Better Late Than Never (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Lithuania - I'm King of the Castle

1 Europe.
Birthplace of western civilization.
And the world of unparalleled culture and sophistication.
Hey baby right in here Come on baby let's see you here Yeah! They're back.
Get in the tank.
Four living legends Hey, toro! Saddle up again Wow! For a European adventure they'll never forget.
I can't even look at it.
Starring TV superstar Whoo! Henry Winkler.
Ow, Bill, Bill! Bad wrist, bad wrist! Watch it, kid.
I've got you.
Cultural icon I'm trained to kill.
I really am.
William Shatner.
NFL Hall of Famer Time out! Terry Bradshaw.
Ooh! Former heavyweight champion God dang! George Foreman.
No more learning.
And Oh, yeah.
Jeff Dye as the Sidekick.
Tonight Lithuania We're looking for my ancestors.
Well, turn around, Bill! I'm king of the castle.
- Is this place haunted? - No, ghosts live in it.
Whoa! Just when you thought it was safe to go back on vacation.
Move, move, move, move, move! Watch out.
She'll bite you.
Better late I'm a Lithuanian warrior.
Than never.
Yeehaw! Und die Chore singen fur dich Terry, we're getting out of here.
Today is the day that I go to Lithuania.
Selfie with the champ.
It's where my parents were born, and it's an adventure I'm really looking forward to doing.
Not Paris.
Not even Moscow.
Not even Hawaii.
Bill has a connection to Lithuania.
I don't even know where Lithuania is.
It's near Belarus.
I don't know where that is, either.
Lithuania, guys.
Everybody now! Lithuania I feel familiar here.
I'm looking for the food that I ate as a kid.
My father's history, the culture, - mother, my father - Bill.
Watch that car.
That car is meaningless to me.
This is a roundabout.
Whoa, wait up, there.
What are you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're up on the curb, there.
Why is the oldest person on Earth driving? He can't see.
He's got cartaracts.
Cartaracts? Cataracts? It's cataracts.
Can't see a lick.
This is the greatest idea, to allow me to come to this country and explore my roots.
Bucket list, check.
I hate that word, bucket list.
The top of my dreams, of desires, of things I've wanted to do all my life.
Yeah, you mean your bucket list? I mean my bucket list.
Sure, the guys are making jokes.
We're all having fun, because Lithuania's a fun place.
But Lithuania also has a history that I know, that my grandparents told me about.
This is my home The way the farmers work the fields and the way the villages were.
Where I go And I wanna take them there and have that experience.
- Look at this.
- Look at that.
This is something special.
So I'm taking these guys on a field trip, an interactive museum, to what a Lithuanian village must have looked like during the time my grandparents were here.
All right, gentlemen.
Here is a replica of the way my father's family must have lived.
- Your dad lived like this? - I think so.
This is an authentic experience, wearing these clothes here in a farm village.
We're gonna have the whole experience.
Isn't this remarkable? A farm village, how they must have lived hundreds of years ago.
Oh, you get on this side.
A simpler time with simpler people.
Hey, you gotta be equal in weight to do that.
Really, very simple people.
I can't even look at it.
Pythagoras would have had something to say about where the fulcrum is.
How did geometry get into Lithuania? Well, look at that.
In honesty, this feels just like some sort of elaborate hoax to get us to learn something about history.
- Jeff? - Jeff, you okay? Mom said come in.
It's dinner time.
Do we have to? It's the adventure of the past.
What was it like when our parents and grandparents lived? This is what it was like.
My father would have said, "Mama, are you there?" She would have said, "Get your ass in here!" Joseph! Joseph! My mother would say, "Get in here, or I'll give you the brush!" - That is really awful.
- No, no, no, no, no.
When food was being placed on the table, I was there.
What kind of food? Potato, always something fried, chicken.
You grew up a pretty husky kid? - No.
- Did you have goulash? - No.
- Did you have pierogis at all? We never invited them over.
I don't We didn't have - The Italian family? - I mean The Italian family? That lived near you? - We didn't have any Italians! - The Pierogis? No.
Guys, there's heaps of food in here.
And you can eat it, too.
Oh, wow.
Look at the bread.
Look it here.
- The bread is a challa.
- That's a challa.
For Friday night.
Man, that's some jam, here.
Is it good food, guys? It's delicious.
The food is the kind of food my grandfather would have eaten in the old homestead.
I'm king of the castle here.
