Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Rocky Mountain Ranch

For years, scientists have
been working to reveal
the secrets of
skin walker ranch.
But is it possible that the
clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
Now, an ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the skin walker team
to go on a high-stakes
mission across america.
Look at all this activity
that's happening.
- That's unbelievable.
- My gosh.
Look at that. Look
at that, look at that.
Uncover evidence
that may finally
expose the truth.
What is that thing?
It's getting more
intense. You ever seen
- anything like this before?
- No.
This is just the beginning.
Gentlemen, welcome
back to the ranch.
I'm looking forward to finding
out what we've got lined up
for the next part
of our investigation.
Well, we're happy to be
back, and we think we've got
a really interesting
story this time.
This is a ranch where
not only do we have
a really interesting
physical location,
but we've got a
great human story.
Yeah, we've got a
pretty good lead here.
It came out of the book
the hunt for the skin walker.
You're talking about kelleher
and George knapp's book?
- Right.
- Right.
So what part of it is this
from? What is the story?
There's a whole section in that
book called "other hot spots,"
Inside that book, they
reference a ranch in Colorado.
And the story in the book
references a family and
a series of strange
events over the years,
but keeps the names
involved completely hidden.
They're pseudonyms.
No name of the location.
That is kept concealed.
They called it rocky
mountain ranch.
We reached out to
mufon, Colorado mufon,
and the head of Colorado mufon
is a woman named Katie Paige.
So this is a real
puzzle to put together,
and Katie really
is the keystone.
Turns out Katie Paige is part
of that family living on the ranch
and has firsthand
knowledge of this whole story.
- So she is an experiencer.
- Correct.
Katie herself was an
experiencer at age nine
on the ranch
referenced in the book.
And when we got in contact
with her, she actually turned us
on to a very little-known report
that was filled out at the time
by a group called the aerial
phenomena research organization,
the actual precursor to mufon.
In 1978,
the aerial phenomena
research organization, or apro,
did a thorough investigation
at an undisclosed location
in Colorado they code-named
rocky mountain ranch.
And the apro report from
the late '70s documents
- a lot of this phenomena.
- And the ranch itself
actually has a lot of the
same strange phenomenon
that you have here
on skin walker ranch.
Now, going through
this apro report,
we find really detailed
multi-witness accounts
of everything from orbs to
electronic voices coming in
through technology
that's got no power,
humming sounds,
multiple cryptid sightings.
Really, really strange
phenomenon that was vetted
when the report was originally
published in the 1970s,
but then somehow this
report has gone unnoticed.
Nobody's paid attention
to it. It was mostly lost
until we connected with Katie,
and then Katie actually
brought it to light for us.
And now Katie,
reconstructing her own history,
has agreed to go back
to the ranch with us.
'Cause she has never
been back to the ranch.
This is gonna be her first
time setting foot on that property
since she was eight,
nine, ten years old.
- That's fantastic.
- And we have some
open questions, right? First,
the current ranch owners.
What have they experienced?
Have they seen anything strange
on the ranch? And records
show that they've owned this ranch
for almost 30 years. And
then what's going to happen
to the ranch when we take
Katie, a known experiencer,
back to the ranch?
Will the ranch react?
If so, how will it react,
and what can we do to
measure that reaction?
Yeah, that is the
right question.
Yeah, and I'm really excited
about there being a new place
that has almost identical
Reporting, anyway
Of phenomenology, so I'd really
like to see what commonalities
there are and what data you
collect. So good luck, guys.
Yeah. Well, it's go time.
Can't wait to hear
back from you.
All right.
Due to the sensitive
nature of this investigation,
the current owners of rocky
mountain ranch have asked
for their names and location
to be kept anonymous.
I am so excited
about this story here
at rocky mountain ranch
because this place was sort of
skin walker before skin
walker even happened, right?
I think katie's reaction to this
is gonna be key for us, right?
Because, again, this is
something she experienced
as a child, and over time,
it's sometimes hard to sort out
those memories, especially
if it was something traumatic.
There might be a lot of
stuff that she's repressed.
- Yeah.
- Going through this process
with her, combined with the
data that we hopefully can gather
with, you know, new
instrumentation that wasn't
available could really open up
some new information about this.
