Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Bradshaw Ranch

Tonight on
Beyond Skinwalker Ranch
Talk about
a perfect test pad
that seems to be a sister
location to Skinwalker Ranch.
What is that
that we're lookin' at?
I don't know.
What was that?
-The temperature went up.
It just did it again.
It did it.
That's really weird.
-What was that?
-Right there.
There it is.
It's getting more intense.
What is that thing?
For years,
scientists have been working
to reveal the secrets
of Skinwalker Ranch.
But is it possible that
the clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
an ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the Skinwalker team
to go on a high-stakes mission
across America.
Look at all this activity
that's happening.
That's unbelievable.
Oh my gosh,
Look at that, look at that,
look at that.
The goal: uncover evidence
that may finally expose
the truth.
-What is that thing?
-It's getting more intense.
You ever see
anything like this before?
This is just the beginning.
Sound like Brandon's here?
Hey gentlemen,
it's time to launch
our new initiative.
I'd like you to meet
our two new investigators,
Andy Bustamante and Paul Beban.
-Paul. Hey, how are you?
Nice to meet you.
Hey, Paul. Nice to meet you.
These are the new members
of our team.
We're anxious
to launch efforts
and have
a lot to discuss
as we take our investigation
beyond Skinwalker Ranch
to some of
these other sites of interest.
We appreciate
your qualifications.
We have two professionals here
that I think are a true
complement to our effort.
Andy is a graduate
of the Air Force Academy,
former CIA investigator
and retired Air Force.
Paul Beban is an
Emmy Award-winning journalist
with ABC and PBS
and brings
a level of expertise and depth
to the investigation
and documenting,
really, what we will be
engaging with
the sites as we proceed forward.
-That is impressive.
Well, we're excited
to join the effort
and sort of see how
all of our skill sets
fit together
and, you know, get started.
Erik and I have been talkin'
about this for a long time,
and we've been kind of running
this idea by Brandon
that Skinwalker Ranch,
while it is a unique place,
it might not be the only place
around the globe
that has a very interesting
phenomenon to be observed.
But our bandwidth
is getting filled
with all of the research
and investigation here.
We need a task force,
a special ops team,
that can help inform
what we're doing here
and maybe what our next
experiments will be.
So, your goal
is to find the places
that have the weird stories,
take scientific measurements,
collect data
and even poke the hornet's nest
and see if any hornets fly out.
We've got to see
what's goin' on,
and it will help us understand:
is-- is Skinwalker Ranch
isolated, very unique,
nothin' else is like it?
Or is it connected
to something bigger?
And I think that's what you guys
are gonna help us figure out.
We'd like to arm you with many
of the third party experts
that have aided
the investigation
here at Skinwalker Ranch.
Not only to establish
some continuity,
but to provide
a level of resource.
Skinwalker Ranch
is base camp to deploy assets.
We see you truly as an extension
of our investigation.
So, Paul and Andy,
as-- as your work follows
the model
of what we've established here
at Skinwalker Ranch, I fully
expect as you collect your data
and you're led by your data,
your findings will help us
to evolve our process
here at the ranch.
Yeah, I mean,
Paul and I come in
really comfortable
with field work.
We're used to going out there
in front,
not really knowing
what we're stepping into,
getting shot at,
and then coming back
with whatever information
and intel we can collect.
Hopefully, we won't get
shot at or tear gassed
or any of the things
that have happened
uh, in my previous line of work,
but, you know, we're--
we're ready for anything
and we're excited
to get out there.
Given what we know,
I think,
you know, our first project,
not too far away, but with
so many similar characteristics,
is-- is gonna be
really interesting for you guys.
-Please, do tell.
-Well, you've got my attention.
So, we came into a book
called Merging Dimensions.
It references a ranch,
Bradshaw Ranch.
It's not far from a place
called Sedona, Arizona,
which is commonly known,
even in tourist circles,
as an area that
in and of itself is strange.
I have heard just a little
about both of these locations.
You couldn't have picked
a better place to start.
So, the ranch itself
has actually had reports
of UFO sightings
orb sightings
-strange creatures.
The backstory of
Bradshaw Ranch is fascinating.
Bob Bradshaw
was really an old-school cowboy
who ended up turning
this place into a movie set.
Elvis movies were filmed there.
I mean, this place
was a bustling scene.
It was a home.
It was a working film set.
At the same time,
he and his family
were experiencing, you know,
all kinds of high strangeness
in a time when it just
really wasn't spoken of.
I mean, he had a business
to run out there.
We saw this spaceship.
They were traveling fast
down that hillside
and right into the ranch.
It was really so--
A spectacular thing to see.
Talk about
a perfect test pad
that seems to be a sister
location to Skinwalker Ranch.
