Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Thomas Miller Ranch

Tonight on
Beyond Skinwalker Ranch
Usually they follow a pattern
of removing the eye,
removing an ear.
They remove the tongue.
- There's no blood?
- There's no blood.
What in nature could cause
something like this?
Within this point
of the bridge,
- there have been 15 deaths.
Do you feel like
this property tries to
communicate with you?
I feel like the ranch does
as a whole.
We lost a light right
when you were talking about it.
Bringing the coils up!
Why would you be seeing this
under a bridge?
Oh, do you see this?
Look at this, look at this!
- What is that?
What is going on there?
For years,
scientists have been working
to reveal the secrets
of Skinwalker Ranch.
But is it possible that
the clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
- Now
- Whoa!
an ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the Skinwalker team
to go on a high-stakes mission
across America.
Look at all this activity
that's happening.
- That's unbelievable!
- Oh, my gosh! Look at that,
look at that, look at that!
The goal:
uncover evidence
that may finally
expose the truth.
- What is that thing?
- It's getting more intense.
You ever seen anything
like this before?
This is just the beginning.
Well, Paul and Andy, tell us
about your next destination
and your research
emphasis there.
So, one of the things
that we're curious about,
I think, is-- is really one of
the more gruesome phenomena,
- and that's cattle mutilations.
Mmm, right.
We know that's
happened here for years,
and we think
we've found a location
that seems to correspond with
a lot of what you've seen here.
Thomas and Sally Miller
have a ranch
outside of Trinidad, Colorado,
and since 1996,
they've had 16 mutilations.
- Wow.
- As recently as 2020.
And then on top of that,
there's this layered phenomenon.
There's UFOs reported there,
there's orb sightings
reported there.
But it seems to be,
the only ranch in the area
having this kind of phenomenon.
And there are ranches
bordering it?
All around it and throughout
the entire region.
I've been to a few
cattle mutilations myself
and studied them in detail.
- We have stories. Right?
The-- the Bigelow era folks
and the-- the Shermans,
and, uh, the ranch managers
for Bigelow.
They all claim to have seen
cattle mutilation
here at Skinwalker.
We don't have that data.
We only have the stories.
But it's clearly a phenomena
that happens around the world,
and cattle ranchers
are plagued with it.
I mean, we've had two cows die
in the last four years here,
from completely
unexplained circumstances.
Have you drawn any kind of
connection or correlation
with the cattle mutilations
here on Skinwalker Ranch
and any of the other phenomenon
that happened on
Skinwalker Ranch?
One of them, while it was dying,
the camera caught an object
hovering over the cow.
The cow is right here.
I can't help but also notice
that there's something
happening here.
The moment
that that object appeared,
- the cow was reacting.
Nobody has got any idea
of why these doggone
cattle mutilations
- keep happening.
- Right.
Well, I think
we'll just do our best
to see what data we can
gather from the Millers,
and it-- You know,
from what we understand,
they've been,
you know, tracking this.
They've got a data set of sorts.
And we'll see what we can find.
And good luck,
gentlemen, because
people have been studying
this problem for decades,
and very little has been solved.
Good luck. This is
not gonna be an easy one.
I don't think so.
Always up
- for a challenge.
Go forth and conquer.
Boy, look at this, Andy.
What an amazing part
of the country we're in.
This is our opportunity
now to dig really deep
into the history
and the current phenomenon
- of cattle mutilations.
And the circumstances
under which these things happen,
are, you know,
just bizarre and gruesome.
And you can't
help but wonder,
is this some sort of
natural occurrence,
is this something related to the
grounds that the ranch is on?
- Is this related to UFOs?
- Right.
So it's gonna be an awesome
opportunity for us here
at this ranch to really focus in
and see what is driving
that activity.
I think this is the ranch, man.
Yeah, this is it.
Wow, we are out there.
- There is nothing around us.
If I flew a UFO,
this is where I'd hang out.
- Let's get to work.
- Let's do this.
Andy and Paul
are meeting with
Thomas and Sally Miller,
who've documented
the many strange cattle
mutilations at their ranch.
How big is the ranch?
There's probably
about 1,600 acres,
- I think?
- Wow. And how long
- have you been here?
- Almost his whole life.
- 78 years.
- Yeah.
Tell us the story
of this place.
We hear you've had
cattle mutilations out here
- for years, right?
- Yes.
That is correct, uh-huh.
We didn't start cataloging 'em
- until 1996.
- Mmm.
