traces.
He was there for one week.
Daniel's body is clean on a microscopic level.
No stray fibers, hairs, or skin cells anywhere on him.
[PHONE BEEPS] PEARL: I have Wolfe on the line.
Valerie, what the fuck? Do you have confirmation? Is Daniel Miller really dead? Yes, it's been confirmed.
Jesus! And he was MIA.
Why is this the first time I'm hearing about it? Kirsch, you were the last one to see him.
- Why did you break protocol? - Jason, we just lost one of our men.
We'll have time to figure out how that happened at a later point.
But right now, Estonia is coming to a head, and - Estonia is done.
- Jesus Fucking Christ, Wolfe, no, it's fucking not! This blackout is the fucking endgame, same as Ukraine.
Platov took over for Krik.
His troops will install a puppet government, raise the Russian flag, and mow down any resistance before it can be caught on some asshole's smartphone.
And when the lights come up, Estonia will just be that stretch of Russia connecting Kaliningrad and St.
It's a move right out of the Crimean playbook.
They put down any and all resistance, and they can make up whatever story they want.
Well, maybe that story will keep us all out of World War III.
But fuck Estonia, huh? And when their Little Green Men worm their way into Latvia and it starts looking like a civil war there, then what? No.
I want to know.
When do we take a stand? When do the promises of the United States of America mean a God damn thing? I understand you're all upset about Miller, but my orders are clear.
Stand down on Estonia.
I've made arrangements for Daniel's body to be transferred to Andrews.
There'll be an inquiry.
Robert, since you were the last one to see him alive, there'll be a lot of questions to answer.
That's fine.
Of course.
I'll do whatever I can to help.
Until then, I think you should go home.
Take some time.
Are you firing me? You're on leave, pending the results of the inquiry.
[CLICK] You're gonna need help, Valerie.
With Frost, Torres, and DeJean MIA, your bullpen's looking pretty bare.
I can finish this without B.
Yates, thank you very much.
You can finish it faster with her.
Look, I know.
I know.
She lied to you.
She fucked us over.
You can't trust her.
What she did was unconscionable.
I will not get burned again.
She thought she was doing the right thing at the time.
At least talk to her.
You just got shut down there.
She still has pull.
Go home, Robert.
[DOOR CLOSES] I'm so sorry about Daniel.
It doesn't seem real.
SOFIA: I felt the same way when Paavo was murdered.
He was right here walking by my side, giving me shit.
And then just [SNAPS FINGERS] gone.
And now I can't reach Jan.
What did Jan say exactly when you spoke to him? We were talking on the phone.
I heard screams.
Jan told me something was happening, and then we were disconnected.
From what I can tell, Estonia is blacked out, but Tervik still has power.
That doesn't make any sense.
Actually, it might.
Jan told me someone was trying to gain unauthorized access to our network.
I think the Russians hacked Tervik, and now they're using my server to power this blackout.
They've done it before in Ukraine.
Could you shut the server down? Theoretically, yes.
I have a master code to override any outside hack.
But I'd need a hardline connection to the server to do it.
If we can get the lights back on before they're ready, we could expose everything.
Their lies, the invasion.
What do you need? I need to go to Estonia.
NINA: Robert? What is it? Come.
Come with me.
RAFAEL: Berlin is a beautiful city.
You can breathe here.
You got cojones.
Brokering a half-billion dollars worth of art that isn't yours, that, indeed, takes yaytsa.
So let's get on with it.
Call him.
I'm gonna need my phone back.
I don't have his number memorized.
His name is Helmut Reinhardt.
Auktionhaus Rosenthal.
Yeah, good afternoon.
Uh, may I speak to Helmut Reinhardt, please? May I ask who's calling? This is Manuel DiSanto.
Can you please tell him that it's urgent? I have a new client, and we need a sit-down today.
One moment.
[RINGING] Yeah, it's Jeb.
I got a guy who needs to move some highest-end art, just for show, today.
You need to take his lead.
This squares you with us.
That's what I thought you'd say.
DiSanto, Mr.
Reinhardt apologizes, but he's in the middle of a very delicate negotiation and can't take your call.
Um, yeah, but did you tell him it's me? I did, and because it's you, he's agreed to meet your client at 8:30.
Does that work with your schedule? Yeah, we'll make it work.
Thank you.
VALERIE: Sounds like he's coming in hot.
The art must belong to Krik.
And if Torres' client really is Platov, he's taking a huge risk.
He might just be helping bankroll this invasion.
Well, he's staying alive.
That's his number-one priority, but he's also serving up Platov on a dish.
We can't arrest him.
We've got no jurisdiction over art transactions.
But we do have a very powerful friend who does have jurisdiction.
