Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Mt. Wilson Ranch

Tonight on
Beyond Skinwalker Ranch
According to the weather,
we got maybe two hours
before full blizzard,
so we gotta move fast.
It looks like it's trying
to fly through a force field.
It's a huge
magnetic disturbance.
That's typically gonna be
indicative of a void.
There might be a UFO buried
somewhere on the mountain
and underground.
There's something under there
and it's trying it's darndest
not to be found.
My gosh.
Hopefully, this is enough
to breach the tunnel.
So we're not just
kicking the hornet's nest,
we're just blowing
the out of it.
Fire in the hole.
For years,
scientists have been working
to reveal the secrets
of Skinwalker Ranch.
But is it possible that
the clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
- Whoa!
an ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the Skinwalker team
to go on a high stakes mission
across America.
Look at all this
activity that's happening.
That's unbelievable.
- My gosh. Look at that!
The goal, uncover evidence
that may finally
expose the truth.
What is that thing?
- It's getting more intense?
You ever seen
anything like this before?
This is just the beginning.
Guys, welcome back
to Skinwalker Ranch.
I know when you left,
you had some exciting things
that you wanted to go
and explore
and we're really excited to see
what you may have come up with.
This one's a little bit
different because Brandon
has actually set us up
with an outside investigator.
Yeah, an investigator
named Carl Andreasen.
Carl is the guy
who's been working
on a place called
Mount Wilson Ranch in Nevada,
and he's really been
trying to dig into
the high strangeness
going on there
and there's a lot.
- So where is Mount Wilson Ranch?
So, we're about
80 miles from Area 51.
And near the Nevada Test Range?
Yes, sir.
- Right on top of it.
And we're not quite sure
exactly where the boundary is
'cause it's a very rural
part of Nevada.
Well, that brings me
to the question then.
What can you tell us
about the interest?
Like, what's the commonality
with the--
with the research
that's gone on here?
The connection between
Mount Wilson and this place
is pretty extraordinary.
It's another property
that Bob Bigelow owned,
really at the same time
as Skinwalker.
entrepreneur Robert Bigelow
owned Skinwalker Ranch
before Brandon Fugal.
In 1996, Robert Bigelow,
bought Skinwalker Ranch.
When his team conducted
a very aggressive
scientific investigation,
the Bigelow team ended up
having all sorts of
strange things happen.
They started seeing everything
from electromagnetic anomalies,
cattle mutilations.
It involves the full gamut
of unexplained phenomena
that we continue to monitor.
It has only
recently been learned
that Robert Bigelow
was conducting
a similar investigation
at Mount Wilson Ranch.
Yeah, so we've got
some archival images
that show Bigelow on this ranch.
The main thing that
was of interest to Bigelow
was that he suspected
there was a crashed
or downed UFO underground
a portion of the ranch.
- Yeah, what we don't know
is what kind of testing
Bigelow carried out there
or-- or what they found.
We don't have any of their
results or research.
Yeah, I'm familiar
with that problem.
But then what
we've heard from Carl
who actually investigates
and explores the ranch,
is that there
is a potential existence
of some sort of top secret
tunnel system on Mount Wilson.
There's all kinds of reports
of strange lights,
noises underground, vibrations.
You know, there are voids
and potentially,
spaces underground,
but we don't know
the extent of that network
or how much of it may be manmade
and how much of it
is naturally occurring.
One of the most
interesting things about this
is that the current property
owner, Jeff MacBurnie,
actually bought
the property from Bigelow.
Yeah, what we don't know
is what Bigelow may have told
or not told Jeff
when he bought the property.
So, we've got a couple
of field realities
that we're also trying
to work through here.
We only have a few days
that we can be on site
and our weather reports are
showing that there is a storm
that is due to hit
about six days after we land.
It's gonna be--
it's gonna be tight.
And you-- and you don't know
how much property
you have to-- to investigate.
Yeah. And it's just
a big remote place.
We're gonna be
trekking around out there
trying to figure it out.
But what we do know
is that we wanna make sure
that our efforts in Mount Wilson
help the Skinwalker
that you guys
are carrying out here as well.
Who knows? Maybe you'll find
something large,
something significant.
If you do find a buried UFO,
you better call me
at that moment.
'Cause I'll be there--
I will be there instantly.
Yes, all right, stay in touch
and let us know
what you find out.
We'll see you in a week.
- All right, guys.
Stay in touch guys.
- All right, man.
Thanks guys.
- Be safe.
We have been
driving for hours, man,
and look at what greets us.
