Better Call Saul (2015) s05e05 Episode Script

Dedicado a Max

1 it's our land and our right to do with it what we want.
I have a case in Tucumcari.
And there's something I want to discuss with you.
I'm not representing Mesa Verde.
In fact, I'd like to represent you, sir.
Guess who's got a new client in Tucumcari.
Where is this place? Where am I? Phone? Who brought me here? Did Fring do this? Gustavo Fring? Look what you've done to all my fine work.
What am I doing here? You were meant to be recovering.
What's he want with me? He's asked me to keep you alive.
Will you allow this? Okay, listen up.
If Acker doesn't leave on his own by quarter after, the sheriff's gonna evict.
Once that's done, utilities will drop and cut their lines while we take down the north fence.
Uh, anything inside the place gets loaded up and sent to storage.
Debris goes in the side dumpster.
Concrete's stayin'.
Uh, disposal company's coming for it.
- We good so far? - Mm-hmm.
I-I think I might be seeing a hitch here.
Who are you? I'm Saul Goodman, attorney at law.
Glad to meet you.
A better question might be, "Where are we?" What's that supposed to mean? Well, you know what? It's coming up on the hour, so word to the wise if you let everyone go right now, you might save half a day's salary and fringes.
What the hell are you talking about? Deputies! Great.
Perfect timing.
- What's going on? - He's a lawyer.
Says there's a hitch.
I'm Everett Acker's attorney.
I'm just dottin' the "I's" in due diligence.
Well, I'm sorry, sir.
Eviction order's signed by a judge.
I'm sure it is.
Uh, can I have a peek at that? It's all correct, sir.
Sir, since you represent Mr.
Acker, can you make sure he cooperates with the eviction? W can you make out the address on that? 1130 Arroyo Vista.
There a problem? Well, I mean, is that where we are? There were house numbers on that mailbox, plain as day 1130.
I don't see any.
- Do you, deputy? - No, I don't.
Well, somebody messed with them.
This is 1130 Arroyo Vista.
This here's 1240 Arroyo Vista.
It's always been 1240 Arroyo Vista.
1240? 1240! My client says it's 1240.
I got a plat map says we can straighten this out right now.
Well, all due respect to whoever drew that map, but Mr.
Acker's been living here for 30 years.
I think he knows his own address.
Sir, you got something with an address on it? Thank you.
1240 Arroyo Vista.
It's 1130.
Anybody can print out something like that.
You've got an order signed by a judge.
Y'know, we could get a surveyor up here this afternoon.
He'll clear everything up.
That'd lose us a full day.
Listen, officer, before you go forcing an elderly veteran from his home and take everything he's got, demolish a half-century of hard work, wouldn't you like to know you got the right place? Come on.
All we're talking about are some missing house numbers.
I have to make a call.
Everybody take 10! After a year of running every which way, now the guy gets a lawyer? The lawyer comes in, the crazy comes out.
We had it straightened out in a matter of hours.
It was a gimmick and not a particularly effective one.
It's costing us a day.
I call that plenty effective.
But we're passed that.
Tomorrow they're finally tearing the place down, right? That's the plan.
There's more? Unfortunately, there is another complication.
The lawyer Acker hired it's Jimmy.
- Your Jimmy? - Yes.
You're How did that happen? Jimmy's been doing some very aggressive marketing.
Looks like Acker picked up on it.
So what now? In fairness to you, I'll withdraw from everything having to do with the Tucumcari project.
Stef will step in for me.
She and Paige can see it through.
Kim's brought us this far.
I think Stef will do a fine job for us.
Of course, this is just Tucumcari we're talking about.
I'll continue to handle everything else as usual.
You know what? I smell a rat.
Acker hiring Jimmy that's no coincidence.
And I heard about the talking-to you gave that guy.
Sounds like you tore him a new one.
I-I wouldn't say that I Here's what I think.
This fella saw you for the killer you are, and he went and hired Jimmy specifically to take you away from us.
