Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Bradshaw Ranch Pt. 2

For years,
scientists have been working
to reveal the secrets
of Skinwalker Ranch.
But is it possible that
the clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
- Whoa!
An ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the Skinwalker team
to go on a high-stakes mission
across America.
Look at all this activity
that's happening.
That's unbelievable.
- My gosh.
Look at that, look at that,
look at that, look at that.
The goal-- uncover evidence that
may finally expose the truth.
What is that thing?
- It's getting more intense.
You ever seen
anything like this before?
This is just the beginning.
Well, gentlemen,
it's good to be back together.
What do you have for us?
So, we've actually been
following up
on some of
our previous investigations,
and one area that just keeps
coming back up again and again
is Bradshaw Ranch.
And the thing about
Bradshaw Ranch, I mean,
you remember how much data
we brought back?
We found aerial phenomena.
Right there!
- There it is. Look at that.
Look at that,
look at that, look at that.
It's getting more intense.
What is that thing?
We found
strange thermal phenomenon.
Look at that.
The temperature went up.
It just did it again.
And I'll never forget what
you've shown us
with the gamma cam.
- Yeah.
What the hell?
What is that
that we're looking at?
I don't know.
It's an incredible effort,
We still have more things
to follow up on,
and I think we've got
a pretty strong case to go back
to Bradshaw Ranch
and try and run down
some more of these leads.
So, what we've done is we've
rekindled our human network
on the ground that we built
during our first visit.
What we're looking to do
this time,
we wanna start looking
at the area around the ranch,
what's going on in this area
at a larger scale.
- Instead of focusing so tightly
on the ranch itself,
our network is telling us
that there might be some things
that are relevant
and interesting off the ranch
as well.
There's several people
on the ground laying out
what sounds like
a history of questions
about possible
military involvement,
unusual infrastructure, maybe
even a tunnel under the ranch,
a connection to maybe
a secret military base.
So, there's just a lot
more intelligence
that we think
we should try to run down.
So, if you recall
Bradshaw Ranch,
we're looking at it here,
and the open field here
is the area that's got
the heavy fence around it.
In 2000 and 2001,
there was an actual government
appropriation of money
to buy this property from
the previous owner of the ranch,
which was a multigenerational
ranch prior to that.
- What? What was the reasoning?
The reasoning was
that it was being used
for some kind
of conservation effort.
Why would the government
buy this property,
out in the middle of nowhere,
just to turn it into
an agricultural research center?
It's not a-- you know,
it's not like this is
a high-priority place
of tactical or strategic value,
is it?
And how would
the government actually
- justify this location?
There has to be something
much more to it than that.
So, that's one of the things
we're gonna be trying
to figure out.
Because we know
we're looking for
signs or indicators of some sort
of government involvement,
we're gonna try and put
more equipment out there
to look for the telltale signs
of government involvement.
And at the same time,
we're gonna try
to go underground as well.
We're gonna try to do
some surveys around the ranch,
if there's any truth to these
rumors that there might be
some kind of mysterious
structures under the ranch.
If you discover chambers
or voids under the ranch,
that would, lead us
in a whole other direction.
That's something that,
is very similar to what
we've encountered here
at Skinwalker Ranch.
The historical narrative
speaks of underground chambers,
of voids, of potentially
a base beneath the property.
I thought
it was a bunch of baloney.
But as we've conducted studies,
I've had a humbling awakening
to the fact that things
aren't necessarily
what they may seem.
There is so much
that doesn't add up,
that just doesn't add up
about this entire region.
And I'd like to get
to the bottom of the truth.
There's more
to the story at Bradshaw.
- There's got to be. Has to be.
I think having
a heightened degree of security,
or at least awareness,
is going to be important.
I agree. Watch your back.
Keep your head on a swivel
and look over your shoulder
'cause you never know
what's gonna happen.
Good luck. I can't wait
to see what you find out.
Andy and Paul returned
to Bradshaw Ranch to meet
with former resident
John Bradshaw and his son Mason.
How's it going?
- Hi there.
Hey, gentlemen. How are you?
Thanks for coming out for us.
They're following up on reports
of covert government activity
close to Bradshaw Ranch.
So, Andy and I were just saying
we've talked to you
and so many other people about
the UFO sightings out here,
the orbs, you know,
all the other mysteries.
But there's a big question about
stories about
secret military operations.
Well, you know, there's a--
there's a lot of rumors
and speculations and stories,
and, I think there's
a little bit of truth
with each story that there is.
And supposedly
there is a military site
that is back over here
in these rocks over here
on this side
called Secret Canyon.
People that have seen
people with military-type guns
are back in Secret Canyon,
so there's
I mean, just little
curious stories like that.