- It's just amazing.
I can't believe
we're in the desert right now.
I know, well, high desert
and winter, right, this is it.
You know, I'm not surprised
that Robert Bigelow
would buy a place out here
to do experimentation
because it fits his MO, right?
Find a place way off the map
where you're not
gonna be bothered,
you're not gonna be disturbed,
carry out
whatever research you want.
And we know that Bigelow
was here with his team
for more than a decade.
That's a lot of time
to be researching--
Yeah, that's true.
- A plot of land.
Ten years up here
in the mountains.
I mean, they must have been
on the trail of something.
- Something big.
that still is a secret.
From the 1960s through the '80s,
Mount Wilson Ranch
was a Wild West themed hotel
and resort property
before being purchased
by Robert Bigelow in 1996.
All right. Wow.
- Look at this.
This place looks like
genuine old West.
Right out of the movies, man.
I'm excited to meet Jeff.
Hello there, gentlemen.
Hey, Jeff. Andy.
Andy. You got it, man.
- Nice to meet you.
Great to finally see you.
- Welcome to the ranch.
This is amazing.
- Thank you.
Tell us the story of this place.
My whole goal was to basically
buy a big chunk of property,
build a center building,
let my family
and relatives live around me.
Got it.
So, I was looking for property
and I read this
little listing in the back
of a 25 cent newspaper article.
No way.
And I purchased
the ranch directly
from Mr. Robert Bigelow.
It was in 2007.
And you've been here since?
- Yes.
And what has been your personal
firsthand experience?
You see a lot of things
in the sky around here.
I hear 'em explained as orbs,
but they're just lights.
Whether they're orange
or they're white,
almost like a haze.
And the lights just
and, you know,
some of them are fast
and you look and it's
Others are just slow.
And they all seem
to go right towards
the actual Mount Wilson.
And they just
and just poof, disappear.
Did you know
about that beforehand?
Did you buy
this place because
No, not at all.
- of the stories?
Not even at all. No.
- Got it.
One of the things
that interests me the most
is that when Jeff
was looking into buying a ranch,
he didn't know anything
about this place.
Not until he got very close
to actually closing the deal
did he find out
just the beginning
of the lore
of what had happened here.
So, he didn't come here
with a predetermined notion
of what was out here.
What has happened
to him is-- is authentic.
Bigelow bought
this place in '96.
- Sold it to you in 2007.
- So, he had it
for more than a decade.
- Yes.
That's about the same time
as he owned
Skinwalker Ranch, isn't it?
Within two weeks, he purchased
both of these ranches.
As sort of two sites for
an experiment
or two sites of research?
It makes perfect sense
because you can compare results
in real time
on two separate locations.
You can have two real time teams
running experiments,
even the same experiment.
I'm contacted pretty often
by former people
that were related
to this property, scientists.
You have scientists calling you?
I do.
- To find out what exactly?
If I've found something.
You know, they believe
down in our meadow
there's an object,
something buried.
What kind of object?
There's a UFO buried there.
Jeff's telling these stories
that are almost unbelievable,
but there's this
incredible connection,
this connection
that can't be ignored
between Skinwalker Ranch,
which was owned
by Robert Bigelow
and Mount Wilson Ranch,
which was also owned
by Robert Bigelow.
At this point,
I have to find more information
to come up with
a really informed opinion
of what's happening here.
I cannot help, but just
right now I feel like
I'm on Skinwalker Ranch.
I was gonna say, we've heard
this-- Seen this movie before.
And I-- and I-- I can't--
It's-- I'm losing my words.
So, you have researchers
following up with you
because they believe there
might be sort of alien craft
buried in a meadow
on this property.
Apparently, down in the meadow,
there's something
that emits a signal.
There's a lot of--
a lot of history
in the ground around here.
Can we go check it out?
- Let's do it.
Please. Thank you.
- You got it.
Great. This is super exciting.
If you guys want,
I do have Carl here,
if we wanna split up possibly.
- Okay.
While Paul
splits off to investigate
with researcher Carl Andreasen,
Andy and Mount Wilson Ranch
owner, Jeff MacBurnie,
head down to the lower meadow,
which was once a focus of
Robert Bigelow's investigation.
Right here, we
have a lot of pictures
of the NIDS team actually
out researching.
History has it
that there's a tractor
that's located
at Skinwalker Ranch now.
That tractor was buried
to the sea right here.
It was stuck here for two years.
This whole meadow here
is a fault line
filled with sediment.
Craw Creek runs down it here.
This is the wash up here?