One thing that Bradshaw Ranch
seems to have in common
with Skinwalker Ranch
is the diversity
of activity and phenomena.
We're gonna start with the data.
We're gonna run experiments
out there,
we're gonna see if we can
measure these phenomena,
and we're gonna talk
to as many people as we can
and try to get the facts
of the backstory.
We've been able
to establish contact
with the previous owner
of the ranch, John Bradshaw.
His son, Mason,
is with him as well.
They're the first people
we plan on talking to
when we land on the ground.
Well, I'm absolutely
intrigued by this,
and I can't wait
to see what
you guys find and report back.
Just filled with anticipation.
Wishing you the best of luck.
Yeah, yeah.
Good luck, gentlemen.
All right. So, we're off.
We'll let you know what we find.
Man, you could not ask
for a more spectacular location
to start
our investigation, right?
I mean, look at this place.
It's just stunning.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean,
there's Sedona itself,
and then Bradshaw Ranch.
Yes, if you consider
Bradshaw Ranch,
you've got multiple types
of high strangeness
that already correlate
with the high strangeness
that they've recorded in
phenomenon at Skinwalker Ranch.
Light orbs,
Skinwalkers themselves
and portals.
There are
a lot of accounts here
-that sound pretty fantastic.
-Pretty fantastic.
And pretty far-fetched, right?
So the question is: how much
are we going to be willing
to accept, as CIA agents,
investigative journalists?
Where are we gonna say, "Okay,
this is something here on earth.
"It could be real and true."
The whole point
of what we're doin' here
is pin these
extraordinary stories,
these anecdotes and experiences,
to reality, right?
We're gonna use
the scientific method.
We're gonna try
to do more interviews.
We're gonna run
some experiments.
Are there ways to connect
what seems extraordinary
to actual facts on the ground
right here in the world
that aren't just,
you know, a tall tale?
So, what I've experienced
in the field,
and I'm sure
you've seen it too, Paul,
is when you talk
to an eyewitness
-they believe what they saw.
But the real magic happens
when you can create
bulletproof evidence
separate from the eyewitness
experience itself.
-Something you can measure.
Because that
brings a whole new level
of depth and utility
to the eyewitness account.
Now, in my time with CIA,
I've seen some crazy things.
Things that nobody thought
was possible,
and for sure things
that nobody believed,
but they still proved
to be true in the end.
It's really important when you
show up to do an investigation,
you have to be open
to all the possibilities.
Because if
you rule something out
based on your own personal bias,
you might miss
the most important piece.
It gives you
a thread to pull
and then you layer that
with real scientific research
and you get to see
where that data takes you.
Well, now we're gonna
put that to the test.
And we have the benefit
of the experience
of the team at Skinwalker
to bear on this place,
which is really untested.
Yeah, we're visiting
other hornets nests.
That's right.
We're adding
to the list of hornets nests
that we're gonna poke.
Well, here we are
-How's it goin'?
Hi there.
Hey, good to meet you.
Thank you for meeting us.
There's so much mystery here.
Maybe just tell us
a little bit about
what's the deal out here.
Well, so it's a lot
of legacies and stories
and just things that are out
there that people know about.
We're not gonna tell
you what to believe,
-but this is what's out there.
It was about 1995,
My step mom, Linda,
was living out here with my dad.
They were doin' dishes
and watching TV one night,
and all of a sudden,
Linda looked out the window
and there was
what appeared to be
another time and space
merging our dimension
with another dimension,
almost like a projection
screen on a theater.
So, we're talking about
some kind of space-time portal?
That's what
she thought it was, yeah.
-It's actually really close
to where we're standing
right now.
Well, you lead the way.
Let's go.
There's a saying
that extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence.
At the same time, when someone
tells me straight-faced,
someone credible
like the Bradshaws,
that an interdimensional portal
opened up,
that's an amazing story.
I want to know more about that,
but I also need some facts.
I need some evidence.
So, I'm open to this,
but I need more
before I'm willing to say,
"You know what? You're right."
What I'd like to do
is take a few measurements.
All right. Well, let's get
started. Let's get to work.
All right.
Since radiation has been
a serious safety
problem on Skinwalker Ranch
Mine's beepin'.
Your max is about 120?
-Yes, 120 somethin'.
-That's pretty high.
Andy and Paul
have brought in radiation expert
and Skinwalker veteran
Casey Smith,
to survey the entire property
for radioactive levels
and locate
any concerning anomalies.
'Sup, guys?
Great to see you.
-Good to see you guys.
-What's goin' on?
Just seein' if we get any
radiation measurements out here.
I was gonna say,
what do you got?
I got a new toy this year.
This is a gamma cam,
and we're actually getting
visuals of any radiation
that's actually
populating around us.
The gamma camera from H3D
is a high-resolution
imaging system
that can record visuals
of flowing radiation.
