Better Call Saul (2015) s05e04 Episode Script


WOMAN: Help you find something? Uh, no, thanks.
I'm just browsing.
That still works.
You can plug it in if you want.
How much for this? That? I could let that go for 30.
Uh, seventy-five for all three? [♪♪♪.]
Yeah, don't worry about it.
Building will take care of it.
That's what you pay rent for.
What's your day look like? I got MDC in the morning and court in the afternoon.
Oh, and I'm finally doing that lunch with Howard.
Yeah? See what he wants.
Hopefully it will be short and sweet.
You? Uh Yesterday was bad.
Today, I'm gonna fix it.
Sounds like a plan.
See you.
KIM: Pull the initial research we did on Lot 2375.
Yeah, all of it.
Uh, permit status, costs, projections.
Are they on digital? Good.
How are you on PowerPoint? Great.
I'll walk you through what I need when I get in.
I should be there in 20.
I'll see you when I get there.
You gentlemen have had a busy week, huh? [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
Bail has been denied.
No mystery there.
Let's start at the beginning.
Somehow, you two are short on priors, so I think I can get the DA to knock the drug charges down to simple possession.
We can lay responsibility for the felonies at the doorstep of your unfortunate dependence on hard drugs, but we're gonna have to argue for rehab as part of probation Hells, no.
I hate rehab.
All right.
Don't get all in a twist, okay? I've heard that there exist certain less-than-reputable establishments that will provide certification without the pleasure of your actual attendance.
You know a place like that? I could conceivably find such a place for an additional fee.
All right, because I ain't going to no rehab.
- Mm.
- You go, you don't go.
That's between you and your God.
But you gotta tell the judge you'll go, and you gotta sound like you mean it, okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
Well, all that's left is your many, many misdemeanours, which include graffiti, vandalism, littering, public urination.
Nature's calling you, you gotta answer it.
Hold it too long, you get kidney-stoned.
Be that as it may, even misdemeanours add up, so if I can get you concurrent sentences, you're looking at 12 months in stir.
Now, with good behaviour and overcrowding, takes it down to six, maybe five months.
That's minimum security.
It's gonna be like taking a cruise, only less danger of drowning.
Christ, man, five months? Down from five years, consecutive, or worse, if they get this heavy stuff to stick.
Now, come on.
You do your months, you do a little community service, maybe a year probation, and you're gold, Ponyboy.
Sound good? Yeah, okay.
Yeah, we can take that.
No doubt.
So all that's left is my fee.
Okay, so for my time, court costs, filing fees, you're looking at, oh, let's say about four grand, all-in.
- Say what? - Yo, don't play us like that.
What about 50 percent off? That is 50 percent off.
Now, my normal rate would be 4K each.
Dude, this is B.
They got lawyers here they gotta give us.
You pay nothing.
- Free lawyers? - Public 'fenders.
Four grand, we can get a lot of scante, man.
I'm sorry.
Free lawyer? Are you saying that you want a free lawyer? - We're just talking over options.
- And, you know, free is, you know, free.
Did you ever hear the phrase, "you get what you pay for," you nudnik? Without me, they're gonna lock you up and throw away the key.
I'm sorry.
Did I say "five years"? You go ahead and play Russian roulette with a public pretender, you're gonna end up doing a decade in Los Lunas.
You twerps even know who I am? I am Saul Goodman.
Okay? You think 4K is too much? Yesterday, I got paid 8K just for the afternoon.
That's how good I am.
I am the real deal.
You're lucky I'm even talking to you.
You know what? Heh.
- Hey, come on, man.
Don't be like that.
- Hey, all right.
Hey, we're sorry, yo.
We're sorry.
- You.
We We wanna go with you.
- Hunny-percent.
Please, sir? Okay.
We're back on the same page, though.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Before you make my headache even worse, no, you cannot pay me with the money you stole.
Okay, that cash is Exhibit A for the prosecution.
So, relatives? Anybody you haven't already fleeced? My grandma, maybe? Yeah, she got a house, - Yeah.
- and a car and shizz.
Yeah, grandma.
She's perfect.
Okay, so you tell granny, faster she gets me my money, faster I work my magic.
My wire info is on the back of that card.
I look forward to hearing from her.
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's just one of those days.
No problem.
Let me introduce you.
Judge Lawler, this is Jimmy McGill.
Uh, actually, it's Saul Goodman.
I changed my name.
But Lawler? Now, you're federal, right? District of New Mexico? That's me.
Thought so.
Your gavel work is legendary.
Uh, thank you? I'll let you get back to your lunch.
Catch you on the back nine next week.
See you.
Jimmy? - And I'll have the sole and - No butter, side of steamed veggies? You got me.
Creature of habit.
I'll put this in, I'll be right back with your drink.
So Saul Goodman.
