Better Call Saul (2015) s05e10 Episode Script

Something Unforgivable

1 - He wants out.
- Varga stays.
I quit Schweikart and Cokely.
- Wait.
What? - To help people who are actually in need.
Put your phone down.
Leave it on.
What did you do, Saul? If you don't trust your men with your money, you have bigger problems than if you trust Saul Goodman.
Come on, Ignacio, go.
We got a long way ahead of us.
Did you hear all that? I heard enough to know she saved your ass.
So ? So what happens next? We'll see.
Who was that? Uh, that was, um It's the guy who saved my life.
Kim, I got the money.
I was on my way back I thought I was home free And I was ambushed, by, uh, like, a gang.
A A cartel gang.
And they they took the money, and one of them put a gun to my head.
And that guy on the phone ? He showed up.
He He shot 'em with a sniper rifle.
He killed all of them.
All but one.
One guy got away.
And later, I helped him to get that one, too.
Kim, I Jimmy.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
I think we should get outta here.
Kind of assumed we'd be staying at a Motel 6 or the nail salon.
B-Better to have more people around.
How're your shoulders? Should I put something on them, or would that just make it worse? I think I'm, uh Am I bad for you? Are you "bad for me"? I got you into this.
What happened tonight None of this would have happened if you weren't with me.
You crossed a line.
You're not gonna do it again.
It's been a long day.
Come on.
Make room.
Good night.
Well? He went over the border and kept going.
Looks to be headed for his place in Chihuahua.
And he should be there in a few hours.
There's a wrinkle.
He took Varga with him.
Why? Well, if he thought Varga was working for you, he'd have killed him on the spot.
If I had to guess, I'd say Varga's up for a promotion.
Can you communicate with Varga? Salamanca's place is in the middle of nowhere.
Landlines and sat phones only.
A technical issue.
The way things stand, he's gonna get caught in the crossfire.
I'm thinking we should find a way to pull him out of there.
And tip our hand? He's earned some consideration.
Does Varga know there's going to be an assassination? No one's told him but he can make a pretty damn good guess.
Perhaps there is a way to make use of this situation.
The men I've chosen for this are highly skilled.
They're the best in their business.
But the one thing they do not have is a man on the inside.
Mi Yolis! Como estas? Quien te quiere? Te ves flaco.
No había nada comer allá.
¿Cecilio, cómo estás, amigo? Patrón Ah.
Nachito, come on over, huh? Don't be shy.
These These are my people.
Yolanda she is the best cook in all of Chihua you're gonna eat like you have never eaten before in your life.
Cecilio he takes care of all of my gardens His tomatoes are the best ever, eh? Ciro, Miguel, Gerardo, Raúl, and all the rest of these fools they're supposed to be guarding this place, but, uh, I just keep 'em around because they're so pretty, right? Ah.
Eh? Hey, listen.
You're in my house, man.
Come on.
Come in.
Hey, did you pack anything with aloe in it? Oh.
- I didn't wake you, did I? - No.
- Uh, you're going to court? - Yeah.
I have a hearing at 10:00, and I want to see if I can catch Oakley before I go in.
You seemed like you could use the sleep.
Hey, I think I might have a better idea.
What if we spend the whole day here, you know? Uh, this place has got everything.
It's got a heated pool, a swim-up bar, a hot tub.
Well, I didn't pack a swimsuit.
Neither did I.
Th-There's a shop downstairs.
And And And we can stop in at the spa, you know, a-and get couples massages.
With your sunburn? Yeah.
Or, um, or a "seaweed wrap", you know, and then then we'll just go hang in the co-ed sauna, you know, - sweat out some toxins and, uh - Mm.
Oh! 24-hour room service.
Hey, what could be more luxurious than to spend a whole day being totally pampered and end it all with a midnight cheeseburger? Come on.
Hey, don't we deserve this? Jimmy, I-I-I have clients.
You You just quit Schweikart.
I mean, take one day off.
The clerks love you.
They will give you a continuance on anything.
Hey, Kim, we already sprang for this place.
I'm just sayin' let's take advantage.
You know, let's John and Yoko this sucker.
You don't think it's safe? Probably, it is.
But here's the thing.
L-Lalo has guys, right? So it doesn't really matter where he is if he finds one loose end, all it takes is a phone call.
