Better Call Saul (2015) s02e10 Episode Script


Previously on Better Call Saul - Tommy, about the electricity.
- I know how it sounds but it's real.
I'm picking up that driver.
And if he knows you, that's bad.
The cops keeping it out of the papers.
He wanted to put the cops onto Hector.
- He forgot all about you.
- I haven't forgotten him.
1216 Rosella Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona.
This was no mistake.
He sabotaged me.
Remember me? The answer is no.
I know he was here.
I know what he did.
NURSE: Father Brady's in the chapel.
Just push the call button if you want to see him.
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
When was the last time you ate? [Clears throat.]
What? Food.
Have you had any lately? I'm fine.
Come on, Chuck, let's go over to Novi's and stretch our legs, get some air, couple of hoagies.
You want to get a sandwich? Now? Just a thought.
[chuckles and coughs.]
Remember that time I accidentally invited Kathy and Cheryl to Mom's surprise party? It was, kind of, tricky out on the dance floor.
It was a fun night.
I just remember the whole family cleaning up after you.
And Mom leaving her own birthday party to drive one of them home.
Seriously, Chuck, we gotta eat.
Mom'll be okay for a few minutes.
It's been three days.
It could be three more.
Okay? Let's go, buddy.
Jimmy, you want to eat, go eat.
I'll bring you something um, roast beef, no tomato, Italian on the side.
All right? 'Kay.
Be right back.
[Door opens.]
[Door closes.]
[Indistinct P.
[Coughs weakly.]
Mom? Mom? [Breathes deeply.]
No, Mom, it's me Chuck.
No, Mom, it's m [Flatline.]
[Door opens.]
[Flatline stops.]
[Door closes.]
So this is it, then? Woman: I'm sorry.
She has that DNR.
Is your brother in the building? We can use the intercom.
[Printer whirring.]
Charles is there anyone you want us to call? [Smacks lips.]
[Elevator bell dings.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
[Elevator doors close.]
[Telephone rings.]
Hey, Chuck.
Chuck, where's Mom? What happened? She's gone.
What? W-When? How did [Indistinct P.
Did she wake up? Did she say anything? No.
[Breathes sharply.]
[Breathing heavily.]
[Indistinct conversations.]
- [Door creaks, doorbell chimes.]
- Call 911.
Call 911! Ernie, get out here! Man: Hey, what the hell are you doing?! - Hey! - Come back tomorrow.
It'll be half the price.
Yeah, I need an ambulance.
I got paper towels.
A guy came in, and now there's blood, uh Um, yeah, hold on.
Hold on one second.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey, Chuck, with us, buddy? - The copy center.
615 Gold.
- Buddy, y-you okay? - [Sighs.]
No, he doesn't look blue.
- We're gonna get you to the hospital, okay? - Lance.
Everything will be all right.
I work here.
- Man: Hang tight, Charles.
- [Groans.]
We're almost there.
[Indistinct P.
[Wheels rattling.]
Watch yourself.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Coming through.
On 3.
1, 2, 3.
Tricia: Transferring.
[Groaning weakly.]
This is Charles McGill, late 50s.
He had a syncopal episode at a print shop, witnessed by an employee.
Estimated loss of consciousness was one minute.
His vitals are stable.
He's got a laceration on his forehead that appears to need suturing.
Charles, how you doing tonight? Can you talk to me? - [Grunts.]
- Seizure activity? Man: Not in transfer and none reported.
- No urinary incontinence.
- [Groans.]
Do we have any family members? - There's a brother in the waiting room.
- Okay.
How much fluid did you give him? - Mnh.
- That's the first liter.
- Lights.
- What's that, Charles? Mnh, you have to turn off the lights.
- No, we can't do that right now, sweetie.
- Ohh! God.
- You fell and hit your head.
- Mnh.
We're gonna need to do some tests, okay? - No.
- We can't - We need the lights on to help you.
- No.
Charles, can you squeeze my hand really hard? [Groaning.]
Turn the lights - [Air hisses.]
- Mnh.
What is that? Okay, we're just checking your oxygen there, Charles.
- Ow! - Do you have any allergies? No.
Are you on any medications? Ohh, no.
I'm gonna move your arms and legs, - and you tell me if there's any pain, okay? - Ow.
- Can we get an EKG? - What? To what? Gentlemen, did we get an EKG? - What? - Man: He's on a five-lead now.
- Okay.