Now, Paul, we are
in a little bit of a race
against the clock, 'cause we
have a limited time to be here.
We've got a lot of
ground to cover too, right?
So, I think, let's
go at it this way.
I can talk to Katie. You
can go out to the ranch
and meet with the current
owners and sort of see
what their experience
has been, and then we'll,
you know, try to regroup
and see what's going on.
- Yeah. Absolutely.
- Good luck. Talk to you soon.
Tell me about your
connection to the ranch.
Yeah, it's kind of interesting.
I mean, this is the mid-70s,
so my mom, she met
a gentleman at work,
and that gentleman
owns the ranch.
- How old were you at the time?
- I'm nine to 12 years old.
Nine to 12. So you spent
a lot of time out here?
Yeah, a little bit.
Every time that
either my sister or I
spent time on the ranch,
unusual things happened.
What I recall the most was,
it was, like, this heavy
feeling of just being uneasy,
being watched.
Hi, there. Thanks so
much for having me.
No problem, absolutely.
This is a really interesting
place. I'm sure you know
some of the history about
the property that you're on.
Um, a little bit from what
we were looking up online,
just some people
talking about it.
You know, sometimes they
see some lights in the sky.
I mean, we haven't
seen too much.
I mean, I think dad
has seen some before.
Yeah, I've seen some
strange things in the sky.
You have? What have you seen?
Well, what it was, it was
a whole string of lights.
- There was 27 of 'em.
- Twenty-seven?
I was in the back porch,
and they were all
in a perfect line.
- Wow.
- And then they just
They came from south to north,
and then they made a curve,
and then they
straightened back out
and then they just
went out of sight.
Wow. How long ago was that?
About five years ago.
And when you first saw
that, what did you think?
I didn't know what to think.
I was like, "well,
that's that's a ufo",
"because I don't know
anything that looks like that."
So, when you took over in
the '80s, did you take ownership
from the previous owners, or
was it abandoned at the time?
It was abandoned.
Nobody was living here.
But the fella, we just
bought it from him.
But it was empty
when we moved here.
- Yeah.
- That's interesting.
The scariest night at the ranch,
the adults were
in the front room.
They were playing
board games, as I recall.
It was, like, really late
at night, to my memory,
and the three boys, my
sister, and I were hanging out
in the boys' bedroom.
So, all of a sudden,
we hear, like, a right.
Just like that. Just a hum.
And any time that
hum sound would come,
you know something's
gonna happen.
Like like, so
everybody's on edge.
So when the hum would happen,
other things would happen?
Other things would
happen. So everybody's like,
"hold on, here we go." And
when that humming started,
all the lights in
the house went out.
And at that moment
And it was like a window
kind of like this the bright,
brighter than the sun light
comes through that window.
Everybody's freaking out,
but here's the thing. It
was, like, from every orifice
of the house, this
electronic-sounding voice
comes out of the house, and
it basically stated, you know,
"we have allowed you to remain."
"We've interfered with
your lives very little."
"Your friends will be instructed
to remain silent concerning us."
- "Concerning us."
- "Concerning us."
- That must've been terrifying.
- It was terrifying.
This has stayed with me
and affects me still to this day.
I believe now that something
connected to me then,
that night at that ranch.
In the 1978 apro report,
the water cistern was one
of the key areas on the ranch
where multiple strange
anomalies were documented.
And this is the
original cistern?
- Yes.
- I'm actually gonna take
a few measurements here. I
can walk you through everything.
- Sure.
- Nothing secret.
We are gonna look
for organic radiation,
and this is often a sign
for us of whether or not
there could be something
more happening around us.
All right, here we go.
This is an interesting
This is interesting right
out of the gates, actually.
So you're showing
150% higher
radiation levels here
than what we would
expect anywhere else.
It says 26.6 micrograms.
That is very, very elevated.
Not elevated to the place
where you have to be afraid
of anything in terms of, like,
you know, radiation poisoning
or radiation damage, but
this is much higher than
what you would expect
to see in any other
kind of natural
forest or open place.
What is that noise?
Did you hear a noise?
I heard this, like,
humming noise.
Well, that is a humming
noise. I hear that too.
It's coming from
Have you heard
that noise before?
Not that particular one, no.
You've never heard that before?