Kevin I have to say, I think that's very unlikely.
Trust me on this, Kim.
I know a scam when I see one, okay? No disrespect.
I'm sure your associate's more than capable, but I am not gonna let this guy deprive me of the best in the business.
I-I think what Kim's trying to say is that going home to the attorney on the other side of this matter could get awkward for her.
Is that right, Kim? This gonna be tough on you at home? It's not the personal side that concerns me.
I just wouldn't want there to be any question of conflict of interest.
Well, I'm not worried about that.
If you're willing to stick with it, I say why change horses midstream? Kevin, are they waiting for you? Oh, yeah.
I need that call center.
We gotta get this thing movin' now.
We got a lot of competitors out there, and none of them are waiting on some crabby ol' son of a bitch to get their damn call centers built.
Got it? Got it.
I know you do.
That an MRI machine I saw back there? It is.
And Fring paid for all this.
And all those nice little houses out there.
I'm guessing there are bales of meth inside.
There are no drugs here.
None save the ones that I prescribe.
No men with guns, either.
And if I want to get back to where I belong? Mm.
You're welcome to leave.
You would go back to the road where I found you.
Five kilometers from here, there's a gate that leads to the main road.
There are men at that gate.
Those men have guns, I'm guessing.
I've never seen any weapons.
In any case, they will not stop you.
12 kilometers up the highway, there is a small town, bigger than this place, but small.
There is a bus stop.
Once you're on that bus, you're perhaps a day from El Paso.
However, as you are now, you would not survive the journey.
My advice is to rest.
Enjoy some of Señora Cortazar's excellent cooking and take in some clean air.
Fring carts me all the way down here.
Why? That I do not know.
You would have to ask him.
So you're just his on-call quack? I am the quack who saved your life.
This is for infection.
Two every four hours for the next week.
This is for the pain.
Take it when you need it.
I'll be back to check on you in three days.
Then, in a week or so, perhaps you will be able to travel.
I can, uh, get a message to your family.
They're fine.
Buenas tardes.
- Hello, Howard.
- Hi, Jimmy.
This a bad time? Um, I'm I'm I'm, uh, a bit busy, uh, to be honest, but, uh what's up? Just thinking about you.
How you doin'? - Fine.
- Mm.
Glad to hear it.
What's up? Just touching base to see if you've had any thoughts on what we talked about.
What we talked about Oh, the job! Oh! Oh, yeah.
I mean, hey, I've been thinking of nothing else, really.
Glad to hear it.
Any conclusions? Uh, no, I'm just I'm mulling it over, you know, reflecting.
I'm trying to give it the consideration that it deserves.
Fair enough.
I'm ready to discuss the details when you are.
Sounds good.
And Jimmy Hey.
Smells interesting.
Oh, yeah, that's, uh that's the curry.
I think it's our unlikely hero.
I'm gonna have to soak it overnight, but it'll be ready first thing.
So, how'd it go with Kevin? Well, I'm still on the case.
No shit.
That's great! What happened? Uh you know, the more I wanted to go, the more he wanted me to stay.
Yeah, but he was pissed, right? A little bit.
So, where were you? Uh, we were at his country club.
Ooh! Cuttin' it close to tee time.
That's excellent.
He had to move his game, actually.
I love it.
Now what? Uh, you're sitting? You were standing? I mean - Hmm? - Paint a picture.
Set the scene.
Come on.
Uh Okay, um Paige and I meet him outside the clubhouse.
- Mm-hmm.
- And the three of us are at a table, and he's over here like this.
- And he says - Wait.
He sits like that? Yeah, he he sits to the side.
He's a side sitter? - I guess so.
- Okay.
Well, you never told me that he was a side sitter.
And that is gold.
Now, go go on.
Okay, s-so, he's sitting here, and he says, um, - "I'm not gonna let him deprive" - Wait.
Do the voice.
I'm not gonna imitate him.
Come on.
Give me a nibble.
I mean, he's a good old boy, right? So, do he talk like this? Uh, no, no.