Who the heck is she? - Yes.
- Yes.
- My chores? - Yes.
What a great idea.
I hate chores.
Move, move, move, move, move, move! Who's this? On vacation, lady! I go on vacation to get away from work.
These guys are filthy rich.
Washing board.
You know what the washing board is? No.
They don't understand any of this.
I know how to do this.
And they're all excited about the way that people lived back then.
We grew up wanting to get away from this.
So I don't have to do these things.
- Is this your underwear? - Yeah.
You are no namby-pamby here, kiddo.
- Yeah.
- Rub-a-dub-dub.
And then when you're finished with it, and you've rung it out, you'd put it on the clothes line.
Hey, look, I didn't come here to watch Bill wash his underwear.
All right? Look how clean it is.
There's one place at the museum that is a traditional Lithuanian spa, if you wanna try that.
I'm all in for that.
Spa day! Woo hoo! Thank God we're away from that mean lady.
This is probably it.
Hey, why don't you go in first? Cool.
Hello? Welcome.
How you doing? This is Lithuanian bath house.
Maybe we do wanna do chores.
I feel great, thank you.
Huh? - Obedient boys? - Obedient? What the heck kind of spa is this? - Heaven? - Yes.
All right.
- You ready? - Mmm-hmm.
Two hands.
Is the butter gonna be worth it? Why don't we just go to the store? Seriously? Does this look like a spa to you? I thought I saw "spa.
" I thought it was gonna be good.
Didn't switches and leaves kind of get your attention? There was no pictures.
I need pictures.
Oh, yeah.
- That's it! - Got them! Got them! Is there anything else but physical chores? Oh! She's rough.
Does that bring you back to your childhood? - Is this like your mother? - Yeah.
Exactly like my grandmother.
You know, if you listen to the tone - Yeah? - You can harken back to - What tone? - Yeah.
To Please! Shut up.
I'm a little saddened by my experience.
So, hey, enough of the peasant life.
I faced it, embraced it.
See you again.
I wanna do things more my style.
Let's go explore.
There's a ghost in here.
I've never heard of finding a ghost.
They find you.
I am an expert in goats.
Let me introduce the first one.
We're gonna have a walk off.
A goat walk off.
Whoa George What in the what in the Let a man sleep.
One, two, three.
Lithu, Lithu, Lithuania I love you so, you're so green-ia The village wasn't everything I hoped for.
But I hope the guys give what I have in mind a chance.
All right, guys.
So listen.
I have researched everything here as best I could.
And I have found a place to live while we're here that you're gonna love.
Just wait until they see where I have them staying.
Trust me.
Isn't it great? We're gonna go there.
And we're gonna stay there.
And we're gonna be entertained there.
Wait a minute, wait a minute, we're sleeping there? Is this place haunted? No, it's not haunted.
It's Ghosts live in it.
Trakai Castle.
This castle was built for the Duke.
It defied enemies.
There are ghosts in these walls.
Who cares if it's haunted? Hey, we're grown men.
Does it have a spa? Shall we? All right, guys.
This is the castle.
So who gets to have a castle all to themselves? Excuse me.
I do.
Uh It's, uh It's locked.
I don't understand it.
- Look.
- Open now.
How did you do that? I pushed it in.
King Shatner has arrived.
Prepare the main King's castle's quarters.
This is a hotel? This place is older than Bill.
I'm staying with Henry.
- You hear that? - Yes, I do.
That's scary.
- That's ghostly.
- Yeah.
If I see a ghost, Jack, I'm burning rubber.
- That's a storm.
- No.
You think it's a storm.
Could be the ghosts.
Check this out.
Look at this building.
- I can dig it.
- Wow.
Look at the size of this room.
TB is glad to be here! Is this the Presidential Suite? Look at the tapestry and vaulted ceiling.
Now this is how I imagined my Lithuanian homecoming would be.
I see a throne here.
Kings, castle, throne, come on.
Help! The irony here is my poor people in the villages around never even conceived of coming into the castle.
Here I am sitting on the throne.
Move over, peasant.
There's a new king in town.
What are you doing? King Terry Bradshaw.
It's got a nice ring.
I like it.
Hear ye, hear ye! The court's now in session.
The honorable King Bradshaw will now hear your complaints.
Step up, my child.
I never imagined sharing the throne.
It's my throne.
I'm the peasant family known as the Shatners.
Yes, Shatner? We would just like some bread.