We are as close to sort of
the middle of nowhere
as you can possibly be.
For a secret military base
to be out here,
It just doesn't seem likely.
At the same time,
this is also a tourist area.
There are thousands of people
out here every year.
I'm trying to figure out,
make sense of it all,
but so far,
it's just not adding up to me.
So, this is a good spot
to kind of
show you the house a little bit.
And you can see the window
from the kitchen
is that first window, and it
looks directly at that tree.
And, right in that tree,
my stepmom Linda and my dad,
um, they took a picture
of a portal
that they got
from the kitchen window.
Right. Yeah.
So, that tree pretty much
was the backdrop
for that portal.
The sign at the gate to get
onto the ranch,
they have
a little sign saying that
it's to study
Western plants and animals,
which is kind of weird to me,
because they have a big fence
that they put up
all the way around the property.
Right. One of the things that
it's interesting to me, Paul,
is that we've got
new locks here.
Like, this is maintained.
- Yeah.
And when I look at the house,
if you look at the air ducts
on the house, you can see
that they're modernized,
and they're sturdy, which,
if we had rangers living here,
I would expect that.
But if nobody's living here,
I would expect those
to show more signs of age.
I see some
of the large equipment
that they have over here
as well.
We've got
an oversized solar panel.
It's got
underground electrical wiring.
This is a facility that could
have run 24 hours a day,
seven days a week,
without anybody from the outside
tampering with it.
This could be a controlled
research environment, or
The question is, for what?
It could be
a contained terrarium.
And they're watching
whatever's inside here.
Or it could be
that they're keeping an eye
on where Linda and Bob
saw the portal.
Yeah, well, you know, you start
putting all those things
that are weird together,
and pretty soon you want
to know what's going on.
- Right.
After meeting
with the Bradshaws,
Andy and Paul head to
the ranch's Old West Town
to reconnect
with Jeremiah Horstman,
who spent
the last 10 years researching
the strange phenomena
in the area
and has additional information
about the rumored
secret military presence nearby.
This entire area are small
breakoffs of smaller mountains
which include Secret Mountain
here before us.
The rumors
of the underground base
seems to be that there's
a massive tunnel complex
that we've heard
from numerous whistleblowers,
which would go
straight through this area.
Supposedly the terminus of those
is to the south of us
at a strange facility
which is a cement plant
in a very small town
called Clarkdale
just at the base
of the Mingus Mountains.
And it's not like
most cement plants.
This cement plant,
on occasion, has much more
heightened security
than you would imagine.
And what I mean by heightened
is people in Humvees
dressed like
military contractors,
body armor, M4 carbines,
even helicopters.
This is a cement plant?
- It's a cement plant.
That's just bizarre.
I have my own story
from the Secret Mountain area.
My girlfriend, Alexandra, and I
wanted to get photographs.
We found a great site
that took hours to get to.
Alexandra called my attention
to something
that was just in view
behind us--
a very hastily,
recently cemented-over shaft.
And the shaft was very large,
and there was a broken pulley
right beside it.
And then a short distance
from that was a large shaft.
And this one they had
put bars over,
and it appeared to be
an elevator shaft
big enough
to take personnel on it.
These are two separate
structures you're talking--
Two separate structures within
walking distance of each other,
of underground activity
on government property.
So, after I photographed, I'm
feeling very good about myself.
I've got photo evidence
of two underground entrances
in an area
that the government owns
and then started
the very long, arduous trek out.
But before we got to the car,
we heard the very familiar
thud, thud, thud of a rotor,
and we looked behind us,
and there's a 1 Huey helicopter
coming up behind us
below the canyon walls.
And I looked over my shoulder,
and I could see
the helicopter following us.
And right before we got
to the top of what would be
the public area, the helicopter,
and mind you, again,
this is within the canyon walls,
turned around inside the canyon
and went back to the north,
away from us and disappeared
over the canyon wall.
Got back to the car, went home.
We had told nobody
where we went that day.
We had told nobody
what we were doing.
So, we were loading
the photographs
into my computer.
the instant message box pops up,
and the individual tells me,
"I know where you went today.
I know what you were doing.
I know what you-- what you saw.
And I want you to know
that you shouldn't have
gone there,
and I want you to
delete your photographs.
Do not show them to anybody
and do yourself
the biggest favor
and delete them.
And I didn't. We kept them,
and we kept them
on the memory stick of a camera.
So, I took them
off of our computer.
So, at first
we're talking about,
to go back in time a bit
- Sure.
we're talking
about a potential
underground tunnel system.
- Yes.
And then in that tunnel system,
there's hubs that intersect
in locations around here.
Jeremiah is somebody
we have met before.
