Better Call Saul (2015) s06e01 Episode Script

Wine and Roses

1 Previously on "Better Call Saul" Who exactly is your client? Jorge De Guzman.
I quit Schweikart & Cokely.
Pro bono means no money, so what's the plan here? Put your phone down so I can hear.
Tell me what happened.
You have bigger problems than if you trust Saul Goodman.
Change of plans.
I think we should get out of here.
He took Varga with him.
We should find a way to pull him out of there.
He's earned some consideration.
He's a man on the inside.
Our actions must be unimpeachable.
Lalo Salamanca is going to die.
- So we're safe? - Yeah.
What if Howard does something terrible, like misconduct? You know what that'd mean for Sandpiper? You could help a lot of people.
I-I get it.
But you would not be okay with it.
Wouldn't I? Yeah.
Where are you? I don't know.
I don't know.
I've been I've been heading north for about two hours.
I crossed a river maybe an hour ago.
Anybody see you? - No.
- Keep it that way.
You're in Salamanca territory.
Everybody's gonna be on the lookout for you.
And I mean everybody.
That includes the Federales.
Is it done? Yeah.
He's dead.
There were some, uh, regular people at that house.
Some old folks.
What about them? Got no information on that.
When we hang up, take the battery outta your phone.
Head north.
Stay out of sight.
I'm fixing up a place for you to lie low.
In an hour, you put the battery back in.
And I'll call you, tell you where to go.
Don Eduardo! Ahh.
Don Eduardo! ZZ? Hey, Mateo.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, uh, what's on the agenda? Uh, well, I just got 20 new clients from Grant, so - Twenty.
- Yeah.
I have meetings with four of them this afternoon and a preliminary hearing with Flaherty first thing.
What about you? Mm.
Same thing.
Huge day.
Yes, your mother and your grandmother.
If they can take time off from work, both of them Do you have any uncles or Oh, yeah.
That would be great.
Do you have anything nice to wear ? Like a sports coat or a Hey.
A collared shirt ? You know what? I'll bring something for you.
That's too nice.
It's no problem.
Do you know how to get there? Tijeras and Fifth.
That's right.
- Yes.
- Alright.
I will meet you at 9:30 sharp.
It's gonna be fine, Ronnie.
Well, tell them it's gonna be fine.
Because it will be.
I'll bring it back clean.
Do you have any cash for the taxi? Crap, all's I've got is five bucks.
Um You think the cabbie'll break a hundred? Good morning, Don Juan.
Lalo Salamanca is dead.
Gunmen broke into his hacienda last night.
Hired operators from the look of it.
It was messy.
Very messy.
As for the Salamancas "Sangre por sangre".
That is the Salamanca way.
We are on the verge of chaos.
But who did this? One minute, I hear talk of the Colombians, the next traitors.
Traitors close to home.
We know this much.
Ignacio Varga is a rat.
Don Eladio has put a price on his head.
Every man we have is searching for him.
When Varga's found, we'll know who he was working for.
I assume Don Hector has been told.
I called him myself.
As for if he understood me, quién sabe.
Listen to me.
You must be careful, Gustavo.
This is a dangerous time.
No one is above suspicion.
I understand.
Tell me again about the sicario who made the final report.
He was already wounded when he talked to our cut-out.
Federales found him dead at the scene.
But they got Salamanca.
The mercenaries are dead.
To a man.
And yet their mission was a success.
It has been known to happen.
I could go down there and get Varga, bring him home safe.
There's ways to do it on the quiet.
Unless you already have something in the works.
Speak your mind.
Loyalty goes both ways.
Varga has done everything you asked him.
- He wasn't given a choice.
- Maybe so.
But he played a tough game and he played it on the square.
And? When all is said and done The kid deserves your respect.
He has it.
Is there more you wish to say? I hope this brings your guy more luck than it brought me.
You good? I'm great.
Detective! Miss Khalil.