"Ding dang do"? It's, uh It's more like, um Lawyer comes in, crazy comes out.
I need that call center real bad.
Of course, Kevin.
Are you being me? Yes, this is you.
Go on.
Go on.
Uh, okay.
I'm not gonna let him deprive me.
- No, sirree.
- Hmm? I need it sooner than yesterday.
Got it? - But, Kevin - No.
You do whatever it takes! I don't like waitin' one bit, never have, never will.
Bottom line, breakin' ground, more statues.
Kim, you get him now, blah, blah, blah, blah! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
What? Kevin Yes, Kim? Would you care to take a shower with me? Well, shoot.
I believe I would.
Hello? You know who this is? How are you feeling? Better, I trust? Uh-huh.
You don't do anything without a reason.
Why am I here? Now is not a good time.
What's going on here? Sir, sir, please watch your step.
Stop right there! What the hell? Please stay out of the grid.
The what?! The area marked by the stakes.
Step out of it, please.
So, what about it, doctor? Well, at a glance, I'd say these pieces are likely contemporary.
I'll bet they are.
But we need to do a systematic property search - to be sure.
- Really? - Is that necessary? - I'm afraid so.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
H-How long is this gonna take? A day or two, a week at the most.
A week?! Come on! You know this guy planted that stuff here.
- Whoa! - This is the same thing with the house numbers all over again! Now, that was an honest mistake.
- This is the law.
- Says who? Says the New Mexico Cultural Properties Act.
You're not going along with this? Seriously? I have to make a call.
Sorry to interrupt.
He's suing on behalf of the water district.
The water district? Stef, you're good with regulatory law.
He's claiming there's a flaw in the original land grant from 1846.
That's ridiculous.
I Pat, you'd better drop everything else.
He's claiming our prime contractor's an escaped felon.
You can't be serious.
Evan, I'm gonna give this one to you.
to invalidate the grant based on what is essentially I can see the Little Dipper.
That's the Big Dipper.
Right over here.
Is that, uh, Orion over there? No.
That's a satellite.
Officer, radiation's borderline.
We got to get soil samples.
Do I have to ask? I'm gonna have to, uh you know.
Better safe than sorry.
We have a problem.
I've always enjoyed your radio program, and I never thought I'd see a miracle with my very own eyes.
That's right Tucumcari, right off 54.
There's plenty of parking.
Well, thank you! I'm a long-time listener and a first-time caller.
Oh, I see Hello, ma'am.
What's your name, honey? God damn it.
The crowd's already thinning out.
Apparently, the image on the side of the house has started to fade.
Tomorrow we're bringing in additional security and blocking off parking.
Answer me this if they're saying it's radioactive over there, how the hell is Acker still in that house? That was really more of an OSHA situation.
The concern was for the construction crew.
Turns out the radiation level was completely safe.
We should be cleared to resume construction on Thursday.
Assuming nothing else comes up.
Kim, bottom line me here.
Clearly, this is all designed to force us back to the table and put us at a disadvantage when we get there.
We've gotta get back in the driver's seat on this thing.
I say we sue 'em right back.
Sue Acker.
Sue Goodman.
Take the fight back to 'em.
Going down that road could take years.
They know this is costing Mesa Verde.
Time is on their side.
You got that right.
Rich, do you have anything to add? Possibly.
What if there were a way to turn this around on them? What if you don't build the call center? Or not at that location, at least.
Suddenly you're holding all the cards.
There's nothing to delay.
The other side's the one spending money with no hope of recovering their expenses.
So What? I understand there's a viable alternative site.
You make the switch, and you've won.
Hold up.
Didn't we let the other site go? Lot 2375 is available, and our permits still apply.
We'd still hit our target for getting the call center up and running.
We took the liberty of running the numbers for you.
The financial hit would be negligible.
My dad did not raise me to run from a fight.
Kevin, we're not saying I'm not gonna roll over and let some low-life shyster bully me off my land.