So, when I hear Jeremiah
telling us that there might be
military activity
near Secret Mountain,
it's something
I take very seriously.
I just want to map this out.
I wanna see where it all is
in relation to each other.
We can do that. I have a map.
- Let's do it. Absolutely.
So, the first point we want to
reference is where we're at now.
That's the Bradshaw Ranch
right here.
- So we're going to put an "X."
"X" marks the spot
where we're at now.
So, if there is an underground
system of tunnels here
that goes under this area,
the shortest distance between
any point is a straight line.
The straightest line would
have to be between Clarkdale,
which we can reference
right here.
Yup. Look, it even
has a cement plant.
It sure does.
And then Secret Mountain.
Okay. Up this way.
For the sake of drawing
a straight line,
we have the ruler.
All right. So the top edge
is on the cement plant.
Look at that.
The tunnel would go
right under us if it's here.
Right down the middle
of Bradshaw Ranch.
Yeah, absolutely.
If these stories are true,
we're here on
Bradshaw Ranch right now,
and there should be a tunnel
running underneath us.
That is something
we can measure.
We'd literally be standing
almost right on top of it.
- It would be under our feet.
Here's what I like
about topographic maps, Paul.
You can see right here when you
follow these curvature lines,
we're in a low point
in the valley here.
- Right up here,
that is Bradshaw Ridge.
And that Bradshaw Ridge location
is a high point
in this local area,
but it gives us
a frame of reference to follow
the line between Bradshaw Ranch
and Secret Mountain
for anything suspicious
that could be
coming out of this area here.
Good thinking. Bradshaw Ridge
virtually gives you
a good 360-degree angle
looking in all directions.
This is fantastic, Jeremiah.
Thank you for showing us this.
You're very welcome.
What I see here is
that our primary point
of experimentation is right here
on top of the ranch
where we're standing,
and our second point
of experimentation
should be right here
on the ridge.
We are looking for a tunnel
that runs for miles and miles,
We're going
to apply a magnetometer on it,
and then we can run
a big survey in here,
and then it reads
the Earth's magnetic field.
So, if there's any voids,
there'll be less
magnetic fields.
After hearing
from Jeremiah Horstman
about a possible tunnel running
below Bradshaw Ranch,
it's time for Andy and Paul
to start testing.
So, they're meeting at
the Old West Town
with a team
of geophysical experts
from Terra Exploration Group.
So, this is the Old West Town.
This is-- This is
part of an old movie set,
and we're sort of on the edge
of the ranch here.
And our thinking is,
is that this may be a track
for the tunnel.
The team will use a drone
that flies in a grid pattern
covering a large area equipped
with a magnetometer
that can read the strength
of the Earth's magnetic field
and identify hidden voids
or tunnels underground.
Nice, clean takeoff.
I love that solid grid pattern,
What's the orientation
of the tunnel?
The sources
that we have are telling us
that there's a potential tunnel
that runs from a northeast
to a southwesterly direction
under Bradshaw Ranch.
So, what we're looking for
is to have our flight path
intersect multiple times
on that parallel.
We'll fly it, and if there's
a tunnel there, we'll see it.
I mean, it's like
an Etch A Sketch, you know,
the way it just tracks
those lines.
Mowing the grass.
It's coming back.
It already finished.
Here it comes.
What a beautiful landing.
- Perfect.
That is a very cool piece
of equipment.
We'll get packed up,
and then you guys can crunch
the numbers,
and we'll see what we got.
- It's gonna be exciting,
when we see it.
- Yeah, yeah, cool. Great.
All right, here's our guy.
- Yeah.
This is gonna be interesting.
- I'm looking forward to it.
- While Terra Exploration Group
analyzes the data
from the drone magnetometer,
Andy and Paul head
to a ridgeline
overlooking Bradshaw Ranch
called Bradshaw Ridge
to meet with local tour guide
Joe Occhipinti,
who's reported
strange experiences there.
So, you're a tour guide?
I am.
- Okay.
I do offroad Jeep tours up here.
Um, I run these trails daily.
I know 'em
like the back of my hand.
- And since I've been doing that,
I heard about a lot of the lore
out here in the Sedona area,
and Bradshaw point up here
is one of the hot spots
that I had heard.
Tell us about sort of what
your experience has been
up here.
So, I came up here
about a year ago,
about 10:30, 11:00 at night.
Wanted to see the night skies
and wanted to see
if there was anything
to the stories I had heard.
After about 20, 30 minutes
of not really seeing anything,
I decided to drive along
toward the ranch
which is straight down
the road here.
I would say about
a hundred yards down the road,
I caught something out
of the corner of my eye,
out of the passenger window.