Good morning.
I've been calling you for two days.
My girl's out sick.
What can I do you for? Tomorrow morning.
10:00 a.
Brunch? With just you and me, right? I mean, won't the big fella here feel like a third wheel? You and I are meeting Parson in chambers.
I am asking for an emergency hearing to alter the terms of De Guzman's release.
Sounds like a blast.
Unfortunately, I'm booked solid.
I checked your client's place of residence.
The address he gave? It's a Dairy Queen in Alta Monte.
The family that showed at the bail hearing can't be located.
No driver's license, no tax rolls, no school records.
Fact is, there isn't a single Elizabeth McKinnon under the age of 73 living in New Mexico.
Well, this is this is surprising.
Your client has disappeared, and I'm not waiting six weeks to start looking for him.
Hey, my guy put up seven million in bail.
You think he's just gonna walk away from that? Who comes up with seven million bucks in cash? You know what I think? I think the family was fake, and I think you knew it the whole time.
Hold on.
Look, just get real for a second.
The hearing didn't go your way, and now you're trying for a do-over.
You say my guy ran? I say he's got seven million reasons for showing up when he's legally required to do so.
So, no, I won't be, uh, due process window dressing at any crash meeting with Parson.
And if you try throwing any of this crap around in front the judge without my presence here's an accusation.
Prosecutorial misconduct.
Career-ending prosecutorial misconduct.
None of that changes the fact - the guy's not who he said he was.
- No, no, no.
Hold on.
You guys got caught with your pants around your ankles and somehow that's on me? I don't think so.
You've got two dozen lawyers up there, you got investigators, you got the whole damn police force and it's my fault you can't keep track of Lalo? That is not my job! Lalo? Who's Lalo? What? What did I say? I meant De Guzman.
I have more than one client.
So I will see you at the preliminary in six weeks.
As scheduled.
Until then, I have clients who need me.
Nice threads.
Uh, thanks.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How'd it go? The suit definitely helped.
This kid, he's a high school senior, good grades, works two jobs.
Has this so-called "friend" some snot-nosed brat who drives a brand-new Mustang convertible.
One Saturday night Richie Rich says, "Hey, you wanna drive my car?" How can my guy resist? The "friend" tells him to pull over at a liquor store.
Rich kid goes in, robs the place with his uncle's Bowie knife.
- No.
- Yeah.
My guy's out in the Mustang playing with the radio he's got no idea.
Rich kid comes out with $425 in cash, a bottle of Jagermeister.
Tells my guy to floor it.
Which he does.
Because he's completely in the dark about the robbery.
Yeah, but when they pick them up, your kid is driving - He's driving! - Of course he's driving.
Yes! My guy ends up with the public defender.
Rich kid's family brings in a top-dollar defense from out-of-state, if you can believe it, Denver.
And they're trying to dump the whole thing on my guy.
It was my client's idea, he was forcing the rich kid into it the whole deal.
Oakley's going for aggravated robbery and assault.
- Oakley? That dick.
- Yeah.
But your kid was never even inside the store! Flaherty forced joinder but I I think I can make it work for us.
Trial's next month.
This was really good.
Have some.
- You want anything? - Uh You should definitely try these.
- Uh, yeah, sure.
- Excuse me, can we get a menu and another order of sopaipillas? - You got it.
- Thank you.
And then there was a homeless woman that I had to get out of MDC.
That's another story.
Sounds like the day from hell.
It was one of the best days of my life.
My professional life.
How about you? I rented us a car.
It's It's the Ford.
So, Saul Goodman drives a brown Ford Taurus? Detroit calls that taupe, I believe.
Don't you think Saul Goodman would drive something with a little more flair? - Such as ? - I don't know.
Definitely American-made.
Something showy.
And Saul Goodman has an office.
Something eye-catching, good location.
By the courthouse? Yeah! A cathedral of justice.
A cathedral of justice.
We should start looking for something for you I mean for "Saul".