Does that guy still fly
those planes anymore?
- No.
- That doesn't sound like
a plane or a drone.
That's a pitched hum.
I don't know what
to make of that.
It's kind of mind-boggling
to me that in all the time that
you've been here, you haven't
heard that humming sound.
Your ranch is actually one of
the best-documented locations
for strangeness that
we've come across.
And one of those
reports actually talks about
a specific phenomena
that happened right here,
- right at this cistern.
- Really?
There was noise coming
from in this area at night,
in the evening, and then they
came out here to investigate,
and the strange noises
actually were so intimidating that
they ran back to the house
and felt the phenomenon
- follow them back to the house.
- Really? Wow.
We just started
researching the cistern,
and now, out of nowhere,
a humming sound starts
that the current ranch owners
have never heard before.
The only difference between the
apro report and what's happening
right now is that we're running
high-quality microphones,
and we're actually
capturing and recording
the sound that's
happening right now.
So I get to package this up
and send it back to Travis
and Erik to take apart.
I think the next step is
really just to connect with
my partner Paul
and then start getting
the wheels rolling
on the experiments.
- Great.
- Let's do it.
How are you feeling
now? This is a big step.
You know, I'm
feeling more emotional
- than I thought I would feel.
- Right.
You know, I think the
culmination of years
and years and years of research
and wanting to find answers,
and that's kind of all
culminated to this very moment.
After almost 50 years,
investigator Katie Paige is
returning to rocky
mountain ranch
for the first time
since she experienced
terrifying strangeness
there as a young girl.
My gosh.
- My goodness.
- You look very excited.
Okay, so here's the house.
I think maybe let's
pull up over here.
- Here. Okay.
- We'll start our tour.
All right.
Katie went through
something really intense
when she was a kid.
I'm actually amazed that
she is willing to come back
out here and face it head-on.
I mean, you can really see
the courage in this woman,
even as you still see
this flicker of terror
in the ten-year-old
girl inside her.
Katie, can you
give me a sense of
what experiences you
had out here personally?
Yeah. I mean, it's interesting
what we remember, because
I remember that night in the
house and that humming sound.
So they would always hear
hums and bangs underground.
So if you can believe it, we
were just here earlier today
- and the hum came up.
- Really?
A loud hum that the
owners who have been here
for the last 30 years
had never heard before.
You're kidding me.
We were on site at
the original cistern,
and I'll take you there and
show you exactly where we were.
I do recall that there was,
you know, sounds and bangs
and other activity that would
occur near the cistern up here.
As we were taking readings
and measurements here,
we then heard a hum,
a maddening, long-term,
frustrating hum that just
seemed to fill up the entire area.
As if they knew we
were back investigating.
What I'm feeling right now
is that fear of everything,
'cause this isn't
a distant memory
that we were
forbidden to talk about.
- Like, it's physically here.
- Right.
All right. So, Andy, do you
wanna show us the silo?
Yeah. Sure. We
can go that direction.
Okay. Yeah, I remember the silo
always gave me the creeps.
Why was it creepy to you?
You know, you were
always feeling watched
and things were
hiding behind things
and it's always,
like, a little unnerving.
All right, well, we got some
weather coming in now?
Katie, did you ever
have anything happen
around the silo?
Not around the silo,
but I just remember
always wanting to
stay away from it.
This just was always
an eerie place back here
behind the ranch house,
and the closer you
got into the woods,
the creepier it got.
Is that empty in there now?
Yeah, it's sort of
fallen into disuse.
Wow. Just saw an
animal run that way.
- Really?
- Yeah, I did.
It just ran right that way,
so I don't know what it was.
It wasn't that large.
You're sure you saw something?
I'm positive. 100%.
Where are the tracks?
There should be tracks,
'cause I just saw it.
Let's just make sure
we stay close together.
You see the tracks in the snow?
- Yes, look at that.
- Yeah, look at that.
- Look at those.
- Do we wanna
follow 'em for a little way?
Look at how they just end!
They just stop. They
just end right here.
Just, boom. Right
here, they end.
It goes right to a
dead spot of snow.
- There's nothing there.
- No, that's weird.
I see 'em there,
and then nothing.
So this is maybe the
last one, and then it just
It's just gone. There's nothing.
Let's walk this
way to the tree line.
