Better Call Saul (2015) s05e03 Episode Script

The Guy for This

1 What Salamanca is planning? I don't want to lie to my client.
You're talking about the fridge guy? I mean all my clients.
Your friend, um "Krazy-8"? Has he ever been inside before? He'll keep his mouth shut.
Varga, long time no see.
Get in.
Y mi para un hombre enamorado Da-da-da Paca paca paca paca en mi caballo Paca paca paca paca en mi caballo Can I talk? I-I-I'll talk.
I have a feeling I know what this is about.
J-Just to get the ball rolling, please keep in mind that whatever happened between Mr.
Varga and myself, I'm hoping that it's just water under the bridge.
'Cause after all was said and done, you did walk out a free man.
I mean, you weren't even in custody for a full day.
And I admit it was a tad bumpy getting there, but the path to justice is rarely smooth.
So I'm hoping that, in the end, you know, the final result speaks for itself.
You had business with my cousin, Tuco.
Tuco? Ohh.
Oh, sure, sure, yeah.
A-And I see the family resemblance.
Your cousin makes quite an impression.
You know, he he has a huge heart and a a serious passion for justice.
He's got a temper, huh? I hadn't noticed.
How is your lovely Abuelita? You know, Tuco told me about you.
You're the guy with the mouth.
Those guys at the house what'd they call her? "Bizznatch".
Yeah, right.
You know, the Tuco I know he woulda skinned 'em alive and let the buzzards eat their eyeballs.
But there you were.
You go, "Blah, blah, blah", and they walk out of there.
I mean, it's amazing, really! They wheeled out, actually.
So, Ignacio and I, we got something you can do for us.
Really? Yeah.
We got a legal problem.
A le A legal problem? Alright, fantastic.
I'm so Just, for a minute there, I thought I was gonna be swallowing condoms filled with heroin.
Maybe later.
We have a guy sitting in MDC.
Picked up two days ago.
Uh, picked up for what? Yeah, we'll get to that.
We need our friend to tell the cops some things.
Some important things.
Important things.
We want him to say exactly what we tell him no more, no less.
But the cops can't know it's coming from us.
So we send you in there, you tell him how to do it, and they can't listen.
Attorney-client confidentiality.
Yeah, that.
It's flattering.
Can I offer this? Listen, I guarantee there are five of these in MDC right now.
You know, drop phones inside someone's prison wallet, if you know what I'm talking about.
Anyway, you talk directly to your guy.
Cut out the middle man.
It works better if you're in there with him.
You're the guy for this.
That's just That's terrific.
That's the only word for it.
In good conscience, I think I have to s warn you that my my rates have gone up.
Uh, so going this way could be expensive.
Ex How expensive? Expensive.
It's I mean - Yeah? - Yeah.
Oh, gee, well, it's a full day of my time.
And prep work, transportation, rush fees Uh, do the math.
It's like seven thousand eight nine hundred and twenty five dollars.
$7,925? Uh, it's it's the going rate, so Sure.
For your trouble, let's make it $8,000.
Okay, then.
I don't know, Mike.
How 'bout you call it a night? And I'll get you a cab.
Put 'em in the register and pour me another.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
You see that? You want to do something for me? Take it down.
What? Right there.
The The third from the bottom.
I dunno, Mike.
Customers send these in.
It's a tradition.
Take it down.
Sorry, Mike.
Take it down.
I think you've had enough.
Take it.
Oh, my God.
You know that's my sister, y'all.
Let's Hey, she is spicy, yo.
That's what I'm saying.
I'm trying to holla at her.
- Oh.
- Mm.
Check this one out.
Alright, y'all.
Let's play.
Hey, Gramps! Where ya going? Yo, got 20 bucks you could lend me? Ah.
Don't be scared.
I ain't gonna bite.
I got a lot more than 20 bucks, asshole.
- Hey, yo, Gramps can throw down.
- Yo, we got a live one, bro.
You gonna let ol' cue ball there talk to you like that?! Hold up, Gramps.
So? Good.
You done? Just about.
Everything good? Yeah.
I'm sort of celebrating, actually.
Celebrating what? I just realized I have all pro bono clients tomorrow, all day.
No Mesa Verde.
Well, alright.
To justice.
What about you? Well I met some interesting people and had a few ups and downs.
But you know what? Financially speaking, Saul Goodman just had his best day yet.
Ka-ching! Huh.
Good for Saul.
I'd better prep for tomorrow.
Go get 'em, tiger.
iGol! Numilifor is not for everyone.
Call your doctor if you have unusual aches and pains.
- Sorry.
- Side effects, including constip What are you doing? I have to take it apart to clean it.