Am I allowed to call you Jimmy? Uh, Saul Goodman is my professional name, but my friends still call me Jimmy.
You can too.
Well, tell me about Saul Goodman.
What do you mean? Well, what I mean is, if he's not Jimmy McGill, who is he? What's he about? Hmm.
Well Saul Goodman is, um He's the last line of defence for the little guy.
Are you getting sold down the river? He's a life raft.
You getting stepped on, he's a sharp stick.
You got Goliath on your back, Saul's the guy with the slingshot.
He's a righter of wrongs.
He's friend to the friendless.
That's Saul Goodman.
Couldn't Jimmy McGill do all that? Maybe he could, but Saul Goodman is.
I get it.
You do? Yeah.
I understand why you changed your name.
Is that right? Hamlin Hamlin McGill did you wrong.
Your name is a part of that firm.
Now it's tainted.
We took your legacy away from you.
If you say so, Howard.
No, no, I've been thinking about this a lot.
And you know what? We should have hired you.
I mean, don't worry about it.
That's ancient history.
You deserved a shot.
And I could've given it to you when you got barred or when you brought us Sandpiper.
Both times, I should've shown some backbone.
It would've been the right thing to do.
I am glad you had this cleansing moment of clarity, Howard.
Good for you.
Let me be clear.
I'm not interested in yesterday.
I missed an opportunity with you, and I think it's time to correct that.
I'd like you to come work at HHM.
Ah You want me to work for you after all the shit that's happened between us? Oh, as far as I'm concerned, that's between you and Chuck.
Hey, look, before you offer me a job, you might want to call your buddy, Cliff Main.
He'd have a unique perspective on employing me.
This isn't a spur-of-the-moment decision, Jimmy.
I have been considering this for a while.
At the scholarship committee, you spoke about that young woman.
Kristy Esposito.
- Yeah.
- You stood up for her.
And that got me thinking.
About judgement and honesty.
And when you kicked my ass last year, you weren't wrong.
You say what you mean.
Listen, you don't wanna be surrounded by liars, Howard, you might be in the wrong profession.
Look, it's simple for me.
You're smart.
You're scrappy.
You're a go-getter.
You don't wait for things to happen.
You make them happen.
HHM is growing again and could use someone like you.
I could use you.
Charlie Hustle.
- Howard, I - You don't have to answer right now.
Let's just enjoy lunch.
But do me a favour.
Live with it for a bit.
Okay? HOWARD: Ah.
That's me.
JIMMY: Well, Howard, this was, um Thanks for lunch.
I'll get the next one.
Thanks for taking the time.
Good to see you, Jimmy.
PAIGE: If you glance at the package, it'll give you a clear idea of what we're talking about.
There's a raft of TCPA compliance issues, but they're fairly straightforward.
We've been in touch with the FTC, the FCC, OSHA, same.
By the time construction's complete, we'll be able to hire able bodies, and we'll be ready to go.
Exciting to expand beyond the old brick and mortar.
We've hit all the key benchmarks for the Tucumcari call centre.
- And we remain well under budget.
KEVIN: You know I like to hear that.
PAIGE: All right.
If you turn to the next tab, there are some mortgage opportunities Sorry.
Paige, there's one more piece of call centre business I feel we need to discuss.
- PAIGE: Oh.
- Stef? We decided to put this centre here, on this parcel of land, Lot 1102.
But I think we need to reconsider the other contender, Lot 2375.
PAIGE: Twenty-three seventy-five.
The vacant lot with the flooding problem? KIM: Yes, that's right.
Initially, we did have concerns about the infrastructure, but I spoke with Alex Amadeo on the council this morning, and she told me the city has recently shored up all of the drainage along the arroyo.
And they have repaved 10 miles of roads in the vicinity.
So that would not only speed up our construction, but make for a more efficient operation overall.
And over the long term, it seems to me that these improvements will pay dividends and more than offset any delays.
Since we won't need a redesign, we could be back on track in a matter of two to three weeks, maybe less.
Are you saying that we lose three weeks and, what, eat the cost of the land that we already own? I know this isn't really my department, but according to our own projections, the land we already own will more than double in value in the next five years.
This could be an excellent investment.
There's potential here to turn Tucumcari into a real Mesa Verde company town.
And when you add in the reputational risk with Lot 1102 Reputational risk? You're talking about Everett Acker? Ousting a man from his house, it's never a good look.
KEVIN: Kim, let me ask this real plainly.
Is Lot 1102 our land or not? Are we in the right? As far as the law goes, yes.
KEVIN: Well, all right, then.
Well, that settles it.
I'm not gonna let anybody chase me off.
This fella wants to make a fuss, well It's our land and our right to do with it what we want.
I agree.
We've already offered him a sum for relocation far greater than what we've paid any of his neighbours.
KEVIN: Kim, thank you for the thought, but I say we move forward with Lot 1102.