Do we see any tracks?
Definitely getting a little
creepier back in here.
Seeing those footprints
is a little unnerving.
As the team approaches
another hotspot
of high strangeness
in the 1978 apro report,
the tree line on the
northern part of the ranch,
Andy wants to test the
radio frequency spectrum
for any anomalies.
Katie, what we're
looking for here are
some very specific
frequencies that seem to pop up
time and again whenever we're in
these areas of
concentrated strangeness.
When the skin walker
team encounters
strange phenomena, they
often detect a 1.6 gigahertz signal
on a spectrum analyzer.
1.6 gigahertz is in a
privileged radio frequency zone
that's reserved
for earth-to-space
and space-to-earth
Paul, you gotta see
this, man. Look at this.
- What we got?
- Look at this activity.
- My gosh.
- Wow.
We're seeing readings
at 1.6, 1.7, and 1.9.
Look at that. Look
at that spike at 1.7
- and then back to 1.9.
- That just went way up.
So something is causing
these huge energy spikes.
If this was a man-made signal
- There it goes again.
- We would expect the energy
to be very consistent.
We've seen spikes at 1.6
before, but we've never seen
this much activity
across this whole range.
Exactly right. This is a ton of
radio energy in a remote area.
After seeing these radio
frequencies so active
and so intense, it absolutely
confirms in my mind
that we need to do some kind
of radio test while we're here.
There is something on this ranch
that seems to be
trying to communicate.
What happens if we
communicate back?
Jares, I really
appreciate you coming out
and helping us with this. We
have a lot of equipment that
we've already been able
to set up, but I can tell that
- you've brought some new stuff.
- Yeah.
I can see you already have a
spectrum analyzer over there,
and this one's gonna be
significantly more sensitive.
To test the idea that
some kind of phenomenon
at rocky mountain ranch
might be trying to communicate
with Katie and team, Andy
and Paul have brought in
engineer and ham radio
specialist, jares doverspike,
to help them try to
communicate back.
I brought this receiver
here, and I know that you're
wanting to be able to transmit
on the 1.6 gigahertz frequency,
so I also brought this one.
- This is a transmitter?
- Correct.
For this experiment, they
are going to broadcast
on the 1.6 gigahertz frequency
that is correlated with high
strangeness at skin walker ranch.
We're gonna be
broadcasting a sweep across
this 1.6 gigahertz
part of the spectrum
where we're getting these
weird signals here on the ranch.
We're going to
hopefully stimulate
the biggest response so far.
The only way to legally
transmit a human voice
at 1.6 gigahertz all
the way into space
is to use a ham radio.
Since I am a ham radio
operator, I have to follow the law.
However, there's this thing
that I can take advantage of
called harmonics, which means
that whenever you transmit at
a specific frequency, there's
some energy that will be
translated to every
single multiple of that.
So what this is gonna allow
us to do is essentially, like,
shout into a cave and
create an echo that does echo
- at the frequency we want.
- Yes.
I'm really excited
about the new direction
we're gonna be taking
things here. I mean,
location after location, we
have gotten strange readings
on the spectrum analyzer in
this 1.6 gigahertz bandwidth.
For the first time, we're
gonna try and talk back
on that bandwidth, and I
am really wondering what
You know, what kind of
results we're gonna get.
I mean, the piece of the
puzzle here is that back in 1976
when Katie was
here with her family,
there was some kind of
broadcast that came through
stereo equipment that
was essentially turned off.
So if we can do anything
to trigger that kind of signal,
we wanna pick it up with
this kind of equipment.
And this is the physical place
where voices were heard
through radios during the blackout.
So we're gonna
recreate that situation.
So what we're gonna do is
set up these old am radios,
and we will have them
tuned to basically just static,
to an empty band,
to an empty channel.
The plan is after
they broadcast a voice
at 1.6 gigahertz
into the atmosphere,
they will use multiple radios
placed inside the house
to monitor for any
audio anomalies
coming through
the radio speakers.
They've also placed a
highly sensitive microphone
next to the radios to capture
and graphically
display any response.
So jares, here's where
we're actually porting in from
that microphone. So if we
start to see significant variation
in the amplitudes of
these, then we'll know that
there's something that's
being transmitted through
those am radio channels.