I look up, and the best way
I can describe what I saw
was a volleyball-size
glowing green orb.
I had always heard
about these orbs.
I thought they were
ping-pong to tennis ball size.
What I saw was
much bigger than that.
It basically came
straight up out of that canyon,
maybe 60 yards out,
probably 30 feet above me
- and it hovered right there.
So, you had a sense
of perspective? Yeah.
Yes. It wasn't way out
into the distance.
Those things I dismiss.
If I can't explain it or--
or get a good eye on it,
it's just a light to me.
- Sure.
It was a perfect sphere
of emerald green light
and almost like
it had a border around it.
As I started to move
further down the road,
it went
exactly parallel with me.
Did you find that it was
moving in, like--
Perfect pace with me,
and stopped as I looked at it.
It sees me, and it knows
I see it, basically.
It tracked me down
to the bottom of the hill.
There's a little
turnaround point down there.
Where I turned around,
it tracked me all the way back
up the hill and then descended
right back down into the forest
where I saw it come up.
In all the years
I've been a journalist,
I've talked to a lot of people
with some really intense
and, frankly,
unbelievable stories.
Joe is one of those people
who strikes me as very credible.
There's just something
about his demeanor,
the way he tells the story.
He's not making this stuff up.
At the same time, I mean,
the idea that this thing
tracked him along
as he was driving,
that's a wild story.
But Bradshaw Ridge is not
that far from Bradshaw Ranch.
So, my question is,
is there a connection
between the ridge and the ranch?
How do you explain this?
My first reaction is
always logical and scientific.
Maybe I tripped
some sort of ground sensor,
and that was some sort of
advanced surveillance apparatus.
What I can also add
is not this past summer,
so probably 13 months ago,
well, I had
a couple active duty Marines
out on one of my Jeep tours.
We were taking some pictures.
They were out here
with their girlfriends,
and one of them had a drone.
And he asked if he could take
some aerial shots of themselves,
and I said, absolutely.
He got it about 75 to 100 yards
out, straight out here.
He had his iPhone set
in a joystick holder,
and that's how he controlled it.
And I looked at the camera,
and he said, "Look at this."
The camera feed had shut off,
and it said,
"Restricted airspace.
Drone returning."
And the drone
flew right back to us.
And I said,
"Well, fly it out there again."
He got it
to the same exact spot.
Same thing happened.
Camera feed cut off,
said, "Restricted airspace.
Drone returning." I mean--
That happened right here?
- That happened right here.
Right where we're standing?
- Right where we're standing.
He had told me when he signed up
for the terms of service
and bought the drone,
that it said,
"If you're anywhere around
an airport or a military base,
it's restricted airspace.
The drone won't work."
There's no military base
out there that we could see.
No, absolutely not.
If it happened right here,
we have a drone right now.
Let's do it.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey, Fernando,
do you mind donating
that drone to the cause?
Not at all.
So, it sounds like what
we're looking for
is 75 to 100 meters
in this direction?
Yep, straight out.
So far, so good?
Um, getting sent home.
- What? Really?
What's the beeping?
- It's returning home.
Look at that.
- So, "RTH" is "Return to home."
It's coming back.
- And that's automatic?
It's satellite control, 100%.
So it would definitely come back
if I entered
any kind of restricted space.
So, you're not flying it now.
That's automatic.
No, it's coming back.
My CIA training
tells me that there is
something being hidden,
something is being protected.
But what? It doesn't say
it's a restricted air zone
on the map.
There's nothing here
that we can visually see
that would confirm
that it's a restricted zone.
There's something strange
happening here.
Fernando, what circumstances
would have to occur
for the drone
to automatically return home?
Restricted space, airports,
any kind of military base.
So, it just-- it basically
overrides your commands
and comes back.
- Absolutely.
So you couldn't have gone
any farther?
No. No.
It wouldn't have allowed me.
You've obviously
flown near airports.
What's the radius on--
on something like that?
5 miles.
- 5 miles?
5 miles?
5 miles.
- Wow.
So they don't
want you coming close.
We're on the edge of it here.
Whatever-- Whatever is
putting out that signal is
as much as 5 miles away.
Looking in the direction up
in the Secret Mountain area.
That's very similar to what
Jeremiah was saying, too,
if you recall.
We're getting close
to something.
- I appreciate you coming out
and sharing your information.
- Absolutely.
Because without it, we wouldn't
be able to connect these dots.
Well, John,
thanks for joining us.
I think you're gonna be really
excited to see what we got here.
This is the team
from Terra Exploration,
and yesterday
we were flying a drone
with a magnetometer
over locations at the ranch,
and we got
a more thorough picture now.
So, why don't you explain
for John what we're looking at?