We didn't get a 12-lead.
- No.
Okay, Tricia, we're gonna need a 12-lead, please.
No EKG! No EKG! Yes, Charles, we need to do o EKG okay? - No, you don't understand.
- Charles.
- I have a condition! - Charles, we need I have a hypersensitivity to electricity! Okay, but you need to lie still Charles, please push your feet against my hands.
- so we examine your head and your neck - Very good.
- make sure your heart's all right, okay? - Get these out of here.
- No, you can't touch this.
- No, I I have a condition.
- Tricia, can I get a light? - I did not give you my consent.
- You can't touch that.
- You have no right to do this! - We need to monitor your heart, okay? - Get these out of here! - Charles.
- Just relax.
- [Crying.]
The lights, please.
- Just relax.
Please stay calm, Charles.
Ohhh! Charles, you need to cooperate with us.
This is gonna be very easy.
We're just gonna draw a little bit of blood, suture up your wound, and do a very simple CAT scan.
- No! No CAT scan! - Okay, c-calm, calm.
No CAT scan! Tricia, can we please get some restraints? - [Crying.]
You don't understand! - Gentlemen, please come in here.
- Please, turn off the lights.
- You have to hold him down, restrain him.
- Please turn off the lights! - Charles - Man: Right here - We need you to calm down.
- You're killing me! - Calm down, Charles.
Just gonna get them and figure it out for you.
- [Sobbing.]
- We got you.
- Just keep your head down.
- [Groans.]
[Indistinct P.
How's he doing? I'd love to be able to tell you, but we can't know for sure until we do those tests.
[Keyboard clacking.]
You know what I'm gonna say.
Why can't you just go old-school you know, look at his pupils, use a stethoscope that kinda thing? He doesn't want to be here.
What he wants and what he needs are two very different things, Jimmy.
We don't know if he lost consciousness because of a heart-related issue or if it was a mild stroke.
We don't know if his spine has been injured if his brain is swelling.
He likely has a concussion, at least.
Chuck is once again refusing these tests because they involve being bombarded by electricity his words.
Nothing has changed since the last time he was in here.
Look, I don't know how to explain this any clearer.
I'm not committing him.
What about a Temporary Emergency Guardianship? I mean, he fits the parameters.
You're telling me he's in need of medical care so urgent that we can't wait around on court procedure.
- Most certainly.
- [Sighs.]
And Chuck is not able to understand the consequences.
I mean, he can understand them, but he Absolutely.
A judge will see it that way, too.
And then I take him home, and it's over.
Pending results and proper treatment, yes.
I know a judge we can call right now.
Let me be the one to tell him.
[Door opens.]
[Indistinct P.
[Door closes.]
Hey, buddy.
How's it going? Chuck.
Well, if it isn't Johnny-on-the-spot.
What? What does that mean? Is Ernesto out there? Yeah.
Can I get you something? Ernesto! Come in here, please! Look, just take it easy.
Ernesto! [Knock on door.]
Just put your stuff in there.
[Objects clatter.]
I got him.
[Door closes.]
Ernesto: How are you feeling', Mr.
McGill? Ernesto, how long was I unconscious in that print shop? I'm not sure.
30 seconds, a minute? - 2 minutes? - I'd say maybe about a minute.
You were kinda in and out.
And how long was I lying on the floor before the ambulance arrived? About 10 minutes, I think, t I didn't look at the clock.
[Breathes deeply.]
And yet, you were there.
Chuck, can we, uh There's only one way you could have gotten there so quickly you never left.
I think you're getting all wound up.
Can you just take a few deep br You bribed him that kid behind the counter.
What? Between the time Ernesto left and I arrived, you paid that half-wit to swear - he'd never laid eyes on you.
- Mr.
And then you stuck around to watch.
Why? Just wanted to see me suffer? - Hmm? - Mr.
Just wanted to have a laugh at my expense? I called him.
What? I called Jimmy earlier, before I picked you up.
He showed up when he did because I called him.
I was worried about you, and I just I called him.
I'm sorry.
Get out Both of you.
[Door opens, closes.]
[Keys clack.]
Chuck, there's something that I have to do, - and I'm really sorry - [sighs.]
Really, truly sorry, but I gotta do it, and it's for you.
You're trying to have me committed.
No, it's a Temporary Temporary Emergency Guardianship to-may-to, to-mah-to.
Well, you've finally got me where you want me.
[Keys rattle.]