The camera also collects data
of the volume,
intensity and composition
of any radioactive material
that might be present.
So, Casey, this is gonna paint
a different picture
from what you've seen out
at Skinwalker, is that right?
Yeah, so with
the imaging software on here,
it's just nice
to be able to actually see,
if there is radiation, where
is it actually coming from?
You look at some of the events
that happened
up at Skinwalker Ranch, Travis
got, you know,
potentially burned with--
On the skin
with some radiation burns.
That could be a tunnel
entrance for all we know.
I'd like to know
what's in this thing.
Don't lift it up.
Feel like,
uh, I've got a little bit
of a headache
or somethin' happenin'.
The next day,
I noticed weird red marks
on my hand and my head.
They were radiation burns.
You know, we don't know
where it came from.
So, if you had somethin'
like that, maybe you can see--
"Hey, there's somethin'
that came out
"from the sky or the ground
or whatever."
But with this,
you'll be able to pinpoint it.
Can I take this
for a test drive?
So, I got a couple
other pieces of equipment
over here too.
I'll grab that as well, but
let's take this guy off here.
Excellent. Thank you.
-Mason, you wanna come with me?
Oh, yeah.
I wanna check out some
of what we see
around these old remains.
So, I'm not seeing anything
that looks dangerous.
Organic matter releasing energy
is what we would expect to see.
This guy here.
What do we got?
This is an identiFINDER.
It's got
a sodium iodide crystal in it.
Is the idea
that you're basically
-just scanning to--
-Yeah, you're just watching
for the dose rates,
if anything changes.
Let me walk over
and check these guys
-and make sure they're goin'.
Sure. Sure.
for our own personal safety,
we don't
want to see anything.
However, if we do see something,
maybe there's some connection
with all the strange things
that your family and others
have reported out here
over the years.
Check this out.
The ranch house
is that direction.
-You see that hot spot?
There to the left.
Yeah, you see
it radiating into the sky?
That's a concentrated
area and a pinpoint.
Well, that's interesting.
What is that
that we're lookin' at?
-I don't know.
It's like a--
Yeah, we got, like,
a big streak over here,
and the streak--
It's, like, bridging the
bottom of the screen to the top.
Yeah. The red spots that
we're seeing are high intensity.
Is it dangerous
what we're looking at?
Right now, we're pretty low.
I would suspect that
we would see some spots
that's gonna be our naturally
occurring radiation
that's in the ground,
thorium, uranium.
The streaking that's going off
up into the sky,
that's strange to me.
To see this patch
of organic radiation
in the direction
of the ranch house?
It just leaves me baffled.
This is a clear anomaly
that's in an area that has
been reported multiple times
for high strangeness.
What have you got, man?
So check this out.
We've been chasing
kind of a pinpoint red dot
-across the field.
Which makes it interesting.
And then we also see
this strange climbing
into the sky.
-Do you see that?
-What is that arc?
It seems to be radiating
up into the atmosphere.
I don't know what that is.
This is happening
in real time.
And Casey, who's an expert,
is telling us
he's never seen
anything like this before.
It feels like we're on to
something right off the bat.
Is there a way
to sort of hone in on it?
Let me give it to you
so you can get a good view.
Yeah. Here.
Let me trade you. Okay.
So that--
This is the source
in the ground,
and that's
radiation into the sky.
-Do you see it taking off?
-Whoa, what happened?
We just lost the image.
Is the camera failing?
The source disappeared
and then the camera.
Well, they're not--
They go in and out.
Yeah, it's gone.
All of it's gone now.
You can't get the camera
back up at all.
The minute I gave this
over to Paul
and he talked
about homing in
to track this thing down,
it failed.
That is just so weird.
Almost like
it doesn't wanna be found.
What I'll do with the data
that we've collected,
I need to go pull it
into the visualizer software,
take a look at it,
look for those peaks
that I saw
up at Skinwalker Ranch
and see
if they're occurring here.
I also want to kind
of keep poking around
and take some more measurements.
With a strange
radiation anomaly detected,
but an all-clear from Casey,
Andy and Paul are now meeting
with investigators
who have a story
of a strange creature
that terrorized
Merging Dimensions authors
Linda Bradshaw and Tom Dongo.
All right,
gentlemen, be careful.
-Little bit
-of a rough way down here.
-Got it.
Linda, obviously,
and Tom Dongo,
did a lot of exploring out here.
What have you heard from Tom?
In this subject matter
of this type of research,
Tom is at the top,
and Linda the same.
So, they dedicated
their free time
in exploring the property
when a lot of incredible
and extraordinary things
So, Tom and Linda
were down here?
He did write of one experience
where they had come down
to this general area,
and they were stopped in
their tracks by grunting sounds.