- You want bread? - Yes, please.
Get some money and go get bread.
Get out of my sight.
25 lashes for you in the courtyard.
Don't bother the King with that kind of pity stuff.
Kinda like being on this throne.
Get up, George! Come over here and stand in front of me and let me pass judgment.
- Put the camera down, son.
- Sure.
Come talk to King Bradshaw.
- Okay, fine.
- First of all, let me say one thing.
- In the King's presence - Yes.
Learn how to dress properly.
Red, pink, purple, green, and brown shoes.
No go for me.
You got it, buddy? Coming from the guy who wears Hawaiian shirts every day, I happen to like color.
I think that it's festive.
That's one way to put it.
Let's go explore and go look at the dark, cavernous rooms and find out what rooms are what rooms.
There's a ghost in here.
I've always been intrigued by the spirit world.
See, I wanna have a real experience.
Maybe my spirit world the spirits of my ancestors are here in the castle.
Let's do it.
Maybe they'll get after Terry.
Hey, if I see a ghost, I am outta this castle.
I've never heard of finding a ghost.
They find you.
Pretty much guarantee this is gonna end in a broken hip.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! That's crazy! You got me good.
Watch your step, guys.
Hey, ghosts, show yourself.
- What is that? - What is that? Look in the corner.
- Jeffrey! - Jeff, you dog.
Come on.
It's not funny.
I'm already jumpy enough.
Listen to me, guys.
Give me a serious moment, and let us try and feel the presence of a ghost.
Okay, okay.
Here we go.
Oh, my God.
What was that? Oh, God.
Get out of here.
Jeff, you stinking head.
Oh, God.
I didn't fart.
What? A little gassy.
- Jeffrey! - Jeff! Let's go! Calm down on the old shouting.
- What? - You're like, "Jeff! Jeff, let's go! Come on!" You think I'm 12 years old, and I'm not.
No, no, not 12.
We realize you're a 35-year-old.
Ow, Bill, Bill! Bad wrist, bad wrist! Watch it, kid.
I've got you.
Yes, yes, no.
Get you by the balls.
George, where are we going? The Lithuanian Boxing Association wanted me to judge some kind of event.
- Serious? - Yeah, I'm gonna be a judge.
- We're gonna see boxing? - That's quite an honor.
The Lithuanian Boxing Federation heard we were here, and I received a invitation to judge an event today.
Can't wait to watch you box again.
No, he's not boxing, we're going to He's judging.
He's judging.
When I went to the Olympics and won a gold medal, it was a Lithuanian that I fought.
- What was his name? - Uh, Jonas Cepulis.
George Foreman goes for the knockout.
George Foreman takes the gold for the United States of America! My whole life changed just then.
What an important part he played in my whole boxing career.
I always thought I'd get a chance to visit him here.
But I'm a little too late.
I found out that he passed away.
It was tough, but today, I'm excited to be here.
George, can we help you judge? Sure.
Hello! - Hi.
- Welcome to Lithuania.
Hello, I'm Leo.
Thank you, thank you.
Make some noise! I want to introduce you one very serious and tough guy.
This is Donatas Macianskas, and he is from Lithuanian Boxing Federation.
Oh, terrific.
But first we have a very special tradition in this town that we'd all like you to be part of.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be welcome to our What does it mean? Our annual goat beauty pageant.
- Goats? - Yes! - Goats? - Goats? - Goats? - Goats? I don't know what's happening.
I thought we were gonna see some boxing.
Then we're judging goats? Lithuania's goat beauty pageant.
Sponsored by the Lithuanian Boxing Association? You are a guest of honor in this contest.
We're very honored.
This is a great country It is.
And Vilnius is a great town.
And we're looking forward to seeing more - Okay, okay, thank you.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Keep going.
It's a great city, great town.
- I'm sorry.
- This is Bill's homeland.
- You want me to keep going? - Keep going.
- You keep going.
- What are we looking for? We're looking for my ancestors.
Well, turn around, Bill! - Come on, Leo.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah! Whoo! We're in Lithuania to see Bill's people, but I'm the only one that knows anything about goats.
I raise goats.
So, what do you mean? So, I mean I am an expert in goats.
How close have you been to goats? Very close.
Can we introduce the first one? We gotta have a walk off, a goat walk off.
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard And they're like, it's better than yours Damn right, it's better than yours I can teach you but I have to charge Today's pageant will be judged on the following criteria.