How about we get the lights? Yeah, all right, then.
That's that.
I just had to mention it.
I've got a call in to the sheriff.
Come Friday at noon, Acker will be out and construction will proceed.
Now, as I was saying, mortgages.
Our institutional clients are strong, but if we want to penetrate the retail market, there are some opportunities that we should explore as we develop the business.
Pop, what are you doing here? It's Thursday.
It's my day.
You didn't get my message? I called you to see if you were coming.
You never called me back, so I had Emily come.
It's okay.
Send her home.
I'll pay her for the night.
Well, maybe it's better if you just sit this one out.
I mean, they're already off, playing dolls.
I scared her.
I lost my temper.
That's it.
If you just let me talk to her, - tell her I'm sorry - No, no, no.
Kaylee's fine.
She forgot all about that.
Then what's the problem? I love you, Pop, but tonight, I think you should let Emily babysit.
Honey, I'm okay.
I wouldn't tell you I was okay if I wasn't.
And if Kaylee brings up Matty? I'll be okay.
You're getting worked up over nothing.
I'm fine.
Look, what if maybe you come for dinner sometime next week? We can have those pork chops you like.
You've been working so hard.
You deserve a little break.
Let you get back to yourself.
Get back to myself? Something's going on with you.
I don't know what.
But I'd be more comfortable if you didn't sit for Kaylee.
For tonight.
HARKNESS: We were hopping because of that Kiss show at the pavilion.
I had those leather guys in makeup coming in and buying Slim Jims and beers all night long.
KO: Thank you.
Mr Harkness.
Is the person who robbed you present in the court today? HARKNESS: Yes.
And could you point him out to the court, please? There.
Let the record show that the witness has identified the defendant, Mr Sakey.
Thank you, Mr Harkness.
CHAPEK: Your witness, Mr Goodman.
Thank you for coming in today, Mr Harkness.
I just want to clarify a few things from your testimony, if that's okay.
So you were working at the Sandia Mart the night of the 30th.
Is that correct? HARKNESS: Got in at noon, left at midnight.
SAUL: That's a long day.
Good for you.
Nothing wrong with a hard day's work.
So you say a man came in, and he reached across the counter and, quote, "He grabbed up the money from my register and run off.
" Yeah.
And there was no one else in the store? Not at that time, no.
And since the camera system wasn't working at the time, you're the only one who saw the perpetrator.
I guess so.
So this person came in, and they bought something.
- I think it was an Almond Joy.
- And they bought an Almond Joy.
And when you rang them up, that's when they snatched the cash from the register.
Sounds like it happened pretty fast, but you say you got a good look at them, correct? Yes.
You must drink stronger coffee than I do, because after 11 hours on the job, I can barely see straight.
And it was dark out.
HARKNESS: He was the only guy that came in that night that wasn't made up like a bat or a cat or whatever the hell those guys are.
And he was right up in my face.
Right in your face? And according to your testimony, you feel confident that you can identify this person.
- That's what you're saying.
- I can, absolutely.
It's him.
Your client.
Are you sure that's the person? There's no doubt in your mind? Take your time.
I don't need time.
That's him.
Now, would you be surprised to learn, Mr Harkness, that the person you just pointed to is not the defendant? - What? - My client is in the back of the courtroom.
Mr Sakey, would you please stand up? KO: Objection.
The person you ID'd is named Hollis Earley.
He's a bartender down in Belen.
He has a very good alibi for the night in question.
- Your Honour, objection! - Oh, Mr Goodman! Really? You didn't recognise him, either, Your Honour.
All right, settle down, everybody.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we're gonna call it a day.
I will have very specific instructions for you tomorrow.
As always, please refrain from discussing the case until then, and I will see counsel in my chambers now.
- You're still here.
- Yeah.
You saw the fireworks.
It was a bit unorthodox.
But check this out.
Two sweetest words in the English language, "miss," "trial.
" - Not bad, huh? - Not bad.
Uh, is everything okay? Yeah.
It's just I have a case in Tucumcari.
And there's something I wanna discuss with you.
LYLE: Fry pit looks good, Deshawn.
You can take off.
Night, Tiffany.
Good work.
Good work.
Juana, very good work.
Crap, I forgot to cover the fryer.
Uh, y Don't worry.
I'll get it.
- Thanks, man.
- Sure.
See you tomorrow, Deshawn.
Everything all right, Mr Fring? This is acceptable to you? I thought Deshawn did a good job.
Uh I'm not seeing anything.
It's I understand.
Uh, you know, like, now that I look closer Yeah, I think I see maybe Yeah.
I'll take care of it, Mr Fring.
- All right.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry about that.
Who puts a dead drop in a culvert? I mean, rain comes and, fssht, your money's on its way to the Rio Grande.
So you use a different drop during the monsoon season.
