Better Call Saul (2015) s05e09 Episode Script

Bad Choice Road

1 Completely.
iEl amigo del cártel! You hit? You're in shock.
You're his wife, and you got scared enough to talk to me.
Just tell me where you sent him.
I don't think so.
Jimmy? Yeah.
It's me.
I'm okay.
You're sure? Alright.
Stay put, and call me if there's a problem.
Doesn't look like anyone's been down that road, definitely no one official.
Bodies, trucks it's all still there.
Couple of flatbeds headed their way.
They'll clear it all out.
Like it never happened.
And the one who followed you.
We'll be damn lucky if we ever find that guy.
That'll have to do.
He's in the middle of nowhere.
Don't go to sleep yet.
We gotta work on your story.
Let's do it.
De Guzman.
$7 million? Yep.
I'm fine.
$7 million.
Your client has $7 million.
Where'd it come from? It's not for me to ask where a client gets his money.
And just who exactly is your client? Jorge de Guzman.
Yes, hello? This is extra.
And now Mr.
De Guzman? Well.
You must have a story.
Car trouble.
Ah, broke down about six miles from the pick-up site.
Y'know there's no cell reception out there, right? Car trouble.
Just kaput.
So, um why so long? It's not that far back to the main road.
You didn't just hitchhike? I thought of that, but, you know, with $7 mil in cash, I was kind of afraid who might pick me up.
I didn't think it was worth the risk.
I walked north.
Probably not the smartest move, but after a night lost in the desert, I made it.
Well, that was the right call.
Hey, hey, you did good, eh? Anyway, listen, I wouldn't be too happy.
The $7 mil it it really sent up a huge flare.
They're looking into you.
I-I don't know how long "Jorge de Guzman" is gonna hold up.
Hey, listen, by the time these dipshits figure it out, I will be long gone, man.
Back home in Mexico, y'know? Yeah.
Hey, hey, hey, but don't worry.
You and me? We're not done.
We're gonna do things, big things.
"Friend of the cartel", right? - Right.
- Right.
So, hey, my, um my cousins they pay you? Uh yep.
So make sure you buy something nice for the wife.
Man, she's a looker, huh? Uh, my my what? Yeah! The guera, man she came by to see me.
Hey, nice job, man.
I mean, for somebody who marries that far up bien hecho, man.
Respect, you know? Yeah.
Let me help.
Oh, my God, Jimmy.
You need to go to the emergency room.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I cleaned it out real good at the truck stop.
Alright, well, let's at least just go get you an I.
, huh? You're dehydrated.
I don't need an I.
I-I've been pounding sports drinks nonstop.
I'm really o-okay.
Come on.
You're gonna get in this bath, though.
It'll help your skin.
What is this, Cream of Wheat? Oatmeal.
It's an oatmeal bath.
It'll help your sunburn.
The temp okay? Yeah.
It's good.
You sure? Yeah.
You don't want any food or anything else to drink? No.
I'm good.
I just need to sit.
This is good.
I can't believe you walked through the desert alone for 36 hours.
I c I can't even fathom it.
That's right.
All by myself.
So is there anything you want to tell me? - About ? - Lalo.
You saw Lalo? Yeah.
Jimmy, short of going to the police, Lalo was the only lead I had to figure out what happened Kim, you have to stay away from people like Lalo.
- Jimmy - You don't see Lalo.
I see Lalo.
Okay? I'm in the game.
You're not in the game.
What The game? Listen, it was perfectly safe.
I was at the MDC, surrounded by guards, like any lawyer visiting a client, okay? But he's not your client.
He's my client, so please just keep away.
Jimmy, I was worried about you.
And I'm worried about you.
Kim, when I was out there I didn't think I was gonna make it.
I thought I was done.
I was that close to giving up.
And the only thing that kept me going was knowing that you were here.
So Okay.
I won't see Lalo again.
After all this was it worth it? Go look in the bag.
The bag in the living room.
It's on the chair.
It's a gray bag.
You see it? Yeah, Jimmy.
I see it.
That's what it's all about.
Six guys, three vehicles, heavily armed.
My guess is they followed the Salamanca cousins up from Chihuahua, trailing the money but not wanting to take these two guys on.
And I'm no expert, but they had tattoos, same symbol I saw on a job back East.