Sold! When do we start? Saturday's good.
Saturday it is.
I was thinking about our first move.
On the Howard front.
I think there's a way to get Sandpiper settled and leave him standing bruised, maybe, but still standing.
Maybe the trick is, we're not working on Howard, not at first.
Maybe we start with Cliff Main.
So, uh We're doing that? I thought we were.
Aren't we? Wh You think we shouldn't.
Well, I-I didn't say that.
Um Here we are.
Did you decide on anything? Oh, not yet.
Can I get you a drink while you're thinking about it? Uh, yeah.
A Coke.
All right.
Here you go.
So, the, uh the Howard thing.
What What were you thinking? You sure? Yeah.
What's the harm in listening? Well it has to be paced right.
We move too fast, they'll see us coming.
And it has to make sense.
It doesn't have to stand up in court, but there has to be a reason for everything.
I'm at the motel.
No one saw me but the lady who runs it.
We're working on getting you out.
It's gonna take a couple of days.
I'll call you when our guys are set up.
They're gonna be driving a farm truck.
When they pass you, jump in the back.
It's gonna happen fast, they're not gonna wait for you.
There's some clothes in the closet wear them.
What happens between now and then? Stay out of sight.
Eladio put a price on your head.
Anyone comes through that door, you shoot.
You got it? Yeah.
Here you go.
Thanks! See, you build it too high, your marble's gonna run off the track.
It's not finished.
When it's finished, it'll work.
May I please have some more lemonade? No.
You drank about a gallon already.
Please, Pop-pop.
One more and that's it.
Thank you, Pop-pop! Three.
Oh, wait.
There they are.
Oh, yeah.
They're on the fourth hole.
Assuming they're playing nine, that should give you about 45 minutes safely.
You gotta teach me to play golf.
A lawyer should be able to play golf.
Any time.
You all right? Yep.
Piece of cake.
Excuse me, sir.
Are you a member or a guest? I'm just here for a tour.
Front desk is straight ahead.
I called about a tour? Oh, if you'll follow me to the members' lounge? Hi.
Norm Wakely.
I understand you're in the market for a tour? That's right.
Saul Goodman.
Great to meet you, Mr.
- Ah, please, call me Saul.
- Great.
So, Saul, can I get you anything before we get started? The coffee here is just unbeatable.
Uh, well, I'm fine.
I'm fully caffeinated.
Well, Saul, you and I are standing on hallowed ground.
Five Presidents have played on our course starting with Dwight D.
But the story goes back even further than that Norm, can I have a sec, please? Kevin, hey, how's it going? Uh, I'm sorry, I'm sure this'll just be a moment.
Goodman, I'm so sorry.
But I've just been reminded that, in fact, we have a two-year waiting list.
Two years.
Maybe I could, uh, go on the tour anyway, I mean, 'cause I'm here, just in case.
Well, unfortunately, we suspended tours.
For the moment.
You're not even giving tours? I apologize for the inconvenience.
We will be happy to call you if the situation changes.
- You left your number? - Uh-huh.
Well, we'll be in touch.
If the situation changes.
Again, I-I'm sorry for your time and trouble.
Uh, we just Oh, God.
We had a few crossed wires.
Well okay then.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
One second.
- Yes? Um, just so I understand, you were gonna give me a tour and then you realized you don't need new members? We have a waiting list.
Okay, but you're the membership director, so you would have known that before.
- I know.
- It doesn't really add up.
I mean, I came in, and everyone was rolling out the red carpet and then, all of a sudden something changed I don't Mr.
Goodman, I am the Goodman! The name.
The second you heard it, everything turned on a dime.
Waiting list? I think you're talking about an exclusion list.
It's okay.
It's I should have known because, I mean, look.
It's wall to wall mayonnaise in here! So, you know, listen, if you're gonna be restricted, have the courage to say so.
- There's no question of - Here it is, folks! Anti-Semitism! Alive and well right here in Albuquerque.