Leave this alone.
Leave it alone.
Check this out.
Did you order food? Mnh-mnh.
Yeah? - Ignacio? - What? I want to see Ignacio.
Who is this? His father.
Amber, this is my father.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, yeah, me too.
'Scuse me.
Papa, no.
Nice to meet you, young lady.
Kim, something's come up with Tucumcari.
- Not now, Stef.
- I wouldn't bother you with it, but - I asked you to handle it.
- We are, but there's Stef, this is not the time.
Alright? Okay.
Wexler, I've reviewed your motion to dismiss and the state's one-page response.
Your argument is well-reasoned, however, I'm denying the motion.
Your Honor, I'd like to remind you that this was essentially nothing more than a family dispute.
- My client was - Yeah, I'm gonna stop you right there.
This is not your client's first negative interaction with the victim, which shows a pattern of behavior.
And as such, I still agree with the state that this matter is worth the court's time.
- Your Honor, my - Jury selection begins June 16th.
I'm sorry this didn't go our way.
Going in, we all knew getting the case dismissed would be a long shot.
The judge seemed kinda mad.
She can come off that way, but she's actually very fair.
So now the prosecution will come back to us with a more realistic plea bargain, but if we don't like what they have to offer, I believe we'll win at trial.
What does that mean? We'll have a chance to explain what really happened in front of a jury of regular people.
Look, you were trying to do a good thing, and I think they'll see that.
Just keep the faith, okay? I'm sorry.
I'll I'll be right back.
It's Rich.
This is the second time he's called.
Hey, Rich.
I'm confused.
I thought you'd be on your way to Tucumcari by now.
- Uh, Rich - I just got off with Kevin Wachtell.
He wants you there right now to straighten this out, hands on.
Well, I'm flattered, but my clients need me.
I have a full day of appearances here.
Well, all I can tell you he's called twice in 40 minutes.
I promise you, Tucumcari's under control.
The associates are more than capable.
Help me understand.
It's not like you're in the middle of a murder trial.
Rich, this this is just Kevin being Kevin.
Now, don't get me wrong I respect your devotion to your pro bono clients.
But Mesa Verde keeps the lights on.
Can we agree on that? Of course.
We've all been here.
Once in a while, you have to give a little to get a little, you know? Mm-hmm.
Viola's already briefed Stef and Gary.
They'll take your afternoon cases and get continuances if necessary.
So get yourself down there, stat.
I'm on my way.
Who the hell're you? Shhh! Now, thank you, Officer.
We'll let you know when we're done.
Who are you? I'm your new lawyer.
- I didn't call no lawyer.
- No, you didn't.
Lalo did.
I didn't say anything to no one.
- I kept my mouth shut.
- I know, I know.
Don't worry, kid.
I'm nothin' but good news for you.
Alright, we have a lot to go over here.
How are you at memorization? Scuse me.
Hey, Myrna.
How's the boy? He's good, Hank.
He's, what, uh, third base? - Catcher.
- Catcher.
Hey, Steve.
Looking good, Myrna.
Lemme ask you something does Blanca throw stuff out on the exact day it expires? - Like what? - Anything.
Uh, milk, ketchup, soy sauce.
As the clock literally strikes midnight, Marie hands me a full Hefty bag and pushes me out to the trash cans.
I mean, you know, most of it's still good.
What the hell? Food banks don't take expired food.
Oh, thanks for that, Ann Landers.
Once I found an old can of, uh, vanilla frosting.
I ate that.
I'm still here.
You what? Hey, we were talking about expired food.
I thought it was relevant.
Let's get this circle jerk over with.
Domingo Molina.
Picked up for possession of half ounce of street grade gak.
That's dealing weight.
Keeps his mouth shut for the first two nights he's in here and now has an epiphany and wants to talk.
Wow me.
Make my tiny eyes grow wide with delight.
What if I know where there's half a million in drug money? What if? What.
If? If that's true, things could go well for you.
My partner's right.
That kind of information can lead to good things.
Gimme the deets.
Where the drugs come from, who the money goes to, the name of your boss and who you report to.
For starters.
The dealers kick up the cash, right? But they don't go face to face with the big guys.
So they leave it in different spots.
- Dead drops.
- Yeah.
Sounds like a big operation.
Hello! Hey! Oho! Silence! Were you talking to them? Were you talking to my client without his lawyer present? And you are ? Saul Goodman.
I'm Mr.
Molina's attorney.
And you're in violation of his constitutional rights.
Really? Come on.
That's your name? - Listen, Officer - Uh, uh.
Special agent.
Oh, the DEA? Oh, I see.
The Feds.