[Indistinct P.
[Indistinct conversations.]
Hey, you look beat.
Why don't you go home and get some sleep? I'm fine to hang out, you know? Whatever you need.
We're good here.
Hey, Ernie.
Uh, how come you said that about calling' me? I don't know, man.
Look, I didn't want to say anything, but your brother the way he's been talking' about you lately it's like He's really out to get you, Jimmy.
And I don't know.
You're my friend.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I miss the mailroom.
[Muffled shouting.]
[Muffled shouting continues.]
[Gate clanks.]
[Lock clicks.]
[Gear shift clicks.]
Are you familiar with the Hippocratic oath? You should be.
One of the oldest binding documents in history.
Primum non nocere First, do no harm.
This is not the way to treat my condition.
It's as though I had a an allergy to penicillin, and yet, you persist on treating my infection with it.
I appreciate the analogy, Charles, but I don't think it quite fits.
Look, we'll have you in and out of Radiology before you know it, all right? Then we can see about getting that neck collar off and get you moving around.
[Breathing deeply.]
[Machine whirring.]
Woman: Okay, Charles, the scan is starting now.
The table that you're on is going to move.
You're gonna hear a sound that might seem loud to you, but it's nothing to worry about.
[Electricity humming.]
[Electricity crackling.]
[Distorted voices.]
[Noises fade.]
Still no word? Jesus.
How long is this gonna take? She said that whole test would be like 10 minutes.
Maybe they had to start over.
What 20 times? He should be home.
Jimmy, you're doing' the right thing.
Would you get your work out, please? Because God knows how much longer we're gonna be here.
I'd feel better if you were doing something, you know, unhospital-y.
I'm on it.
You know what? - I'm gonna go ask for an update.
- Okay.
Good idea.
- ["Primary Season" plays on television.]
- Jimmy: You are the greatest generation.
- Jimmy.
- What? You didn't start World War II, but you sure as heck finished it.
And if that weren't enough, you sent a rocket 300 feet tall to the moon.
Now, in your golden years, you need someone looking out for you, someone you can trust, a man who says what he does and does what he says.
When you need someone to count on - Gimme Jimmy! - Gimme Jimmy! Gimme Jimmy! Because moxie is in such short supply these days.
Jimmy: Jimmy McGill A lawyer you can trust.
[Music ends.]
- [Commercials continue to play.]
- It's really good, Jimmy.
You made a really good commercial.
- [Keypad beeps.]
- [Sighs.]
- [Door opens.]
- [Cellphone chimes.]
Oh, finally.
So, how is he? Well, the good news is that, physically, he's okay.
The radiologist said everything looks normal with Charles' head and spine, so we took his neck collar off.
His head wound will heal just fine.
We gave him a tenus shot because his immunization records were not current.
I'm sure that's no surprise to you.
And And And his heart? Strong.
The EKG was normal.
As far as losing consciousness, my best guess is Charles had what's called a stress-related syncope.
It's basically a panic attack, but no signs of a stroke or cardiac event.
However, there was a complication.
Chuck? Hey, buddy, it's me.
They said everything looks good, so let's get you outta here.
What do you say? What's wrong with him? Whatever you gave him should've worn off already, right? We watched him for several hours.
We even gave him what's called a reversal agent.
So, yes, the sedative wore off.
- This is something else.
- What? We think it's a state of self-induced catatonia.
"We" always with the "we.
" I think it's you.
You're the only doctor in the room.
I think you fried his brain with that machine.
I'm sorry.
This is bullshit.
What next? When I first treated Charles, he was in a similar state.
Wouldn't you agree? I have to believe that it's just a matter of time before he comes out of it.
Matter of time.
Fine, then.
I'll wait right here.
[Chair scrapes.]
[Insects chirping.]
Man: Shot left.
5 minutes.
[Shell clatters.]
How many rounds've gone through the tube? For a 762? You can put 3,500 through it and never know.
It's about how tight she shoots.
And this one's tight as they come.
I'd say there's a breeze picking up downrange.
Your barrel gonna be cold? Let's suppose so.
Well, then, you'd better have paid attention to that shot.
I'd better have.
Adjusting right, 1.
5 minutes.
Send it.
Center hit.
[Insects chirping.]
I suggest you don't change up your ammo.
Man: Stick with the 168 grain boat-tail hollow point if it's an open shot, that is.
Now, if you got to shoot through a heavy window, I'll up you to a 180.