General appearance and grooming.
My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard - Oh, Cibute.
- Cibute! Cibute! Mammary system.
And they're like it's better than yours Damn right Hey, show us her teat.
Watch out.
She'll bite you.
- I wouldn't try that.
- Nine on the teats! Let's see if she's milking.
Terry is milking the goat.
Terry, it's a boy.
No milk.
She is an udder failure.
Damn right it's better than yours Last and the most important thing is, of course, personality.
La la la la la - The goat personality? - Yes, yeah.
Hi, hi.
This goat is a big flirt.
Okay, okay, that's enough of this goat.
Thanks for the mammaries.
Thanks for the mammaries.
These are pretty good jokes, folks.
He thinks it's a language barrier.
But these people, they wouldn't laugh, even if they knew English.
- No.
- They wouldn't.
No, not a funny bone in his body.
Can we bring all the goats out? You're judging now? Bring them all out, and we'll make a decision.
Make some noise! You're the champ that's choosing the winner.
- Cibute.
- Cibute! Yay! Well, I know that that was a big surprise for you to be as a judge judges right here in our most beautiful goat competition.
But that is not the real reason you're here.
Once again, Donatas Macianskas from Lithuanian Boxing Federation.
Hello, George.
So it's big honor to meet you here in Lithuania.
Why are you here? To meet the Jonas Cepulis family.
- Oh.
- Oh, George! - Oh, George.
- How about that, George? - That's wild.
- Wow.
Wow, fantastic.
This is something really special.
His whole family flew in for me.
- This is great.
- George.
I'm the daughter of Jonas.
Oh, you're the daughter? You look like him.
This is mom, his wife.
Oh, the mom.
This is the daughter, second daughter.
He had two daughters.
And this is the grandkids.
Grandson! He's boxing.
He's gonna have fans.
Wow, it's his brother! Oh, yeah! Wow! Oh, I love them.
I love them.
This is the real family of the most fighting Lithuanian that ever gone to the Olympics.
I fought him in the finals of the Olympics.
I was so afraid of him.
He had beaten all the nations to the left, and I had beaten all the nations to the right, and it was the clash of the titans.
Both of us standing there representing great nations.
Their dad was so special to me.
And now I get a chance to meet his family.
This is special.
Neat, George, that's nice.
Only a few years ago, I was in touch with him, and we were supposed to meet, and he had passed away, only a little more than two years ago.
And that broke my heart.
But now, I feel like he's right here with us.
Uhoh, uh-oh! You have made me so happy, I just don't know Wow.
It's a great day.
Great day.
Great day.
Way to go, man.
Moments like this is why I'm really on this trip.
Moments that change your life forever.
I gotta go before I break down crying on you guys.
Well, that wouldn't be so bad.
- Antecedents.
- What? Why don't you just say, "relatives?" - Well - 'Cause my people - Yeah? - They don't understand that word.
You're telling me we're going to Russia? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Give me the Fonz.
Give me the Fonz.
Ow, ow! Hey, you know what? This is not funny.
These are my countrymen, this is my clan We travel the world How do we know that this was the ceiling in the middle ages? - No more learning.
- Light the hearth.
No more pontiscicating.
It was "Light the hearth," remember? - Nothing.
- Bill.
- It's like What? - Shh.
- Go, George, what? - Go, George.
I forgot.
Hey, look.
Even back in the 14th century, they had, um look.
They got the fire alarms on the ceiling.
Stop trying to out-Bill Bill.
There is no out-Billing Bill.
Oh, I bet the stone workers did Long before all this was here there was a death.
I get it, history's full of death.
- You're brilliant.
- Wow.
Have you written a book? See if you can get it published.
These guys, they haven't given Lithuania a chance.
They haven't taken anything seriously.
Let's go, I'm bored.
Sally forth.
And today, where I'm taking them is no joke.
It's beautiful here.
- It is beautiful.
- Where we going, Bill? Bill, where are we going? I'm gonna give them a lesson they will never forget.
I want to show you these villages in the countryside.
And I've been told of a, uh, shortcut.
That sign says we're going into Russia.
We're taking a shortcut through Russia.
You're telling me we're going to go into Russia? Are you kidding me? Russia.
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
So there's a piece of land beside Lithuania A piece of Russia called Kaliningrad.
And as long as you play with the rules, nothing'll happen.
Otherwise Holy cow.
Bill, have you lost your mind? - No, no.
- Whoa, whoa.