- Yes.
This is Craw Creek?
- Yes.
Is this also the area you were
mentioning in the saloon
where they suspect there's
some kind
of energy source buried?
Yes. This is it.
Everything south of here,
all Nevada Test Site.
I find it really
interesting on this location,
we have
a different kind of soil.
We have a fault line
and that this is an area
that is also suspected
of having high energy readings.
So, let me take a look
and see what we've got here.
This is a simple Trifield meter.
It's gonna give us
measurements of
magnetic and electrical activity
in this area in real time.
All right.
So, if you'll come
over here with me, Jeff,
I wanna take a look at
the creek bed
because if there is some
sort of cavity under here,
this would
most likely be what feeds it.
And if there
is something buried here,
it's most likely that
this would be the entrance
to make that hole.
Still consistent
with the rest of the meadow.
Wanna drop down into
that creek bed itself?
Let's check it out.
Whoa! We just saw it increase.
Look at this, Jeff.
Those are significantly above
what you would see
in other parts of the country.
If 0.4 MGOs is high,
1.7 is four times as high,
that's 400% higher.
There's something in this area
that's creating that change
in magnetic activity.
And the reason magnetic
activity is important, Jeff,
is because what does
magnetic activity always follow?
Electrical activity.
So this means there
is an electrical energy source
of some sort that's creating
a magnetic field around it.
This is interesting for sure.
So we're headed out
toward the mountain now?
Yes, we're going up to where
these abandoned mines are
that could be tunnels
and cave systems.
- Paul heads out
with veteran Mount Wilson
researcher, Carl Andreasen
to two abandoned mine entrances
that his investigation
suggest could be keys
to the ranches' secrets.
This is the first one
that Jeff actually showed me.
Some kind of an access point.
So this isn't just a depression,
there's an opening?
- Yes.
So there's potential.
This whole side of
the mountain could be, like,
a honeycomb, a network
of tunnels and cave systems
that lead all the way into
the mountain and underground.
Right. This is all connected.
- It's obvious.
You can see
all over this hillside
that people have been trying
to get underground here.
And the question is why?
Like, are these
just simply mines
or is there something
much more mysterious?
Is there something out
of this world down there?
And all of that then funnels,
it flows down right
in the meadow
where supposedly
the craft is buried
and transmitting the signals.
- Got it.
Brandon Fugal
connected us with Carl and--
and Carl has a really
deep knowledge base.
I mean, not only has he
researched the ranch itself
here on the ground,
he has been in touch
with a lot of
the members of Bigelow's team.
So when Carl says
that these mines
may be part of
some kind of tunnel network
that leads all the way
to a buried UFO,
I mean as wild as that sounds,
he's got
that from the scientists
who were here
researching before us.
So, I mean, that's a lead
that we've gotta try
to run down.
We would have
to either dig it out
or find a way to access
and figure out which one
of these entrances
is the best point to go in
and see if they actually
lead somewhere.
In order
to thoroughly test Carl's theory
that the abandoned mine
entrances connect
to a possible underground
tunnel system,
Andy and Paul
are bringing in a new team
of geophysical survey experts,
Terra Exploration Group.
Hey, morning, guys.
- Hey, morning.
How's it going, sir?
- How are you?
Look at this clear sky,
wide open terrain.
It's gonna be
a great day to collect.
Well, we'll see
if we can pick up
with a magnetometer,.
All right,
so we gotta get this sucker
up in air real quick
before it gets too cold.
These things are a little picky.
In 2020,
the Skinwalker Ranch team
used a magnetometer drone
that identified
something significant hidden
underground next to the mesa.
It's telling us
there's something going on
in the ground,
particularly there
at the homestead area.
I mean, it's clearly
a magnetic anomaly there.
Now, the team is conducting
the same experiment
on Mount Wilson Ranch.
The potential for these caverns
to be connected underground,
it's very logical.
There's something
here underground,
we just don't know what it is.
Terra's drone flies
in a pre-programmed grid pattern
using GPS coordinates
for navigation.
The attached magnetometer
will look for evidence
of possible void spaces
and tunnels below
the mine entrances.
It will also try to pinpoint
an underground source
for the high
electromagnetic readings
Andy saw in the Lower Meadow.
All right, here we go.
Beautiful. There it goes.
All right. We're gonna
let it run a little grid.
So Robert, the grid,
I wanna make sure
we cover this entrance here
and the other up the ridge.
So, what's our range?
We got probably a couple acres.
How long is this flight?
- It's eight minutes.
Eight minutes.
