Better Call Saul (2015) s00e01 Episode Script

Characters of Better Call Saul

Our self-given mandate on Breaking Bad was, we were going to take the good guy and turn him into the bad guy.
We're going to evolve him.
And we didn't set out to do that, per se, with Better Call Saul and yet in a sense, this is where we find ourselves.
One of the first things that we talked about is: Saul is funny to laugh at, but is he someone you want to be beside, a champion.
Go with God.
I think getting to know him as a younger person and seeing the things he's working against makes you root for him.
Oh to be nineteen again! With me ladies and gentlemen? He has ambition and puts everything he's got into everything he does.
Lawyers We're like health insurance, you hope you never need it, but man oh man, not having it No! He's got a chip on his shoulder and he has some bad instincts.
He's a bit of a scoundrel, but we love him for it somehow.
The show offers this really interesting look at brotherhood.
Chuck McGill, played by the wonderful Michael McKean, is Jimmy's older brother.
He's a brilliant lawyer.
- Do good work and the clients - The clients will come.
Yeah, I know.
He's a man who truly believes that you get ahead by doing good.
The money is beside the point.
The money is not beside the point.
The money is the point.
Jimmy has leaned on Chuck and needed Chuck's assistance in the past.
Chuck is someone that Jimmy craves respect from.
He's just a winner.
And yet when we meet him, he does not seem to be at the heights of success.
You know I'm going to get better.
That leads to a very interesting dynamic.
Howard Hamlin is blessed by life.
The sun shines on him, the glass is half full.
He runs Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill.
Hamlin Hamlin McGill was kind of like the Evil Empire and Jimmy's mine.
They're gonna love you, Howard.
You're so down to earth.
And this guy in his own way is everything Jimmy is not.
In our line of work, you can get so caught up that you forget to listen to your heart.
The character Patrick plays is not written to be hated, but I just think you can't help it.
Kim is a lawyer at the Hamlin firm.
She started out there in the mailroom.
I think she is ambitious.
I don't think she puts on airs, but I certainly think that she is someone different at the office than she is when you see her casually.
- Couldn't you just - You know I can't.
Jimmy's on her side, but he also sort of sees her as like, well, you went on ahead of me and he resents that status.
We suspect Jimmy wants more from their relationship than he's getting.
- Three dollars.
- I'm validated.
Well gee, that's swell.
Mike Ehrmentraut is on our show, played as always by the delightful Jonathan Banks.
As we meet them, you have a contentious relationship.
Why is Mike working as a parking attendant? It's a wonderful tease, that's what it is.
It's the opposite of the origin for Mike that one would expect.
Jimmy has no idea, the person he's arguing with.
Now you either pay the three dollars, or you go back inside and you get an additional sticker.
He's just a pain in the ass.
Employee of the month over here! Underdog characters are characters we can all relate to because we all feel we spend most of our times there.
Better Call Saul.
Two night series premiere begins Sunday night at 10, only on AMC.

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