But as you know, you'll have to recalculate the shot.
168 will do it.
How many boxes? Just the one.
No, it's on the house.
Uh, one last thing.
No offense.
None taken.
[Breathes deeply.]
[Smacks lips.]
[Telephone rings in distance.]
Jimmy, can I get some water? Chuck.
Hey, buddy, you're back with us.
How you Can I get some water, please? Yeah, yeah, water.
- [Light switch clicks.]
- [Gasps.]
- Oh, shit.
- [Groans.]
Want some more? Mm.
[Water pours.]
Last thing I remember was that machine they put me in.
How long was I out for? [Sighs.]
Was 20 hours.
And next order of business get you the hell outta here.
Where to next? [Smacks lips.]
Some insane asylum in Las Cruces? Someplace you can really tuck me away, but good? Home, Chuck.
You're going' home.
Well, your heart's okay, and so is that crack on your head, so that's all I wanted to know.
What about the T.
? The "T" stands for "Temporary," right? [Grunts.]
You wanna go to bed? No, no.
It's It's cooler down here.
What can I get you? I'll make you some tea uh, the good stuff, not that brown water they have at the hospital.
I'm fine.
I'll make you some tea.
Just [Sighs.]
You've done your duty.
You can go now.
That came out a bit harsh.
Look, I've been zapped and poked and prodded, and now I just [smacks lips.]
I wanna be left alone.
If things start going south for you again, how am I even gonna know? I'm fine.
I promise.
See? Feeling better already.
I mean, I don't even have a key, so [Sighs.]
Can I get Ernie back here? Would you let me do that for you, at least? You need someone looking' in on ya.
You gotta eat, right? All right.
Feel better, Chuck.
[Door opens, closes.]
[Gas hissing.]
[Keys clacking.]
[Birds chirping.]
[Dog barking.]
[Keys clacking.]
[Exhales sharply.]
[Insects chirping.]
[Door creaks.]
[Birds chirping.]
[Insects chirping.]
[Bird cries.]
[Dial clicks.]
[Insect buzzes.]
[Chirping continues.]
[Rifle cocks.]
Man: [Shouting in Spanish.]
Por favor! [Chirping continues.]
[Chirping continues.]
[Chirping stops.]
[Horn blaring.]
[Blaring continues.]
[Blaring stops.]
[Blaring resumes.]
[Blaring intensifies.]
[Blaring continues.]
[Blaring stops.]
[Branch thuds.]
[Insects chirping.]
[Birds chirping.]
["Les Jardins de Cannes" plays.]
Jimmy: All right, I will get right on that.
I should have it for you by early next week.
You have yourself a wonderful day, Mr.
[Shoes squeaking.]
Oh! There you go.
Yeah, get the sunglasses out.
It's very bright.
Gotta protect the old' peepers.
You gotta Yep, looking sharp.
Uh, bye-bye, now.
Folks, I'm sorry about the wait, but the attention I give each client means sometimes, things get a little backed up.
Uh [breathes sharply.]
but I promise to get to each and every one of you in turn.
DeShazo, my dear, I believe you're next.
But first, may I get anybody some coffee? Can I talk to you? Uh, excuse me one second.
We have got to get a receptionist like, yesterday.
Jimmy, Howard just called.
He says he has been trying to reach you all morning.
So? Tell him to stop bothering you and leave me a message.
It's about Chuck.
It's important That's all he'll say.
Unfortunately, uh, my associate tells me I'm needed for some brief but pressing legal business.
I just need to make one quick phone call.
Uh, in the meantime, who was it who wanted coffee? [Music continues.]
Yeah, okay, uh, this young lady will get you coffee and, also, doughnuts if there are any left.
[Mouthing words.]
I want coffee, but I do not want cream.
Hey, Julie, it's me, returning Howard's call.
Hey, what's up? Jimmy, I have just one question Are you behind this? Am I behind what? [Sighs.]
[Brakes screech.]
[Engine shuts off, sputters.]
[Keys clack.]
[Mailbox opens, objects clattering.]
[Key jingles.]
[Lock rattles.]
Jimmy, I'm kind of in the middle of something' right now.
- Come back later.
- No, no, no.
Come on.
Open the door.
I know why you're here.
We can discuss it later.
Right now I'm busy.
[Lock disengages.]
You happy now? [Door creaks.]
[Static zaps.]
It's not right Me not having' a key to this place.