And we had one that was
very close to the house.
So when we went out
to see why we had a new calf
that was less than
a few days old had died
when she was just
running around hours before,
we saw that she had
been badly mutilated.
And-- and you have no idea
how it happened?
No. No, we had the sheriff out,
the police out,
and they're like,
"Well, there are no tracks,
there's nothing to indicate--
"There are no predator marks,
no rips, no tears, just"
So that was our first one,
and we thought,
"We'd better start keeping track
in case it happens again."
Right. And do they happen
at a certain time of year,
or are they-- Is there
a pattern of any kind?
No. No, we've had 'em
during the summer,
we've had 'em
during the winter.
- Just any time of the year.
- Mm-hmm.
And they can be any place
on the ranch, too.
It's not just one spot.
So we started taking photos,
and then we created a map,
and then we started
marking where we found
each of the dead cows.
So it's just
a little hand-drawn thing.
Oh, wow. Look at that.
You can see most of them
track right along the river.
This one right here,
that was the very first one.
- And you can see
that she was cut this way
and cleaned out from here.
But look all around her.
There are no prints.
There's no blood.
- There isn't anything
There's nothing.
to indicate
that kind of a mutilation.
I mean, it looks,
like, sliced open.
Not-- not chewed open,
not attacked.
Mm-hmm. Cut and then spread.
That's wild.
In terms of the circumstances,
what's different,
what's the same?
Usually they follow a pattern
of removing the eye.
- Mm-hmm.
- Removing an ear,
the entire ear.
They remove the tongue.
- Just-- just one ear?
One ear.
- And one eye?
And one eye.
And then, typically, they will
take the reproductive organs,
the teats, the heart,
the liver, and the kidneys.
But, uh, of all of these,
I've never found a bullet hole
in one of those.
So something else killed them.
- Mm-hmm.
- Right.
But they haven't been shot.
And, of course,
then there's no blood.
There's no blood?
No blood.
A cow has five, six gallons
of blood in her system,
and even though
they're all cut up,
there's not a drop there.
Within a day of them passing.
Within hours, sometimes.
- There's no blood?
- There's no blood.
In this picture,
you can see in this last mute.
- Do you see this line?
If that
were an animal cut,
it would be torn and jagged,
and it would not have
a smooth, seared source. So
That is not
a predator's bite.
That is correct.
- That's some kind of incision.
- It is.
- That's been, what, cauterized?
- Cauterized.
- How interesting.
- Mm-hmm.
Have you ever gotten
any explanation as to how
or why or who is doing this?
No plausible explanation at all.
Well, really, I-- I think
something lifts them up,
does their thing,
and then drops them down.
One or two of them,
they had ribs broke.
And they were just laying out
on the flat ground.
And how could that happen?
Even if she fell over,
she's not gonna break her ribs.
She had to fall down a ways.
So dropped from a height?
- Correct.
Tom and Sally seem
like really credible people,
and they've had
immaculate records
that they've been keeping
for a long time.
And while they've been
ruling out certain theories,
what they've landed on
is really interesting.
They believe their cattle
are being essentially abducted.
It's a fantastic theory,
and it's one that
I wanna explore further.
Not only are these mysteries,
they're an economic loss.
- Yes.
We're well into 100 grand
that we have lost
since we started counting.
And we are the only ranch around
here that is affected by this.
So the question is, why is it
happening so much on your ranch?
- We'd like to know that.
Where-- where is
the most recent one?
This one,
up near the arroyo.
A lot of the bones
are kind of scattered around.
But some of that hide is
still kind of hung up
- in a brush there, and so
I mean, if there are
remains there still,
I'd love to go now.
- Yeah, can you take us there?
- Sure.
- All right.
- We can go look at it,
and you guys can
see for yourself.
- Please. Show us the way.
The site of the most
recent cattle mutilation,
in 2020, is less than one mile
from the Millers' ranch house.
Wow, look at this.
Look at this!
See this?
So this thing has been
- completely disassembled now.
This was a massive animal,
too. Look at the spinal column.
So, Tom, and this is--
this is the hide
- that's still here?
Yeah. And, uh,
if you come around on this side,
you can see it better.
See, some of it is--
is real smooth cut.
You notice
how smooth that edge is.
But then you notice
down here, where the animal's
tore, and see how rough it is.
You can see the difference.
That's where it was
sliced or cut open.
- And this is where
- it was chewed.
- Where the animals got to it.
Like it's been
torn or bitten off.