Within a short period of time
of hearing these grunting sounds
and listening, they heard a roar
which Tom described
much as an African lion roar.
Something with
a much deeper voice
and something more powerful.
In fact,
we had an experience
not too long ago
and we heard
the exact same roar that Tom
had described years prior
when he was here with Linda.
We heard it several times,
and it sent
a chill down my spine.
We just-- Both of us,
couldn't wait to get to the car.
Coming down,
just, probably about ten feet,
and something tapped Alexandra
on the back of the head.
Wait, I'm sorry, you felt
something actually touch you?
Yes. I was last in line,
so Jeremiah and our friend
were walking ahead of me, and
something tapped me on the head
just like that. It was--
-Mm-hmm. Twice.
So, it wasn't like
you bumped into a branch.
No, I didn't bump into anything.
And I looked behind me
and there was nothing there,
so I asked Jeremiah to quickly
take a picture with the flash.
And sure enough,
something did show up.
There was an orb next to me.
But I can't explain that.
-That's very interesting.
So, when Tom
and Linda were referencing
the roar, the corral
was one of the places where
they would separate some of
the horses if they were injured
or if they were pregnant.
And there was an incident
with a pregnant mare
that started screaming as well.
And that's right through
the trees here.
-Let's go check it out.
-Okay, so that's close by.
-Very close by.
-All right.
-Look at this.
-So this is the corral?
-This is it.
Got it.
Animals, of course,
are excellent
sensory perceptive creatures.
They usually know when something
abnormal is around before we do.
In this particular case,
when they could hear
this horse screaming
she was so frightened
that her eyes seemed
to be bugging out of her head
and she was kicking
with her hind legs
at the enclosure.
Wow. Okay. So,
how do you make sense of that?
Something was frightening
the horses,
and they were hearing
this on a regular basis.
When we talk
about a credibility scale
in the intelligence world,
we talk about two things.
We talk about the credibility
of the source,
but we also talk about the
credibility of the information.
Jeremiah and Alexandra,
you see
really solid eye contact,
you see a level of confidence
as they explained
their own experiences here
on Bradshaw Ranch.
But credible
anecdotal information
is only part of the equation.
We have to take
from that anecdotal input
something that we can
apply science to
so we can pull
real facts from it.
I think that's why
we have our boots on the ground.
Try to see it firsthand.
At Bradshaw Ranch
in Sedona, Arizona,
investigators, Paul Beban
and Andy Bustamante
have heard stories
of high strangeness
occurring by the horse corral.
was frightening the horses
on a regular basis,
and she was kicking
with her hind legs
at the enclosure, screaming.
So they've called in
Skinwalker Ranch
expert Guy Blocker to conduct
a thermal temperature test
for signs of an anomaly.
Guy, I really appreciate
you comin' out
on a cold night
to be part of this.
Now, and you had
an extraordinary
-experience at Skinwalker--
-Yes, I did.
Out at the old homestead.
Yeah, that was
really interesting.
Okay, guys, I have all
the cameras on record,
so we're recording right now.
In my experience
with thermal,
I normally experience
temperature changes
where if there's
a physical entity
steps in, temperatures go up.
I was expecting a decrease,
and instead
we saw an 11 degree increase.
Look at the screen.
Just seconds after
the recording began to play,
there was an obvious rise
in temperature
being shown across
the thermal camera feed.
Just like a switch got flipped.
So, to make this
the most viable,
scientifically relevant
experiment we can,
we want to follow
the same sequence of events.
What's our trigger?
We've got
a 1.6 gigahertz frequency
that we're gonna play here,
and that's similar to something
they detected there
at Skinwalker.
Since the Skinwalker experiment
played an audio signal to
stimulate a rise in temperature,
the team plans
to play back the audio
of the 1.6 gigahertz signal
recorded at Skinwalker Ranch.
This 1.6 gigahertz frequency
repeatedly shows up
at Skinwalker,
accompanied by high strangeness.
If any temperature fluctuations
happen near the corral,
they'll be pinpointed by
Guy Blocker's thermal cameras.
These fluctuations could be
further evidence of an anomaly.
My thought is we aim
that crosshair
in the center of the corral.
That's a good place
to start, right?
We also have your traditional
analog-style thermometers
hangin' up on the fence.
This is giving us
multiple data points.
I think we're
ready for our trigger.
-Let's give it a try.
As you can see,
right now we're at 28.2.
Our high is 38.6.
High is 38,
and that's the tree line
behind the corral.
-Perfect. Start the audio?
-I'm ready when you are, man.
All right, there's our signal.
Everything looks like
it's holding steady here.
The noise
is just not what it was.
It's weird.
It goes in and out.
It's so much quieter than
it was when we first played it.
I don't know why it's so low.
The volume.
-No, it's ma--
I mean, maximum volume.