I think we have
everything that we need
set up for tonight's experiment.
All we need to do now
is grab Katie and Nicole.
The real objective that
we have here is if this ranch
is trying to communicate,
then this is our chance
to knock on the wall
and see if it knocks back.
- Okay.
- Let's see.
We're gonna split up into teams.
Katie, if you'll stay here
with me and and jares.
We're gonna monitor
everything on this side.
And then Paul,
you're taking Nicole?
We'll be out behind the
house scanning these skies.
And then we'll be
in touch on walkies.
If you guys see anything
of significance, let us know.
And if we see anything on
our side, we'll call you back.
- Sounds good.
- All right.
Let's do it.
All right, jares. You
wanna turn this guy up
and see if we're picking up
any incoming transmissions?
All right, Paul, we are
set and ready to go,
getting ready to send a
signal at 1.6 gigahertz.
I'm gonna count down from
five for you. Is that good?
Copy you. We are
eyes on the sky.
All right, stand by. Here we
go. Five, four, three, two, one.
Kn4, cq-cq-cq.
So far I have nothing.
I got nothing.
So if we want to, or
what I'd like to do, is,
Katie, how do you feel
about sending a transmission?
Kn4 having a secondary person
operating under my station.
Do you remember me, my
sister, and the three boys?
We're back, and
we'd like to talk to you.
My gosh! Did you
see that reaction?
- Yeah, it just went "whoo!"
- Holy smokes!
We just had a massive
reaction from the house
when Katie sent
that transmission.
- Get out of here.
- Look at this.
No, man. I can't I'm
not even making it up.
Look at this!
What kind of reaction?
Tons of energy
coming from the house.
I've got goosebumps up
and down my body right now.
- My god.
- My god.
The house is absolutely
reacting to katie's voice.
It is amazing to see.
So I'm communicating
with something in the house?
Do you have any
explanation for that?
I do not have any explanations.
Hey, we better get
you and Nicole in here.
You gotta see
this for yourselves.
- We'll head in.
- All right,
we're waiting for you, man,
before we do anything next.
- We're on our way.
- Unbelievable.
That's unbelievable.
Nicole, you live here
- Yeah.
- So I want you to see it.
And then Paul, this is, I mean,
this is what we've been chasing.
- Yeah.
- I'd like to transmit
the exact same way
when Katie starts talking.
Remember me, Katie, my
sister, and the three boys
that were on this ranch?
We are back and
we want to talk to you.
Whoa, whoa!
There's definitely
I don't know what
kind of response it is,
but there is a response.
I'm just sitting here
with my mouth open.
What is that?
I don't understand it. I
don't understand it at all.
Jares, if you have
an explanation
I have zero explanations.
None whatsoever.
Well, I'm just wondering,
does this correlate
Could this correlate
with that disembodied
electrical voice that
we heard in the house?
The original structure seems
to consistently respond to Katie.
- She's the trigger right here.
- She's the trigger.
Like, there's a connection.
Like, it attached decades ago
and it's never left me and
that's always what I've felt.
It's just never left me.
Man, this ranch is weird.
What's so striking to me
is just the layer upon layer
of evidence that we're
seeing here, right?
And they seem to be compounding
and proving each other true.
Right? We're not
only able to confirm
what the original apro report
said with our own experiences,
I heard humming right
there at the cistern.
- Did you hear a noise?
- I heard this humming noise.
Well, that is a humming
noise. I hear that too.
We're sitting here watching
massive radiation readings,
talking to the current residents
here, hearing humming
right there along with them.
This place is absolutely proving
to be everything that
was reported in the 1970s.
And, you know, the
radio experiment.
Yeah, I mean, I have never
seen anything like what we did
with that radio experiment.
We are back and
we want to talk to you.
Whoa, whoa!
I can't get it out
of my head, man.
It certainly seems
like this ranch reacts.
What I'm trying to figure
out is where best to go next.
This ranch is absolutely
trying to communicate.
We've taken some
very gentle approaches
to try to communicate back.
I wonder what happens
if we get more intense.
One thing we might
want to think about
is what they've done on
skin walker is use rockets
and see if somehow we
can trigger any further activity.
You know, a rocket
experiment is a great next step.