What in nature
could cause something like this?
That's the thing.
It doesn't look natural.
It looks much more precise
than a predator.
Yeah, especially
when it's cauterized.
That-- that just
don't happen out here.
Andy and Paul
are with Thomas Miller,
inspecting the remains
of the latest
unexplained cattle mutilation
that happened on
his ranch in 2020.
And there was no blood
around this at all?
there was no blood around it.
No tracks,
no sign of predators, nothing.
No. There was nothing.
- Should we run some tests?
Yeah, absolutely,
I mean, we have equipment
that we can use
to look at all of this area,
as well as these remains.
Also in 2020,
at Skinwalker Ranch,
Travis discovered
high radiation levels
near the spot that
a cow mysteriously died.
So, the gamma ray levels
are about three times
higher right now,
- background-wise, than normal.
Yeah, you know,
this is crazy weird.
Now, Andy and Paul
are going to conduct
the same radiation test
at Miller Ranch.
So I got our Geiger counter
out here, Tom.
And Paul, we're already seeing
some elevated levels, for sure.
- You can hear it.
You can hear how often
it's pinging.
Here, we're already
at 20 microrems per hour.
That's 100% higher than
what we would see most places.
Just went up to 22.5.
I'm gonna try and get into these
bones a little deeper, Paul,
just to see if
there's any difference
between the--
the ground surrounding them
and the actual bones themselves.
we're still reading the same.
Right, no-- no difference.
If the radiation is not
coming from the animal,
from its skeleton,
from any of the tissue,
if it's just
in the general area,
maybe it came
from another source.
- Yeah.
Well, tell you what,
why don't we do
some more testing?
Yeah, let's grab
our spectrum analyzer.
So Tom,
what we're looking at here
is really radio
frequency activity.
I see.
Wow, you're seeing
that already, right, Paul?
Look at that spike.
- Yeah.
- 1.7 gigahertz, 1.6 gigahertz.
Those are communication
frequencies that we use
from Earth to space, and
also from space back to Earth.
I wanna keep
an eye out for that,
'cause I wanna know
what made that happen.
So, I mean, it sounds like
we've got our animal mutilation,
we have
elevated radiation readings.
And especially that
1.7 gigahertz spike we just saw
is very interesting.
Yeah. What a strange
little place, though.
that's our starting point.
After discovering
high levels of radiation
and the anomalous
1.7 gigahertz frequency
at the 2020 mutilation site,
the team heads to the location
where the first calf
was found dead in 1996.
Right in here,
as far as I can remember.
This close to the house?
it was this close to the house.
And you'd never seen
anything like that before?
- Never before. Never before.
- That's close.
Well, this is a chance
for us to kinda get
some baseline readings without
having skeletal structures
- still left behind
There's definitely
activity, though. You hear it.
We have the same
elevated radiation levels here
- that we had at the other site.
- Even a little bit higher.
Yeah, this is not at all
what I would have expected.
Whatever happened here,
whatever left this signature,
it's still here 25 years later.
It's still at the other site.
All right, let's take a look at
what the spectrum
is doing right now.
So we're still seeing
those same peaks at--
There it is! 1.735 gigahertz!
Did you see that?
That's indicative of
space-to-Earth or
Earth-to-space communication.
There it is, 1.7.
There we go.
Again, right there.
Makes you wonder if it's
all from the same source.
Underneath the ranch,
above the ranch.
Well, the only sites
that we've been measuring
- have been mutilation sites.
- Mm-hmm.
So the increased
radiation energy
and the 1.7 gigahertz energy
is happening
at mutilation sites.
So, Sally, have you
experienced anything strange?
So, within this point
of the bridge,
at mile marker six
to mile marker seven,
which is just on the other side
of this telephone pole,
there are 30 recorded accidents
that have occurred,
and of that 30,
since the early 1950s,
- there have been 15 deaths.
- Fifteen deaths?
Wow. So half of the accidents
out here have been fatal?
- Half the accidents are fatal.
- In a one-mile stretch,
just between
mile marker six and seven?
- Correct.
There's a mile-long
section of Highway 350 running
right through the Miller Ranch
where a bridge crosses over
the Purgatoire River.
I mean,
for a rural road like this,
- it is pretty, you know
sparse-- Yeah, flat,
not that frequently traveled,
that's an incredibly
high fatality rate.
It is.
- Wow.
For example, there was a car
that went airborne,
and then literally flipped over,
and she was killed
almost immediately.