Well, what, they don't teach the Constitution at Quantico these days? Yeah.
Quantico is FBI.
I don't care.
The DEA, FBI, Department of Sanitation.
It's time for you two gentlemen to vacate the premises.
There's the door.
Shoo, shoo.
Go away.
Uh, your client waived his right to an attorney.
Whoa, he most certainly did not.
Yeah, I did.
Zip it.
Okay? Nobody's talking to you.
Uh, well, he wants to talk to us.
He He's confused.
Okay? He was dropped on his head as a child.
- I wanna talk.
- No, you don't! - Yeah.
I do.
- Sounds like he does.
You just, uh, one one moment.
Come Come here.
Just come here.
Do you know and we just discussed this, okay? You don't talk to I'm doing my job! Which is protecting you from you! I'm talkin' whether you like it or not! You're killing me here, man! Okay.
My client is making what I believe to be a grave error.
Also showing a heartbreaking lack of faith in his attorney.
And I'm not gonna lie, it hurts.
He insists on dealing, so let's talk turkey.
You know what? We're not interested.
I feel like my chain is being jerked.
And not in a good way, if you know what I'm saying.
There's no half mil.
Never was.
- Yep.
I called it, Gomey.
Remember? - You did.
- Hold on, guys.
Hold on.
- Think I'm gonna blow this Popsicle stand.
- Wait a second.
- You gentlemen have a great afternoon.
- Hold up, guys, one second.
- Hey, hey, have a good day.
We're done in here! Guys, um, uh.
Uh, what if we say it's contingent? Contingent? On what? Results.
Molina will stay in custody while you verify his very specific, limited information.
And what if what he tells us doesn't pan out? Oh, well, then he just stays here.
I mean, we're back where we started.
But if his information leads to something Arrests.
Uh What? If his information leads to arrests Well, yeah.
Well, if his information leads to arrests, then the charges go away.
Okay? Now, how can you say no to that? That is a win-win for you guys.
Give us another minute.
Okay, Domingo.
Start talking.
Go head.
Like I said, the dealers kick up the cash.
I don't know who picks it up.
All I know is that there are these three dead drops - they run on Thursday nights and - Hold on.
What? What?! Look, I know how this goes, alright? My guy talks to you, you squeeze him out like a sponge, then you dump him back on the street.
Word gets out that he's a fink, he ends up bleeding out in front of his mother's house.
- What? No.
- It's not gonna happen, okay? Do you hear what I'm saying? My client is not leaving here with a target on his back.
We'll take care of him.
Assuming this isn't one big jag off.
It'll look like he got out because his lawyer's a genius.
And he's he's not just anyone's C.
, either.
Alright? You don't pass him around like a venereal disease.
He's your personal C.
So, he gets picked up, he calls me, I call you.
It gets taken care of.
No questions asked.
Okay, but it's contingent.
And this better be worth it.
So, like I said, there are these three dead drops.
The first one's under a bridge up by Chavez Road, over Hillsdale Street.
The second one's in an empty rail yard off Waldren in a train shed.
There's a Oh, thank God.
- Is he home? - Yeah, he never seems to leave.
A word of warning.
He's very unpleasant.
Got it.
Acker, I think you're home! My name is Kim Wexler, and I'd really like to talk to you! Mr.
Thanks for speaking with me.
I think there's been a misunderstanding, and it's in everyone's best interests if we straighten it out.
May I come in? Stay right where you're at.
As I understand it, you and your family have been here since 1974.
You built this lovely house, but you never actually owned the land it was on.
It was leased to you by a local company, Deerview Investment Properties.
For a hundred years.
I got 70 left.
That's correct.
However, and I know this may be difficult to wrap your head around, your lease stipulates that the property owner can buy you out at any time for fair market value plus $5,000.
I know $5,000 isn't nearly as much as it used to be back in 1974, and and we do understand how inconvenient this must be, so, as a gesture of goodwill, Mesa Verde has just increased your buy-out to $18,000.
$18,000? That's right.
Well, nobody's ever explained it to me like that before.
That's a lot of money.
I bet you, with that, I could buy a big old mansion and a swimming pool.
Acker, we know it's not enough to Hey, do me a favor, will ya? I'm gonna spread my legs out like this, and, uh, just to finish it off, why don't you give me a swift kick in the balls? That's not necessary.
You people are all the same.
You're soulless money grubbers.
Please, Mr.
Acker, how about we just discuss this civil? Adverse possession means this is my land.
You made that argument in court, and the judge ruled against you.
Yeah, and nobody could change my mind, so they sent you out.
You're the big guns? With a ponytail? Oh, you're just like all the rest of 'em, coming out here in your fancy suit, bring your minions with you, driving them black, shiny German cars.