Do you know something you're not telling me? No.
No, I don't.
But what's the harm in being a little cautious? What about tomorrow? And the next day? Jimmy, what about next week? I don't know.
Then, the way I see it, we just need to keep our eyes open and get on with our lives.
- Kim, listen - The courthouse it's it's three blocks from here.
It's full of cops police headquarters is right next door.
Jimmy it's gonna be fine.
I'll see you later.
Hey, it's me.
I want an update.
I want to know what's going on.
Not good enough.
You know what? Y'know what We are We are gonna talk about this face-to-face.
You tell me where you are.
I will come to Hello? That means we won.
The state dropped the charges.
No, no, no.
You don't have to appear in court again.
Now we both have the morning off.
I'm sorry, Mira you know what? I have to go.
But call if you have any questions, any time.
Yes, bye.
Hey, Grant.
You got a minute? How's it going? Uh, let's see.
I have half an hour to plead out four taggers and a homeless guy who tried to stuff a dozen hardboiled eggs down his pants at a Ruby Tuesday's.
Life in the Public Defender's office.
How's your day so far? Uh, I've got some holes in my schedule I'm lookin' to fill.
Holes? You tellin' me you're billin' what? Two-fifty an hour? And you've got holes in your schedule? If I were you, I'd keep things airtight.
I'd like some more PD overflow.
Go talk to the contract liaison.
And Gloria'll set you up.
Alright, the thing is, I know I'm not supposed to choose the cases I get, but I'm looking for something specific.
Specific? Like what? Uh, uh.
I just want to make sure I'm spending my time where it'll do the most good.
I gotcha.
So plain old indigent's not good enough for you? You want the clients that'll get you, you know, in here.
Grant, just let me have some tricky ones.
Think of all the extra time you'll have to spend on your egg stuffers.
If I were going to go along with that, - you'd have to take felonies.
- Sure.
We're talking cases that are headed for trial.
Nothing you can plead out in three hot minutes with your friendly neighborhood ADA.
I'll take 20.
20? That's your offer? 20 felonies? Yes.
Hold this.
Come on.
Hey, Dana! Any chance you can tell the judge I'm running 15 minutes late? Oh.
Gotta warn you, right now, we're backed up like an outhouse at Woodstock.
So, possession raps are here Possession with intent These are all assault wait, no assault's on the other side of this shelf.
All of these cases are pending? Pretty much.
Had more burnouts than usual this last quarter.
That's what I call taking that private firm gig, gettin' that sweet company car, burnin' rubber on your way out.
Public intoxication, petty larceny, destruction of property, DUI, trespassing Involuntary manslaughter, immigration, domestic violence Or, if you feel like you do want Juveniles.
Go ahead and have a look around.
Let me know which ones you want so we can kick 'em over.
I'll getchu a box.
When you talk to the boss, you call him Don.
He asks you a question, you tell the truth, fewest words you can.
If he likes you, he's gonna give you a bump up.
Hey, don't think I don't see you, eh? I see you.
I do.
Right now, steady is what we need, you know? What if he doesn't like me? Ah, you'll be fine.
Gimme the socket wrench.
- Um.
I gotta hit the head.
- Yeah, yeah.
Hey, don't get any grease on my sink, eh? Yeah.
After that, I want you both to be thinking about how to parse out discovery.
It's gonna be document heavy, so let's be mindful of resource management.
Good to see you.
- Uh, what floor? - Three, please.
Have you met my associates, Paul Shepard and Michelle Avila? - I don't think so.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, guys, this is Kim Wexler.
She's an HHM alum and now heads up banking at Schweikart and Cokely.
Nice to meet you both.
I'm actually not at Schweikart anymore.
Or in banking, for that matter.
Really? As of yesterday.
Take care, Howard.
Kim, Kim! Hang on a sec! Out of curiosity, where'd you land? Reeves and Green? I'm out on my own again.
Rich let you go? It wasn't up to him.
I left.
What about Mesa Verde? I advised them to stay with Schweikart.
I know it's a personal question, Kim, - but can I ask why? - That is personal.
- And I have a busy day, so - Spare me a minute.
It's important.
What's up? I wasn't going to say anything.
Last time I tried to get something off my chest, it didn't go very well.