Robert, I understand that maybe you can't tell me what's wrong.
No, no, no, no.
I can't.
I know it's hard to be alone in a city, so far away from your family.
You must miss your son a lot.
I do.
But still, I just keep moving farther away from him.
Where are you moving? Tokyo.
Well, supposed to.
Oh, how exciting.
Yeah, if I don't get fired.
From your job at the embassy? Why? What happened? I got someone killed.
[LAUGHS] Are you serious? No.
Come on.
I analyze fucking economic fluctuations based on political regime change.
You know what? I have to stop navel-gazing.
Do you know what that is? Hmm? Obsessing, theorizing.
My ex-wife always told me that I could have taught a master class in paranoia.
Paranoia is a part of life.
Do you remember you told me that you did your residency in Berlin? Yeah.
There's no trace of you ever having worked here.
Oh, I I use my mother's maiden name professionally.
- Sadowsky.
- Why? When I was in medical school, there was a man, a doctor.
He seemed kind at first.
Then he started showing up at my place at all hours, stalking me.
It was awful.
You have an answer for everything.
Robert, it isn't easy for me to talk about it.
It's easy for me to believe, though, right? The first thing they teach us, engage emotionally.
The more you appear vulnerable, victimized, the more I'm gonna want to protect you, open up to you, be honest with you, right? Last week, when I was in the shower, I-I could have sworn that there was someone in my flat.
You know, I s I saw my mail on your shelf.
Your letters got mixed in with mine.
I put them there so that I'd remember to give them back.
And all the times all the times we've just happened to run into each other? Which I thought was lovely.
Which is exactly what you would say if you were a spy.
[LAUGHS] HELMUT: I'm in touch with certain buyers who are always on the lookout for pieces of this quality.
How fast do you think you can make these transactions? Hours, minutes.
The responses are already flooding in.
An auction will no doubt net you richer returns, but there's an advantage to creating a "Buy Now" situation.
For each of these masterpieces, there's an obscenely rich Singapore CEO or Bahraini prince who just wants bragging rights, - no waiting.
- So, purists, true art lovers, huh? I've already gotten firm offers on six of the best pieces.
No one's blinking at the prices.
Perhaps we should have asked for more.
Considering the accelerated schedule and these unusual circumstances, the sum you're looking to clear is more than fair.
So you can guarantee $400 million? Right now, we're looking at upwards of yes, $480 million.
[DOOR OPENS] [PANTING] I'm so sorry, Mr.
Working late, Helmut? A global business needs to keep international hours.
You also have to work under international laws.
Yeah, who says I'm not? One of your buyers is under indictment.
He needs immunity more than he needs a fucking Kandinsky.
I also have a few chain-of-custody questions for your current clients.
[MEN SPEAKING GERMAN] [DOOR OPENS] Well look who's in Berlin.
What the fuck are you doing here? It was a very good run, but now it's over, my friend.
Never mistake that we're friends.
We just answer to the same master.
Oh, yes except you don't wish to answer to anyone any more.
Isn't that right? I'm a humble servant of Mother Russia.
You're trying to finish what Krik started.
I understand.
[SIGHS] But this thing with the art dealer was very, very foolish.
We took a meeting.
Hardly a criminal offense.
Well, those difficult decisions are not only yours to make.
Moscow wants you to stand down.
Estonia can wait.
Do you hear what I said? Yes, thank you for your concern, but I'm handling things.
[CHUCKLES] From your holding cell? In police custody? You delivered your message, Kolya.
Now go home in your ridiculous cowboy boots and fuck yourself.
[LAUGHS] NINA: Robert, I'm no spy.
I don't even know what that means in this day and age.
No, don't, don't, don't.
Just stop, stop.
Give me a second.
I'm trying to make sense of things here.
You said your job has you stressed, and yet I'm the problem, y-your neighbor? What have I done? My watch.
It I w There was this thing that I was doing, and a signal was sent when my watch was stopped.
- Your watch stopped? - It was stopped! It was a deliberate act! The crown was bent.
I don't understand.
Did it make you late to something important? No, no.
A message was sent to a man to open his veins.
I think you should leave.
Why? You have to get to work? Yes, I do have to get to work.
I opened my door to you because you were in trouble.
- I wanted - Where do you work, anyway, exactly? Charité Mitte.
Yeah, and if I were to call there right now, would somebody confirm that Nina Bartek or Sadowsky or whatever the hell your name is works there? Of course, they will confirm it.
And if not, it's because of the of the privacy policy.
- Mm-hmm, right.
That's good.
- I've just started there last week.
- That's good.
That's good.
- Take your hand off my door.
No, you tell me the truth, and I will.
My name is Nina Bartek.
I'm a doctor from Gdansk.
I I love helping people.