There's someone in the middle of the street.
- Oh, Bill.
- Wait a minute.
I thought you were all joking.
No, no, I am not joking.
It says, "Welcome to Russia.
" This says, "Welcome to Russia.
" Now, let me handle this, guys.
Lower that window, George.
Lower that window.
We're not getting out of the car.
He's opening the gates.
So now I'm going to slowly go ahead.
How come they didn't check us? No, no, no.
They Because it's called intimidation.
You've gotta be really careful.
Look at where we are.
We're in the Russian countryside.
Is this beautiful? Oh.
Look at this.
These are Russian villages.
Don't point.
Just tell us.
Are you serious? - George.
- Yes, sir.
What does a Russian bride get from her husband on her wedding day that's long and hard? I don't have any idea what you're gonna answer.
A new last name.
Oh, and it's hard to pronounce.
Where are we now? Guys, I have to pee.
We're not getting out.
Don't get out of the car.
Don't get out of the car.
Don't get out of the car.
I want I am going to take a pee.
- No, no, no.
- Now? Bill! I have to pee! My bladder is full! Get back in the car! - No! - Nobody told me we were going into Russia.
Don't get out of the car, Terry.
Don't get out of the car.
Well, he got out.
Bill, get back in the car.
- I'm gonna get - Would you look behind you? What's going on? Hey, wait a minute.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, stop.
Here's what's going on.
We never left Lithuania.
You saw the Russian guards.
Russian borders, fake.
Russian churches, Russian villages, Russian people, fake, all fake.
It's all part of my revenge.
- Hey, hey, hey! - Let him alone! - I don't know what to do! - Help me! When we were in Asia, the guys set up the DMZ joke, if you will.
Now we're in North Korea.
- Jeffrey.
- Oh! Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
This is a movie set 20 minutes outside of Seoul.
Hell, that guy's from Cincinnati.
Go, Bengals.
Revenge is a dish best served at a fake KGB prison.
Oh, my God.
So they have this program in Lithuania.
Where you experience life under the USSR.
And I bought the deluxe package.
This is the Lithuanian version of being scared straight.
Hey, listen, guys.
This is a program.
This is a Soviet Union program of "Scared Straight.
" What? You know what? You should have planned this out a little bit better.
I planned it.
Look how thoroughly I planned it.
I got you guys.
Yeah, you got yourself, too.
You got you.
Bill? Yes.
We're getting the out of here.
All right, all right.
Here, pull Nothing can hold an old man back.
Hasta la vista, nyet.
I got the eye of the tiger a fighter Dancing through the fire Wait.
- If this is all fake - Yeah? Do we really need to be running now? - Think of it as cardio.
- Oh.
How are we getting back? You know what? We call a taxi.
You're gonna hear me roar Thanks, George.
I mean, this is like corn bread.
- Yeah.
- Did you taste this? - Yes.
- Whoo.
- I like this.
- This is warm.
- It's good.
- This is really good.
Here's a farm boy from Louisiana eating Lithuanian food with enthusiasm.
- Go, baby, go.
- This is good.
Brings me back to a childhood memory of stirring the pot with the corn in it.
My parents and family waiting expectantly.
Billy has made the mamaliga.
- They called you Billy? - Yeah.
That's 'cause my name is Bill.
I know, but We all know you as William Shatner, thespian.
I know, and I want you to remember that.
So you understand where what I ate and where I came from.
This was the This was the peasant food.
Your relative never would have been here.
Not only would they have never been in the castle, they would have been Oh, killed.
The Duke was here in the 1300s.
The castle was built.
And the peasants all around looking at the castle.
My antecedents would be one of those people.
- Your who? - My The people who My - What'd you call them? - Antecedents.
A What? - Antecedents.
- Relatives.
- Relatives.
- Ante Antecedents.
The people that made him.
Why don't you just say, "relatives?" - Well - I'm telling you, my people - Yeah? - They don't understand that word.
Antecedents? Antecediants? Antecediants? Antecedents.
It's hard to say.
Say "relatives.
" You say, "relatives.
" - Relatives.
- Now they understand.
But why you gotta say that, though? Because that's the first word that comes to mind.
Oh, well, you're See, that's the level of education you have, as opposed to the level of We both went to university.
What happened to your education? I got a P.
Can you throw a spiral 75 yards? No, I cannot.
Then how smart am I? You know what I think is amazing? Here we are in Lithuania looking for Bill's heritage.