No offense, Kim.
He's got one lawyer.
I got a room fulla the best there is.
Here's what we're gonna do you're gonna figure out a way to get them off my property.
That call center's not movin' one goddamn inch! You gave it your best shot.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
You went the distance for the old S.
, above and beyond.
You should feel good about that.
You think so? You gave Acker more than he deserved.
And, uh, let's be real.
Putting me on this that was bad.
I mean, if anyone found out You risked a lot for this guy.
Look, this time next week, Acker will be living somewhere else.
Is that really such a big deal? Plus, Mesa Verde that's your bread and butter.
You can only push 'em so far.
There's always another play.
But the rational thing to do here is close the deal, get the guy a few bucks, pop the champagne with the other winners, and smile like you mean it.
You want a beer? I'm gonna get one.
Or ? Jimmy.
There's no reason on God's green Earth to take this any further.
It's not worth it.
Or ? Or we go after Kevin Wachtell.
It gets nasty.
It gets personal.
It gets dangerous.
Yeah? Hey.
It's me.
Yes, it is.
Uh, listen, I got something for you.
Hear me out because this is a good thing.
Um, I'm sorry.
I'm ge I'm getting some kind of reverb or something.
Are you in a tunnel or Yes.
What's that? Yes, I'm in a tunnel.
Um, anyway, uh, this is not like that other thing, okay? Um, straight piece of oppo research.
This is a lawyer hirin' a P.
What do you say? So you're back to being a lawyer? Yeah.
Totally legit.
So, uh, did I mention it's a paying gig? I'm not available.
Say again? No.
Ta bien? Uh, good.
Uh, muy bueno.
Thank you.
Aw, man.
Uh it's okay.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
You got this guy where? Same place as Huell.
So, it's like some kind of underground Craigslist? It's just a guy who knows people.
People of a certain type.
He's very discreet.
Well, he'd have to be.
Uh, here goes.
Um, it'll be fine.
Just watch.
I thought I was going to a law office.
Yeah, this is a law office.
Giselle, um, this is Mister X.
It's my work name.
You know, those things are full of parasites.
Uh, yeah, duly noted.
Uh, the conference room is in back.
I did the full work-up, as tasked.
And? Snake eyes.
Guy's squeaky clean.
That's impossible.
I mean, everybody's got something.
Not this time.
You got an Eagle Scout with a six-figure income.
Arrests? Mm.
I in college.
Homecoming weekend, 34 years ago.
Is that what you're looking for? Girlfriends? Offshore accounts? No secret bank accounts, no extra phones, no lunchtime quickies, no lady friend, no boy toy.
The guy's dull, like "Saturday night in Salt Lake City" dull.
No offense, but your work is sounding kind of superficial.
"Superficial"? Yeah.
Yeah, not hardly.
I went the distance.
I did a self-guided tour of his domicile, all seven bedrooms, four and a half baths Hold on.
You're saying you broke into his house? Giselle, um, this is probably one of those tricks-of-the-trade things.
Why don't we just focus on the "what" and skip over the "how".
I'd like to know.
He has a security system with a touchy upstairs window sensor.
I trip it a couple times with an airsoft.
A B.
The alarm drives the housekeeper crazy, so I show up in coveralls, toolbox, alarm company I.
, and she's more than happy to let me have the run of the place.
Does that meet with your approval? Alright, so you get in, and you find what? Like I said, nothing.
No, there's no such thing as nothing.
Okay? Uh We want specifics.
You want specifics? Okay, well, I got specifics.
That's the home office.
I spent an extra four minutes opening the floor safe nothing but life-insurance policies, a couple of rings, and a commemorative half-dollar.
The guy's old-school.
No computers, motel art on the walls, paperwork on his desk.
What kind of paperwork? You knock yourself out.
Now, I may not be a nail-salon lawyer, but I know legit when I see it.
So, you gonna withdraw the "superficial" now, hmm? You think you could get into his downtown office? Sure.
I could.