All right, I think
all we can get now
is a few seconds of your time.
Paul, it's shifting on us.
What was that?
The temperature went up.
It just did it again.
That's really weird.
39.8, 32.
We're comin' up on 40 over here.
Yep. Every time the audio
comes back on, it does it.
It's happened faster,
but it's not unlike
what happened at Homestead
where we had that increase.
That was a drastic change.
That was weird.
Watching the temperature
increase five degrees
while nothing else has changed
except for the playing
of a 1.6 gigahertz
communication signal,
seeing the environment
react to that
is just something
that leaves you speechless.
I mean,
wouldn't you expect to see just
a steadily dropping temperature?
Yes, I would,
because as, you know, as--
as the night goes on,
we're losing more and more heat.
Because we have a clear sky, so
there's nothing holding it in.
Clear sky and it's quite still.
I mean, there might
be elevated breeze,
but there's not
much movement down here.
This is not unlike
what happened
at Homestead where
we had an 11-degree increase
in the space of, like,
a couple of minutes.
Whereas with this,
it went up about five degrees
and then it's
slowly coming back down.
We're hundreds of miles
from Skinwalker Ranch,
replicating as closely as we can
the same experiments,
and seeing similar results.
You can't ignore it.
Something happened here.
Why would this
audio trigger that spike?
I don't think
this was gonna happen
if we did it in--
in our backyard.
If it did, I'd move.
Yeah. Exactly.
Guy, we've seen this now
in Skinwalker Ranch with you,
we've seen this now
in Bradshaw Ranch.
Is this kind of activity
something you see regularly?
No, it's only when
I hang out with you guys
that this kind of
thing happens to me.
-I'm bringin' you along
more often, my man.
No, seriously though,
thank you, Guy.
We got somethin' here
-to push further.
Yeah. I--
I think it requires
further investigation.
I don't know
about you, Andy,
but I feel like we're off
to a great start.
We've gotten
some really interesting results
really right off the bat.
Every time we've broken out
a new set of instruments,
we've gotten
something surprising.
Yeah, you see it
radiating into the sky?
Starting with
the radiological.
Why is there
organic radiation in the sky?
What is that
that we're lookin' at?
I don't know.
What we saw with Casey,
I was not expecting
anything like that.
Casey wasn't
expecting anything like that.
And then
the thermal test that we ran.
That's five degrees
of change with nothing
to trigger it
except for a sound.
Something brought
that temperature up.
What was that?
The temperature went up.
It just did it again.
-It just did it.
That's really weird.
We've been able
to replicate some
of the same outcomes that
they had at Skinwalker,
which is what
we came here to do.
Was to repeat, test,
replicate and measure.
I think one of the next things
to do is to try to bring in
some of the laser testing
that they've done at Skinwalker.
On Skinwalker Ranch,
the team from Nu-Salt Laser
has conducted
several experiments
to try to stimulate anomalies
Holy cow. Look at that.
which resulted
in a correlating U.A.P. sighting
in 2021.
-You see this?
What the crap is that?
Now, Andy and
Paul want to see
what effect that same technology
will have
at Bradshaw Ranch.
As far as a starting point,
where Bob Bradshaw saw a U.F.O.,
you know,
slide down that hillside.
We saw this spaceship
traveling fast
down that hillside
and right into the ranch.
I agree. I think that's
a perfect place to start.
It's centrally located.
We've had some great data,
but there's still
a lot of questions out there
that we need to answer.
Yeah, we've got some answers,
there are a lot more questions,
-we've got more work to do.
We're gonna fire up
the laser and see what happens.
I agree, let's do that.
With their next
plan of attack focused
on the ridge
where Bob Bradshaw had
his infamous U.F.O. sighting,
along with
John and Mason Bradshaw,
Andy and Paul have
called in Skinwalker Ranch
laser experts,
Tim Anderson and Jeremy Fenton,
to help with
their next experiment.
That looks like a good spot.
Guys, thank you
so much for comin' out.
So, these guys
at Skinwalker have shot lasers,
-what, at the ridge?
Up into the sky?
What have you got for us?
What did you bring?
We want to run a lot
of the same kind of tests,
and more, like you've
been doin' at Skinwalker.
So we brought with us
two laser light show projectors,
and we're gonna do
a raster scan.
So, it's really
just gonna illuminate
this whole area with laser.
In this experiment,
the laser will scan
the ridge from side to side
and top to bottom.
By adding light energy
to the environment,
the hope is
to stimulate an anomaly,
or the beams
could detect a U.A.P.
by bending or disappearing
while refracting
off the unknown object.
So, we not only have
this sighting
that happened in this area,
but we've also had some strange
thermal readings
in that direction.
We've had some radiation
anomalies that have happened
over the ranch house
in this direction.