A Colombian gang.
Draw it for me.
These men were hired.
By who? Sí? I trust you heard the good news.
Which good news is that? Our colleague has been released by the American authorities.
At a substantial price, but he's free.
And I'm told he will be returning home to continue operations.
That is good news.
But coming south, you say? That's correct.
Forfeiting bail is the only way to assure he remains out of prison.
Well, then, all will be returning to normal.
And, I trust, your run of bad luck will be behind you.
Bad luck? The DEA.
The fire.
The arrests.
My hope is that it's over.
I believe the coming weeks will be our best yet.
I'll pass on the good news.
Buenas noches, Gustavo.
Thank you.
Enjoy your evening.
I just spoke to the man responsible for the attack.
Someone we need to worry about? He was trying to protect his own business by protecting our business.
If that's him trying to help He knows nothing of what we are trying to accomplish.
Once Salamanca is south of the border, our actions must be unimpeachable.
Any reflection on me will not be greeted with kindness.
Yes? There's one other thing we should discuss.
Nacho Varga.
He wants out.
He's done everything we asked.
He held up his end.
I think it's time we cut him loose.
I see no reason to give up an asset.
Once Salamanca's dealt with, we have no use for Varga.
He's the only guy they have running things up here.
He disappears, Salamanca operation falls apart.
Varga stays.
Better to control the opposition without their knowledge.
You have a gun to his father's head.
That doesn't sit with me.
You want to keep Varga for the long run, I don't think fear is a great motivator.
A dog who bites every owner he's had can only be disciplined with a firm hand.
Or put down.
He's taking care of business tonight.
Tomorrow morning he's seeing Hector to say goodbye.
Um, after that, I drive him south.
He didn't tell me where.
All I know is I'm dropping him off and somebody else is taking him over the border.
That it? Yeah.
Hey, um Once he's down, that's it, right? He's done? Just do what you're told, don't worry about it.
Hungry? You good with cereal? Or you want me to try an omelet? Uh, cereal, probably the safest thing for my stomach.
- Okay.
- I'll get it.
No, no, no, no, no.
I got it.
Just Just relax.
You goin' in late today? Uh I just thought I'd stay home today.
Kim, I can take care of myself.
Well, I already called in sick, so you're stuck with me.
Oh! Damn it! Shit.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
I guess my stomach's just not ready for this yet.
I-It's okay.
Not a big deal.
Are you sure you don't have to go into work? Yeah, I'm sure.
We both need to take it easy.
How about a day without drama? That sounds real good, actually.
Oh, hiya, Skinny.
- Hello, Ruth.
- Hello, Maisie.
- Well, look who's here.
- Hello, Hildy.
How are you? Tell me is the lord of the universe in? Yes, he's in.
In a bad humor.
Somebody must have stolen the crown jewels.
- Shall we announce you? - Oh, no, no.
I'll blow my own horn.
He's in.
Bruce, you better wait here.
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Even 10 minutes is a long time to be away from you.
- What did you say? - Huh? Well Go on.
- Aww - Well, go ahead.
Well, I just said even 10 minutes is a long time to be away from you.
I heard you the first time.
I like it.
That's why I asked you to say it again.
I can stand being spoiled a little.
The gentleman I'm going in to see did very little spoiling.
I'd like to spoil him just once.
You sure you don't want me to go with you? Oh, no, I can handle it.
Well, if things gets rough, remember, I'm here.
Hi, Hildy! Welcome back! Saul Goodman, speedy justice for you.
I'm I'm sorry.
No, today uh, it's impossible today.
I-I can't help you.
Yeah, that's right.
A little more around the chin, boss.
Uh, w-wait.
What are they saying? Uh, y Just wait 45 minutes.
I-I-I can be there.
- What? Jimmy, no.
- Yeah, you tell them I'm on my way.
So, how's the big slot-machine king? - Oh, I ain't doing that no more.
- Jim Jimmy.
- You can barely walk.
- What are you doing? It's my client.
He's in big trouble.
They're trying to kill his plea deal because his buddy was carrying weed.
Well, okay.
So get a continuance.
You don't have to do this today.
No, this guy's scared out of his mind.
I-I wouldn't feel right leaving him hanging.
Jimmy, look, I know you're lying.