Oh, my goodness.
- Why would it go airborne?
- Yeah.
Has the cause of any of these
accidents been determined?
- I mean, one mile's not
that hard for us to measure the
whole length of the distance.
Well, it sounds like we need
to take some measurements
- out at the bridge.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Sally.
- You're welcome.
Now, when I came out here
thinking that we were gonna
research cattle mutilations,
I was cool with that.
But now we've somehow
talked ourselves into
driving up and down
what is potentially
the most dangerous
mile stretch in America.
I was gonna say,
this is-- this is something
- completely unexpected, right?
- Yeah.
Gonna get out
the Trifield meter first.
I'll measure our entire drive,
and we'll just kind of
see if it changes a lot.
All right,
so there's our mile marker six
coming up.
I've got the Trifield on.
So, it looks like our--
With the engine
and everything
running right now,
we're at about
1.2, 1.3 milligauss.
So now let's see
what it looks like
between mile marker
six and seven, okay?
All right, crossing six.
All right, so we just started.
1.6-- 2.1 is our current max.
So we did have a spike, right
as we crossed mile marker six.
Just past it.
As we get closer to the bridge.
Three, two, one.
- Hit the bridge.
- 2.1 as we hit the bridge.
- 5.1, did you see that?
Whoa, what was that?
- That was a five-point--
- Seven!
We just had a spike
to seven milligauss.
- That's wild, man.
We went from
a baseline of 1.3
to a max value of seven
at the bridge.
- That was a huge spike.
- Look. Look where we are now.
- Across the bridge.
1.6, 1.7.
We're coming
back down again.
Here's mile marker seven.
I totally wanna
run that again.
All right, so, yeah,
I'm gonna make a U-turn.
That is just uncanny.
- So here we are, here we are.
0.9, yep.
Before hitting
mile marker seven,
look, we've got a nice,
steady baseline here.
It's 1.2, 1.3.
All right,
hitting mile marker seven.
Here it comes,
and we're on the bridge.
1.7, we hit the bridge.
11.6! Look at that!
That number just spikes
at the bridge!
That is nuts! Right in the
middle of the bridge that time.
- Now that we're back off?
- Back to 1.7, 1.6.
And then 1.4, 1.5.
Look at that.
Look at how much it drops.
All elevated readings,
all over the place,
just for the length
of the bridge.
I have no idea
how to explain the fact
that I am looking
at electromagnetic readings
up to 55 times that
that you would see
anywhere else in
the United States.
With this level
of electromagnetic anomaly,
if there's some kind of spike,
if there's some kind of increase
in the readings
that we're already seeing,
that could short out
a navigation system,
mess with a fuel system,
or turn a car off.
There's something concentrated,
centered right on that bridge.
- That's huge!
- Every single time.
We've repeated that experiment
multiple times now.
Which suggests that
there is some kind of
permanent anomaly there.
There's something up there.
After discovering
a magnetic anomaly
at a bridge
on the Millers' ranch
that has a history
of fatal car accidents,
Andy and Paul meet again
with Tom and Sally Miller
to see what other information
they can learn.
I mean, what you
have here, Sally and Tom,
as you know,
is an interesting ranch.
Yeah, absolutely. We took
the time to go out and explore
the highway, and the bridge,
specifically, over Highway 350,
not far from the ranch house
where we're standing right now.
The bottom line is, there is
some sort of
electromagnetic anomaly
- centered on the bridge.
- On the bridge.
Have you ever seen anything
there personally, Tom?
Yes, and, uh, actually,
one time my sister and I
were meeting. It was late.
We got close to the bridge,
and there were, like,
three sets of lights in the sky.
Not very high, but they
were just sitting there.
But there were too far apart
to be just a helicopter
or something like that.
And then all of a sudden,
these lights went out,
they went out, they went out,
that was the end of it.
They were close to the bridge?
Yeah, that was fairly close
to the bridge.
We just-- we lose-- we lost
a light during that story.
- During-- Yeah.
Yeah. It was right
on his face. Could see it.
Literally in the middle
of a light story.
What's interesting to me
is that we're not seeing
any kind of magnetic
or electrical phenomenon
that would apply to house power.
You wanna-- you wanna check
with the Trifield meter?
Yeah, I'm not opposed to it.
Sure. Let's see.
Gotta turn this guy on, too.
I just wanna see what's going on
on the radio spectrum.
So this'll
measure magnetic field.
- Okay.
- If we see anything unusual,
that-- that's something
to take note of.