We joke with each other, we experience all these different things together, but here we are, really great friendship.
- Oh, boy.
- Correction.
And one family.
I just wish we had five separate bedrooms.
Oh, come on.
That's pushing it.
Here we are five guys from different walks of life, different sections of the country, and then your friends, because of the enormity of the emotionality, becomes your family.
Pretty great.
- Hey, to the Duke.
- To the Duke.
The Duke brought us together.
God, I love this cup, too.
Yeah, here.
Put that in my bag.
Oh, this is gorgeous.
I never thought I'd see anything that looked like this.
No, it's beautiful.
Modern buildings, and the old city over there.
And that must be the town hall.
This is amazing.
Have you ever seen so many churches? There used to be so many churches, Terry.
Of every religion.
And then they started fighting.
Eliminated them, huh? And synagogues.
Hear the music? Uh, it's from over there.
You know, we do have a good time, and we get really silly.
But I really notice that Bill didn't quite get the satisfying ending to being here in Lithuania.
So I set up something really special for Bill.
I'm walking towards the beautiful square in Vilnius, and I hear music.
I like this.
I can make out the signs in the crowd.
I see the signs are for me.
Welcome home, Bill! And I am absolutely surprised at this moment.
This excitement, this connection.
I am moved beyond words.
Thank you so much.
This is a traditional wreath that we give when heroes return.
I'm a Lithuanian warrior.
Let's dance! Yay! I'm gonna show you how it's done.
- Okay, please.
- Are you ready? - Yeah.
- All right.
You put one of your chins on that Yeah.
Now Hi.
We are all aware that Lithuania is very special for Bill.
I didn't want him to miss out on the connection that he has with this country.
How unexpected this is to welcome me.
So, welcome to your motherland.
Welcome to Vilnius.
I'm so happy to be here.
I've been in Lithuania a few days.
I've learned a bit about your history.
And I'm full of admiration for Lithuania and Lithuanians.
We've got some present for you.
Oh, really? What is it? This is a electronic key to all of our hospitality in the city.
A room key to the whole city.
- I love it.
- What can I get for this? - Everything.
- Everything! - Thank you.
- Mr.
Shatner, we have something of you.
This is a traditional wreath Yes? That we give when heroes return to their home.
- Really? - Welcome home, Mr.
Really? Thank you.
Welcome home.
I've read a great deal about the Lithuanian warriors of the past.
How brave and how adventuresome the Lithuanian warriors were.
I'm a Lithuanian warrior.
You look more like a blueberry bush.
One more thing for you.
We understand your family is from Vilkaviskis.
Please take this as a memento of your visit to your hometown of Vilkaviskis.
- This is my great grandfather.
- Indeed.
And my grandmother.
And from Vilkaviskis, the ladies have a sash for you.
Some presents from Vilkaviskis.
We are from Vilkaviskis.
Oh, how wonderful.
I saw where my Where my grandparents were, and I'm aware of the history of Lithuania, and the way you've suffered and exalted and suffered, and I'm with you.
My family has been with you.
Thank you very much for being here.
Yeah! It's hard to convey in words the total emotion I feel.
I feel my ancestors here in Lithuania.
I share this with my friends.
This excitement, this connection.
My soul is filled.
And now, let's dance! Celebrate the joy of life! Hey where you gonna go we're off to see the world We don't need to know, oh Oh, look at Bill.
He's lost in there.
I came to Lithuania prepared to have an experience.
But I had no idea of the gloriousness of the experiences that we would have.
This is the greatest idea to allow me to come to this country and explore my roots.
Lithuania A hundred years ago, my ancestors fled the country looking for a better life.
They gave me that better life.
I wanted to show my friends exactly that history.
Here we are, really great friendship.
Correction, family.
My poor people never even conceived of coming into the castle.
Here I am sitting on the throne.
I had enormously fulfilling moments.
Brings me back to a childhood memory.
My parents waiting expectantly.
Billy has made the mamaliga.
My stomach is full, but so is my soul.
I may not have lived like a peasant, but I felt like a king.
I'm king of the castle here.
I may not have seen a ghost, but I sure spooked the guys.
He's opening the gates.
Guys, we're in Russia.
- Wait a minute.
- What's going on? Bill? To life! To life! Hey, we did drive into Russia, didn't we? Aww, come on, now.
I've come back home and told everybody, "Man, it was some thrill to go driving into Russia.