I tell you, it does
not like flying over here.
Does anything weird
ever happen over here?
Because it-- it-- it's--
See how it's kind of squirrely?
I was gonna say,
it's making the grid,
but it seems
to be flying erratically.
Is that-- is that normal?
It-- No, it should
fly straighter than that.
It doesn't like something
over here, that's for sure.
It's swinging that magnetometer
all over the place.
Look at that oscillation.
You see that?
I'm gonna pause it
just for a second.
Hey, Robert,
do you need to-- Is that safe?
There's some
kind of disturbance over here
that it's not liking.
- Sure looks like it.
I'm gonna
bring it home real quick.
It looks like it's trying to fly
through a force field
or something.
Yeah, it's bouncing
all over the place.
Come on.
Did you lose control of it?
That is way off track.
That is way off track.
There it goes.
Dang it.
I heard it hit wood.
- Yeah.
It's stuck
in a tree or something?
It's in here somewhere.
Found it.
- You got it?
- Oof.
Did we lose a prop or a motor?
Yeah, you lost a little bit.
That's unfortunate.
This came off, um,
looks like we lost a motor.
This snapped.
- I wonder where that motor went.
And it ripped the wires off.
So, Robert,
do you know what happened?
Something weird, I've never seen
it fly all erratic like that.
We do this, you know,
we do this all the time.
Yeah, there's no wind.
It's not that cold.
I mean, it's almost
like it was being jammed or--
That was the same thought
that went through my head.
With our proximity
to the Nevada Test Site,
this is a known area
of high strangeness
and a known research
facility for NIDS
and that was performance
from a piece of equipment
that we did not expect
to perform in that way.
It's consistent
with anomalous activity
we've seen in Skinwalker Ranch
and what we've seen
in our previous investigation.
What I saw play out
was not natural.
There is something
happening here
that brought that drone down.
If there is some
sort of downed aircraft
emitting a signal,
emitting energy,
it could be enough
to scramble a satellite signal.
It could also be enough
to confuse an electronic device
as sophisticated as a drone.
Well, what we'll have to do
is old school like
we used to do all the time.
We can walk it,
but it's a lot of walking.
Can you pull the data
that you got so far?
I'd say we got
at least half of it.
We can put
the young buck walking a grid.
And then follow that down
to the Lower Meadow as well.
Brogan, I'll help you get
set up for the ground survey.
Sounds good.
- Great. All right.
Let's do it.
All right.
Zig zag back and forth.
And you can
just carry that by itself.
Well, you would hang it
a foot off the ground,
something like that,
and just walk with it.
Let's go, man.
The team pulls
the magnetometer device
off the crashed drone
to finish the void survey
by hand and foot.
So, we're just gonna
cut back and forth
and we'll make maybe
three passes across here?
Although it's a slower process,
they'll still be able to scan
the rest of the mine area.
And back up the hill?
- Yes, sir.
Right down the middle.
They will also do
a magnetometer survey
of the entire
lower meadow by hand,
where Andy earlier recorded
strange magnetic readings
and Robert Bigelow
was reportedly searching
for a buried UFO.
Right here on the lower meadow,
it all kinda connects.
Just that it's so different from
the area around it, you know?
And then our last path
will take us
right in front of the barn?
That should be good.
Later that day,
the team gathers
at the lower meadow
to reveal
the magnetometer results.
All right guys, we got
something interesting here.
Check that out.
So this is the scan
of the Lower Meadow?
Yes, this is the bottom
of the field here, correct.
We're walking up the meadow.
- Yes. Okay.
But now this to me
looks like something
is interrupting the mag signal.
So it's like--
It's an even pulse.
I mean, look how
evenly apart they are.
There's something
that's just stopping it.
Like, the mag
is turning on and off.
- And it could be that
something else is disturbing
the regular magnetic field
and it's confusing
the magnetometer.
Have you seen
anything like this before?
No. That's very strange.
Look at how
straight these lines are.
The dark lines where
the pulsations happen,
where the lack
of signal comes through.
This does not look like
a natural, organic anomaly.
I am blown away
because of Jeff said
Robert Bigelow was digging here
trying to find some sort
of unexplainable energy source
under the ground, and now
we actually have evidence
that shows
there is something there.
We just don't know
how deep it might be.
With intriguing
results at the lower meadow,
but no definitive
target identified,
Robert Leonard will now merge
the data from the crashed drone
with their handheld magnetometer
survey at the mines.
I'm sorry it took me so long.
No, no. This is great.
What do we have?