This location gives us
a really central spot
to set up the laser arrays here
and shine them
in that direction.
I think it's time
to poke the hornet's nest.
See what we find.
In addition
to the laser technology,
Andy and Paul are also deploying
multiple scientific tools
to monitor the area.
So, we've got kind of
a cool treat for you guys.
-This is a new piece
of equipment called a UFODAP.
It's essentially
a piece of equipment
that puts nonstop eyes
on the sky.
Actively monitoring from
two different base stations,
it's able to search
what the air traffic is,
so that once it zones in
on a target,
it'll track that target
through the sky.
These are
basically robot cameras.
If they see anything
that isn't a bird or a plane,
they're gonna lock on it,
and then we can
analyze all that data afterward.
Really looking forward
to seeing how all this works.
-So I'm gonna move this one
a little farther over
into this clearing.
It's actually got a good shot
of the hill
-and the sky behind us.
Great. And this guy
is gonna head over here
closest to the laser show.
Kinda want these
to sit on top of each other,
but maybe a little bit higher.
-Try that.
-FLIR should be up
on a monitor now, Andy.
-You got it, Paul.
Both UFODAPS are scanning.
So, what we have first
are the UFODAP.
We codenamed them
Hunter and Tracker.
So here, Hunter's on the bottom,
cued into his piece of sky.
Tracker is over here,
and they're actively monitoring
right now.
Here we have
the FLIR thermal camera.
It's actively monitoring
this ridgeline
and the area from
the ground up to the sky.
And then lastly,
we have active tracking
of our radio signals
in the area.
So, we'll be actively monitoring
the entire radio spectrum
while we're going through
the experimentation today.
I think we have all of the
hardware and software set up.
I think the only thing left
is to wait for nightfall.
We've got
everything set up.
I'm ready to go.
You guys ready to go?
Let's get to it.
Andy and Paul
have brought in
Skinwalker Ranch laser experts
Tim Anderson and Jeremy Fenton
to try to stimulate an anomaly
at the ridge where
Bob Bradshaw spotted a U.F.O.
They've also set up
their own tech
to help them monitor the area
during the laser light
I'm gonna arm the UFODAPs
so they start scanning the sky.
After that,
we want you to make sure
that we hit the FLIR,
and once we have
all three devices rolling,
we turn it over to you guys.
Ready to rock?
-All right.
We're live on Hunter.
We're live on Tracker.
Both UFODAPs are scanning.
Temp steady so far.
Our high is 36.8, low 22.4.
-Lasers ready.
Let's do it.
All right, everybody,
here we go.
Three, two, one, hit it.
Look at that.
Remember, we've gotten reports
not just in the sky,
-but also in the woods.
In the wash.
We've got to keep our eyes
all around.
As we're
carrying out this experiment,
we're trying to paint
this hillside with energy,
trying to recreate
or trigger something
along the lines
of what Bob Bradshaw saw.
What is the range of that?
These lasers are good
for about a mile to two miles.
It all depends
on the atmosphere.
We don't really have any clouds,
so it's gonna continue
into space.
Paul, I'm gonna start scanning
some of these frequencies.
We're expecting to see
some U.H.F. traffic,
but anything that's anomalous,
this will pick up
and we'll be able to hone in
and listen to the signal.
-Got it.
So, this is the kind
of spike that we're looking for.
That's interesting. That shows
it's an active transmission.
-See how tall it is?
So, I'm gonna see
if we can
identify the right bandwidth
to actually
listen in to the signal.
So, you're saying
that's a local transmission
of some kind
that we're picking up?
Let me hear it.
Ah? Come on.
Come on.
I'm gonna take this
one hertz at a time.
We're zooming in on the signal.
There she is. At 1.6 gigahertz.
1.6 is what they see
at Skinwalker.
We're not sending anything.
we are not transmitting that.
We are picking up the signal.
-You see that?
-It just did it again.
Like a pulse.
There it is again!
Oh, yeah.
-Right there.
Whoa, that's the biggest
one we've seen so far.
The fact that we're seeing
this transmission
when we were not seeing this
transmission earlier
is significant.
This mysterious
1.6 gigahertz signal
pops up again and again
during active experimentations
on Skinwalker Ranch.
Hey, hey, hey, it's here.
We've got that 1.6 thing.
We're clearly getting' a signal.
Now, what's interesting is
a signal of this strength,
1.6 gigahertz,
is an interstellar
communication signal.
Anybody on earth
who is a professional
treats 1.6
as a privileged frequency
that's only used
for communication
from earth to space
and space to earth.
It's coming to us
from space. Is that right?
That's-- that's right.
The only thing I can think of.
These are radio frequencies
that are available
only to the military to co-opt.
So, could it be a satellite?
If it was a satellite
signal, it would come and go.