I mean, he knows the ranch,
but not what we were doing.
So, yeah. This is a picture of
how we program our flight path
for the drone, so we flew it up
at about 100 feet up in the air.
We have a magnetometer
that hangs off of it,
and it went and flew a grid
over the Old Western town.
And then I'm gonna show you
the overlay
on the satellite imagery,
and fortunately for us,
we got some really interesting
readings there.
Zoom in here some.
Now, there's rumor
that there's a tunnel
somewhere, correct?
Yeah. Been living
with the rumors for 20 years.
So, that line right there
is not normal.
This bisecting here?
- Yes.
Going across?
- Yeah.
That anomaly there
was about 50 feet across.
And we can look at it
in a 3D view.
You can really see
that feature there.
It almost looks like a cut,
like with a knife, you know?
Yeah, yeah, I was just gonna
say it looks like someone
just cut through there
with a knife.
So, guys, I got to ask you,
knowing what you know,
with your experience,
are we looking at a tunnel?
We've seen tunnels before.
That's what they look like.
That's what
a tunnel would look like.
Yeah. Yeah.
The fact that it does line up
like the story says,
that's likely a tunnel.
Is it more natural, or is it
more look like
something that's man-made?
As straight as it is,
it looks man-made.
It doesn't look like a natural
feature, that's for sure.
There's another reason why
I think this is a tunnel.
What you do is like solving
a mystery, too, is you're just
piecing all the puzzle pieces
and then all of a sudden,
you're just like, okay,
this just makes sense.
So, what I did is
I put this line in there,
and I was like, let's--
let's follow it.
So, we come way down here.
And it lands
Right at the front door
of your concrete plant.
Can you believe that?
What's the significance
of the plant?
I've gotten bits and pieces
of the story.
Back in the day, they used to be
the biggest employer in town.
I mean, it's out in the middle
of nowhere,
and they used to have
a front guard gate,
and you couldn't get through,
um, the guard, armed guard.
Question is, why so many?
Why-- why so many employees?
Yeah, but the--
- And why--
And why such tight security?
- Yeah.
By the same token, equipment
going in and out of that plant
wouldn't raise an eyebrow,
No, not at all.
You could have trucks
going out day and night,
and nobody
would ask any questions.
Now, on the other end,
so it goes off this way, and
what do we have?
Secret Mountain.
And Secret Canyon
- That is the axis.
You take that anomaly
from the magnetometer,
and then you put this line,
and now this is very plausible
that there is a tunnel
under there.
I mean, there's no mistaking it.
That line on the ranch is--
is perfectly in line.
Speaking of the ranch
It runs right through the field.
Right through the field.
- The middle of the field.
So, I mean, it's really close
to that same access line.
Yeah. Not only does it go
right under the ranch,
it lines up exactly
with the anomaly
that we found in the field.
There's something out here
that's a hole.
A hole in what?
A hole, an aperture, a screen,
a block of metal with a--
with a square hole in it.
Okay. Okay.
Well, is this
a point of entry or activity?
The fact that you described it
as something almost rectangular,
I mean, that matches up exactly
with the photograph
that Linda took
and their descriptions
of what they called
something like a portal.
Now, could the fact
that the government
bought this property,
could there be another access
to that tunnel there?
Your guess is as good as mine.
I mean, I really just
never put two and two together
until just now, so
This literally is one
of the craziest things
we've ever seen. It's-- It's--
Well, I mean,
there's definitely something--
something to at least
one of the stories.
Yeah. John, I mean,
given you grew up out there,
you know, you've heard
these stories for years.
Where does this land with you?
Well, you know, I'm--
I'm actually amazed
at what you're--
were able to find,
and I'm actually even
more amazed that, you know,
it's almost exactly where I
thought it would be.
So it's-- it's pretty spectacular
that you guys were able
to, you know, add some credence
to the-- to the story,
Um, you know, so I don't
know where we go from here,
but I'm already blown away
by what you guys found already.
It's pretty-- pretty amazing,
to be honest.
Yeah. We don't have
the full picture,
but we've moved the ball a long
way down the road, for sure.
Yeah. If, some black SUVs
show up at my house
when I get home,
you're the first person
I'm gonna call.
So, I mean, what--
what do you think
- we're dealing with out here?
- For sure, we're dealing
with something
in the Secret Mountain area.
- What we don't know is whether
it's military,
whether it's secret,
whether it's government,
whether it's private government.
So, it could be
a contractor of some kind.
And when you hear
about unmarked soldier types--
Right, we heard from Jeremiah
and others, yeah.
That suggests potentially
some sort of private
military contracting presence.