Well, I'll explain
what took me so long
and it's just--
just gonna blow you away.
Okay, so here's
the overview of the ranch.
These little pins
is where we did our--
Kind of our survey areas.
This area over here
around that first mine,
this was where we had
trouble with the drone.
But I'll show you what--
what we ended up with here.
And so we'll go
over this 3D view.
These are quite significant.
- Wow.
It's a huge magnetic disturbance
that's typically gonna be
indicative of a void.
So mine one has two voids?
There's multiple entry points.
You can see them all.
- Yeah.
And this one down here,
the one that had
that significant drop
is the second one.
Because this is a magnetic void,
would that suggest possibly
that one and two
and possibly something else that
we couldn't see are connected?
- PAUL: Right?
You know, this can connect
to the lower field.
So, for all I know,
this is a way to get in.
If you guys want something
to actually explore further,
this-- this is the place.
That'd be the place to do it
'cause it's a shallowest.
I mean, what it sounds like
we need to do is--
is uncover
what's below the surface.
The question
is how do we do that?
In 2021, the Skinwalker team
found an opening in the mesa
that they believe leads
to an underground tunnel system.
Hey, I found what
looks like to be a cavern.
Pretty sure this is it.
We're hoping that we can
go drill through it
and see if we hit any voids.
This drilling process
takes a lot of time.
To investigate, they brought in
a boring machine
to drill into the rock.
We could have found one
of the most significant finds,
not only on the ranch, but
maybe the entire Uintah Basin.
But with a storm rolling in,
Andy and Paul
won't have enough time
to bring in
a heavy duty drill of their own.
Our weather reports are showing
that there is a storm
that is due to hit tomorrow.
We can't drill, that's--
The time and effort
it would take
for that kind of infrastructure.
What about explosives?
What about that?
Just blast our way in?
Plant a little dynamite
in there and blow it out.
That's an alternative.
It's got
a lot of benefits to it.
It's cheaper, it's faster.
We have access points
right here in the mining area.
With the mine results,
we finally have something
that we can pursue,
something that
we can take action on,
an experiment that
we can really set up,
but we have
to work against the weather
and against the clock.
And the fastest way
to get underground
isn't through
digging or drilling,
it's through blasting.
What hornets' nest
might we be kicking
when we blast these mines?
If you want answers,
you gotta do it.
Jeff, could we actually
use explosives
to get deeper into these caves?
I would say let's do it.
We happen to know
a guy pretty close by
that's an explosive expert.
This guy blows stuff up
for a living
and he loves doing it.
- Sounds good.
Sounds like we've got
a big day ahead of us.
Get to blow some stuff up.
And if we're lucky,
we're gonna crawl inside.
Yeah, exactly.
We have a trailer
full of explosives.
We have a lot of gear.
My understanding
is that our spot
is over in that direction.
We're looking to open up
what we think
are some mine entrances.
We've got a lot of evidence,
and we've done a lot
of research up here.
We've run a lot of numbers that
there's something underground.
- Excellent.
How much dynamite
do we have here today?
we've got about
500 of these sticks.
500 sticks of dynamite.
- Man.
Plus some extra materials
like boosters
that actually make
these go even harder.
What I wanna do
is surgical blasting.
We don't wanna blow
the side of the mountain up.
We just want to carefully
cut into that tunnel
so we can get into it safely
and not have rocks
fall on us once we're in there.
So let's clear it out
and then we'll set the charge.
Let's pack it up.
- Let's go.
I brought the shovel.
This is my number one.
- Okay.
The more of this we can get out
before we set the charge,
the better.
With the impending
storm closing in
and time drawing short,
the team decides to use
Jeff's excavator to dig down
as far as possible
prior to blasting.
That's a lot more
than we could do
with our shovels,
that's for sure.
This will not only
increase their chances
of reaching the potential
tunnel entrances
with single targeted blasts.
We gotta crack that open
and try to get in there
and take a look today.
But will also
reduce the chance of injury
from deadly rock projectiles.
Let's take a look.
Jack, you tell me.
You got a nice hole
there to put a charge into.
Look at that crack right there.
- It almost looks like
there's almost a front edge.
Yeah. Right there.
- That might go underneath there.
Right underneath
that much ledge right there.
Jack and I hit
it with the probe?
All right.
Step down here.
You can see
that whole chunk of rock
is cracked off the top there.
You got a lot of loose material.
Listen to that, guys. Listen.
Sounded hollow for a minute.
It did sound hollow
for a minute.
Just be careful down there.
- Yeah.