And this is looking
at radio frequencies.
- And we have seen some--
Look at this. See that?
You get a 1.7 spike?
- Yeah. That 1.7 spike.
1.7 gigahertz is a signal that's
generally used to communicate
or space-to-Earth.
There's no reason
we should be seeing
- No?
- those kind of spikes.
So it's spiking
yet again?
Now it's the one in the middle!
Our Trifield meter is showing
very average magnetic readings.
- Standard.
- Yep.
There it is again, 1.7.
You see that?
Yep. Another one.
It's almost like
it wants to communicate.
Do you feel like this property
tries to communicate with you?
Uh, I feel like
the ranch does as a whole.
I mean, this would be--
Look at that!
Did you see that massive spike?
I did, right there.
- It was confirming what I said.
- That was a huge one.
Right when
you were talking about it.
- Yeah.
- While Sally was talking about
whether or not this ranch is
trying to communicate with her,
we saw a spike
at 1.735 gigahertz.
Correct. Yeah.
I mean, that is just
very, very strange.
What are some of
the other strange things
that have happened
in this ranch house?
Uh, I've had orbs on the window.
You've had orbs on the window?
Yeah, they're, uh,
about that big around.
Real bright red.
And there were of two them
in that bedroom in there.
And as soon as I seen 'em,
they just took off like that,
and about five minutes later,
that bed started vibrating.
You know how sometimes you get
goosebumps on your arms?
- Mm-hmm.
- And I was laying there,
and I felt those goosebumps,
and they just went
real slow across my body,
all across my body, until
they got to the other side.
All the while, that bed
was just shaking like that.
And as soon as
it got over to their side,
the bed stopped vibrating.
Nothing more that night,
except in the morning,
I couldn't walk.
Wait, so you-- you--
you couldn't get out of bed?
- No.
- She had to help me out.
Were you frightened?
I mean, it must have been
pretty unsettling.
Yeah, I was kind of scared,
but I was kind of numb.
- Shock.
- Shocked, I guess.
- I don't know, but, uh--
- Right. We just lost--
Right in the middle of the--
Come back.
Tom-- Tom tells a story--
- And the light goes out again.
- And the house reacts.
It's a--
it's quite a coincidence,
- if that's what it is.
- Is there such a thing?
Not out here, it seems like.
- You've got some kind of
electromagnetic anomaly.
Unusual radiation readings.
Cattle mutilations.
Physical effects
correlating with
some kind of strange sightings
or maybe some other
energy experience.
I mean, there is just
so much happening here,
really all at once.
I mean,
there's only one other ranch
where we've seen
this level of intensity
across such a wide spectrum
of strange phenomenon,
- and that's Skinwalker Ranch.
- Interesting.
I'm-- I'm really curious to see
what the team back
at Skinwalker thinks about
what we're seeing here.
thanks so much for coming out.
- Great to see you.
- Thank you for having me.
Tom Miller's
the owner of the ranch.
- Hi, Tom. I'm Cameron Prince.
- How do you do?
- Nice to meet you.
- Same here.
Due to reports
of UAP sightings
and a strange magnetic anomaly
above the bridge
running through
the Miller Ranch property,
the team wants to fill the spot
with electrical energy
to see what effect
they can stimulate,
so they're bringing in
Skinwalker veteran
Cameron Prince
to power up some Tesla coils
like he did on Skinwalker Ranch.
So what we're curious about
is whether firing up
your Tesla coils,
like you did at Skinwalker,
can trigger this anomaly,
- whatever it is.
- Okay.
That's centered
above the bridge.
Well, these two coils I brought,
they're capable of producing
about 300,000 volts each.
They'll make
a seven- to eight-foot spark
to send some energy
into that bridge.
These coils radiate electricity
- detectable within 25 feet.
- Beautiful.
So we're gonna charge up
the entire area
under the bridge with energy?
- Yes, absolutely.
That's perfect.
Cameron and Tom,
I wanna show you real quick
what we're working with.
We have our AI-powered
UFODAP sky trackers.
These are tools
that scan the skies,
and then track and identify
anything that
they see in the sky.
Any kind of unknown
aerial artifact.
And then our flight tracker here
to confirm whether or not it has
some sort of FAA transmitter
on it that's sending a signal.
We got the thermal
up and running,
and then we have
a spectrum analyzer here,
and this is in large part
because we've seen some
really strange radio frequencies
that have been spiking
all over the ranch.