I hate salmon.
My mother wants me to get out more and meet nice people.
When I told her about you, how funny you are, how you talk so fast and look so handsome in a suit she said that maybe I don't have to get out more.
Maybe what I need is across the hall.
And I was stupid enough to think that maybe she was right.
You told your mother about me? I'm sorry.
I'm I'm sorry about all of this.
Just go home, Robert.
Like I said, I have a paranoid streak but it doesn't mean I'm wrong.
[KEYS JINGLE] We're not going anywhere.
What are you doing here, Kolya? I just want to talk.
That's a phone call.
This is intimidation.
Off the record.
I'm listening.
The Kremlin knew about Krik's plan.
I was told to keep an eye on him and provide limited assistance, if needed.
Come on.
Moscow gave him free rein.
Because he took all the risks.
Now that Krik is going to prison, we just want this to go away.
Is that what Platov wants? Yeah, we already knew that he was picking up where his boss left off.
That was the last piece of intel that Daniel Miller gave me before he was murdered.
Did you provide "limited assistance" with that? I knew he had Miller, but I don't know anything about his death.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
You knew, and you let them hunt him and beat him and murder him.
Very few of us die in our sleep.
What the hell do you want, Kolya? I want to stop Platov.
He's a monster.
He won't stop at the Baltics.
I will share everything I know.
- [ALARM CHIRPS] - Troop movements in the Gulf of Finland, first strike targets, political restructuring.
Don't you want to know what's going to happen when this blackout ends? [DOOR OPENS] So, have you cleared this up yet, Ms.
Krug? What's not clear? You came to Berlin to sell art that doesn't belong to you.
It's called fraud.
I'm afraid there's been a misunderstanding.
Oh, really? Mr.
Krik's art collection is significant, yes And yesterday, you called Helmut Reinhardt to sell it off in a high-end fire sale.
I just asked him how much it would sell for.
As you know, the Kremlin is prosecuting Mr.
They need an accounting of his estate and asked me to have his art appraised.
I met Mr.
DiSanto through a mutual friend.
He arranged the appraisal.
That's all.
So you didn't know Mr.
DiSanto was under investigation for money laundering? No.
He seemed very sincere in offering to help, but, like I said, I-I barely know him.
And who would I call at the Kremlin to verify this appraisal story? Yuri Voloshin at the Prosecutor General's Office in Moscow.
And you think they'll continue to support you, even after you've been caught red-handed? Support me in what? [PAPERS RUSTLING] One last question.
Did you kill Daniel Miller? Who? Am I free to go? If I learn that you had anything to do with Mr.
Miller's torture or death, if you so much as moved his body, I will track you down, pull you into the streets, kicking and screaming, and shoot you in the head.
And that's a promise.
Torres, you're free to go.
So you know who I am? Valerie Edwards contacted me as soon as you called in.
Where's Platov? We released him.
What? What?! Jesus Christ! Do you know how hard I worked to get him here?! We tried to hold him.
The Kremlin's protecting him.
Maybe I can call him, re-establish some trust.
No, you can't.
I said you were going down for money laundering.
Well, did, at least, Hector and Daniel make it out of Komarovo? I don't I don't know about Hector, but Daniel didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for what you did.
: Information Resources, extension 6144, please.
AKERMAN: Did you discharge a firearm or weapon of any sort during your time in St.
Petersburg or Komarovo? - A flamethrower.
- And at any time, did you feel that you were in danger of losing your life? Yes, ma'am.
Um, that was a distinct possibility, yeah.
Officer Torres, do you feel that you are fit to return to the field of duty? I am fit and eager to return.
Thank you.
You can get dressed.
- Hey, Rafa.
- B.
[CHUCKLES] Well, that healed up nicely.
Yeah, it did.
How about you? Well, special activities price of admission.
[CHUCKLES] So, how did I do? They want to bench you.
I still need to get Basarov.
Sergei Basarov is dead.
Well, Platov's still out there.
Rodion, several thousand Little Green Men.
We know they're out there, but the administration is choosing to turn a blind eye.
So, don't they listen to you? I'm up for directorship.
All the right people are behind me on it.
So, as long as you turn a blind eye? What the fuck, B.
? I ran through a forest carrying a burnt body.
I faced off with Spetsnaz and drug-addled weapons dealers, oligarchs.
What are you doing? Hmm? I may end up another chiseled star on your wall, but at least I tried.
Valerie Edwards.
Welcome to Berlin Station.
- Thank you.
- April Lewis.
Good to meet you in person.
Call me Rafa.
So, where's my boy, Kirsch? Wolfe has him on leave while we're investigating Daniel's death.
[CHUCKLES] The powers that be really trying to hamstring you guys on this one, huh? Mm-hmm.