I mean, that--
This might not be stable,
so I'm not gonna poke around
under there anymore right now.
Let's check out number two.
So, this is the big one.
Hole number two is where
we have the largest readings
of open void space.
This is the deepest
anomaly we've found.
As far as we can tell.
- Look at all the sawdust.
Somebody filled this in.
It's not solid yet, though.
It's still loose.
Look at all this wood.
And the difference
between the contents
of this mine and the first mine
are totally different.
All dirt and rock over there.
This is just,
this was filled with lumber.
I don't know how that wood
would get in there, honestly.
Yeah, cut wood, like,
this has been covered back up.
So, there's evidence that people
have filled this back in.
And I'm not seeing
any of the ash--
Whoa. Look at that.
- Whoa. Look at that.
That's pretty deep.
That's going way in there.
Whoa. I'm not hitting rock here.
I did not expect
this much sawdust.
I mean, look at this.
While there's
always been a tradition
that we've known of where
miners might put wooden planks
on top of an abandoned hole,
that does not result
in this level
of pulverized wood pulp.
Who would put that much effort
into filling a hole
with timber and for what reason?
So the question is,
what are they hiding?
This could be it.
- This is what we've been
looking for, man.
We're gonna find out, right?
That's right.
It feels like
the wind is picking back up.
Maybe we should just blast.
- All right.
Yeah, we just
don't have much time.
Get the rope
around the tree and try to
get the charge
against the base there
against that rock and maybe get
a good push up and out.
- Yep.
So, we're not just
kicking the hornets' nest.
We're just blowing
the out of it.
That's a good way to put it.
According to the weather,
we got maybe two hours
before full blizzard,
so we gotta move fast.
Andy, Paul and the team
at Mount Wilson Ranch
have one chance
to try to blast their way into
two abandoned mine entrances
that might connect
to an underground tunnel system
leading to what is rumored
to be a buried UFO.
But a winter storm is moving in
and could shut them down
any minute.
It looks like this may be
our last crack at this.
We gotta go big today.
- We do.
I made a little plan for that.
I built a charge
that is about 24 pounds.
My gosh!
Hopefully, this is enough
to breach the tunnel.
This is our last shot at this.
After this storm, this is
gonna be buried for months.
There's something under there
and it's trying it's damndest
not to be found.
It feels like it.
We just gotta clear it out.
We've got a live hole here.
Let's get outta here.
- All right.
I want this network, brother.
I wanna find this thing.
Wow, this weather.
- Yeah.
Mother nature had
an opinion about today, man.
This is the second explosive.
- Yeah.
That looks like
ACME dynamite, if ever I saw it.
X marks the spot right here.
All that loose mulch and wood.
You ever see
anything like this before?
A hold this deep filled in
for no apparent reason?
No, I haven't.
Let's give that a go, shall we?
Let's do it.
- All right.
All right.
Let's clear out our gear.
All right, we got
a live charge here, guys.
All right.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
We're ready to roll.
What's the plan here, sir?
One, then two?
- One's first.
You ready?
- Yeah, brother, you kidding?
Safety up.
Get in position.
- This is gonna be the big one.
Yeah, with the wind
trying to blow us off here.
I know. It's gonna be crazy.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Fire in the hole.
Shot fired successfully.
Look at this wind.
- Wow.
That storm is here.
We are officially out of time.
You ready?
- I'm ready.
Stand by for shot number two.
Take good cover, all right?
Y'all ready for a countdown?
- Let's do this.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Fire in the hole.
- Whoa.
Wow. That was something else.
- That looked like a good hit.
We gotta get out there, right?
Storm's worse.
Let's have a look.
We gotta go.
- Go ahead, man.
Go. Go.
Looking forward
to seeing what we did.
- Look at this size of this.
Look at that boulder in there.
- Take a look at that.
Did you see
this ledge underneath?
- Paul, you see what I'm saying?
- Is that a hole?
That looks like
the opening to something.
That big boulder.
- That looks like a pocket
blocking something.
- Yeah.
I think there's something
behind that rock.
That's what I think.
Careful of those boulders, man.
- Are you guys ready?
Wow, guys.
So, there's more loose soil
back there, but it goes back.
Give me the probe.
- There you go.
Look at that.
That goes in there pretty good.
It's just loose stuff in there.
See? Look at that.
- You're a good
four feet in there, yeah.
The storm's not gonna give
us a chance to get in today.
I'm dying to know
what's right behind the boulder,
but we just don't have
the ability to get down there.
We're gonna
have to leave this for now.