We know the team at skin
walker was able to use rockets
to trigger uap activity.
- We are ready for launch in
- Three, two, one. Ignition. Go.
All right, team.
Keep your eye on it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait,
what's this right here. What's this?
- What's this?
- We got something!
We got something! We
got something right here.
Guys, we just had a uap appear.
We want to use some basic
rockets that just launch up
to altitude and see if we can't
use those rockets to trigger
some kind of reaction.
I mean, just go
right at it head on.
Yeah, I mean, head on is
exactly what the rockets do.
We're basically gonna go
from trying to knock on the door
to trying to kick the door in.
Just barge right through it.
You know, that might
be poking at it enough
to get some kind of reaction.
Yeah. I think we've got a plan.
Yeah, absolutely.
- Hey, guys.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- How are you?
Great day to
launch some rockets.
Yes, sir. Thank you.
Let's see if we can get
something out there for you.
Paul and Andy are meeting
with skin walker ranch's
rocket experts from loc
precision to conduct experiments
at rocky mountain ranch,
where Katie Paige experienced
high strangeness
as a young girl.
Their first rocket launch
will be near the tree line
where Katie, Andy, and
Paul found mysterious tracks
to nowhere.
Look at this trail.
It goes right to a
dead spot of snow.
- There's nothing there.
- No.
And received strange
radio frequency spikes.
We've seen spikes at 1.6
before, but we've never seen
this much activity
across this whole range.
This is a ton of radio
energy in a remote area.
Greg and I will be on stand
by as the retrieval team,
so we'll have a second set
of eyes seeing what behavior
the rockets show on the
way up and on the way down
and then we'll be
able to pick up anything
- that's left on the ranch.
- Katie and I will
stay here with you,
and we'll be in touch
with these guys the whole
time, spotting and tracking.
All right, time to go to work.
The first medium sized
rocket should reach
an altitude of 2,500 feet.
The team will watch for anything
out of the ordinary
over this hot spot,
such as a failed takeoff or
changes in the flight path,
which could signify an unknown
force or object in the sky.
All right, skies are
clear, pads armed,
and we are going in
five, four, three, two, one.
All right, everybody
keep your eyes out.
- Yep.
- Definitely a straight flight.
Yeah, still holding at
about 22 degrees north,
right above the tree line.
Okay. I just lost it.
Can't see it.
- There it is.
- I see it too.
She's trucking still dead north.
- All right, good luck, guys.
- Thanks, man.
All right. Probably 100 yards.
Yeah, it's coming down
right in line over these trees
to the left of that
smaller red barn.
I'm not seeing it, Greg.
All right, Paul. We
are not seeing it yet.
So this one has drifted
quite a bit to the north
and to the east, so we're
gonna have to go hunting
a little bit more.
This rocket, it's nowhere
near the last heading
that was reported.
This is starting to look
a lot like the rocket
that went off course
at skin walker ranch.
There it goes, there it goes.
What was that bend all about?
It cocked dramatically to
the north so it couldn't go up
through the beam.
What in the crap?
So there better be
some upper-level winds
that would explain
that out of the north.
What wind?
Why don't we take all
this stuff and we'll start
getting it so we can get
the next launch site set up
while they're out recovering
while we still got
some daylight?
Greg, is that it? Is that it?
- Yeah, there it is.
- Holy.
What's it doing over here?
This is way off course.
Yeah, that's it right there.
Look at that. Look at that.
- I'll come with you.
- Yeah, come on out, man.
All right. We got eyes
on the package, Paul.
I am in route to retrieve it.
Great news. Thanks, Andy.
All right. I was getting
worried about you guys.
I was worried, man. We
had just given up the hunt
and then we found
it in some place
we just didn't expect to see it.
So was it just
totally off course?
- Way off course.
- 'Cause, I mean,
I had a clear view
until it disappeared.
You know, I thought I
had a clean line of sight.
- Where was it?
- It took a hard right turn
after you guys saw it
pass over the horizon.
I don't know how it did that.
That just doesn't
make any sense.
It's not that windy,
it didn't go that high.
How did we get two miles out?
I'm glad that we found
it because it gives us
the data point that
we need to confirm
that there was something
strange about that launch.
- Absolutely.
- So, yeah,
this is our second location.