When you add on top of that
the evidence that we see now
of some kind of
underground structure
Also in that valley on the way
to Secret Mountain
- which is exactly where
Joe said he saw the strange orb.
Yeah. I mean, it all starts
to add up to something.
The question is,
what do we do next?
What's our next effort?
Well, we know that we're
honing in on the right space.
We're in the right area.
- Yep.
Because we're seeing
all this activity
right there on Bradshaw Ridge.
- Sure.
What I'd like to do is
further stimulate
the environments
between Bradshaw Ridge
and Secret Mountain, and I think
the perfect way to do that
is to bring out
the laser experiment.
- Lasers. Yeah.
Shooting lasers into space
at Skinwalker Ranch
Holy cow. Look at that.
and nearby Bradshaw Ranch
Three two one.
Hit it.
has coincided
with appearances of UAPs.
All the way back. You see this?
- Yeah.
What the crap is that?
- Unbelievable.
Look at that!
It's getting more intense.
What is that thing?
But what will appear
when lasers paint the sky
near a possible
secret military base?
Secret Mountain is
holding some kind of secret.
We have half of the equation.
The only way that we can
connect the dots is if
we keep following that line.
Well, that's why
we got to keep moving.
That's why
we got to keep pushing.
Paul and Andy's next target
is Bradshaw Ridge,
where Joe Occhipinti had
his mysterious orb encounter.
Along with Joe, they've called
in Skinwalker Ranch veterans
Tim Anderson and Jeremy Fenton
from Nu Salt Laser
to poke the hornets' nest
by lighting up the mountains
with lasers.
This ridge that we're at
is above the ranch house,
and it's facing straight
down the barrel
of what's known as
Secret Mountain
off in the darkness,
exactly where
we've set up for tonight.
The kind of the heartbeat
of this experiment, Joe, is that
we want to fill the environment
with light energy.
Any kind of military monitoring,
whether it's automated
or whether it's manned,
is going to see
this light activity,
and it's going to react.
- React, sure.
In addition to the laser test,
Andy and Paul are also
multiple scientific tools
to monitor any possible
anomalies on the ground
or in the sky.
We have our FLIR camera here
for thermal readings.
We also have
our spectrum analyzer
that's gonna give us a live ear
into what is happening
over radio frequencies.
So, what I want to do is
start loading up our technology.
All right, I'll hit the FLIR.
Power up the lasers, Jeremy.
All right. Recording.
All right, I got FLIR feed.
- Beautiful.
Okay, lasers on.
We've got lasers.
Our systems are running.
All systems go.
We have an error? Huh.
Whoa. That's
We lost it all, Paul.
Look at that.
Yeah, what's going on?
Everything is failing right now.
Except for the FLIR, which is
running completely independent.
Completely independent
on battery.
We're having trouble with
the laser connection as well.
It's kind of strange 'cause
everything was working so well
the last time we used it.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna keep trying
to reconnect.
I'm gonna keep resetting, too.
I'm not gonna let this
get in the way.
This is catastrophic
technological failure.
Doesn't make any sense.
I almost hesitate to say it,
but is it possible
that someone scanned this area,
picked up on us,
and is somehow closing us down?
I can't rule it out.
We've done experiments
in Bradshaw Ranch,
and we've seen
equipment struggles in the past,
but nothing like this.
There's no power to it yet
right now.
Let me try that again.
Tim are you having any success
over there, sir? Not yet.
When you see one or two pieces
of equipment kind of hiccup,
that can just be par for
any kind of field experiment.
But when you see
all of this happening,
it starts to feel like
something's working against you.
And we're back.
Yeah, I've got my spectrum.
Right now we're looking
at a very even level
of background static
radio frequency broadcasting.
And that's what you'd expect?
- That's what we'd expect to see,
especially at this time
of night from a place like this.
- As fast as possible,
I would love to get lasers on.
I was gonna say,
we should get the lasers up.
Because I don't know how long
any of this is gonna last.
Let's light it up.
Lasers are scanning.
Look at that,
as soon as the lasers came on.
So right now
we're at 1.603 here.
That just started now?
- It just started.
1.6 is what they see
at Skinwalker.
Correct. 1.6 gigahertz
is an interstellar
communication signal.
Anybody on Earth
who is a professional
treats 1.6
as a privileged frequency
- that's only used for
communication from Earth
to space and space to Earth.
The fact that we're seeing
this transmission right now,
when we were not seeing this
transmission earlier
- is significant.
The only thing I can think of--
these are radio frequencies
that are available only
to the military to co-op.
So, it's almost as if
it was being picked up
and then rebroadcast to us
on a military bandwidth.
On a bandwidth
that's available only
Only to the military.
- to the military.
Holy .
What is going on?
So right now
we're at 1.603 here.