And you think you can talk to me like I'm brain damaged? N.
O! No! That big bank thinks it's gonna build a call center, so you go around throwing people out of their homes.
Well, not this house, sweetheart! Alright.
I can see you've made up your mind.
Have a good day.
And I can see you.
You're one of those people that, uh, give a little money to charity every month so you can make up for all the bad that you've done.
You go to a soup kitchen once a year on Thanksgiving.
That makes you feel a whole lot better about yourself.
Makes you feel like one of the best rich people.
Oh, I don't know how in the world you sleep at night.
Listen to me.
You do not get to make up your own rules.
Put on your big boy pants and face reality no one is mistreating you here.
We were trying to meet you halfway well, that's over.
The $18,000? Guess what? It's off the table.
Tomorrow you come to your senses? You'll get $10,000.
And you know what happens after that? The sheriff comes out and kicks you outta here and you get nothing.
Why should you get to drag this out for seven months while all of your neighbors, every single one of them, played by the rules?! And do you do you do you think you're special? A contract means something.
It's the law, and it's enforceable! Deal with it! That was amazing.
Great job.
I didn't solve anything.
You ended it.
That's what we needed.
Whoo-hoo! You hear that? I replaced the carburetor.
She's running like a racehorse, man.
It's a fine vehicle.
That's a thing of beauty.
Yeah? What do you drive? An Esteem.
A what? A Suzuki Esteem.
It's an import.
So ? Yeah, so, it went just like you wanted.
Assuming the dead drops are a real thing, the feds are going to be on them.
- Feds? - Yeah.
There's a matched pair of 'em, and they're into this with a vengeance.
I mean, think feeding time in the lion cage.
And, um they're gunning for arrests.
Oh, and your guy is now a confidential informant.
What do you mean like a rat? No, he's not a rat.
I mean, well, if he's a rat, he's your rat, so Uh, put it this way you now have a hotline to the DEA.
And not just now anytime.
So that's a good thing, right? But the deal is, at some point, you might hear that Domingo is a snitch.
Y-You gotta know he's not.
And what do you care? Well, all due respect, you're paying me, but he's my client.
I'd like to keep him alive.
And, uh, one more thing.
Um, you're gonna have to find a different attorney for future endeavors, 'cause my schedule is just very, very tight.
You'll make time.
Who exactly did I just set up? You don't want to know.
I mean, if there's gonna be blowback, I don't want to be in the middle of it.
It's not about what you want.
When you're in, you're in.
And Martinez? We got a continuance.
Davenport? The judge read your motion and dismissed.
Oh, and I got a continuance on Russo.
His hearing's scheduled for Thursday morning, right? Yep.
Viola put it in your calendar.
Good, What about Ingram? He didn't show.
Did you call all three numbers? I called the first one.
You have to call all three.
The bottom number is his aunt.
- She usually knows where he is.
- I'm sorry.
I got a continuance.
That's okay.
Call his aunt and make sure he's alright and ask how I can get in touch with him before his next hearing.
And if she doesn't know, call the Rescue Mission Shelter on 2nd.
That's his backup.
Will do.
Good job, Stef.
Thanks, Kim.
Get home safe.
Have a good evening.
Acker? It's Kim Wexler again.
I'd really like another word with you.
Acker? Mr.
Acker? I'm sorry I-I, uh, entered your property.
I'd really like to talk to you.
Can we start over? Say what you came to say.
I went to a real estate office.
I found some houses I think you might like.
There are some really nice options in your price range.
This one's on half an acre.
And, uh, this one is older, but it has a really good view.
And the neighborhood's pretty.
I know moving's a big deal.
I'd like to help you out with that myself, if that's alright with you.
I can take off any day this week.
And I'll pay for it out of my own pocket.
This one has three bedrooms.
I know you don't want to move, but w-whatever house you choose will be yours.
You'll own it, and the land, forever.
You're right.
I can't pretend to understand what you're going through.
I've never owned a house.
My family never owned one, either.
We never owned anything.
When I was little, my mother used to shake me awake in the middle of the night, yelling it was time to go.
She was always one step ahead of the landlord.
I'd throw my things in a cardboard box and run outside in my pajamas and bare feet.
Sometimes, it was so cold, my t my toes turned blue.
If we'd have had a house, I never would've wanted to leave.
You'll say anything to get what you want, won't you? When was this? Today.
Do you have the agents' names? The lawyer's got 'em.
What are you doing? Shutting it down.
Put it away.
You want to leave the money for the feds? Um.
If there's no money in those dead drops, Lalo will know someone talked.
The dead drops remain.

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