And I know something terrible happened in the desert.
This isn't about our deal.
I'm not insisting or forcing you to tell me.
I just want you to know that I'm here for you.
And you can tell me, okay? No judgments.
No judgments.
You're right.
Something did happen out there.
When I was in the desert I had to drink my own pee.
I was out of water, and, uh, in order to survive, I had to drink pee.
Yeah, that's it, so And there you go.
Look I will recover, and we never need to mention this again.
I'm gonna go get changed, and I'm gonna get down there.
- Feeling better? - Oh, yeah.
Just a 24-hour thing.
It passed.
Besides, I thought I should come in and prep the Colorado meeting.
Oh, they moved that up to this morning.
Stef handled it.
There was no pushback from Boulder city council? Stef cleared up the conditional use issue.
Everything's moving forward.
That's great.
Well, uh Okay.
You wanted to write letters to the planning board in Broomfield.
Yes, that's right.
I'll get started on that, if you can just get me those names.
List is on your desk.
Of course.
First letter is for Mr.
Armand Bekaris, Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission, and, uh, let's just c.
the Vice Chair, Elaine Perlman while we're at it.
"Dear Mr.
Mesa Verde Bank and Trust respectfully submit the following request for your consideration.
In regards to the resolution number PZ 2004-dash-36 Variance appeal to allow for a six-and-one-half-foot encroachment into the Into the minimum required rear setback Um, minimum required rear setback for a drive-through awning to allow" Strike that.
"To facilitate access to the property at" " 841 North".
So, can you call his assistant and get some intel on what he's into right now? Kim.
They told me you were out sick today.
Yeah, no.
I, uh Rich, you free to talk? Yeah.
Is everything okay? Yeah.
I just need a minute.
So, what's up? I, uh I know this is going to sound What? I'm sorry that I can't give you more notice Marcie, uh, can you do me a favor? Copy all the pro bono files and send the originals to my place.
Also, it's no rush, but box up my diplomas and photos, please.
Are we moving offices? I don't want you to worry.
I talked to Rich.
You'll be reassigned to another partner.
Reassigned? Oh, and they're gonna want these.
I'm parked in my usual spot.
If I left anything else in there, just put it in the box.
Thank you, Marcie.
- Good luck.
- Kim? Hi there.
We're bringing birthday cake out for Louise, one of our residents.
Everyone's going to sing.
Hector really doesn't like to miss these.
Could you give us a minute, please? Okay, guys.
Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday, dear Louise ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Where to? Go.
The border.
That was something what happened in there.
Hey, look, don't feel bad.
You can't win 'em all.
But that one? Jeesh! I thought for sure I was gonna lose.
There wasn't a chance in hell I was supposed to win that one.
But there you were.
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
Ball in your hand, at the goal line, fumble! Law students are gonna review the "Goodman Debacle" as a teachable moment, so at least there's that.
No, think of all the kids you'll help learn "what not to do" when faced with underwhelming odds.
So embarrassing.
You'll probably have to change your name again.
Hey, just so you know, I don't think any less of you.
You're still, uh a lawyer.
You can start talking any time.
You said this goes away.
So, what's the timeframe on that? It's different for different people, I suppose.
For me.
When will this be over for me? Well, here's what's gonna happen.
One day one day you're gonna wake up, eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, go about your business.
And sooner or later, you're gonna realize you haven't thought about it.
None of it.
And that's the moment.
You realize you can forget.
When you know that's possible, it all gets easier.
But what about you? Like, what happened out there doesn't bother you? Them wanting to steal the $7 million didn't work for me.
Not to mention they wanted to shoot you in the head.
It was them, or it was us.
Cut and dried.
They were in the game.
What about Fred? From Travel Wire.
Was he in the game? No.
There was a lot wrong with what happened there.
Lalo killed that guy.
And for what? He killed that guy, and we're helping him.
All this shit just to so he can get out of jail and just get away? It's not the end of the story.
Wait a minute.
What does that mean, uh, "not the end of the story"? What What are you saying? Are you saying what I think you're saying? Is something gonna happen to Lalo? I didn't say that.
Aw, Jesus.
What have I gotten myself involved with here? Look, just tell me.
What are you saying is gonna Look.
We all make our choices.
And those choices they put us on a road.