Sir, we have many Jewish members Oh, good.
Well, you met your quota then.
Gold star for you.
Hold on! That's gotta be the biggest load of horse crap I've ever heard in my life.
Go crawl back in your hole, McGill or Goodman, whatever you're calling yourself.
What're you up to, anyway? Ginning up another one of your put-up job lawsuits, you two-faced, blackmailing, money-grubbing son-of-a-bitch "Money-grubbing!" You're saying the quiet part out loud, I think.
Gentlemen, can we just keep the volume down? You know damn well that's not what I meant In this day and age? I had hoped and prayed we'd be beyond this.
You're 'bout as Jewish as my Aunt Fannie Five thousand years and it never ends.
Here it is violence! It always comes to this! Mr.
Wachtell, please! Come on, Kev.
Go to hell, you lying sack of shit.
Sir, Mr.
Goodman I don't know what to say.
- That is not - I wouldn't be a member here.
I wouldn't walk through those doors again after what happened to me here today.
Do you at least have a bathroom that I could use, seeing as how my Stress like that is hell on my diverticulitis.
The men's locker room is the closest.
It's straight through there.
And I would be allowed to go in there? Yes.
Of course.
I want you to know I don't blame you personally.
I know you're just following orders.
It's okay, folks! I'm leaving.
All is well.
- Good morning, sir.
- Morning.
I swear it's nothing I did, but, uh, one of your toilets is I'll take care of it, sir.
It's the middle one.
- You can't miss it.
- Yeah.
No No problem, sir! I was losing, Howard.
You put me out of my misery.
Well, you might not have lost.
Your swing was good.
No better than last time we played.
Well, keep your head down, you'll get better.
Anyway, on the topic of your hiring binge Hardly a "binge".
What would you call it? I'd call it "prudent expansion".
We're not headhunting any of your associates, - if that's what you're worried about.
- Okay.
- Need a towel? - Sure.
Listen, on the QT, I'd be particularly careful with any lateral hires You talking about what's-his-name, the guy from Tennessee? You hear something? Nothing I'd care to repeat.
Just "trust, but verify".
Fair enough.
- Howard ? - What? Uh, this can't be Sure looks like it.
Really? Not the first time I've seen one of those.
Well, where did it come from? Didn't it just fall out of your locker? I don't see how You don't think one of the members could have Maybe somebody on staff.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, my G Where were you? I'll tell you later.
Here they come.
Did they find it? Yes.
What if they figure out it's baby powder? They won't.
I think maybe we outsmarted ourselves.
Maybe this was all too subtle.
Not too subtle.
Chop, chop.
We don't got all day, folks.
Dos mil.
I'm gonna need a minute.
Nobody's waiting for you, big stuff.
Come on.
Be nice.
Casa Tranquila.
Buenas tardes, recepción? I'm sorry.
Let me get someone who speaks Spanish.
Oh, no, no.
No problem.
I would just like to speak to one of your residents, if I may.
Hector, are you awake? You have another telephone call.
Hector? Excuse me, I'm so sorry, but Hector seems a little upset.
Yeah, sorry.
Um, I'm just I'm sharing a bit of family news, some good, some bad.
Would you mind putting him back on? It'll only be a minute.
Of course.
A, B, C L, M, N, Ñ I changed my mind.
I'm not going.
And? And you give me back my money.
There's no refunds, asshole.
I told you.
Be nice.
Amigos Abuela Con cuidado.
On the final season of "Better Call Saul" You're the guy, right? What guy's that? Salamanca's guy.
Are you building some kind of case against Jimmy? That's a lot big talk.
Prove it.
What Colonel Sanders is to chicken, Saul Goodman is to the law.
It's just you and me.
Anyone who goes after him is gonna have to come through me.
What happens now? I need to know everything he does and everyone he talks to.
"I'm Saul Goodman.
I fight for you".

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