And particularly
at the sites of each
of the cattle mutilations,
and also in Tom's house itself.
Now, the team at Skinwalker
has seen activity
at 1.6 gigahertz.
This particular ranch
has been showing us activity
at 1.7 gigahertz,
which is really kind of, like,
a cousin to that same frequency,
communicating to and from space.
- Okay. Wow.
All right,
- I think we're all set to go.
Everything's recording.
This is where we
turn it over to you, Cameron.
Let's hit it.
All right.
All right, we ready?
- Ready, sir.
Bringing the coils up!
How's it looking?
Right now, everything looks
like it's holding fairly stable.
Yep. All's quiet
under the bridge so far,
but that was incredible.
So what I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna scan our spectrum.
We just flooded
the environment with energy.
Let's see if we don't
pick up on something
that may have reacted
during that experimentation.
You see
that small bounce right there?
There was a little bounce
right there.
Where did that go?
Oh, wow.
Did you see that? Look at that!
That was weird,
that little shiver.
- What's going on there?
Did you see all this--
Look at this!
- What is this activity?
- What is that?
It's almost like
there's a pulsing--
Look at that!
Did you see that?
Look at that! That's all 1.733.
This is exactly what we've
been seeing around the ranch,
at the mutilation sites,
and in the house.
Right. We've been seeing some
kind of excess energy coming in
at 1.733, 1.735 gigahertz.
That's it, that's our frequency.
1.735. Look at how
strong that signal is.
Look at that. So regular!
That's the most consistent pulse
we've seen anywhere
on the ranch.
And what's fascinating is,
this is electrical energy,
this is radio frequency.
What's the correlation?
There should be
no relationship here.
Cameron, you seem
to have stirred something up.
What is this?
Look at that.
It's as regular as a heartbeat.
I don't think that
it's a coincidence
that as we charged up
this area with energy,
we started seeing this very
broad, strong spectrum signal
coming from the same frequency
that we've seen.
We haven't seen it
ever this regular.
Look at that.
Now, those look more like
data packets to me.
Data packets,
which show up as square blocks
on the spectrum analyzer,
are pieces of information
sent over radio frequencies,
usually as part of
a larger encrypted message.
These readings on
the spectrum analyzer
are like nothing
we've seen before.
This intense,
repetitive pattern,
and the spectrum,
on a wide scale,
is being amplified with energy.
What we're seeing on
the spectrum analyzer right now
looks like
encrypted data packets.
If it's encrypted,
we don't know how to decrypt it.
We don't even know what this is.
We have certainly
isolated a signal
that we've been looking for.
After running
a Tesla coil test,
Andy and Paul have discovered
a strong, wide
1.7 gigahertz signal
that seems to be reacting
to the high-voltage coil.
The team will now run
the Tesla coils again,
increasing the energy levels
in increments of ten hertz,
to see if they can trigger
any other anomalies.
All right,
I'm gonna start at 200 hertz,
and then we'll step up to 210,
and so on.
- Ten-hertz steps.
- Okay.
All right,
firing her up.
Look, look, look, look!
Looks like
you guys saw something.
So, we had a broad reaction.
Still centered on
the 1.735 area,
but we also started
getting hits on the UFODAP.
- So it saw something above us.
When this UFODAP hit happened,
- we lost our energy here.
It seemed like it had energy
that was charging up,
energy that was pulsing,
and then the energy fell,
and the UFODAP hit happened.
So let's pull up the file
and see what the UFODAP had.
So it looks like 108 was
the one that captured the hits.
Our timestamp, 9:41:42.
Let's take a look at
what happened at 9:41 first.
Oh, do you see this?
Look at this, look at this!
What is that?
It's not locked on to
the right moving target. Watch.
- Something appears right there.
- That's really interesting.
- What's that here?
What is that?
Let's check out the other file.
- There it is.
Whoa, did you see that?
Appears out of nowhere.
It appeared
in two places at once.
Did it?
Look! There it is there.
- And then it's here.
- What is that?
What is going on there?
There and there.
That one vanishes,
and that one appears.
Look at that.
Very far apart.
So is it-- Wait.
You see that flicker?
Yes. It's doing the same
thing. Watch the whole file.
- It starts down here.
Here. Here. Here.
What was that?
But we saw it
in three different places.
- Right. That's right.
- It just bounced around.
Now, whether that's
the same object moving around,
or objects
flashing off and on
Here. Here.
Boom, boom. Here.
I've had tree stands,
for hunters.