I just think before you make any big changes in your life, there's something about Jimmy you ought to hear.
A little while ago, I offered Jimmy a job at HHM.
I'm guessing he didn't mention it to you.
He said he had to think about it.
But then, the very next night, he threw bowling balls over my front gate.
Bowling balls? Someone could've been really hurt.
More or less destroyed my car.
Then, a couple of weeks later, I'm having lunch with Cliff Main, and I'm accosted by two prostitutes.
Actual prostitutes.
Jimmy had sent them to make a scene.
I confronted Jimmy about it, and after some hemming and hawing, he all but confessed.
- And that's it? - Mm-hmm.
Howard, you really you you really had me going there.
Laugh if you want, but no person in their right mind would behave the way Jimmy has.
We are talking about someone who's not in control of himself.
You and I both know it makes no sense to drop a client like Mesa Verde, and I gotta think Jimmy had something to do with that.
Do you have any idea how insulting that is? I make my own decisions, for my own reasons.
You gotta listen to me.
The man needs help.
Howard, I know Jimmy, and you're wrong.
You know who really knew Jimmy? Chuck.
Open up, asshole! Open this door! I want to talk to you! What? Huh? You didn't think I'd find your ultra secret bat cave? Well, the joke's on you, sucker! I'm your attorney, and you will let me in! I'm not goin' anywhere! I mean it! I got nowhere to be! Open.
Now! Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing? Ah, there he is! Not Not a fan of the surprise pop-in, huh? - Well, I can't imagine why! - You keep it down.
- I got neighbors.
- I will not keep it down.
I want answers, okay? The time has come for you to level with me, and I'm not going to leave until you do.
Inside, now.
Okay, look, look.
Y-You saved my life.
Thank you for that.
But from here on out, I gotta be kept in the loop, man.
It's not my fault that I got ambushed.
Why did I have to lie to Salamanca about that? Who was I lying for? Now, you gotta tell me what is happening now! - That's not your concern.
- Oh, come on! Listen to me you are not blowing me off with any "that's not the end of the story" crap! Now, just specifics! You're asking for information you can't have.
If anything happens to her I can't do this.
I can't.
Now, you listen, and you shut up.
This man has other things on his mind.
He's not thinking about you.
Lalo Salamanca is going to die.
Tonight ? This time tomorrow, it'll be done.
Okay, then Now I need you to leave.
I have family coming over.
Charlie Manson! Don Eladio.
- Ah.
- Hmm.
- Excelente.
- Sí.
I "Magnum, P.
"! ¿Eh, Bolsa? Sí.
Oiga, Don Eladio Ah.
Entonces Mm.
Bikers? Hm.
Don Eladio Mm-hmm.
Ignacio Varga Mm.
Really? Really.
How do you know? I talked to my guy.
Lalo's in Mexico, and he's stayin' there.
But you said he might call someone He's not gonna do that.
Your "guy", h-how does he know for sure? He's not gonna tell me, but he knows.
And you believe him? Yeah, I do.
So we're safe? Yeah.
My God.
Oh, my God.
That's great.
It's great, right? So what's wrong? It's It's over.
This time.
There's not gonna be a next time.
Kim it's been a rough ride.
I've been thinking a lot, and, um we should probably just check out and go home.
I-I, uh, packed my stuff.
I think I got yours, too.
And double-check.
We already paid for the night.
What about the spa and all that? We haven't even tried room service.
Kim, don't you just want to go home? "A veil of white cheddar draped over coarse-ground Angus beef patty, locally grown chili pepper, house baked sesame-seed bun, served with golden-brown shoestring potatoes seasoned with truffle salt".
Truffle salt.
I'm hungry, Jimmy.
and there is nothing to eat at home, anyway, so why not? Well, it ain't nobody's business ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ So, I ran into Howard at the courthouse today.
Yeah? Told me something about bowling balls destroying his car.
Prostitutes harassing him at lunch To jump into the ocean ♪ For what it's worth, that all happened before we Before we got married? Yeah.
You know why Hamlin told me all that? It was for "my own good".
Like Like I'm just waiting for him to ride up on his white horse.
It's I-It's It's all about him it's always all about him.
The guy is in love with himself.
He needed to be taken down a peg.
So what's next? You went after his car.
You went after his reputation.