It's not energy efficient
for a satellite
to constantly transmit.
they have scheduled times
and scheduled locations
where they transmit.
That way, as they
go around the earth
they send their signal,
receiver picks it up,
and then they can store energy
for the next rotation.
I can't help but think
that the lasers have had
something to do with this, Paul.
I don't know what else it
could be.
We are pumping
all this light energy out
out onto the hillside
with our lasers,
and the spectrum analyzer
is picking up
all kinds of crazy frequencies.
The same place
that Bob Bradshaw saw
that U.F.O. so many years ago.
Something has to be causing
all that to happen.
Is it the lasers?
It's certainly a possibility.
With so many anomalies
happening at the same time,
it's hard to keep up
with them all.
I kind of want
to just embrace this.
What was that?
-Another one?
-Right there.
There it is. Look at that.
Look at that, look at that.
What is that?
That's the UFODAP
doin' it's job.
That small square,
that small red square
is where it's zoomed in.
Aw, it just left--
Oh, it's--
Check it out. Look over here.
Paul, look at that!
It's getting more intense.
Look at how bright it is.
What is that thing?
That is zoomed in
on an object in the sky
that fits the definitions
-for an anomaly.
I'm freakin' out.
Look at that thing.
And it passed
through Hunter
and into Tracker's
line of sight,
and it was recorded.
All right, so this is the hit
that Hunter picked up.
-Flickers in and out.
Oh, look at that.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, can you
scroll back and slow that down?
There it is. Look at
that shape. What is that?
I think it picks
it up right about here.
Let's bring up
the second camera.
Yep, same thing
on the other camera.
I mean, the movement
is faster than a plane would be,
and those lights are not
flickering in the same pattern.
I mean,
you were in the Air Force.
You ever seen anything that
has this sort of light pattern?
What I know, Paul,
is that aircraft
are required
to have two colored lights,
a green light and a red light.
If they're landing,
they have landing lights,
which are a bright white light.
What we just saw
had no colored lights
and it had multiple
flickering white lights only.
Like it's tumbling,
and those lights
are flickering
as it goes around.
When it's frozen there,
there are two distinct sources
of light, and then when
it flickers, it is very bright.
That's almost explosive.
It's pulsing.
This is a U.A.P.
There's no question about it.
All at the same site
where Bob, your dad,
reported having an alien
spacecraft hover over his head.
I have come
into this entire experience
with an open mind.
I am a skeptic by nature,
I'm a skeptic by training.
It's part of my profession.
However, when you have
an experience like we've had,
you have to step back
and sort of reevaluate
all your assumptions.
We could be on to something here
that's really extraordinary.
I can't wait
to show this to Erik and Travis
and see what they make of it.
I am absolutely hooked
on this kind
of investigation now.
I see why
you just can't let it go.
We've got some really
interesting stuff
to show you,
and we're excited to hear
what you think
about what we found.
So, I think what we're
gonna start with here,
what Andy has cued up,
is where Bob
experienced the U.F.O.
going overhead
of the ridge
and then disappearing behind it.
Because we were in an area
of a suspected U.F.O. sighting,
we also deployed our UFODAP
for the first time.
-Oh, good.
-And here's what they captured
during the same time
as our experiment.
So, this is the UFODAP
locking into something strange.
You can see the flashing.
Whatever it is,
it's movin' fast.
what caught us immediately
is that there were plenty
of aircraft in the air flying,
but they didn't look like this.
They have a specific
pulsating flash,
they have red lights
and green lights on them.
Let me show you
what an airplane--
This is our control video
for what it looks like
when the UFODAP
captures an airplane.
You can see
that steady flashing light.
Once it passes through,
-it just ignores it.
But here, the UFODAP
was catching something
that did not look
like your traditional aircraft,
especially here
where it zoomed in
and actually identified
what looked like
two sources of light
in a tumbling object.
It's very interesting.
Do you believe
that the U.F.O. activity
was triggered
by some of your experiments
or your activity in the area?
What we know is that
they happened at the same time.
They correlated. We don't know
about the connections
between them.
That's the right word to use.
They correlated.
I can't help but to notice
the distinct difference between
the conventional aircraft
and the U.F.O.
Yeah, it's unmistakable.
So, we also identified
some strange behavior
at 1.6 gigahertz
at the same time
we were running our
experiment in the open field.
And what we ended up
being able to do was hear
similar transmission
to what you recorded here
on Skinwalker Ranch
on that 1.6 gigahertz.
I think what we want to do
is get you that data file.
You guys can run it and compare
it to what you're hearing here
and see, is it the same,
how it's different.
I'm really interested
in your characterization
of that signal as strange.
We'll take a look
and see how strange it is.
I want to add
another dimension here.
I was gonna say this--
There's more.