- And this one,
he was setting up a tree
in the middle of the night,
and in the morning, showed me
a picture of this thing.
It looked like a marble
on his cell phone.
But he said it was here,
and then
it was there
it was up there.
- Whoa.
- Tell me that this doesn't look
like exactly the story
you're telling me.
Something marble-sized
that jumps around the screen.
- Do you see that, Tom?
That's what it looked like
on his cell phone.
What it sounds like to me
is we may have triggered
something very similar
to what that hunter saw
on your property.
- Could be, could be.
Here's the third file.
In this one, I don't see
any activity on this one.
- So this one--
Something triggered it.
Oh, no.
It's there for just an instant.
Did you see it?
Right by the crosshairs?
I did. What is going on there?
I'm about to hit play.
Keep your eyes right about here.
Two spots, simultaneously.
Did you see that?
That's three UAPs,
moving in strange directions.
appearing and disappearing.
In different places
And what's interesting is
they're all one DAP.
- Right? So that means
that they are concentrated
in one particular area.
And all of that happened
between 9:41 and 9:42.
All three of those
separate sightings
happened in a two-minute window.
- Weird.
- And that window
was at the same time
we lost any kind of
communication from the signal.
Right. We may have
set off that reaction.
So with the compounding
strangeness that we've had
on your ranch, Tom--
from cattle mutilations,
UFO sightings, orb sightings,
I mean, paralysis, vibrations--
we've now been able to
come out to the area where
we've seen the most
concentrated energy,
add energy to the environment,
the radio frequency itself,
- and trigger UAPs.
It certainly seems like
something here
is sensitive to the Tesla coils.
I mean,
these are fantastic results.
Tom, this is your ranch.
You own this strangeness,
even after we leave.
- Oh, boy.
Yeah, we'll be watching close.
See if anything strange happens.
And if something does happen,
please let us know right away.
- Okay, yeah. We will.
- We would love to come back out
and collect
whatever data we can.
- Absolutely.
- And now we get to send this
back to the team at Skinwalker.
All right, let's pack up
- and head out of here.
- Let's do it.
Well, guys,
I cannot wait to hear
what you found
at the Miller Ranch,
and if you got to see
a cattle mutilation,
or at least saw some data.
Well, I-- I gotta tell you,
you know,
you were saying that
this is a mystery that's been--
you know, lot of people
have tried to crack.
I'm not sure we solved it,
but we found
some pretty wild stuff.
Now, what was really
interesting to us,
is that as we went through
each of these locations,
we were able to confirm
that there's
at least two correlative
anomalies happening
at all the sites of mutilations.
We had strange radio frequencies
at 1.7 gigahertz,
and we also had
these radiation levels
- that seemed elevated.
- That's interesting.
Now, the Millers
were willing to share
a theory that they have.
They suspect their cattle
are actually being abducted
and processed in some other
location, and then dropped
in a geographically
different location.
But now
here's the question.
Who or what is doing
the abduction,
and how in the heck
are they doing it?
Right. Exactly.
And that question
is what took us to the bridge
over the Purgatoire River.
Sally told us, over the years,
there have been
at least 30 accidents
and 15 fatalities
along this one-mile stretch
of the highway that runs
through their property.
Which just seems off the charts
for a pretty nondescript
Yeah, and it looks like
a very wide piece of the road.
- There's not a crossing,
- there's no other traffic.
So why these
fatalities right there?
Yeah. So what we did here
is we took our Trifield meter,
we looked at the magnetic
field specifically,
and then we drove
that one-mile stretch
while recording
over our shoulder
the results on the Trifield.
Coming at 2.0, 1.7.
We hit the bridge
11.6, look at that!
- Whoa, look at that! Wow.
It's nuts.
The number
just spikes at the bridge.
- Wow.
- A spike right on the bridge,
and then as soon as
you're off the bridge,
- it's over.
- That is very intriguing.
And it's really interesting,
though, that so many car wrecks
and things have happened
in this spot.
Within tens to 100 meters of
a cattle mutilation hotspot.
- You've certainly identified
an interesting area
near this property.
Yeah. The radius for this
weirdness is not that big.
So we thought that
the next best step would be
to somehow charge
the environment with energy,
and then continue to measure for
a prolonged period of time.
- Data logging. Perfect.
- Really interesting idea.
So we decided to,
uh, call in help.
And we set up Tesla coils
underneath the bridge.
Ah. Let me guess. You didn't
call my old high school buddy
- Cameron, by any chance?