Sometimes those choices seem small, but they put you on the road.
You think about getting off.
But eventually you're back on it.
And the road we're on led us out to the desert and everything that happened there and straight back to where we are right now.
And nothing nothing can be done about that.
Do you understand that? I can't believe I can't believe there's, like, over a billion people on this planet and the only person I have to talk about this to is you.
You want me to wait? Nah.
They'll be here.
You sure? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, I'll be in touch, man.
Hey, that fire you did at Fring's that was good work, man.
We're gonna do more.
Sounds good.
Take me back up the road.
- What for? - Just do it.
Six or seven miles back.
What are we looking for? Lawyer said his car broke down.
Six miles from the pick-up.
Where is it? Ohh, let me out here.
Let me out here.
Back to Albuquerque.
What about Marco and Leonel? What about them? I'll get them a message.
Let's go.
Jimmy? You okay? Yeah, what time is it? It's 6:30.
I'm sorry.
You want to go back to sleep? No.
I-I'm up.
You can still go to a doctor, you know.
No harm in getting checked out.
I'm fine.
I, uh, think I just need food.
I haven't eaten since, um well, really before everything.
Maybe go easy, just some soup at first.
I'm okay, Kim, really.
I know.
What about you? You seem, uh worried, maybe? No, no, no.
It's just I have news, but it can wait.
Let's get some food in you first.
What news? What kind of news? Nothing bad.
So, tha that means it's good news? Yeah.
I think so.
Lemme hear it.
I, uh quit Schweikart and Cokely.
And I gave up Mesa Verde.
How 'bout we get some food together? Wait.
What happened? Did somebody say something about what we did? - No, no.
- Was it Rich? Nobody said anything.
Uh It just It It felt right.
- It felt right? What How? - I I-I just I keep pushing Mesa Verde away to do my pro bono work, and then when you were gone, I didn't know what happened.
I mean, I I thought you were dead.
So that was, um all of it helped me to see what's important and what isn't.
So you're just gonna throw it all away? I mean, you busted your ass for all of it.
I'm not throwing it away.
I did S&C.
I did Mesa Verde.
I-I achieved that.
I had that experience, but it doesn't make me happy.
Look, it's been a rough couple of days, so why don't you just hold off on a final decision? Call Rich.
Tell him you're thinking it over.
I already talked to Rich.
And I called Paige.
We had a nice, very long conversation.
It's done.
Then I spent the afternoon at the courthouse with pro bono clients without Mesa Verde hanging over my head.
Best afternoon I've had in a long time.
Alright, "pro bono" is wonderful.
It is, but "pro bono" means no money.
So, what's the plan here? I don't know.
But I'll figure it out.
Leaving Schweikart I get that.
It's a bunch of stuffed shirts.
But, uh, Mesa Verde? Hey, that's like leaving the Yankees to play amateur ring toss.
No, it's not.
I'm I'm leaving something that makes zero difference in the world to help people who are actually in need.
This is a bad idea.
What? Look, we all make choices, right? And those choices they put us on a road.
And the road has good choices, and it has bad choices.
And this is a bad choice road.
- What are you even talking about? - I'm saying that bad choices lead to bad roads that lead to bad places.
When you decided to be "Saul Goodman", I didn't get it, still don't, really, but I stood by your decision.
And I'm not changing my identity.
I'm just leaving a job.
What I did was completely different! - How? - 'Cause I was leaving failure for success! It's not different.
You believed it was right for you.
Give me the courtesy of believing this is right for me.
And I'm giving you a reality check.
This is too far, too fast.
And I'm giving you a reality check.
This is really none of your damn business.
Yeah? Listen to me.
Put your phone down.
Leave it on so I can hear.
So you can hear? Hear what? Do what I said right now.
Put it down, somewhere it can't be seen.
Hey, guys! I come in? Lalo.
Thought you'd be down South, enjoying your freedom.
Yeah, well had some business to attend to.
Told you he'd be back.
Nice! I like it.
Hey, look, you want a drink? Uh, we got some beer in the fridge.
Unless you're not staying that You shouldn't I'm sorry.
Um Sorry.
Y-You shouldn't, uh, do that.
It upsets the fish.
Look, you want to talk, we can talk, but, uh, Kim was just stepping out, so Nah.