Wait, there's more!
There's more.
So, what I want
to share here--
So if you recall, we had
Casey Smith from Qualtech
come out and assist us
with some radiation surveys
and help to keep us all safe.
Now, he also brought out
with him a new piece of tech,
something called a gamma cam,
that was designed
to track, in real time,
radiation levels.
So this is
an imaging capability?
Wow, nice.
-We need that at Homestead too.
-I want that.
Now, here we're actually
touring the Old West town.
At first, we got really excited
about all this elevated
radiation energy
that you can see us pointing at.
And the thing was,
this happened immediately.
So we thought,
"Whoa, we-- we just got here,
"and we're kicking up
some kind of effect."
Turns out--
Yeah, what he was identifying
was radon that
was being kicked up.
-It makes perfect sense.
- As we were walking through--
Radon pools
and collects in the sand,
and as you stir it up,
then it releases it.
I'll tell you somethin'
it does tell me though:
when you see radon gas,
it suggests
that there are
uranium deposits nearby.
-Oh, okay.
-So, there's likely
uranium deposits
underneath the area there.
So, I find it really
interesting though.
Now, what was
interesting to us also,
Casey spent a good half
of a day with us
recording on the gamma cam.
Now this is a recording
of the same radiation spike
over the ranch house
as the gamma camera's running.
Whoa, did you see it jump?
Hey, stop. Stop it right there.
Yes, sir.
Look at this.
What does that suggest
to you, Travis?
That there was interference.
This is-- this is an
interference pattern, right?
In gamma rays. Play through
to where there was a thing here.
-You got it.
-A minute ago, right?
That is-- It's,
like, perfectly rectangular.
There's somethin' out here
that's a hole.
-A hole in what?
-I don't know.
A hole, an aperture of--
A screen, a block of metal
with a--
with a square hole in it.
Could it be a solid object?
It could
be a solid object, yes.
And then,
go forward to the next thing.
Keep goin'.
Whoa, whoa, right there.
So, this looks like
there's somethin' that--
that the gamma
rays are coming through a hole,
hitting the ground.
So, if you take a laser,
and you get
a little card
and cut a square hole in it
and you shine the laser
through the holes
and you look across the room,
you'll see a pattern like that.
-A diffraction pattern.
-A diffraction pattern.
This suggests
perhaps these gamma rays
are coming through a hole
somewhere out here in the sky
and-- and then this
is the diffraction pattern
of them passing around
whatever this is out there.
-But-- but why?
But why? I have no idea.
And the-- and the location.
This overhead anomaly
is right above the ranch house.
Well, is this a point of entry
or activity?
These are all valid questions.
The fact that you described it
as something almost rectangular,
I mean, that matches up
exactly with the photograph
that Linda took
and their descriptions
of what they called
something like a portal.
Travis, this has gotta be one
of the most
interesting radiation surveys
that I have seen
in connection with this work.
Never seen-- Well, this
is a new piece of equipment.
But look-- look at this, Erik.
Look at the bar that tells you
the strength--
the strength
of the peaks of that
is in the tens
of millisieverts per hour.
That's dangerous levels.
That's reminding me
of the experience that you had.
Whoa, whoa,
so you're saying
this aerial phenomenon,
this was actually a-- a--
a dangerous burst of radiation?
I'm thinking
if you were standing right there
where you see those red peaks,
you could have had
problems like I had.
What happened
at Homestead Two
really shook me up.
I noticed weird red marks
on my hand and my head.
They were radiation burns.
That could also explain why
it didn't hit everybody else.
-Look how localized it is.
-Very localized.
This is unbelievable
how localized that is.
Well, and hovering,
and it's right above
a main point of interest,
the old house.
This is literally
giving me chills, guys.
It's seeing the very localized
gamma ray events
that you guys captured
on this ranch
that actually kind
of helps us understand
the very localized
gamma ray events
that have happened here
on Skinwalker Ranch,
and those were localized
gamma ray events
that we can't explain.
Looks like you guys
have captured
that occurring in real time.
This is what we were able
to collect on this trip.
Our time was limited.
We went in guns blazing
as much as we could
looking for answers
related to the strangeness
of the ranch.
Well, you said
your time was limited,
but I'll tell you,
it was well spent.
There is
still more to that story.
I mean, we still have
further roads to go down.
It truly does warrant
further investigation.
Guys, this was
very well-executed on the parts
of everyone
who participated in this.
This really sets a high bar
for everything
that's going to follow.
Well, guys,
thank you for all your feedback.
We're excited to hand off
some more data to you,
and we're excited to get
to work on our next project.
Yeah, can't wait
to see what you do next.
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, gentlemen.
This was an awesome experience.
- Awesome.
- Good luck, gentlemen.
-Thank you. We'll talk soon.
-All right.
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