Better Call Saul (2015) s01e00 Episode Script

Day One

- Here we go.
- Hey, good morning.
Yeah, you too.
Happy day one.
- Hey.
- Here we are, day one.
Day one.
Breaking Bad fans really didn't see a lot of Saul Goodman.
Most of what they saw with Saul Goodman was, him working with Walt and Jesse.
It raises a lot of interesting questions.
How do you get the idea of becoming not just a lawyer, but a criminal lawyer.
On Breaking Bad, we never really got to delve into who he was.
He was a part of everybody else's life, and now we get to be a part of his life, and that's what's really exciting.
He's a man with his foot in both worlds: the criminal world and the legitimate world.
It's taking us in places I don't think that either we expected or that people are going to expect.
- Welcome to day one.
- [applause.]
First up today is on a crane.
A birds-eye view looking down into this skating bowl.
You guys know the Albuquerque sun's about to hit, so stay hydrated today, that's the mantra.
Thank you guys for being here.
It feels like, uh It's a deja vu feeling.
And yet it's totally new.
It's my favorite day of a production, is the start because we get to see all of our friends again.
This is about 80 percent of the Breaking Bad crew.
This is like going back to family.
It's just like the old show.
We're laughing every day, which is a good sign.
As long as we amuse ourselves, I think we're in good shape.
A lot of us has known each other a long, long time.
It's the new kids I worry about.
Say your names - Daniel.
- Daniel what? - Daniel Levine.
- Daniel Levine who's a twin.
It's the most exciting thing I could ever imagine happening.
Nice! I do like the fact that throughout the whole series Saul is the only person who does his job really well.
- And this is the homely other twin.
- Thank you.
I'm Rhea Seehorn.
I'm playing his twin.
Start from a little bit further back if you would, 'cause I think we saw your shadow at the beginning of that.
Good! This episode picks up Saul Goodman before he was Saul Goodman.
He's not actually Saul.
He's Jimmy McGill.
James Morgan McGill, attorney at law, and he's relatively a straight shooter.
Do I look cool? Look at these sunglasses from the 70's.
Did you hear about where those suits were made? They were especially made in Italy And they were intentionally made a little bit loose and a little bit wrong.
Which was very hard in a tailor to do.
Jimmy's a guy who is kind of trying to balance the good side of him and the bad side of him.
You know, he's under a lot of pressure on both aspects.
He's loquacious, he's colorful.
He has a million ways to say the same thing.
Well, it's a challenge writing dialogue that's that dense, but it's also a lot of fun.
It also goes some places that are gonna be, hopefully, touching and more dark.
They aren't gonna just walk away.
I'm the lawyer who they hit.
- Yeah.
- And I cornered them, I found them.
- Yeah.
And now you say - I know where they are.
- They could be in for some money.
- You know what I mean, like They aren't gonna They're going to listen to what I have to say.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Rolling! Am I excited to do Call Saul? I am.
Having Jonathan Banks on Better Call Saul is wonderful.
It's a wonderful combination with Bob as Saul Goodman.
It's like Walt and Jesse.
My character, Mike is, uh A fixer.
He'll try to make it right.
Including Well, now you gotta watch.
Okay, here we go guys.
Cut! I'm sorry, let's take it from the top again.
Hey, Harry, a little slower in the tiltdown still.
Copy that.
I love this opening paragraph.
I love the way you played it.
The zoom worked great.
Everything's working.
- Everything's hitting on all cylinders.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So, so far, knock on wood.
So far, so good.
[music playing.]
And that's a wrap on the skate park! [music playing.]

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