She can stay.
I mean, she is part of the "legal team", right? Hey, relax.
Sit down.
We're just gonna talk.
Sit! Okay.
So Tell me what happened.
What happened? Yeah, when, uh when you picked up the money.
Just walk me through it.
What I told you already? Yes.
Uh, I-I picked up the money from your cousins.
It was right where you told me it would be.
Driving back, my car crapped out about six or seven miles from the pick-up site.
There's no phone service, so I walked north through the desert all night.
Well, I slept a little, but then in the morning, I walked again until I made it to a truck stop.
I went into the bathroom and cleaned up.
I bought some clothes, and I I called a cab.
I delivered the money.
Took 'em a couple hours to count it, usual rigmarole, and then I then I saw you.
Tell me again.
What? Tell.
I picked up the money from those two, uh, fine gentlemen.
My car broke down after about, well, just 10 minutes.
There was no phone service, and I was afraid to hitchhike 'cause of how much money it was.
And, uh, I ran out of water.
So I had to drink my own pee.
- Ugh! - A lot of it.
So, you wanted details, there you go.
And then I, uh, finally made it to a truck stop, I called a cab.
And I waited, and then he took me directly to the courthouse.
I paid your bail, and I gotchu out.
I'm I'm not sure what you're looking for here, but there there you go.
I just want to hear the story.
Lalo, this is exactly what he told me, - so if you could just - Shh.
I just like to hear the story.
I mean I paid a lot of money for that story.
So I think I can hear it as much as I want.
So tell me again.
I picked up two big bags of money.
$7 million.
Two heavy, heavy bags that you paid me to get.
I put 'em in the trunk of my car.
Then about, uh, 10 minutes later, my car's engine went.
Um, I tried to fix it, but it was overheated or something.
So I walked north through the desert.
I walked and I walked and I walked with those heavy, heavy bags.
I walked and I walked and I walked and I finally made it to a truck stop.
And I went right to the bathroom and I stuck my head under the faucet and I bought a giant pack of energy drinks.
And I called a taxi, and I waited.
I don't know what the problem is, but can she leave here? She doesn't need to be here.
She had nothing to do with it.
It was me.
It was all me.
It was all you, huh? Yeah.
What'd you do, Saul, hmm? Whatever you think I did, I don't really know.
I just She just I saw your car.
Okay? You push it in a ditch? I, what? Did you push it in a ditch? - I don't think so.
- You don't think so?! Well, I mean, you either did or you didn't.
So, um, which one is it? I don't know what you want.
Do you want the money back? 'Cause it's it's in a bag in the other room.
You can take it.
I just want what happened.
I-I told you what happened.
Did you? Look, okay, I Geez.
Are you Are you kidding me with this? Kim, really Do you know what he did for you? $7 million of your money.
He hauled it across a goddamn desert without one penny missing.
And he got you out of jail for a murder that, let's face it, you're definitely guilty of.
He did everything you asked and went way beyond what any other lawyer would ever do.
So what, exactly, is it that you're getting at? What do you want? I found his car in a ravine.
Bullet holes on the side.
So I'm just waiting to hear how that happened.
Bullet holes.
That's it? Look, I don't know what it's like where you're from, but here in New Mexico, you leave a soda can out, someone's taking a shot at it.
That That That's what you're on about? You don't think it's possible a couple of yahoos with guns shot up a piece-of-junk car, then rolled it down in a ditch, end of story? What kind of operation are you running, anyway? Tell me.
'Cause I think I know why you sent him to do this job.
It's obvious.
You have no one else you can trust.
Right? So you sent some lawyer through the desert with your with your 7 million bucks? That I No offense, but you need to get your house in order.
Really? Yeah, really.
If you don't trust your men with your money, you have bigger problems than if you trust Saul Goodman.
And for the record, he doesn't lie, not to me, not to his clients.
He's telling you the truth.
But next time you have a bunch of money and no one you can trust, leave him out of it, okay? Try a a wire transfer.
Try a a shell company or or You've heard of the Cayman Islands, right? Jesus.
Get your shit together and stop torturing the one man who went through hell to save your ass.
What now? Mexíco.
Back to the same place? No.
Change of plans.
Come on, Ignacio.
We got a long way ahead of us.

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