Cistern is where all kinds of
weird things have happened.
Absolutely, I mean, Greg and I
experienced the humming noise
here at the cistern.
- Did you hear a noise?
- I heard this humming noise.
Have you heard
that noise before?
Not that particular one, no.
You've never heard that before?
Now the team is prepping
a six-foot pitbull rocket
that's large enough
to carry a payload,
including a trifield meter,
spectrum analyzer,
and altimeter.
For this launch, they will
fire the rocket from the cistern
where Andy and the current ranch
owners witnessed a strange hum.
- Let's get to it.
- Absolutely.
All right. Should we
head to the Jeep?
Yes, we should.
Pads armed and going.
Five, four, three, two, one.
It's like it's like it
hit a wall up there.
She's dropping.
All right, guys,
heads up, heads up.
- Backsliding.
- Whoa.
. What is going on?
No delay, no delay.
We have eyes on
it. We are en route.
Yeah, the rocket
is probably trashed,
but I think your
equipment will be all right.
You think? So did the
chute just not deploy?
The motor didn't pop a charge.
Wow. Why would
the chute not deploy?
- Is it just engine failure?
- Look at that.
That's it right there.
The one time that we've
got gear on board, it fails.
Hey, Paul. This is Andy.
We have the rocket retrieved.
Andy, we're gonna come
down and meet you at the shop.
Thank you, sir.
So the black powder
just didn't go off at all?
It doesn't look like it at all.
- Is that unusual? I mean - very.
- Very unusual?
All right. Here's your
stuff. Well, okay. Light's on.
That's good news.
- Here we got
- Okay.
- Yep, everything's
- My trifield took a nosedive.
We should still have recording
all the way to
impact before impact.
I'd be curious to see
how that works out.
Altimeter recorded no flight.
- No flight?
- What?
How would that happen?
I mean, that's a pretty
basic piece of equipment.
I mean, you turn it
on and it should just
Yeah, I mean, it's
basic as they come.
Like, you turn
it on, it records.
When there's altitude,
it just realizes it.
- 100%.
- Maybe it didn't really fly.
It really fell.
Well, the trifield
proves that part.
Sounds like we need
to analyze the footage,
we need to record
what data we can
and then ship it off
to Erik and Travis.
All right, let's just
break it all down.
Paul and Andy, I'm very
anxious to have your return report
on the rocky mountain
ranch experience.
Brace yourselves for
what we've got here.
Yeah, this place was wild.
On top of everything
that we were prepared for
when we arrived at
rocky mountain ranch,
it just got stranger after
we actually started putting
boots on the ground, and we
even had experiences ourselves.
So, one of the known
areas of anomalous activity
on the ranch is actually
centered around the cistern.
So, we wanted to launch
rockets from the cistern
with a payload inside to
measure radio spectrum energy,
trifield energy, and
altimeter and see if we can't
get some meaningful data out
of a launch in an anomalous area.
Well, and the rocket
itself is also a sensor
in that if there's some kind
of atmospheric anomaly
or something that will
push the rocket around,
you can watch its trajectory
and see things happen. Right?
- Absolutely.
- So we used a pitbull rocket
provided by loc precision
because loc precision
- has worked here on skin walker.
- Those guys are great.
And we asked loc precision
what can we do here
to as closely as
possible replicate
the same type of
process that you use here
- on skin walker ranch.
- That's great.
That is very good. I like it.
So this is what happened.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
It's like it's like it
hit a wall up there.
Give me a pop sideways.
Yeah, no rejection of it.
No delay.
It reached an altitude of 1,800
feet and then seemed to die.
We had the rocket actually
fail to deploy its shoot,
so it didn't work according
to its operating procedures.
We also were able to
capture footage from inside.
So the rocket launched, which
showed very steady readings.
So I've paused it just
after it reaches apogee
and right before
it appears to start.
Jumped up suddenly
to a spike in voltage
up to 100-something
volts per meter.
- Yes.
- Wow.
And we do not know
what to make of this.
You've encountered a region
of high electric
field very briefly.
Either you went through
it or you were hit by it.
One or the other.
So the secondary explosive
that was supposed to launch
the parachute also failed.
So what that means
is something happened
to keep the igniters from
setting off the charge.
Was there a camera on
the outside of the rocket?