That's a weird word.
- What do you think that is, like, Dutch? - Maybe French.
- It's not French.
- In Spanish, it's alcantarilla.
Well, it It doesn't come from Spanish.
I mean, you ever hear anyone walk around talking about the majestic culverts of Spain? Who the hell goes around talking about majestic culverts? MAN [OVER RADIO.]
: Target is approaching.
Position 2, stand by.
Standing by.
Well, only one drop left.
That's us.
You think he'll do all three? Well, Molina's info has checked out so far.
Long as we don't spook the target, I say he rounds third and goes straight for home.
You know how to use that thing? Point it at the bad guy.
Press the button.
Don't miss your shot, Ansel Adams.
We need this guy.
MAN: Position 2, we have the target.
Looks like he's headed inside.
Sounds like a Dutch word for crotch rot.
MAN: Target is on the move, headed toward Position 3.
All right, guys, keep your distance.
Hey, Byers and Vacca, roll back 30 yards.
If I can see you, he can too.
We don't want him to get nervous.
Wanna keep him nice and relaxed.
Like your mom on date night.
Like your left hand every night.
Is it okay, Mr Fring? You can go home, Lyle.
If it's not right, just let me try again.
I can get this right for you, sir.
If you would like to take another crack at it, then go ahead.
Thank you.
Here's our guy.
- Cap off the lens there, Gomey.
- Screw you.
He make us? Nah, I think we're good.
Goddamn it.
Hey, uh, yeah, our target's in flight.
All units, go west on Bobby Foster.
We're in pursuit.
- What are you doing? - Getting ahead of him.
- To where the puck's gonna be.
- But you don't know where he's going! I got a feeling.
Federal agents! Come on out! Nice and slow! Hands! Show me your hands! Damn it.
GOMEZ: Schrader! [HANK SIGHS.]
Well, what do you say, Gomey? Let's spelunk.
All right.
I lost them.
GOMEZ: Six ninety-six, 698, 700,000 dollars and some change.
We sure took a bite out of crime tonight, McGruff.
Booby prize.
Come on, man.
We got the money.
We got the douchebags who did the drop.
We got three assholes in cuffs.
And we put Molina back out on the street.
Who knows what else he's gonna scare up? Yeah, I wanted to go upstream, Gomey, not downstream.
Here goes.
Everybody, circle up! Circle up! Come on, bring it in! I just wanna thank you all for a successful operation.
Great work across the board.
APD, hey, you guys are first-rate.
We're putting bracelets on three shitbirds as we speak.
And better yet, we got ourselves a buttload of money.
All right? Just shy of a million dollars.
So some major dickwad of a dealer's hurting tonight.
And that's because of all of you.
So to show my appreciation, we're all going to O'Neill's, and first round's on me.
ALL: Yeah! HANK: Yeah! All right! Thank y'all! [BUZZING.]
- VICTOR: All clear.
- And the money? They got it.
Went down like it was supposed to.
Mr Fring, I was just about to come find you.
Thank you, Lyle.
You can go home.
Um, but is it, like? - You think it's okay? It's clean? - It is acceptable.
Have a good night, Mr Fring.
Who the hell are you? Mr Acker, my name is Saul Goodman.
I'm an attorney.
I've had it up to here with you Mesa Verde scumbags.
Get bent.
I'm not representing Mesa Verde.
In fact, I'd like to represent you, sir.
I don't need a lawyer.
I don't want a lawyer.
Nothing you can say is gonna change my mind.
- Now, move your damn foot.
- Sir, if you would just Please, just take a look at my proposal, okay? Because I think you'll find it persuasive.
- I don't want it.
- Just look at it, sir.
Just look.
What do you see? A man fucking a horse.
Sir, I hate Mesa Verde.
I hate them.
Looking down at us from their glass tower.
They think they can shit on whoever they want, and we have to smile and say, "Thank you"? Look, picture me as the man and Mesa Verde as the horse.
I'm the guy who'll do whatever it takes to stick it to them.
Guess who's got a new client in Tucumcari.
- KIM: What? - That's right.
Put some beers on ice.
We'll celebrate when I get back from the hinterlands.
That's the best news I've heard all day.
How the hell did you convince him? Uh Uh, visual aids.
You'd be surprised what you can find on that Internet.
So Chinese tonight? - Yeah, sounds good.
I'll see you later.
- Bye.
MAN 1: What'd y'all get into last night? MAN 2: Absolutely nothing, G.
- Yo, G, pass that lighter.
MAN 1: Hey, yo, your girl came by.
You need to keep her in check, fam.
MAN 3: She tripping.
MAN 4: I've been telling you about that, man.
- Black her eyes.
MAN 1: Yo, yo.
Ain't that? Yo, that's Yo, Gramps! [COUGHING.]
First one's free, dickhead! [GROANING.]

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