But there's a better way.
Yeah? Yeah.
I get two more guys, guys who know how to handle themselves.
Now, we roll up to the subject in an unmarked van.
We grab him, put him in a bag, and we take him out to the desert.
- Yeah, we're done here.
We're done.
- Now, by the end of the day, the banker's giving you everything you're after, alright? - No, we're done here.
- No, no, no, l-l-look, you get keys to the kingdom, guaranteed.
Okay, Sergeant Slaughter, back to the paintball field, okay? The grownups need to talk.
Let's go.
Alright, that's fine.
I am just providing options for you here.
- Alright, this is the way out.
- Okay? - Exit through the gift shop.
- Alright.
- Don't touch anything, please.
- I will not.
Let me say on this one I don't know what to say.
I'm gonna complain to management about that clown.
My usual guy is very reliable.
What? What is it? Got a minute? Sure.
How's everything? All good.
Kinda crunched.
Still dealing with the Tucumcari situation.
And the pro bono work? It's good.
Something up? Listen.
I'm thinking you could take a break from Mesa Verde.
A "break"? Actually, a pair of mineral-rights beefs just came in.
They practically have your name on them.
You can split your time between that and your pro bono clients.
Mesa Verde is my client.
And they still will be.
I'll just step in and take point, just on a temporary basis.
And, of course, it goes without saying this won't affect any of your compensation.
And that includes your bonus.
You know Mesa Verde is fully informed of any potential conflicts.
Kevin signed off himself.
Still, I think you're going to need to take a break.
I don't understand where this is coming from.
Don't you? Kim sometimes the less said, the better.
And why is that? Do we have to? Yes, we do.
First I had to twist your arm to get you down to Tucumcari for the eviction.
Then you put the full-court press on Kevin to change sites.
That doesn't work, and, abracadabra, your boyfriend's opposing counsel.
I told you I explained the situation to Kevin and Paige.
I know you did.
And, I'm sorry to say, I'm just not buying it.
Rich? Rich! Hold on! What are you saying exactly? Let's talk in my office.
You are accusing me of something.
Go ahead and say it.
Are you talking about malfeasance? Working against my client's interests? What? - Please - Rich, tell me.
You know I worked my ass off to get here.
- You know that.
- Yes, I do know.
So tell me.
Please tell me why I would risk everything for some squatter.
Why? I don't understand.
Are you Are you trying to protect the firm from what? Kim, I am not trying to protect the firm.
I am trying to protect you.
I don't need your protection.
I need to represent my client.
If that's how you want it.
Está seguro de que no gusta quedarse a cenar? Desafortunadamente, no puedo.
Me da mucha lástima tener que perderme de su comida.
- Cómo están sus hijos? - Oh! Pedro se acaba de casar, y creo que pronto seré abuela.
No me diga.
iQue increíble! So, what do you want from me? I think it best that Señora Cortazar doesn't know about our association.
I like to keep my business as far from here as possible.
You look much better.
I am glad.
So I'm here to see what a big heart you have.
Is that the idea? You throw money at these people, they bow low? As far as the people here are concerned, I am the doctor's friend, nothing more.
They have no idea you financed the whole place.
I prefer it that way.
The "anonymous benefactor".
Well, that must make you feel pretty good.
And is that supposed to balance the scales, make up for everything else you do? It makes up for nothing.
I am what I am.
What is this place? Call it a memorial.
To what? I already told you what you can do with your money.
You seem like a guy who can take a hint.
So what are we doing? It seems to me that you are at a crossroads.
You can continue as you are drinking estranged from your family brawling with street hoods.
We both know how that ends.
You have another choice.
Work for you as a button man.
I'm in a war.
I need a soldier.
So, I'm gonna work for one drug dealer killing other drug dealers? That's your idea of a choice.
You know better.
You have met them.
You know what they are.
Meaning the Salamancas.
And you are so very different from them? Yes.
I am different.
Why me? Because I believe that you understand.
Understand what? Revenge.

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