- That's exactly who we called.
We did.
- How 'bout that? Yeah.
And he brought
how many Tesla coils?
- Two.
- He brought two Tesla coils,
and you set them up
on the bridge?
Under the bridge.
- Under the bridge, okay.
But here's what we saw
from our results.
- That's data.
That's our frequency.
Well, that's scary--
That's data.
Look how strong
that signal is.
These look like
encrypted data packets,
that are being sent
over a broad spectrum
I agree with you, 100%.
and you would only really
be able to collect
the entire message if you knew
what spectrum to monitor.
So its structure
and its behavior
is exactly like packets of data
that I see here routinely.
You know, in that,
its same exact range.
And so, why would you be
seeing this under a bridge?
Hm. I have no idea.
In the middle of nowhere,
- Right.
- Why would we see it here
on a ranch
in the middle of nowhere, Utah?
This one, there's a lot of
information there.
That is a lot of energy.
I don't know what would
drive a correlation
between putting electrical
energy into an environment,
and then seeing it
on the radio spectrum.
That's not normal.
That's not a scientific
phenomenon that happens.
- Let's be clear.
That isn't something
that happens.
It's not normal!
It happens at places
like Skinwalker Ranch,
and apparently at the
Miller Ranch, so why and what?
It's baffling.
It's fascinating,
and it's fantastic data.
Yeah, 'cause right now,
it feels a lot like
the Polo to your Marco, right?
Yeah. So then we went back
through with Cameron again
and took extended observation
at each frequency
- at ten hertz intervals.
And when that happened,
we started seeing
a different piece of equipment
register results,
and I wanna show that to you.
Now, here we have our UFODAP.
Our UFODAP is our AI-powered
eyes on the sky.
Mm-hmm. Okay
- And here's what it saw.
Oh. Right.
Are you seeing it?
It looks like
whatever it starts
in this area, jumps.
Now, the jump, the jump
is the most interesting piece,
because if it were a satellite,
- it's not gonna do that.
If it were an airplane,
it's not gonna do that.
If it were a bug,
it's not gonna do that.
Well, we see here,
these three objects in the sky.
These match almost
perfectly to a story
that Tom told us
about three UAPs
that a friend of his saw
in the same location
behaving the same way
that we saw here.
Now, that certainly
makes things interesting.
See, you didn't frontload us
with that! You know?
- Right.
Okay, I wanna hear
more about this.
So, Tom's friend, a hunter,
reported looking up in the sky
and seeing objects,
whether it was one object
or multiple objects,
jump three specific times
in a strange shape
- before disappearing.
Right. That's right.
With the same abrupt,
discontinuous movements
that we've just seen
in your video record.
Yes, sir.
Now that's interesting.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, here on the ranch,
we call that very suggestive.
Very suggestive.
And you have to start
asking yourself things like,
- "Is this, like, a doorway?"
- Yeah.
Is this to some when
or somewhere else?
Is this where they're taking
the cows and processing them?
And they come back
and drop it somewhere else,
and what do they care if
they put it in the same place?
All you can do
is take more data
and chip away at the stone,
and try and understand
at least what
the phenomena is doing
while it's doing it,
or how it's doing it.
It's like the Triangle here.
We see UFOs,
we've had cattle incidents
very near to it, we've had--
GPS doesn't work there.
- Exactly the same.
Right. We may have
just discovered the Triangle
- at Thomas Miller Ranch.
- You might have.
And we've had four years
working on the Triangle
and we still
don't understand it, right?
And you guys
were there for hours.
Four days.
- Right. Yeah.
So we'll call that the bridge,
the Miller Ranch Bridge,
as we call this the Triangle,
for the Skinwalker Ranch, so
So let it be written.
Yep. And here's the thing.
If it turns out to be
an extraterrestrial motivation
would be that.
It would be alien to us.
So we may not ever
understand why they're doing
what they're doing anyway.
We went here looking to
answer some questions
about cattle mutilations,
and I feel like instead
what we came back with are
these much bigger questions.
And all this, guys,
is leading me to
the big question of
just how many Skinwalker Ranches
there are out there
that are beyond
Skinwalker Ranch?
I can't-- I can't end it
better than that.
- Yeah, exactly.
- Hey, great work, guys.
- We're learning so much.
- Thanks, guys.
We'll go find our next target.
And bring it back.
Thanks, guys.
- Absolutely. Great stuff, man.
Can't wait to see
what you do next!
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