So I think maybe the next thing is his hair, right? Suppose and I'm I'm just brainstorming here but suppose we slip him a mickey, and then, while he's out, we get out the old electric clippers zzzzzt shave him bald.
What? It's an old gag, but, um sneak into his country club and put Nair in his shampoo bottle.
Then he takes a shower, and Hair falls out.
- Yeah.
- Nice.
Or Or Or, um, we pour a barrel of chlorine into his swimming pool, - so that - Bleaches his hair and his eyebrows - and everything.
- Yes, yes, and the eyebrows.
Or Or Or we break into his house, replace all the fluffy toilet-paper rolls - with single-ply.
- Ouch.
Hit him where he lives.
Or whatever tanning lotion he uses we replace it with sunblock.
He gets in his tanning bed, and waste of time.
Or Or Or what? We'd never do it, but Never do what? What if What if Howard does something terrible? Like he murders a waiter for putting butter on his cauliflower ? No, I mean really bad.
Like misconduct.
You know, misappropriating funds and, um, bribing witnesses something like that.
You know what that'd mean for the Sandpiper case? A big class action suit? It could tank the whole thing.
Cliff Main's hair would be on fire.
He'd get it settled.
He would? Yeah.
Think about how much they've put into that case.
Almost two years of work.
If it fell apart now, they'd get nothing.
So, yeah.
Cliff Main would take whatever Sandpiper was offering.
I already tried like hell to get Sandpiper settled.
Yeah, but you went about it wrong.
Sorry, but this is how you do it.
And it's not like the old folks'd get stiffed.
If Sandpiper settled now, they might each get 15, 20 bucks less, but they'd get their money now, while they can still use it.
And the lawyers get paid.
And the lawyers get paid.
How much of the common fund do you get? We get 20% of the common fund.
I'm just I'm Forget it, okay? Okay.
Have a seat.
Hey, you did good today, huh? Tomorrow, I'll show you around.
When you go back up north you're gonna be halfway to being a Salamanca, eh? Thanks.
Another night owl, huh? You don't sleep? Mnh-mnh.
Not tonight.
Yeah, I never sleep much.
An hour, maybe two.
It's enough.
When it's like this? That's when I can think.
I get my best ideas when everybody else is asleep.
Some people they call it a curse.
I like it.
I don't know.
I'd rather get some shuteye.
And yet, here we are.
Got anything stronger? Now you're talking.
In the bar, bottom shelf, decanter.
That's the good stuff.
Two glasses.
There he is! I thought you got lost.
You ever had Louis XIII? I don't think so.
You're in for a treat.
To sleep and those who need it.
To sleep.
What the hell is that? These morons have no respect! iCiro! Ah! iCiro! iCiro! Ciro, Ciro.
Ah! Ah.
What do you want? I'll have a little of everything.
Actually, leave off the mint chip.
I set the alarm for 6:00.
Since we have to check out and go home before work.
That's a solid 2 and a half hours.
Sounds good.
So, what would you do with it? I don't know.
What would you? I'd hire Stef away from Schweikart.
I'd hire Bruce from HHM.
I'd get Viola.
I'd rent the smallest, shittiest office I could find near the courthouse and open a pro bono practice.
Give regular people the kind of representation usually only millionaires get.
I was gonna say we'd buy a house.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
We could do both.
Last I heard, Sandpiper was willing to go to $26 million.
Um, a third of that is $8.
5 million.
And 20% of that is Around $2 mil.
Ah, but it's not happening.
Come on, Kim.
We're not talking about a bar trick here.
We're talking about scorched earth.
We would have to hurt him.
Hurt him bad.
To get a bunch of lawyers to run for the exits? Howard would have to have done something unforgivable.
At the end of it, he might never be able to practice law again.
Ah, he doesn't deserve that.
And who knows if we could pull it off? Okay, maybe we could pull it off, yeah.
But we won't.
We're talking about a career setback.
A career setback for one lawyer.
Yeah, and you could help a lot of people.
I-I get it, but Kim, doing this, that It's not you.
Okay? You would not be okay with it.
Not in the cold light of day.
Wouldn't I? I'm gonna go take a shower so I don't have to in the morning.
Kim, you're shittin' me, right? P-chew! P-chew! Bien.
Bien, bien, bien, bien.

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