We don't have any more time.
We gotta check number two.
- Yeah.
But very compelling
at the same time.
Okay. All right.
Let's check number two.
- Number two.
There's the hole right up ahead.
Yep. Right ahead.
Hole two.
- Man.
- We got here.
We just gouged it down deeper.
I think we got past
our sawdust problem.
Yeah. For sure. Yep.
That is just like a crater.
Tell you what though.
It really did get cleared out.
It did.
Let's just hope
that bottom's loose.
Careful boss.
- Got it.
Pretty soft there still.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Thank you.
That's right. That's our--
Unstable ledge.
- Watch it.
- Yeah, what do you think, man?
We got some softness
in this area.
I can feel it under here.
We're just compacting it more.
All right.
Where does this leave us, man?
The data told us
there were voids.
Someone used this void
to get deeper underground.
Filled it in.
- But for what?
And then filled it back in.
The potential
for an underground tunnel,
a large antechamber
that connects
these two holes together,
the potential's still there.
We haven't been able
to rule it out at all.
- When I put it all together,
it blows my mind
that there is an energy source
of some sort
emitting constant energy
in the lower Meadow.
And then,
we come out here to our
two best opportunities
to get underground
and we've been able
to get close, but not--
not close enough to get in.
This is it.
This is as far as we can go
with what we've got today
and with these
kind of conditions.
We've come at this
every way we can.
We've been all over it on foot,
we've flown drones
in the air above it,
we've blown holes
to get underground
to get as far
as we possibly can.
I don't know how else to say it.
Mount Wilson Ranch
is keeping a secret.
All the evidence
that we have gathered
points to there is some kind of
energy source underground
and that we are as close
maybe as anyone has ever been
to figuring out what it is.
This is just the beginning.
- We've opened the door.
Nothing's been closed.
All right, man.
Let's get you up out of there.
Well, gentlemen, welcome back.
Good to be back.
- We wanna hear
about your experience
at Mount Wilson.
I cannot believe
- how crazy this place is.
Well, I feel like
we're lucky to be back.
That we're not just
snowed in up there
because there was a blizzard.
- Flat out.
Didn't shut us down entirely,
but we had a lot more work to do
and there was no way.
We had to basically retreat.
And the ranch owner
actually made a point
to tell us how outside
of normal the storm was.
The intensity,
the amount of snow, the cold.
Now as you recall,
we went to this location
specifically following
a Bigelow lead
about a potential
underground UFO.
- And we were able
to confirm and find a number
of correlative data sets
that align with what you've had
here on Skinwalker Ranch.
We started
with a very comprehensive
magnetometer survey.
We called in
a set of professionals
called Terra Exploration Group.
They had a custom-built drone
that was built
for carrying a magnetometer.
Sounds perfect.
And with the Terra team,
we had some locations
that we were
gonna target, right?
So, we knew where
we wanted to focus our energies.
The lower meadow
and the mine area.
So we've been very focused
on the mine area,
which is where we saw
these potential entrances
into the tunnels
that we suspected in the area.
So with both
mine one and mine two,
we actually turned to blasting.
We actually
started using shaped charges
to blast both mines.
In the middle of a snowstorm?
Was it snowing in it?
- How did that go?
We could not get deep enough,
but with all of our blasting
and all of our excavating,
mine one looks like
it was the older
of the two mines,
potentially the less
interesting mine,
'cause it looks like
it was naturally filled.
Mine two gave us a lot of pause
because it looked like
it was intentionally filled.
- And our question became,
why would anyone
take the time to fill a hole?
If it was a non-productive mine?
You would just leave it.
And who filled it in?
Who and why?
- Did Bigelow do it?
Or was it done 100 years ago?
1,000 ago?
- Right.
Now, all of this, like I said,
is at the mines themselves.
But the same land mass
actually flows down
to something called
the lower meadow.
And then we took it
to the magnetometer,
and this is what
our magnetometer showed us.
Look at that.
This square area here,
this is the Lower Meadow.
That's clearly artificial.
That looks like a phased array.
Sure does.
Looks like a phased
array antenna system
built under the ground.
You see where I'm going
with this, Erik?
We've heard rumors
that certain low frequencies
in that range could be used
to not only detect UAPs,
but possibly even
take them down.
But I never
knew 'em to bury them.
They were always
on-- on the surface.
Like, a low frequency
beam of some kind?
Well, just a phase array radar.
The rumors that
array is actually a radar
that brought down
the Roswell thing,
assuming it was real.
I don't have any evidence
one way or the other.