Chuck? [Tape ripping.]
So, Chuck uh, what's up? [Tape ripping.]
Um You got a little, uh [Exhales sharply.]
You got a little, uh, uh, project going' on? Uh, something you maybe wanna tell me about? What do you say Chuck? Clue me in? [Sighs.]
These walls are plaster and lath completely invisible to the radio spectrum.
No protection at all I might as well be standing in the middle of a pasture.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I should've done this from the start.
What, you should've done this, with the, uh See, I think these walls are pretty solid.
I think See, what I really need is a proper Faraday cage.
That's what I need.
I think we need to sit down, take a break, buddy.
Please? Do not patronize me, Jimmy.
I'm not crazy, all right? [Scoffs.]
What? I never said you were crazy.
That You're probably exhausted, a-and justifiably.
Hey, come on.
Five minutes, and then right back at it.
I'm fine.
Come on, Chuck.
Just a break.
- Careful.
- I know.
- [Breathing deeply.]
- [Chuckles.]
[Tape creaks.]
- Ohh.
- [Sighs.]
[Clock ticking.]
Howard tells me you quit HHM.
I didn't quit.
I retired.
That's not what it sounded like.
Regardless, it's kinda out of the blue, don't you think? He's worried about you.
He should be relieved.
Relieved? Why would he be relieved? You're his Number One Guy.
Without you, that whole place goes down the drain.
So, you you retired not just from HHM, but the law? That's not good, Chuck.
The The law needs you.
Just stop it.
And you need it.
What brought this on exactly, Chuck? Huh? [Sighs.]
'Cause I don't know what you are if you're not a lawyer.
Hey How are you gonna retire before you get me disbarred, before you run me out of the town on a rail, huh? I'll be the only McGill carrying the family name.
You can't have that.
Is this Cause you lost Mesa Verde? So what? Who cares? And, hey, if you truly do think that I ratfucked you on that thing which I did not, but whatever well, you know what? You get mad! Take action! Don't just hide out in your your Faraday whatever your cage thing here.
No! You No retirement for you! When you're 99, you can drop dead giving closing arguments to JudgeBot 3000 which will run on electricity, by the way.
That's your future, okay? - So - [Scoffs.]
I [Voice breaking.]
I can't do the job anymore.
What do you mean? Of course you can do the job.
I made a mistake.
What mistake? A simple, nothing little bank address - 1216 instead of 1261.
- Oh.
I screwed it up! I hurt the client.
- [Sighs.]
- [Breathes sharply.]
Blew it completely and utterly.
And then I blamed And then I blamed you.
It's this goddamned electricity! It's wearing me down! It's wearing down my faculties! My brain my mind it used to be You know, it used to work! And now it doesn't anymore.
People got hurt because of me.
Time to end it.
[Ticking continues.]
What if I told you you didn't make a mistake? [Breathes deeply.]
For Christ's sakes, Jimmy, stop humoring me.
Stop trying to talk everything right.
I ratfucked you.
[Smacks lips.]
It was me.
I would've made Nixon proud.
I changed 1261 to 1216.
It was me.
It all went down exactly like you said I mean, exactly.
I doctored the copies.
I paid the kid at the shop to lie for me.
It is insane how you got every detail exactly right.
So you can relax, okay? 'Cause that brain of yours is chugging along at 1,000% efficiency.
Are you telling the truth, or are you just trying to make me feel better? I am saying' it to make you feel better.
I sure as shit wouldn't be telling you otherwise.
But, yes It's the truth.
You'd go to such lengths to humiliate me? I did it for Kim! What She worked her butt off to get Mesa Verde while you and Howard sat around sipping scotch and chortling.
Hamlin, Hamlin, McGill More like Scrooge and Marley! Kim deserves Mesa Verde Not you, not HHM.
She earned it, and she needs it! Jimmy: I did it to help her, but I I honestly didn't think it would hurt you so bad.
I thought you'd just say, "Oh, crap, I made a mistake," and go on with your life, like a normal person! But, oh, no! Wishful thinking! [Clock ticking.]
[Slaps thighs.]
So, can I, uh, tell Howard you're not quitting or retiring or whatever? And can we take all this shit down off the walls? I'm gonna go call Howard.
You do realize you just confessed to a felony? I guess.
But you feel better, right? Besides, it's your word against mine.
[Ticking continues.]
[Door opens, closes.]
[Tape whirring softly.]

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