It's a genuine clusterfuck.
I'll take you to the SCIF.
May I ask what you're doing here? I'm here to help.
I don't believe I asked for your help.
Everyone in D.
knows I'm in line to lead it all.
Folks want to do favors for me.
Much as I tell myself it was for the greater good, I made a bad call in Nice, and I'd like to make it right before it's too late.
If I let you into my house, you're on my side.
Is that clear? Mm-hmm.
Kolya confirmed Robert's theory that troop ships are stationed off the Gulf of Finland, and there are upwards of about 4,000 men ready to land in Parnu in the west and Narva in the east and about 6,000 men headed for Tallinn.
APRIL: They probably already had Little Green Men securing the Parliament.
Rodion and his Little Green Men will not be wearing any insignias.
That means that NATO cannot fire until fired upon.
And considering how well Krik and Platov have been manipulating this civil war narrative, I bet they're gonna try to put the blame on NATO.
Let me go back to Tapa.
I promised the NATO guys.
Look, this war has many fronts, but it's the political coup that's gonna sell this to the world.
Kolya confirmed that they are going to fake an emergency referendum.
- They're going to elect a new PM.
- Just like Ukraine.
I wonder who the puppet is that they're putting on the throne.
My money is on Igor Savisaar.
Estonian nationalist.
Savisaar wanted the Article 5 vote.
He wanted NATO to stop Russia.
But he bet they wouldn't.
Okay? And ever since the NATO vote tanked, he's been saying the West, and in particular, America let Estonia down.
He even suggested that maybe it's time to let Russia step in and quell the civil unrest.
So if a loyal son of Estonia says that Russia is keeping peace, then it must be true.
I wonder how much they're paying him.
Doesn't matter because as soon as the lights come up and Russia raises her flag over Tallinn's parliament, it's over.
How long do we have? Kolya doesn't know.
I called in a favor with General Lancer in the North Atlantic.
He's putting up a drone to get eyes on the Gulf of Finland.
We can track their movements, plan a counteroffensive, and land a strike team if needed.
It's very fucking needed.
Rodion Volkov will be leading the troops.
Met him at Krik's.
He fought with the old guard, and he's now training the new recruits.
We take this guy out, and the sure thing looks a lot less sure.
Torres, I want you to work with B.
Find him.
- Stop him.
- Copy that.
They're using Tervik's server to power the blackout.
If we can get Sofia in, she thinks that she can turn the lights on before they're ready.
Can't she do that from here? They have malware firewalls set up for remote access, but they can't block Sofia if she plugs in directly.
So you want to put her on the X in Estonia, where all hell is breaking loose? They will kill her immediately.
Sofia Vesik is the best political counter we have to Savisaar right now.
When the time is right.
The only time that matters is now.
It's not pretty, but it's what we have to do.
All right.
I want you to take in our best ITT guys.
With air traffic control down, there are no flights to Estonia.
No commercial flights.
Military transport? I thought your government was backing down.
Yeah, they have, but B.
MARK: Ma'am? This is a restricted area.
There's no access to the runway.
You need to go back to that booth over there and talk to the nice man who Nice man was clever enough to ask for my credential before he started to patronize me, Sergeant.
Yes, ma'am.
How can I be of assistance? I need to get these folks on the ground Tapa and Tallinn.
- No can do.
Estonia's dark right now.
- Well, light it up.
You've got a C-130 lying around somewhere.
I understand you're National Security Council, ma'am, but it's not that easy.
It is, and I represent the White House.
In about two minutes, your phone is gonna ring, and it won't be your boss or your boss's boss.
It'll be my boss, and he'll be cranky being woken up in the middle of the night.
You know who my boss is, right? I do, ma'am.
I'll find you a plane.
Smart man.
Molly always said I took this job too seriously.
She thought I gave it so much more than I gave our marriage.
Maybe she was right.
But it wasn't even deliberate.
The obsessive focus.
My brain just keeps spinning on problems until they're solved.
I'm probably a little OCD.
But someone really has been watching me, reading my e-mails, and sit-reps.
How else could they know to set up Bankole Inyang? He was killed yesterday on a crowded Berlin street with a weapon no bigger than a pen by someone who had enough medical knowledge to use it.
It's so hard to believe that someone as beautiful as you could blend in with the crowd.
All of it.
Confirm the codes, make your payment, and I can arrange delivery of the art out of St.
Petersburg within 24 hours.
[SCOFFS] You're a survivor, Blake.
I'll give you that.
[INDISTINCT WHISPERING] - DOMINIC: Halt! - [WEAPONS COCKING] Weapons on the ground! Don't shoot.
We are Russian peacekeepers.
We are here to help.
Stop there.