But my point is, that's just
another one of the stories
we've heard
that kinda fits in the--
in the why Bigelow
would've been interested.
Right. Right.
- But if he--
if Bigelow would've found that,
he would've stayed.
That's what I thought too.
- Yeah.
Unless somebody told him
to get, you know, to get out.
I mean, it makes me wonder now.
I mean, I hadn't thought
about it this way.
What test did he carry out in
the lower meadows specifically
since that's where
we got such intense--
intensely strange readings.
- Right.
It's hard for me to believe
that he would sell this ranch
if he found this type of data.
Another thing that was strange
is that we actually--
Another unique instance
when we were there,
in the mining area,
the GPS data in our drone
became so confused
that the drone actually ended up
fighting itself
and crash landing.
That's no-- We've had
that happen hundreds of times.
It's interesting
that it's happening like this
somewhere else.
We also were able
to do some post analysis
on the GPS anomalies
that actually ended up
bringing down our drone.
That's very interest.
Very interesting. Yes.
- And at first
we thought
that we might just dismiss
the GPS data as corrupt
until we actually looked at it.
And then when we actually
looked at it to see
does it correlate to anything,
the errant GPS data in our drone
correlates to this red line
in each of these
yellow placements
that connect the corner of Cuba
up to the corner
of the Bermuda Triangle.
- That's where our drone
thought it was going.
I mean, we've seen anomalies
that were
60 something miles away.
- But this is 1,000 miles.
1,000 miles away.
None of our data points to Cuba.
It's disturbing to me.
- We knew we're on the edge
of the Nevada Test Site
and it literally
seemed like what happened
is that the drone had crossed
some sort of barrier.
It had hit something
that intentionally
seemed to misguide it.
And you watched it
come down with your eyes?
What struck me about this
is that it's very clean,
but inaccurate data.
It's not garbled.
- Yeah.
My training at CIA
immediately made me think
that this wasn't corrupted data,
it was intentionally
made errant.
- What we would call spoofed.
- This is highly suspicious
of spoofing to me
and to what end and why there?
I mean,
if you're gonna spoof something,
you don't put something
nonsensical into it.
You put something
that's believable, right?
- This means something.
It implies something deliberate.
It absolutely does, Erik.
It sounds like
what you're saying is
this could potentially
not be a spoof at all.
It could be some sort of
communication effort?
Yeah. This is jumping out at us.
It's a calling card.
It's a message.
It's saying something
about that location in Nevada
and these locations
in the Gulf of Mexico.
I am surprised.
I'm not-- I was not--
I was not expecting this at all.
No, I wasn't expecting this.
I didn't know
what to expect, honestly,
but I'll tell you,
this really invites follow-up.
Yeah, especially
the lower meadow where Bigelow
had carried out
his investigations,
that's where we wanted to focus
more of our efforts.
I'd really like to know
if Jeff would be receptive
to leaving
data logging instruments
on a long-term basis
in this location.
I think he absolutely would.
We could potentially connect
- Pull a cable.
that site for study here.
- And you know
what's even cooler about that?
Now, not only
is it connected potentially
through whatever
the phenomena is,
we're actually putting
a hard line connection
between the two ranches.
- Wow.
And then now that in--
Sort of doubles down
on whatever's going on there.
The power of correlative data.
Right, I mean,
I was not expecting
to come back
with a report like this.
You guys did a thorough job
in the amount of time you had
and I imagine,
kinda the way you guys were
once all that
four feet of snow hit,
I mean, what are you gonna
do in that, nothing, you know?
Travis, listening
to Paul and Andy,
you and I shouldn't complain.
We haven't dealt
with four feet of snow.
You guys deal with the heat
and we deal with the snow.
Maybe at some point, we'll have
to flop our seasons around.
And I gotta tell you,
if you guys continue
to find things like this,
we're not gonna have
enough time in the day to--
to investigate all this.
This is fantastic.
- Well, thanks.
I feel like this was,
yeah, this was a productive one.
I really-- I-- Like I said--
- I wanna go there now.
- Yeah, We're gonna reach out
to the same teams
that we worked with,
get their raw data.
- Yeah. We'll pull some more.
And then we're back here
in just a few days
to set up
the next trip with you guys.
I think collectively
we owe it to ourselves
to do that follow up.
- Yeah.
Yeah. Thank you so much.
- Great.
Well, thank you guys.
- Thanks.
- Absolutely, man.
That was awesome. Thanks.
All right, gents.
We'll see you soon.
All right. See you.
Can't wait 'til the next time.
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