That just started now?
- It just started.
The only thing I can think of--
these are radio frequencies
that are available
only to the military to co-op.
Holy .
That's a very steady signal
at 1.6.
Let me see if I can
listen in on it.
My gosh.
What is that?
But this isn't
a civilian band, right?
It's not.
It sounded like
some weird radio transmission.
This is outside
of any AM or FM bands.
There should not be
civilian radio traffic
in this 1.6 gigahertz range.
What the hell?
- I don't know what this is.
What is going on?
As long as this pattern
has been running,
this has been happening.
Every time
we change the laser pattern,
we seem to find
our 1.6 frequency also shifts.
It shifts, yeah.
I'll put up a different pattern.
Here we go.
- Whoa, whoa. What's that?
You see this?
- Wow.
Once again,
we change the pattern.
Look at this. Look at this.
- Wow, wow.
What is this? Whoa.
- It's the biggest activity yet.
It does look like
it's responding
to our changing stimuli.
It does feel like it's
- Whatever it is.
responding to
the different laser patterns.
The fact that we are
putting all this energy out,
all this light energy
- Yep.
out into the universe,
something is picking it up
- And sending it back.
and sending it back to us.
- Yeah.
You were seeing none of this
as we were setting up?
We were seeing no activity
on these frequencies
as we were setting up.
- Okay, but once we started
trying to launch
all of our equipment,
you started picking it up,
this began?
- This-- This static.
Correct. Is the space cannon
still available to us?
the space cannon is ready to go.
I feel like if we're seeing
a signal on radio frequencies
coming from space,
let's fill up the sky
with the strongest energy
that we can fill it up.
- Let's use a space cannon laser.
Let's do it. I'll turn it on.
- Okay.
The Laser Space Cannon
is the brightest RGB-colored
laser in the world,
by over 1 million milliwatts.
In the right conditions, this
laser can be seen from space.
Go ahead and ignite it.
- Wow.
Very cool.
If that doesn't look
like we're sending a signal
I don't know what does.
If there is
any kind of government
or military anything back there,
they are not
gonna appreciate that at all.
- No.
Paul, check this out.
What is this?
Listen to this.
We're at 730 megahertz.
Megahertz. Megahertz. Megahertz.
Whoa. What's happening?
happening? What's happening?
What's happening?
What's happening?
Over and over. Over and over.
Over and over. Over and over.
Wait, so help me out.
I'm just-- I'm not comprehending
what's happening here.
What's happening here.
What's happening here.
We are not transmitting that.
We are not transmitting that.
We are not transmitting that.
Transmitting that.
We are picking up the signal.
That is being reflected
back to us.
That's being sent back at us.
What this is telling me is that
if we are not broadcasting
on 730 megahertz,
somebody is listening to us,
and the reflection back to them
is carrying at 730 megahertz.
And we're able to pick that up
and hear it.
And we're able to pick that up.
- What?
That's not comforting at all.
I mean, are-- are we essentially
being eavesdropped on?
Is that what you're telling me?
There is a very real possibility
that we are absolutely
being listened in on right now.
- What?!
That's the only explanation
I have, man.
What change-- Yes. It's
I don't I
I'm losing my words, Paul.
I was gonna say I'm losing--
I'm losing places to go
with this, because this
I don't have
any place to take this.
This is highly strange.
This is
"Highly strange" is--
is understatement of the year,
I don't know
if it's terrestrial,
if this is some
kind of military base.
I-I don't know
if it's extraterrestrial,
if we're seeing something else.
Is it even interdimensional?
I mean, we've got
a lot of questions here.
But what we do know is
these results are really similar
to the kind of stuff they've
gotten back at Skinwalker.
There is some kind of
connection or correlation here.
The question is, what is it?
I can't wait to get
back to Travis and Erik,
bring all this data to them,
and-- and see what they say.
Knocking with this
massive amount of energy
that we're putting up
into the atmosphere
on Bradshaw Ridge,
this is something knocking back.
We're getting a reply,
We found something.
Something found us.
Well, gentlemen,
it's good to be back together.
What do you have for us?
Man, the second time
back to Bradshaw Ranch
and the area around it
was absolutely excellent.
Yeah, it was wild. I mean,
you think back on what we got
the first time around,
the second bite at the apple,
we got a whole new data set
and-- and really some
incredible results and stories.
If you recall,
we heard about some kind of
secret military base, some kind
of connection to a massive
and really weird cement plant
miles and miles away.
Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- So, here we go.
So, what you're looking at here
are the magnetometry results
over what's known as
the Old West Town.
The full image
that you're looking at here
is about half of
the entire size of the field.
And the field itself was maybe
two football fields in size?