- Yes, sir.
- There is.
Wait. Stop, back
it up a little bit.
Right there.
So we just heard
something mechanical.
I think there was
an impulse hit.
I interpreted that as the
beginning of the turbulence
of the tumble. You're
saying that could have been
That was an impulse
response. That was that.
Something created a huge
spike in the electric field.
What could it have been?
The rocket was
ground and something
Like lightning to an airplane,
but there was no lightning,
there was no cloud. So what?
This is really a
key piece of data.
- I'm glad we have it.
- Now going through this,
I want to show you a
result that's specific to Katie.
Our plan was to go out
and execute a radio test
where we would try to transmit
a 1.6 gigahertz frequency
using a harmonic within
the ham radio bands.
When we were transmitting,
we were also measuring energy
coming back to us
through a set of am radios
that were set to open channels.
So effectively, what we have
is a discrete spectrum analyzer.
We have a multi spectral sensor.
- There we go.
- All right. So at this point,
we're letting Katie
transmit on the transmitter.
We are back and
we want to talk to you.
You know, guys, I get the
real sense that this space
is responding to katie's return.
It's like the ranch
recognizes her.
You know, we've seen things
like that here on skin walker
where it's as if the phenomenon
is familiar with someone
as they come back and
things start to happen.
We absolutely want
to follow up on this.
So now let me show
you what happened
when I took a walk about
with the family that's there now.
We actually went to one
of the known hot spots
from the apro report.
According to the apro report,
that cistern was known
for having humming noises
and underground vibrations.
A metallic hum turned on.
What is that noise?
- Did you hear a noise?
- I heard this humming noise.
That is a humming
noise. I hear that too.
In the distance, it
seemed to envelop
everything in the environment.
Do you have an audio recording?
- We do.
- Let's hear it.
All right, Erik, I just sent you
the audio file of the humming.
Wow. We're looking
at both the time domain
and the frequency domain.
I'm going to play the recording
and we're going to listen for
that hum that you've described.
It's clear.
There is a very
clearly audible tone.
Is that the tone that
you were telling?
Okay, so if we do the
analysis of this portion here,
here is the frequency
content and right here,
one thing that
jumps right out at me,
is around 400 hertz
we have this peak.
Yeah, very distinct.
That is in fact
what we're hearing.
So what we're hearing
is a hum at 400 hertz.
Here's one thing that
I can't help but notice.
I've heard this before.
It's what the sound of the
power systems and aircraft
and spacecraft make because
we run them at 400 hertz
and it is exactly at
the right frequency
and it sounds I
mean, I've heard it before
and that's exactly
what it sounds like.
That's typically something
you see from the air force,
from the intelligence
community, or from NASA.
So just so I understand
this, in layman's terms,
what we're hearing
here is the sound of either
advanced aircraft electronics
or spacecraft electronics?
Not electronics, power systems.
And that's the main
power system frequency.
I don't know what this is,
but it sounds exactly like
the main frequency sound
that you get from spacecraft.
Yes. However, there are other
features in the frequency domain
way out here on the high end.
Do you have any thoughts
on why we'd be seeing 17.16?
You know, that's so high.
That's right on the
edge of what I can hear.
There's frequencies are
right above what you can hear.
It can cause irritation, it
can cause sleeplessness.
Imagine this. What
if, for some reason,
somebody doesn't want
people looking into this place
and they want to drive you
nuts and run you away. Right?
And if you had something
like a high altitude aerial asset
that could broadcast a
frequency that drives you nuts.
And the 400 hertz could
be the power system
for whatever that thing is.
Well, that's an
interesting thought.
I mean, this is almost
a Sonic weapon.
Yes, that's exactly what it is.
This could very well be
something that could be used
to make people not feel good
while they're at this location
and to leave.
Rocky mountain ranch
seems to give off the vibe
and have all of the tell tale
signs that it could possibly be
like another skin walker ranch.
And to find other locations
that are part of this class
of special places
where we get to see
this kind of phenomenology,
especially when we
have the attached history
such as we had here at
the rocky mountain site,
that is invaluable.
All right. Well, we're
just getting started.
Stay with it, fellas.
- Let's start a revolution.
- Thanks for joining us.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you, man.
Always a pleasure.
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