So, these are large structures.
- These are large structures,
and the Terra Exploration Group
specifically keyed in
on this strange diagonal.
First glance, when you look at
this slashing diagonal line
suggests some kind
of unnatural formation.
All right, you with me there?
- Yeah.
'Cause Mother Nature
isn't precise.
The Terra Exploration team
flat out said,
"Look, to us,
to our expert eyes,
that looks like a tunnel,
And then we went to go ahead
and try to match these images up
on top of a map.
When you draw a line
through that diagonal,
it goes straight down
to Clarkdale.
And not just to Clarkdale,
That is a cement factory.
That's the cement factory?
The line that was created
was set by the magnetometer.
When you extend that line
in both directions,
it terminates here
at the Clarkdale cement factory.
What we have here
is magnetometry data,
you know, suggesting
this tunnel connects the dots
from Secret Mountain
through the ranch to Clarkdale.
Secret Mountain. Secret Canyon.
This area is where
there is rumored to be
some kind
of secret military base.
Funny they would actually
call it Secret Mountain.
That's a really interesting
nomenclature strategy, isn't it?
Nothing to see here.
Move along.
Nothing to See Here Valley is
right by Secret Mountain, is it?
So, you're basically
hiding in plain sight.
No one's looking there,
so it's the best place
to stick something.
- Yeah.
Our next round
of experimentation,
we stayed on the ridge.
We had Nu Salt Laser
flooding the area
between Bradshaw Ridge
and towards Secret Mountain
with energy in the evening,
we also had a spectrum analyzer
that would allow us to tune
into frequencies to listen in.
Here's what we were finding.
Whoa. You hear that?
Yeah. What's--
What's going on there?
It sounded like some
weird radio transmission.
You sure
you guys weren't bugged?
Back up a little bit,
and I'll tell you when to stop.
All right, stop right there.
Hold it there.
Whoa. My God.
- Yeah, let me
it's all-- These are
the side bands for it, too.
There's a peak here,
and then you see the peak
right there on the edge of the--
of the-- of the band.
We've seen it here.
We saw it
with everything turned off,
and there was nothing
transmitting on this ranch.
And we picked it up
on the spectrum analyzer
in about this range.
What is that?
- What the heck?
Why is that picking us up?
It's picking us all up.
We were hearing ourselves speak.
That's what I was about to say.
- Okay.
Guys. Okay.
Guys, buckle up.
This is the same night
and the same experiment.
Listen to this.
This is extremely strange, Paul.
What is that?
That. That. That.
That. That. That.
Not comprehending
what's happening here.
What's happening here.
What's happening here.
You guys had somebody
that's eavesdropping on you.
- Yeah.
You just asked the question.
That's the ques--
the big question. Why?
Is there any chance that it's
just environmental disruption?
- No.
This pisses me off.
This pisses me--
It's one thing
to be meddled with,
to have all of
your efforts obstructed,
and then to find
something embedded
in the transmission,
to find something that truly
attests to something really,
I think, concerning going on.
You're lucky you weren't harmed,
because whatever technology
is being utilized could,
without question,
be repurposed or directed
in a way that would be negative.
This is the point
in the discussion where I say,
should we take this off record?
Because it's the implications.
I've been thinking
about that question for a while.
Anytime we're talking
about agency involvement,
You know, I'm reminded that I am
probably outsmarted,
certainly outmanned,
and outgunned.
I don't want to see a bunch
of black SUVs show up
in about five minutes
and shut this down.
If Paul and I were being
monitored, we're already known.
This is a situation in intel
that we call burned.
- We're already burned.
Yep. Yep.
- Moving forward
doesn't burn us anymore.
- Yeah.
Well, the only thing
that saves us is disclosure.
That's how we have
governed ourselves
since the beginning, is we've
taken a very, very open,
transparent approach.
We may be the best hope
of finding the answers.
Well, I mean--
- Hey, if we're
under surveillance, then they've
got a hell of a ride ahead.
It's a done deal
'cause we're not done yet.
Thank you.
- Fantastic. Fantastic.
What an eye-opening discussion.
Thank you.
- We're gonna come back
with our next location soon.
Fantastic work, man.
- Thanks, guys.
Watch your backs, gentlemen,
and stay in contact.
I think it's fair to assume
that whatever
we're experiencing here,
whatever technology is
being utilized to monitor us
and our investigation
is now being used
against our extended team.
I'm the one who has
preached this doctrine
of being led by the data
for so long.
I think this
raises a new question,
and that is how far are we
willing to be led by the data?
We'll just do it in plain sight
until they come
and try to tell us not to,
and that's how you find 'em.
And we just keep going
until somebody does.
Okay. Agreed.
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